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Tina's Fantasy Fulfilled

My good friend Tina has a fantasy and has charged me with making it happen.

This is a story written at the request of a very good friend of mine. “I wanna B gang fukd” “U wanna what?” “U heard me; I want 2B fukd by lots of coks” This latest round of texts was not at all what I had expected from one of mine and my wife’s good friends. Tina was a girl who we had become to know through one of our kids baseball leagues. As the convener, she was the go-to...Read On


Inner Secrets

My boss's hand ran up my slim body unhooking my black bra through my white blouse

Six months have passed since I had found out my inner secret that I was half and half and six months since I had amazing sex with my mother and girlfriend, Alexia. But Alexia and I didnt work out after that, which I was pretty upset about but in the end I knew it wasnt going anywhere. I found myself a job in an office answering the phone for a newspaper called Holls - a news paper on the...Read On


Hayley the Tease

I'd been waiting all night...

I didn’t really even like her all that much. We only knew each other through a few mutual friends, and it’s not that I disliked her, but something about Hayley bugged me. She was always nice enough to me whenever we talked. But she carried herself with a certain demeanor that was just a little too haughty for me. She always seemed to act as though she had a better pot to piss in, which was...Read On


My first bi-expeirence

This is my first story to post on lush hope you enjoy it.

This is a story of my first bi-sexual experience. It all started out as just hanging out by the pool, drinking beer and shots of crown. We were at a friend's house with some of his neighbors there. As the night wore on some of the neighbors went on home, but a younger couple stayed to hang out and party. Their names were Red and Tammy; I guess Red was his nickname. He was about 6'2" and...Read On


The Lips of My Soldier.

A story of learning to live apart, please enjoy it. For the most part the story is true.

Blond hair flowed messily around my face. My tender sky blue eyes were fixed on his every movement. My lips were soft and plump, at a loss for words. I sat there across from him at a small table. A sleeveless dress relaxed on my round breasts, the red color shimmering brightly by candle light. In his eyes I was the most gorgeous woman he'd ever seen. His short brown hair always made his...Read On


Party Favors (part 1)

It's Mandy's 26th birthday, and the present is pretty sweet.

I had been staring at her all evening. I'm straight, but when it comes to love-making, I prefer a girl. It was my 26th birthday party, and as a present my friends took me to a lesbian strip club. I watched as Candy twirled around the pole, removing her clothes one by one, until she was in only her bra and panties. She had noticed that I was staring at her pussy area ever since she got on...Read On


A Shocking Surprise

Natalie gasped at what a huge member I had as she stood in front of me

I lay sleeping in bed, dreaming. Dreaming of the girl that hated my guts - Natalie Harvey, who thought she was god's gift to men. I could see her in my dream vividly - long, glossy, black hair, perfectly round bosoms, slender figure with a silver dress on. She was winking at me and showing her leg. I felt myself begin to breathe heavily as I saw in my dream Natalie was touching herself and...Read On


Vicky Bound for Vacation Part 3

Part 3 - Vicky makes a few more conquests and finds others just like her on SFO vacation

I had gotten out of bed early to shower. Vicky had gotten out of bed early to get herself fucked in the shower. She had moved into the shower and pulled my cock erect before I could protest. When she was satisfied with her work, she turned and placed her hands high on the shower wall. Swaying her beautiful ass, she looked at me over her shoulder. “Fuck me.” All I needed to hear. I...Read On


Teasing the Boss

A woman screwing her boss after teasing him with her goodies.

I have wanted to fuck my boss, Jason, for a long time now, but he was always married. Six months ago, I discovered that he had just gotten a divorce from his wife and ever since then, I have been dressing sluttier, flirting more, and touching him more often. Today, I decided, would be the day we'd finally have sex. That morning I picked my best outfit; an extremely short, tight, black skirt...Read On


One Night with Amanda

One night on my choir tour I meet the girl of my life.

So my name is Michael and I am in a choir that travels once a year and we go to different places to sing in churches . This year my choir and I traveled to Avon Lake, Ohio and after a concert I got sent home with a family who attended the church. I was the only child that they took. I forgot to tell you. I am 16 years old. Yes that's right. When I arrived back at my host family for the...Read On


Save Me

To fulfill my fantasy, I took a risk; would he take the bait?

