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The Tales of Jezebel, Ch. 4

Lauren and Fancy get closer...

It was the following night after classes and the two friends were at The Roadrunner, the college hangout and bar. Fancy spotted Jezebel at the bar. Jezebel smiled at her. “Hey…” Fancy said to Jezebel. “It’s the pretty college girl…” Jezebel said. She looked at Lauren and smiled. “And you brought a friend?” “Yeah, we were roommates back in our freshman year. Remember when you asked me…...Read On


Temptation Wins Again

A married woman succumbs to desire

It was just another weekend night out looking for sex.  I was twenty-seven, in great shape, and prowling solo in one of the downtown dancing bars.  It was one of the warmest nights of early spring, and the vibe in the club was very upbeat. The club, Have A Nice Day Cafe, was fairly new to the downtown scene and it was drawing capacity crowds.  It had a fairly large dance floor that was...Read On


Getting Fucked Hard by Gypsy Bex's Older Brother

"I’d wet myself. I was so turned on and lubricated, my pussy couldn’t contain it…"

  In my story, ‘When Mike And I Pissed On Each Other,’ I talked about people I knew in West London in the 1980s. Among them was my ex-lover Mike’s on-off girlfriend, Rebecca Sullivan, aka ‘Gypsy Bex.’ I received a couple of emails asking what happened to Gypsy Bex, which got me thinking… Looking back, the end of that fling with Mike (aka ‘Double Dick’ – read ‘my stories for an explanation,...Read On



An open letter to G.

  Dear G, It has been almost six weeks since we last saw or spoken to each other. In fact, the last moment you saw me, was when I ran past you getting into B’s car and I didn’t even give you my usual bear hug. G is it weird to have THOSE types of thoughts and erotic dreams about you even though I’m happily married to B? I know in all honesty it is okay to have crushes, but it is immoral...Read On


Peen Has a Stay In Hospital

Continued, erotic adventures of Peen

Peen opened his eyes and grunted up at the bright light above him. "Aye?" he questioned. Then he winced and tried to swallow. The overhead fluorescent light crackled. "You're fine, sir. You're just coming awake. It went well. We got rid of that nasty bone spur on your heel." The nurse was making adjustments on the monitor attached to the wall. "You know you'll have to stay overnight?...Read On


The tekoki championships, part 1

Jimi registers in the first European amateur tekoki championship

By the end of the summer term, Luna had left Britton High for a two months Spanish course in Chile. She was excited to finally meet in person her longtime pen-pal Gabriel. I was depressed with the prospect of losing our hand-play sessions, and depression gave me enough bravery to visit the new mega sex-shop recently opened in the Docklands area. Might there be a female sumo section down...Read On


The End of it All

The Masseuse closes up her business for good...

"Don't come in today," Tabb said over the phone. I was already dressed for work--or dressed in what I wore to work: Sweatpants, baggy T-shirt. All of it would come off in the ladies room when I arrived. "It's my business," I said. "You can't do this." "You sold your business," he said. "I'm sorry. After what I've learned, I have no choice." "I thought we had an agreement, Steven," I said....Read On


Little Big Man - Saturday shopping

Mom takes Derek on a shopping experience

The pressure on my balls woke me up. I opened my eyes to see Mom's foot, wrapped in a white high heel, pressing into my sack. "Time to get up, baby," she said, "we have things to do." I had dozed off in the living room chair. "What time is it?" I asked. "Time to go shopping," she called from the hallway, "go shower and put on the clothes I put out for you." I showered and put on...Read On


What if? Part 1

Talking about my desires - what would I do. Will I do it?

I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to take my fantasies forward in the future. I joined many chat sites as a test, a small step in my journey of exploration. It seems that there are many people out there like me. I’m a man who absolutely loves women but I have found through the medium of porn that I find cocks attractive… I went from not noticing why I was so turned on by watching porn...Read On


Perfect 10

Screaming fans and an enormous cock...

