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Who Would Turn You Down?

I looked at his bronze skin, brown eyes and killer smile...

We were best friends, buddies, pals. We were inseparable. Andy had no clue (so I thought) as to my true feelings for him. He didn't know how I fantasized about him when I lay in my bed at night beating off. Andy didn't know that in our senior year in P.E. when we met that I lusted after his cock. What a cock, what a set of balls, what a happy trail leading from his navel down to them. Andy...Read On


Secrets of Liberty Mountain: No Man's Land (Chapter 36)

Life abruptly changes when a homeless veteran stumbles upon a group of female survivalists.

My sleep was shattered by three sharp raps which crashed through my slumber like gunshots in a nightmare on the morning of the third day. "What the hell!" I hurled myself from my bed, stomped across the floor and jerked open the door. "Do you have any idea of the time?" My growl faded to a reluctant sigh as Sheila pushed past me into the quarters Darlene and I had shared since our arrival...Read On


Mother Knows Best

Jean finds her perfect lover

Rory stretched his naked body out on his bed. Slowly he stroked his seventeen-year-old cock. He was careful not to stroke too fast; he didn't want to cum yet. The sounds of his forty-year-old mother masturbating in her room floated through the thin wall separating their bedrooms. Jean was every schoolboy's dream of a sexy older woman. A little over five-foot-three, slim, blond, and...Read On


P Goes To A Party

P plays at party and in taxi

I had mentioned Paula attending a party with Gary and Lisa, the couple she had experienced some filthy dogging fun with. She had told me that Alistair had invited her to a fancy dress party. The excitement had been building for most of the week leading up to it; Paula had been out shopping to make up her outfit and she was in a particularly playful mood for the days before the party. I...Read On


AnimeCon Harem pt. 10

Brian attends AnimeCon with a special charm that has a mysterious influence over girls it touches.

Can’t believe I just said that, Brian thought, turning away from her before the embarrassment could become visible. Dreamgirl? Okay, definitely. But there’s just some things you don’t say out loud like that… Sneaking a glance at her as she nibbled on a piece of bacon, he saw a strange smile on her face, so maybe at least she was amused. Kelly wore that same unreadable smirk she had...Read On


Yacht Girls - 01 - The Surprise Trip

Two girlfriends embark on an international lifestyle of luxury as swimear models

Julie went to a party in a mansion on the hill with her friends, a group of twenty-something aspiring models. She wandered away from the group to look out over the sea from the balcony; a waitress brought her a glass of exquisite champagne. She sipped it while watching the sunset. Without warning, she caught the blinding flash of a nearby photo drone which nearly made her lose her balance...Read On


Ebony Delight

A young teens crush leads to an interracial intrigue coercion and fulfillment of her wild desires.

At the age of seventeen, I often worked as a house or babysitter. My favorite couple to babysit for was the Johnson family. They had recently emigrated from Liverpool, England and were often in need of a sitter for a date night. The Johnson’s were a beautiful and caring interracial couple. Emily Johnson was thirty-five years old. Her hair was a lustrous fiery red. It flowed in waves to...Read On


Learning To Live Again

Two years after the death of her husband, Gina decides to live again.

Gina turned the water off and lay back in the tub. Her body completely submerged in the bubbles of her bath. She closed her eyes. She was nervous about her plans for that evening. Nervous was just one of the many emotions she felt. She had been dating Phil for four months. He was polite, handsome and always a gentleman, but most of all he had been patient. He had not rushed her into...Read On


Another Mother and Daughter

Brenda and Beth were so gorgeous and so horny!

I met Brenda, a gorgeous brunette with a darling smile, at a technology transfer conference in Atlanta. The minute I saw her sitting alone at a table, I went over and introduced myself. She was very friendly and asked me to sit down. We had to pay attention during the many speakers, but when we broke for lunch, I asked her to have lunch with me and she agreed. As we talked, I found out that...Read On

Recommended Read

Being Most Thorough (Thorough Chapter 3)

Campus Security insists on the follow-up inspection

He had prepared. He had cleaned the room top to bottom and made sure and doubly sure that it, all adjacent rooms, and the entire corridor would be abandoned for the rest of the day. There were no cameras in the entire building except in the hallways on the top floor that housed the admin offices and in the atrium upstairs, which was also where the guards had their little room. The same...Read On


Ron And Ronnie Chapter 15 - Ronnie's Cheating Way

Sarah comes over but Gary leaves. Ronnie cheats with Joe.

