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L is for Labor Day

“How am I supposed to concentrate on furniture with my girlfriend vibrating her gushing pussy?"

“The apple was hard. The orange got wetter.” “Can we compare them, though?” Sitting cross-legged on the rumpled bed in a black Pong t-shirt and white cotton panties, I released my focus from the two fruits on Jacob’s dresser. They were each bruised from my telekinetic practice. “We could eat them.” “Toss me the apple,” Jacob said, reclined next to me like a lazy lion in his eggplant...Read On


Discovering Banya: Ch.II - Crime and Punishment

Eve's punishment is explored with surprising results.

 A famous rich cousin from Vermont bailed Eve out and she avoided prosecution for pick-pocketing.  Seems a little cash placed in the right hands can go a long way or that entrapment schemes are less tolerated than in the past.  Yeah, thought Eve, his dick was so big that I couldn’t keep myself from reaching into his pants pocket for a righteous grab and I was thereby, entrapped by doing...Read On


The Awakening of Mary

Wife is reluctantly talked into posing for glamour photographs and demands more.

I’m sure you have all heard of the Butterfly Effect in Chaos Theory. How a small, inconsequential action can have huge effects. Well, our butterfly moment was my request for Mary to pose for some glamour style portraits as a birthday present for me. A seemingly innocuous request that had life-changing consequences. Up to that point, I had a wife I loved dearly, but who could only be...Read On


Hitchhiking To Ecstasy

A young woman's car is stuck and she has to hitchhike and finds ecstasy.

“Damn, shit, fuck!” I shouted, banging my hands on the steering wheel, shaking my head from side to side, my long hair flailing, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” My car had just slid off the goddamn icy road into a ditch and it was getting dark. Now, what?  I sighed, knowing my cell phone was dead. I had lost the charger and was going to get a new phone when I got home. "Who knew I'd slide into a...Read On


Twist Of The Knife! Ch 6.

Four is enough!

Fall 2016. Butterscotch pudding, my favorite! The carrot sticks were a little dry but edible. I picked at the chicken strips, reformed meat, I don't think there's any chicken in there. Luckily, I didn't run into that son of a bitch at dinner. I thought I saw him on the way back to my room, but when I turned, it was just my own shadow. Anyway, where were we? Oh yeah, WOW! What a day. That was...Read On


Kansas City Rendezvous (Day 1)

“Can I kiss and lick each of your asses before you go?”

After I moved from Chicago to western Missouri, Barb and I still saw with each other at least four times a year. We’d alternate between Chicago and someplace closer to my home in the “Show Me” state. Whenever we were planning to see each other, the one in the city where we were meeting would try to find someone local to join us for a threesome or foursome during our two weeks together. Since...Read On


E057: The Thirty-Second Pearl

A new pearl, but some other emotions and understanding too

By the time they have played out the story which Rick had outlined for them, had something to eat, cuddled a bit watching tv, and finally fallen into bed, both Emma and Donald were so satisfied with their lives. But, what had been left undone, from Emma’s mother diary which they had read at the beach, needs to be addressed.  They do know each other so well, but the exploration of each...Read On


Dirty Marjorie

In our final year at college, I was the only male student who hadn't lost his virginity. Most of the other guys had girlfriends who were happy to oblige; one nerd had to pay a hooker; two bribed the college bike ('everyone rode her') with packets of cigarettes. But I still couldn't get to first base. In the jerk-off league table I was up there with the leaders, but I had yet to experience...Read On


Plumber's Mate 01

It's not always the pizza guy.

I am a plumber. I have the crack to prove it. That and an SUV full of tools and parts. The only better job, to my mind, is writing. I do that too. Many years ago I had the opportunity to apprentice as a plumber. Having had two businesses fail I figured a proper trade would at least give me an option for the lean times. After all, kids are always dropping their toys in the toilet and...Read On


Stacy Lancaster: Stacy's First Swing Pt4

Two sluts with a toy and an audience

Helen pressed a hand against her sex as she lifted herself off Jared's softening member. Her inflamed labia were open so wide that her entire palm nestled between them. Cupping her sex as she stood, the hard-bodied older woman crossed the few feet to where Stacy lay sprawled. The pale younger woman's hand was jammed to the knuckles into her own cunt but seemed frozen there as Stacy stared...Read On