I am in my mid-twenties, and I am told that I am a cute little hottie. I hardly ever need to shave, I have nice, smooth skin, and a nice full head of soft, light brown hair that is not hippie-length but long enough. I've also been told that if I styled my hair a certain way, put on some lipstick and a dress, that I could pass for a girl (but that's for another story). I guess you could say...Read On


An Internet Encounter Turned to Romance.

This is the story of how I met the man of my dreams.

I have never met anyone like him before, everything about him was pure perfection. I often wondered what he saw in a girl like me? I'm not tall or thin, but none of this seemed to matter. He was in it, to win it. Although I have always had self esteem issues as soon as my clothes came away my worries and thoughts would go away. I was always a bit of a freak in the bedroom...or anywhere else...Read On


The Pump (part 2)

Time to pay another visit to Kelly!

Knock! Knock! Knock! I stood on the doorstep of Kelly's house again with another bag full of baby accessories that my wife wanted me to drop off to her friend. Images raced through my mind of our last encounter and my heart felt like it was beating out of my chest as I stood there trying to look as calm as possible. The fact that she called my wife and asked if I could drop off a few more...Read On


Allie's Birthday Present, Part 2

SassyCheerGirl gets the second part of her birthday present

Tuesday Yesterday was hell. After the excruciating tease of the morning, he just disappeared. You felt every drop of your shower on your skin, felt the water flowing down your neck, between your ample breasts, tickling slightly as it ran down your tummy and then flowing over your smooth shaved mound to tease anew at your clit. Your skin was so sensitive, so alive. You didn’t know how...Read On


It Started Innocently

a lonely man meets his new neighbour

I was walking down the path from the grocery store to where I had parked my boat. After losing my job to another company restructure, I was living off my severance pay and spending as much time at the cottage as I could. After all, when was I going to get an opportunity like this again? My wife’s income was making it easier for me to not look for a job, but kept her in the city all week. ...Read On


Kitty Girl

An account of a true event - the participants names have been altered to protect identities

I wasn’t wearing much. A semi-sheer pink top that hugged my upper body and left little doubt of the state of my nipples and a pair of matching panties that smelled of desire. A pair of brown kitten ears attached to a matching head band poked from the top of my blonde tresses and a pink collar, decorated with rhinestones circled my neck, a heart shaped tag engraved with the words "kitty" on...Read On

Audio version available

My Son's Best Friend

Kate seduces 18 year old Danny, her son's very best friend.

Kate watched her eighteen year old son, Jamie playing basketball with his best friend. She had known Danny for most of his life, watched him grow from an awkward boy to tall, toned man. Danny, although very attractive, was shy around women, and Kate knew this from all the conversations she had overheard Jamie have with him. It was wrong to eavesdrop, but her room was next door to her...Read On


Common Interests, Part five

Well, Brenda got moved in, her husband away, my wife as well, guess what, we have a lot of fun.

I felt the covers that had lain over us stir and the absence of my lover’s body as I awoke. My eyes caught a glimpse of her bared buttocks as they disappeared into the bath room’s door. I stretched out my arms and legs luxuriously to drive the sedentary muscles of sleep from my body, it felt so good to simply relax. To know that soon Brenda would come to greet the morning with me, even though...Read On


A sexy little devil

Sally masturbates in her tight black Halloween costume

My girlfriend Sally had dressed as a cute little devil for the Halloween party. Her long black hair had two little horns sticking out of it. My attention for most of the party had been on the the rest of her costume. The costume was a black one piece bathing suit and pantyhose that showed off her lithe body and legs. She had completed her sexy devil look by adding a red sash around the top of...Read On


Long Arm of Discipline- Part 5

I should have told my parents I was taking the car

I checked my cell phone on my way to the mall. I cut out of my chemistry class since I probably knew what the professor was going to say. It was too nice a day to be in a lecture hall and the syllabus is online anyway. I can wing it from there. As I’m walking to the mall, I see that mom called 18 times. “What the hell is wrong with her?” I think to myself. I check my voicemail. She’s...Read On


It's a Family Affair...