It was the size of her arm. The head bigger than her fist. It was an immense cock and she must have it inside her. The man lay on his back in the center of the gymnastics mat. His identity didn't matter. Maybe she recognized him, maybe she didn't. All that mattered was the mountain of meat between his legs. She knelt close to it, salivating. She wrapped both hands around the thing. Or at...Read On


Friends With Benefits - Part 6

The business starts to flourish

It was Saturday morning, Roma and Peter had checked out of the Edinburgh hotel after Roma's initiation as a whore. Roma could scarcely believe she had fucked a client for money, much less enjoyed it. With a 50% bonus on top of a £200 fee, she and Peter were now spending the money on lingerie, perfume and makeup. 'Don't use these for pleasure, Roma. Keep business strictly separate.' Half...Read On


Sara's Resolve - The Revelation (Part Four)

Bliss, passion, and deception bring forth an eye-opening revelation for Chris.

Sara’s eyes move downward, and it hits me. I'm naked. As I pull the cover across our exposed bodies, I ask, “Did you just look at my dick?” A smile appears on her face as she replies, “Maybe.” “Maybe is not an answer, Sara.” “Yes, I looked at it,” she answers with a sharp tone. “Why would you do that?” “Seriously, Dad?” “Yes, seriously.” Gathering the covers beneath her chin, Kim...Read On


September, Chapter 2

College reflections of our three friends.

Meg stretched her legs out along the length of the hammock. ‘I really need to get some sun on those legs,’ she thought. College was done, over. She had returned home last night and was taking advantage of the quiet of an empty house. Everyone was gone running errands, working and she had the place to herself. Unless you have lived the dorm life you have no idea what “alone” means to a...Read On


The Artists Model

What seemed like a straight forward offer became so much more.

My wife, Lyn and I had been married about six months. We’d been together about three years before that. I was in my late twenties and she was a little older, almost thirty-one. But she was extremely active and sporty and retained the body of someone much younger. In fact, it was her perfectly formed bottom that had first attracted me to her. She was a brunette with wavy hair and a very...Read On


How Far Do We Go? - Ch 9

Wade’s cuckold training begins in a manner that he did not anticipate or suspect…

  1 “Wade,” Carly calmly said in a restrained tone, “I don’t appreciate the spirit of your accusation. Take a breath and consider what you’re thinking before you say another word.” The couple stared at one another, like any long-time married couple does when they’re on the verge of a heated argument, but also know that the wrong thing said could have lasting effects. Carly’s words were...Read On


Daddy's Breeder

Daddy lets the neighbour breed his daughter after trying her out himself.

Mara dropped her school bag by the front door and slid out of her uniform black shoes. It had been a long week of final exams and Mara was tired of everything she had to deal with at school. She was eighteen years old and about to graduate from high school. Depending on her grades on the exams she had just taken, she hoped that they were good enough to get her into the biochemistry course...Read On


A Bride chapter 21

She was still spurting when I dropped to my knees and clamped my mouth on her cunt. I was as hard as a rock, all thoughts of mum or Belinda were forgotten as she squirmed beneath me and fastened her legs around my neck like a living vice. She climaxed with a scream and threatened to toss me back down the stairs as she arched her back in a convulsion of Ecstasy induced passion, "Fuck...Read On


The Cursed Castle, Chapter 4

David makes the Princess his and makes her a woman in the process!

"David, can I... can I see it?" "Ask me the right way." "David, can I see your... cock? Please?" David pushed her gently back until the mattress caught her at the back of the knees and she was forced to sit down on the edge of the bed. He stepped forward a bit, bringing his crotch within easy reach of her. "Give me your hand." Arabella extended her hand and he took it, placing it on the...Read On

Recommended Read


Math is hard, just like some other things in the exam room...

As illustrated in the figure above, in the frame xOy, we have a line l :x-y-2=0 and a parabola C:y=2px(p>0) I let my pencil whirl around the knuckle of my thumb and re-read the sentence for the third time, try to make sense of it in connection with the figure that shows a sideways parabola on a nearly blank coordinate system. Then I swallow the yell that’s bubbling in my gut, press my...Read On


Lost at Sea, book 1: Where There's a Will, chapter 14, part 2

A sexy pirate fantasy adventure

They got out of bed and Janie tentatively approached the ladder. She looked over to Bella who shoo’d her forward encouragingly. Janie began to climb. She could faintly hear the rhythmic slapping of skin on skin and a woman’s deep, throaty moans. She climbed a little faster. As her head crested the trapdoor in the early dawn light she saw Belita Vex still wearing one of Will’s large shirts...Read On