Hanna and her dad visits friends and things turn spicy

Hanna   My eyes were gritty from the long flight and my body felt like a paper clip as I made my way along the aisle in the airplane. People were pushing and trying to get off as fast as possible. A baby began to cry behind me and it had been doing so on and off over the nine-hour flight. My dad was right behind me. “C’mon, get a move on.” “I’m trying, but there are some old people up...Read On

Recommended Read

Like Father, Like Son: Part 1

The first thing that came to Carly’s mind when her engine stalled was Marcus’ voice telling her time and time again that her old car was a worthless piece of junk that caused more problems than needed. Repeatedly, he’d offered to buy her a new car to replace her old one. Each time she’d refused his gift, explaining to him that this was the first car that she bought when she could afford to...Read On


Adventure Part 7

Carol get another cock

The pizza delivery boy stood inside the door, holding the two pizzas and staring open-mouthed at Carol naked in her bathrobe. She walked over to me and said out loud she needed money. She whispered to me, "Can I fuck him? You and John be my audience." I hesitated and then nodded yes.  John was sitting a few feet from me and heard Carol's whisper.  He smiled at us. Carol walked over to...Read On


Lust & Open Road

A story about choosing lust over modesty and giving a show in the car

My boyfriend is twice my age. We met when I was twenty-four and he was forty-nine. I have always been enamoured with older men, but I don't want to be with an older man who only wants me because I'm young. The older men I'm drawn to are the ones I know have noticed me, but have a sense of propriety, and, because of my age, would never flirt too much unless I made it clear I was interested....Read On


Alice Takes A Break

Alice goes to a camp and meets up with a teenage girl who takes charge of her

Alice was sniffing back tears as she stood with her nose against a tree and her hands on her head. She was in shock having had just been given a very hard bare bottom spanking by Melanie. The shock wasn’t just the fact that Melanie was eighteen-years-old whilst Alice was sixty-three-years-old, but that Alice was actually turned by accepting Melanie’s control over her and wanted to continue...Read On

Unexpected Attention

Never thought I'd allow another guy to touch me...

I'd always considered myself totally straight. But one night, when I was sixteen, my best friend had brought over a Playboy magazine. My mother wasn't home so we were alone. After looking at the magazine in my bed we decided to turn off the light. We always slept in our underwear when we spent the night with one another. And I was about to get the shock of my life when my friend without a...Read On


Escaping The Heat

"Ninety-five degrees Fahrenheit? What is that in degrees Celsius?" I ask trying to do the calculations in my head.  "You would think that they would make it easier and just give you both. You know what, fuck it. I don't need some so-called expert on the TV telling me its damn hot at the moment. I mean, geez, when I was living back home we had hot days but this just takes the cake." I decide...Read On


Hunting Shack

More than hunting takes place at the hunting shack.

Our friend Bill has a nice little cottage "up north" set on eighty acres of land. He is an outdoorsman and spends a lot of time hunting in his woods. He and my wife have always been flirtatious with one another. Like many men, it turns me on when they flirt. I often hope and imagine what it would be like if their flirting got physical. I have told my wife how I'd like to see them kiss...Read On


Memory of an older woman

A memory I have been thinking about recently

This is more of a confession or a memory than a story. Many years ago, when I first moved to London, I had two encounters with a woman which are probably still the strangest of my life.  She would have been early to mid-thirties, lived with her boyfriend and was my first boss in a proper job. I would have been mid-twenties. She was hot; shoulder length brown hair, pretty face, tall...Read On


How I Won Back My Wife (Chapter Two)

Noel meets his 'Guardian Angel'

I drove, Sarah, my daughter to my mom’s place. The entire time I held back my tears. My mom sent her best wishes, as it was my wedding anniversary. The fact that my mom knew my anniversary and my wife didn’t, pinched my heart. I took my leave and got in the car. The floodgates were now open. I had made up my mind to confront Kate. I needed an explanation. I had been a faithful husband and...Read On



My dad’s stepbrother takes me under his pungent wing…

My dad had a stepbrother named Hardy. Hardy was actually his surname and his first name was Harold, but he hated his first name and always insisted on being referred to as Hardy. My dad, Arnie, and Hardy became stepbrothers when they were sixteen-years-old. With both their parents being divorcees, Hardy’s mother married my grandfather. The two boys had been born three months apart and had...Read On


I Is For Independence Day

“I still see you as that unattainable goddess who hangs out with my friend's big sister.”

