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Everybody’s Wish For Wishful Things - Chapter XVI

As Jamie and Tyler followed their naked moms into the house, they took another opportunity to ogle their distinctly different but equally perfect derrieres as they swayed in front of them. They both did their own comparing and contrasting, noticing how Charlotte’s ass was full and succulent, with cheeks that bounced as her rounded hips moved to and fro, while Julie’s behind was tighter...Read On


Tell Laura – Chapter 7

Some fun and games, some frustration.

Tommy After the chat, we watched The Martian. It did cross my mind what the law would be on Mars. I had read the book before the film was made, after picking it up cheap in a supermarket. It had a fascinating journey. Publishers not wanting it at first, so the author self-published and ended up working with specialists in NASA to get the details right for the film. The book is amazing,...Read On


Anna's Birthday Part 2

All for me - all on me!

I rode with my best friend, Sarah Goodlow to Sarah’s house after the varsity basketball game, for my big eighteenth birthday party, it's my cumming of age bash. Sarah turned onto her lane. She lived out in the country and her driveway is a little over a mile long. I noted all the cars on it. "Holy shit," I gasped, ”are all these people at your house?" Sarah smiled at me and said, ”Anna,...Read On


The Bet, Ch 5 - Used As Furniture

Maria is used as furniture, then used as cum dumpster.

I woke up Saturday morning with Marco’s hard erection poking at me. He himself wasn’t awake yet, just his cock. Nevertheless, things needed to be done, so I should get busy. I required more practice if I expected to take Luca in my mouth, and since Marco’s cock was available and ready, I’d practice on him. I wondered if I could get all of him down without lying on the bed with my head over...Read On


Hall Of The Screen Goddesses

Dead stars' priapric reminiscences

It is two weeks before Christmas. “She’s late again!” “She’s always late. We used to tease her: ‘Zazie, darling, you’ll be late for your own funeral!” All is white. A radiant, heavenly white. Six elegantly-dressed women are languidly seated or stretched over six chaise lounges chairs, all upholstered in heavily-brocaded cream silk, decorated with fine gold threads. Perched on the...Read On


Eating And/As Fucking

Cooking dinner turns to urgent blow job, tit fucking, ass licking...

He was making shakshuka and Otis Redding was playing. Outside it was raining theatrically, performatively, un-Londonly in defiant refusal of the city’s politesse. Its grammar of mannerly evisceration and well-behaved alienation, intelligible to those raised to guarantee its proliferation, nebulously comprehensible to the rest. Only insofar as its sting is felt first through its delivery...Read On


The Doctor (Part 9 – Tarryn)

Tarrryn has an adventure, and of course, orgasms.

On Monday, Tarryn got the email accepting her to McGill University Law School. She was so happy, but at the same time apprehensive. She didn’t tell anyone about it for all of Monday. Monday night she tossed and turned in bed, and struggled to sleep. She touched herself a couple of times, but even that, normally a great sleeping ‘pill’ did not seem to work. Finally, she slept with the dawn...Read On


Ten Day Cruise, Chapter 5

Day 5 – Expanding Relationships

The sound of the telephone's shrill ringer jolted me out of my peaceful slumber.  I rolled away from Glen and picked up the handset. "Hello," I said in a groggy voice. "Good morning, Megan.  Are you okay?" Mom said. "Mmmm, yeah, I'm fine.  What's up? What time is it?" "It's nine o'clock.  We missed you at breakfast," Mom said. "We stayed up late last night." "It sounds like it.  Are...Read On


Hotel Guard

It wasn't a bad job as jobs go and it kept him in extra money while he was attending the police academy, plus it offered him plenty of time to study during the long nights. Ben worked as a security officer on the 10 PM to 7 AM shift at a very known luxury hotel, he was part of a two-man team of one man inside and one outside in a vehicle.  Ben had already attended the private police academy...Read On

Football Buddy Part Three: First Date With Sandy

First date with Sandy has many ups and downs...