Feeding an addiction: A Three-way Street Ch 7

An unexpected turn of events, the straw that broke the camels back

Scarsdale, NY: Sunday 25th January 2015 Sunday evening “Careful, they’re a little bit sore.” I felt Sue’s body stiffen a little, as if to prove the point. “Sorry, do you want me to stop?” I asked as Sue snuggled into my body and I gently stroked her nipples, as she lay with her back on my chest as we watched some mindless Sunday evening TV show. “No, it’s okay, just be gentle and...Read On


Why I Love Sucking Your Cock

Just a note to a lover

Your cock is always glad to see me. When I walk into the room, I see that bulge develop. That alone makes me feel so special. I know you want me - your woman.   Since we met, your passion stick apparently lives in a constant state of semi-erection, which flatters me with its attention. When it slips in my mouth, I am connected to you in a sensual, erotic and physical way. You can feel...Read On


Twins Share My Virginity

A girl shares her virginity with twins...

This is Sue’s story of her loss of virginity. Twins are involved. This a story can be read in conjunction with a” Bisexual” story titled - Jan And Sue’s Affair Begins At The Beach. I was seventeen and was studying in a boarding school and did not have much experience with guys beyond a bit of touching and kissing. I had a few experiences with girls who had encouraged me to join them in...Read On


Carolyn's Introduction to Bondage

A cum-filled gangbang

Before the event I’m about to share with you, I had done just about all there was to do sexually, and I had enjoyed every minute of it. And my husband Mark had enjoyed watching it all. One of the few things I hadn’t done was bondage, because the idea of things being totally out of my control never really appealed to me, but all that changed at Steve’s birthday party. Steve is a friend of...Read On


Daddy and the Office

Mara is punished by Daddy in his office.

Mara looked up from her book and glanced over the top of her glasses at the ticking clock in the distance. She sighed, realizing that she still had half an hour left to her detention. Carl, the boy sitting behind her, rammed his feet into the back of her chair repeatedly, causing her whole body to shake every couple of seconds. She clenched her fists tightly, holding back the urge to thrust...Read On


Otherworldly Encounter

It's been a long, stressful day at work; I need to get away. My boss is a prick, annoying coworkers never quieting and Dan, from the cubicle one space over from mine, keeps leering at me with his peering, beady eyes. So, unsurprisingly, I was SUPER exhausted! I clock out and head for the car. After getting in my car and driving aimlessly, I find myself suddenly at the city's lake. I smile,...Read On


Taking Advantage

I know a tenant is struggling to make ends meet and I take advantage.

When I was nineteen and not long out of college, I received the dreadful news that my grandma had died following a heart attack. We’d always been close, and I was totally distraught at her passing. Although I took the news badly, I soon learned that grandma’s death had a beneficial side for me. To put it bluntly, she’d accumulated a lot of money and I inherited quite a chunk of it. All of...Read On

Taking One For the Team: Part Five

The corporate ladder keeps going up...

I couldn't wait to get into work. Not only because of the actions that took place during the road trip, but because I received various emails. It seemed the higher-ups had listened to what I had to say and they were going to make changes. I wanted to implement them as soon as possible.  "Morning," Eric said shaking his head.  "I know," I replied.  "You young people," he said as he came up...Read On


My New Bride

I love my new bride

I was shy, I had met her only twice and she was now walking down the aisle towards me. It was an arranged marriage and our parents seemed really happy with the match. I was in my late twenties and my parents had let me have girlfriends as long as I knew that I would be marrying a woman they had chosen. I had messed around and even had a girlfriend at one point. My parents never seemed fazed...Read On


The Gallery

A writer visits a gallery. She gets more than she bargained for.

I’ve always had a way with words, or so people thought. In high school, I was the strange girl with hair in a messy bun, wearing oversized sweaters and large glasses, scribbling poems into tattered notebooks. Everyone told me I couldn’t live off poems, that I needed a real job.  After a couple of boring jobs in administration, I found a job offer at a publishing house. They were looking...Read On