“Fifty/fifty? Sixty/forty?” “Ninety/ten.” “Does that mean you're attracted to one out of every ten guys you see?” I asked Jacob as I waited patiently on my couch. “Ninety percent of the time, I'm attracted to women,” he yelled from inside my bedroom. “The rest of the time, it's usually men. Every time, it depends on the person.” I heard him moving stuff around. I wanted to take a peek, but...Read On


Beth and Tracey Chapter 1 of 3

Beth helps out a lovely Tracey.

It started innocently enough. I was assigned to a work team and Phillip was on the team. We were of a similar age and shared a few common interests. It was natural that we would become closer; at least the rest of the team seemed to think so. Gary, the team lead, went out of his way to make sure Phillip and I were assigned either the same task or related tasks so we would have to work close on...Read On


Barrack Room Betty - Chapter Two

Michele ensures the three transvestite WRENS meet the approval of their captors

Chapter Two – Wren Division Ho! The four Leading Recruits were hungover and hungry and in the grey dawn and cold bleak light of day they weren’t sure that their prank was really worth it. They entered the cabin and found the four ‘Wrens’ stood at attention and immediately began to break down in laughter. “Of my fucking god you guys look stupid!” Jean Burgess burst out laughing. ...Read On


Marabogo: Cuckold Island Ch. 03

Joshua's mind fills with thoughts of Megan and Obali in bed

Chapter 3 A crowded lobby stood in front of Joshua as he began to drag the suitcases towards the elevators. Luckily two of the cases had small wheels on them, which made it a lot easier. Though the laughter he got from the women he passed made the whole matter a lot more humiliating. Joshua could hardly fathom how this had all happened. Just a few days ago he had gotten married to the love...Read On


Lesson Pt4

The next time Rick visited us, it was obvious that I'd have to see what he could do with his cock.

The next time Rick paid us a visit, it was obvious that I'd have to see what he could do with his cock, but I wasn't expecting quite what I got. He arrived all flustered and wet from the rain, afraid he was going to be late, he said, due to the idiots who can't drive in the weather. Letting him recover, we chatted about nothing really, until my man appeared and called us to attention. ...Read On


E056: The thirty-first pearl

Emma wanders farther down the path that Donald has laid for her

Saturday morning Donald wakes up and begins thinking about where he wants to lead Emma today.  He lays with his arms around her as he wonders if he should.  Does he really want her to do this as he watches?  It is taking her to a different level, and as he ponders his plan, he realizes he is not sure about this.  Emma is so open and outgoing now.  Will he be able to watch what he wants...Read On


Love Thy Neighbor, Chapter 3

It's graduation day and Connie has a special gift for Tommy!

The next week was a blur with all the preparations the last few days of school and everything trying to come together. Before he knew it, it was graduation day. As the time to leave drew near, Barbara was just finishing up getting dressed. "Why don't you go see if Aunt Connie is ready to go, Tommy," she said. "Okay Mom," Tommy said. He walked next door and knocked on Connie's door. She...Read On


The Bi Beach Clan - Chapter One - On the Trail

I came off his shaft to find Lainey's face close-up grinning from ear-to-ear.

Ten hours and two diversionary loops off the trail and we haven’t shaken the four Hybrids that are tracking us - one man and three women. They're good, no doubt, and even with Lainey’s seemingly unshakable belief that I’m some kind of a superhero, she’s beginning to sense my concern. As a hunter, I’m hardly a match for a Hybrid at my very best and our shortage of quality victuals as of late...Read On


Love Will Tear Us Apart Part 3

“He made that bet with you because he knew that he would win. His son was on our team, sabotaging everything he competed in. Always being around you and touching you, and distracting me in the process,” I said.  “He was sixteen years old and sad about the girl that left him. So I comforted him," she said.  “You were hugging him half of the time. And he was feeling you up. That made me...Read On