I couldn't believe my luck. First, I met someone that I thought would be the next big thing in my life, but that fell through very quickly. Even though we had what was probably the best sex life I had ever had, everything else was a disaster. I thought I had hit bottom again when opportunity knocked again, not with one woman but two, both of them were attractive, to say the least. They both...Read On

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What if your one true friend is just a Barbie doll?

I always had a fascination for Barbies. I still remember my first Barbie that I got when I was just nine years old. It was a snowy Christmas morning and the tree was littered with gifts of all shapes and sizes. Each present contained a small parchment with each of my siblings names written on them. I reached for the yellow rectangular box and hugged it tightly. I scrambled to the fireplace...Read On


Secrets of Liberty Mountain: No Man’s Land (Chapter 45)

Life abruptly changes when a homeless veteran stumbles upon a group of female survivalists.

"I'm getting too old for this shit," I moaned and plopped into one of the Situation Room's ergonomically designed conference chairs. I massaged the sore spot on my shoulder and shifted and squirmed and as I searched for a less uncomfortable position. Nothing worked. I hurt in places I didn't even know I had. The steaming mug of fresh brewed Colombian laced with the Sisterhood's brandy warmed...Read On


Under The Surface

Teen girl on vacation learns about her sexuality.

“What about him?” asked Paula. I looked and saw a guy about our age, just about to dive into the pool. Dark hair, skinny body, but kind of cute, I guess. “He’s alright.” “C’mon, that’s like the fifth guy you have said that about. You have to lower your expectations a bit.” “Why should I? I’m not the one dying to get it on with the first guy who shows interest.” Paula sighed. “You're...Read On


Jessie's Journey. The Private Club. Chapter 5

A submissive woman discovers just how much pleasure she can endure during a long night in the city.

Tied, hands and feet to the back of the overturned Club Chair, she could see that she was positioned with a perfect view of the Wide Screen LCD mounted on the wall. The man with the camera circled her slowly, the image of her bound and exposed body projected for all to see. It was only then that she noticed the blinking red dot in the corner of the screen indicating that this entire show...Read On

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The Little Things

I take the deepest breath I’ve ever asked of my lungs, listening to the rushing water below. One hundred and thirty feet below. My legs dangle in midair as I sit on the ledge, the enormous park behind me oblivious to my presence. A warm breeze ripples through my long brown hair. Holding that breath, I look down. I stare at the distant, fast-paced river below without really seeing it, aware...Read On


The Exchange Student Disciplines Georgina

Georgina gets her wish to be disciplined by Hannah with others watching

Georgina had been on tenterhooks since getting home at eight o’clock this evening. She had got home to find Jeff and Hannah chatting happily in the TV room and, unusually, watching a rom-com even though there was football on the other channel. When Hannah had gone to bed Georgina asked Jeff how come he hadn't insisted on watching the football. Jeff blushed as he replied, "Hannah asked to...Read On

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Daddy Wants You In Work

Have some fun in work with Daddy

"I want you to have as much fun as I did at work thinking about you baby.    This audio would best be enjoyed in your place of employment.  (wink wink)   Love Daddy"  ...Read On

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Altocalciphilia: Auntie Rachel's Stilettos

Caught in the act.

Anthony huffed and rolled his eyes at his mother’s question. He was in the back seat of the family SUV, on the way to his uncle’s new house for Sunday lunch. His mother had her back to Anthony and didn’t see his reaction. His dad snickered. He had witnessed Anthony’s reaction in the rear view mirror. They were driving to Anthony’s paternal uncle Mario’s new home. Mario had recently...Read On

Recommended Read

The Black Stallion Inn, Part 2 of 3

The host with the most continues to enjoy his guests.

Joanie moaned and closed her stance, rubbing her cum-slick thighs together. “That’s the second-best part of a guy coming inside of me, I think; the way it feels when it drips out and down my legs, all warm and gooey and sensual.” I laughed. “Well, if sex isn’t slippery and messy you’re probably doing it wrong. Fortunately, that meshes well with your dirty, slutty side that I so admire.” ...Read On

Recommended Read

You Put What in Where?