I met with Miriam and she gave me the script for the pill for when Sue came home. She said that she had a very busy couple of weeks ahead so we set a date to have lunch together on a Thursday in three weeks time. Afterwards, I headed home. It was getting late so I had a meal and went to bed. Again when I awoke the next morning, it was eight o’clock. I felt totally rested more so than I had...Read On


Lucky Man

I know I am clearly a lucky man!

I know I’m a very lucky man. Years ago, when I met my wife-to-be I could see almost immediately she was the woman for me. Besides being very attractive, smart, funny and caring, I was able to fully trust her judgement (except the decision to take me on in a relationship). Neither of us have ever been jealous of each other. There is no need when you know where the other is going home at...Read On


The Guitar Player

Sex, more sex, and rock and roll!

I had been chatting on an online erotic site for months with Paula when I accidentally replied to an innocent question and gave away my general location. Not a big deal, but over a week or so, she put two and two together and realized we lived closer together than either of us thought. We have had lots of fun, erotic chats, exciting cybersex and what we could be doing sexually to each other...Read On


Rahab's return: chapter seven

The Grand Design

Empires are, I think, male. They thrive on aggression, ambition, and a desire for riches and power. I like what riches bring, but I can sleep in only one bed, live in only one place and eat only one meal at a time. There is something in the drive for Empire I do not understand. I think that like the male sex drive it is to do with possession and the instant and insistent satisfaction...Read On


Tommy James Likes Panties, Ch. 1

A young man discovers he has a developing panty fetish.

He didn't know exactly when it started. He didn't know why. It started as a curiosity. It turned into a liking. Two years ago... One day, he looked at her lower back. He was expecting it... any second now... She was wearing low-rise jeans. It was bound to happen. What was she hiding? He was about to find out. Jackpot! His penis twitched as he saw them. His head tilted. They were so...Read On


No Touching

He wanted to meet to masturbate together. No touching, that would be cheating.

Years ago, when Yahoo Messenger still existed and had chat rooms, I met a man there. We hit it off right away. He was married, unhappily, but wasn't looking to cheat on his wife. He still loved her, but the passion had disappeared as happens with many marriages. He longed for that passion. It wasn't long before our chats turned sexual. Very hot conversations, about our likes, our fantasies....Read On


AnimeCon Harem pt. 09

Brian attends AnimeCon with a special charm that has a mysterious influence over girls it touches.

Stephanie’s blue eyes fluttered open to first see a soft pink tangle of hair spreading across her pillowcase, and for a moment she simply stared, lost in sleepy confusion. Then she lurched up rigidly in alarm, brushing those brightly-colored locks out of her eyes, and surveyed her surroundings. This… isn’t my dorm room. That’s right, I’m at the convention. I’m in — I’m in Brian’s hotel room! ...Read On

Comp Entry

Plain Jane Transformed

Jane has finally made it to college. What does it have in store for her?

First year of college and she felt overwhelmed instantly. Crammed tight against two-hundred withering, sweaty bodies, Jane fought her way to the sign in table. Elbows hit ribs, shoulders brushed one another, and asses cuddled into groins. The moment she burst to the front of the crowd, Jane sighed with relief. Quickly stating her name and year, the senior running the table ended up tossing...Read On


My First Experience At University - Part Two

Sandy's adventures continue

It had been six weeks; a lifetime in reality since I arrived to start my new life at university. It could not have started worse with all my belongings being stolen by some bastard at the bus station leaving me soaked to the skin and with just the clothes I stood in. Just when I thought my life was ruined, I met my beautiful roommate Savvy who took me into her arms and brought light into...Read On


Cathy and my Sister chapter 4

I remember lying on the bed, with Cathy's hot mouth on my cock

Derek The weeks flew by, and thankfully the weather wasn't too bad. Angie had taken some of the pressure off us as her presence allowed me to spend most days on the site. It was a fair bit easier than I'd expected because of the jobs the plant would bring to the area, the building regulations weren't enforced as harshly as they might have been. Really all it consisted of, was three floors...Read On


Sultana (Chapter 10)

Turbulent adventures, sexual intrigue, magic and monsters all are set in an ancient desert land.