Paul finds out it's not always wrong to go back....

I try to avoid her but it’s impossible, she calls out my name across the crowded shopping mall. “Paul, hey Paul, I thought it was you, are you trying to avoid me or something?” I would have loved to be honest and say yes, but I’m too much of a soft touch to be so blunt. “No, no Jill, just didn’t recognise you, you’ve changed your hair, looks good.” Jill is my ex-girlfriend, Nikki’s’s...Read On


Older Couple and the Grocery Cart

A 22 year old man spanked by an older couple in their home.

At 22, Tim really didn't have a care in the world. He was living with his girlfriend and had his circle of friends. Little did he know that one fateful trip to the grocery store would throw a wrench into his comfortable lifestyle. He had picked up a few items from his list. After loading the trunk of his car with the groceries, he pushed the cart to the side, bumping it against the car next...Read On


Allie's Birthday Present, Part 1

SassyCheerGirl gets the first part of her birthday present

For Allie This story was written for Allie as a birthday gift. Happy Birthday, Trouble! Monday You wake up lying on your side snug, warm, and comfy nestled in the sheets but sstill tired from working the night before. Consciousness comes slowly and reluctantly this morning, the desire to just stay in this Never-Never Land of semi-consciousness hard to resist. You eventually find...Read On


First Night with Michelle

And I thought we were just friends?

It was probably a little after midnight when my phone rang. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have been in bed and dead to the world at such an hour on a Friday night, but the week had been hell, and I just didn’t have anything in me. That said, I wasn’t all together thrilled to be woken up, even if it was by a good friend. “Heeyyyyy….what’s going on? Did I wake you,” asked the female voice on the...Read On


Bring Me Lunch!

He is in his office eating lunch peacefully until someone thinks he needs more than a sandwhich ....

Sometimes I fantasize about you. How you are at work and I secretly show up at your office to surprise you. The day would start off in the morning with me preparing myself. I would take a shower, taking care to use some vanilla scented soap, wanting to smell yummy for you. Stepping out of the shower and, wrapping the towel gently around my cleansed body, I fix my hair. I smile at the...Read On



Found out and 'forced' to educate respected women in village - inc vicar's wife.

CAUGHT WEARING MY UNDIES. Having recently been left quite a large sum of money by my late aunt in her will, I decided to buy my own house, and start my own business as a handyman. Because I was bored with my present location in the north of England, I moved down to the midlands and bought a very nice isolated cottage about 20 miles south of Birmingham on the outskirts of a...Read On


Dangerous Games - Chapter II

A second encounter, this time with Superman's Arch-nemesis

June ’10 Amy drew a trembling breath and removed the flash drive from her computer, hiding it in her desk drawer. It had been a present from Lex, one she treasured beyond comprehension. Photos of her. Video as well. If any of her friends knew they existed, she’d die of humiliation. She let that thought linger, fantasizing about leaving the flash drive on Jake’s dresser at the next...Read On


The Frat Party

18 year old freshmen in college finds out what a good frat party is all about

It was 4:00 on a Friday afternoon and Allison had just returned to her dorm room from soccer practice. She was an 18 year old soccer player who had received a college scholarship to play soccer. She was enjoying her first semester at school when her roommate Jen asked, “I heard there was a big frat party to happen tonight. Why don’t we go, Allison? I heard this fraternity is a legend with...Read On


My Best Friend's Wife - Part 2

The camping trip is indeed a wild one.

I never intended to write a second part to this story, but after some careful consideration, I noticed I left myself open for a sequel. Enjoy and please leave feedback! Cindy arrived the next morning as Shane and I began to prepare for breakfast. She looked beautiful as ever. "Hey baby." I said to Cindy as she walked up and gave me a hug. "How are you, love?" She asked with a grin....Read On


When Master Chooses Me

I am standing naked in the cold cellar, the cool air causing my nipples to stiffen. Michelle, my gorgeous friend with her lovely blond locks, is walking toward me. Naomi, the sultry brunette, is following behind her. I am standing with my brown hair resting on my shoulders, my arms raised above my head, wearing nothing but my tall black leather stiletto heels. Michelle opens the bucket of...Read On