Mediha Her consciousness returned, and she knew that someone had pulled her out of the water. She could still hear the sounds of a scuffle and she opened her eyes and looked in its direction. It was a Hellenic boy dressed in commoner’s dirty linen clothes, and he was soaked  from head to toe. He was wrestling the assassin the best he could, but the assassin was gaining. The boy’s back...Read On


Tharsis Conspiracy

Invasion Earth, power sex greed and Martian-human sexuality will determine the outcome

Ugly dust cursed planet! A patronizing Mona Lisa-like bland face obscured her bitter hatred of this place. Kressida glanced out of the tall oval shaped porthole, towards the ochre Mars horizon, with a feeling of complete control and dominance. She flicked her long jet black hair. Reflecting in the glass, it cascaded down sensually in the fractional Martian gravity. Her eyes blackened. The...Read On


The Girl With The Emerald Eyes - Chapter 3

A night of disappointing sex leads to a discovery of bondage plus I get one step closer to her.

Autumn had come and gone and now winter had firmly grasped Philadelphia. The temperature had plummeted and people were wrapping up. College was going well; I’d made the rugby first team, the only freshman on the squad, and was training with the ski team. Despite a range of casual encounters I still didn’t have a girlfriend and there was only one girl I wanted — but she was spoken for,...Read On

Comp Entry

Pledging to a Fraternity

Finally! Pledge Week!

They had all already had six weeks of doing silly things as part of being pledged to the fraternity and it was finally here, pledge week, and Jason was anxiously looking forward to the night he would make the pledge. His best friend, who was a year older and already had a year of college under his belt, was a member of the same fraternity. When asked what he would have to do to pledge,...Read On

Recommended Read

Friendly Neighborhood Perverts

Thin walls make for close neighbors.

Those days you lived in a shoebox. You often thought about moving to a bigger, nicer apartment in a cleaner, quieter neighborhood, but you somehow never got around to it. Plus, you could walk to work – theoretically, at least. Also, your lack of funds and your (probably unhealthy) fixation on that independent coffee place right down the road may have had something to do with it. The...Read On


Ron and Ronnie Chapter 14 - Lunch Then What?

We take Shirley to lunch and catch Sue. Ron continues his story.

Once again I awoke early to a beautiful sunny Saturday morning. Sue and the kids slept in as was their habit on a Saturday morning. My mind was in turmoil. I had dreamed of all types of strange things during the night. It had all started with me wondering if Sue had been impregnated following our discussion that morning. I then thought of my options including leaving her through to...Read On


Joanne's Summer Job - Joanne witnesses the caning of her boyfriend

Joanne's lie gets discovered when she is forced to witness her boyfriend being caned

Peter Mitchell placed the key to the front door in lock and turned it slowly. He hoped to avoid waking his girlfriend Joanne and then having the unpleasant task of explaining to her where he had been and why he was only arriving home at eight o’clock that Sunday morning, long after he had promised he would be home. Peter pushed the front door open gently and removed his key. He stepped into...Read On


Across The Street. Part 2

Mike couldn't believe his luck. One night he discovered the girl across the street had a penchant for parading around her room in some of the sexiest clothing imaginable. Now she wasn't totally visible due to her blinds being lowered, so Mike employed his powerful telescope to spy on her. So through the partially open blinds, he managed to get a good look, and what he saw he liked. Now he...Read On


E010: Finally, Again

A new world opens for Emma as she finds herself blossoming under proper tutorage

The hour comes for Emma to go; she finds her panties almost saturated again.  She blushes to herself that she has done this so soon again, and after washing the panties yesterday to make sure they were fresh.  Spending all day thinking about what is coming, she has been almost leaving a trail everywhere she walks. And then dressing as she had yesterday brought all those memories back, not...Read On


Tricking A Straight Boy

A couple of horny young Aussie guys hang out in a Canadian ski town and decide to hot tub

I’m living with two hot young Aussie guys and for three days there has been a sexual tension building. Last night, it boiled over... No, it wasn’t Will (Will is my new roommate; Will is eighteen, fucking hot and so far it seems as if he is totally straight although I might get him). It was Dean (my mate who is staying with me for a couple of days before he moves to a ski resort just south...Read On