Viggo, come back ...

“Damn! Oh no, oh no!” I holler. Don’t panic. He couldn’t have gone far. You just have to find him . Frantically, I search and search. Tears roll down my face as panic sets in. “Viggo, why did you do this to me? Please come back to me," I voice aloud. Viggo had not been with me very long, but I quickly grew attached to him. He is so cute. Moments ago, I had him within my grasp, and he...Read On


An African Slut

A horny field-guide trainee aims high...

The whoop of the hyena woke us all. The full moon cast an eerie glow on the African bush. The surrounding tall knob thorn and leadwood trees silently witnessed the hyena uttering another deep-throated whoop, calling the clan. The fire embers glowed faintly three meters from my sleeping position. I grabbed my camera and scrambled to the fire as the hyena made an appearance. The sloping...Read On


Explorations Ch 1: A Day In The Life

Kitten tugs at the leash and gets asked on a date.

The day started like most others: up at five, work out, meditate, check for orders from the online store then downstairs to my workspace to spend the day building and filling orders that we had taken the week before at the art show. It was close to nine when she came down swimming in one of my old shirts and stopped in the doorway and called out over the machine noise. "I'm going to head...Read On


Sharing Lori's Stories With Kelly, Part 1 of 2.

Lori's stories she shared the night of the reunion had me so hard I was ready to blow a nut.

It was August of 1998 and I was at my twentieth high school reunion. I had been dancing with my wife, Kelly, and her group of friends when Lori tapped me on the shoulder. I hadn’t seen her since high school and we started dancing. Lori was my second pussy. In between the time we had decided to go on a date and the day of the date, I met Kelly and that changed my life forever. But all...Read On


Hot Midwest Summer - Stepping Into Another Life - Part 5

Terrana and Trista explain their relationship to Killian's son.

The last few weeks had been grueling for Trista as she finished squaring all the details for her move. With her sister's help, her nephew Silas and his friends, the hard work had paid off. In two short days and one day before her sister flew back east, Trista would set out on her journey to move her small family. Thankfully Silas had agreed to help his aunt drive so long they kept an...Read On


Never Give Up

Follow the light; who knows where it might take you ...

I was feeling low.  I thought my life was in a mess, and even the positives about it were not enough to keep me happy.  I was a divorcee but relieved to be out of that difficult time and I had two wonderful teenaged stepdaughters, bubbling with youth, optimism, oh, and hormones.  They were the delight of my life.  And I had a good job – hard work but it paid. So, what was the fuss about? ...Read On


The Doctor (Part 8 – Jessica)

Jessica can’t wait, she has to do something in the airplane.

Jessica could not get the night with Tessa off her mind all the way to the airport. The conversation with Tessa’s dad was stilted as a result. But she made it. She went through check-in and was on the plane in less than half an hour. Sitting in her seat on the plane, she kept thinking about how she could sense Tessa masturbating, and how intensely aroused it made her when Tessa orgasmed....Read On


Claiming His Cock (Part One)

First one of the sort, hope you enjoy.

"Ms. Hintern, your next appointment is here. Shall I send him in?"    Molly, her bookkeeper and receptionist, stands in the doorway in her 'date night' attire - a sexy, but somehow still work appropriate little emerald dress paired with smokey eyeshadow and juicy lip gloss. Everything the woman wears out is meticulously chosen to enhance her naturally golden skin and exotic appearance....Read On


Ten Day Cruise, Chapter 4

Day 4 – Shattering the Taboo

When I woke up, I was on my side facing away from Glen.  He spooned against my back with his arm over my body.  I smiled when I realized he was gently holding my breast.  Placing my hand on his, I pressed him to my boob.  He stirred and then kissed the back of my neck. "Are you mad at me?" Glen whispered. "No, are you mad at me?" I whispered back to him. Glen rolled me onto my back.  He...Read On


My Youth

Tonight it was decided that we would be having a quiet night in. Emma and I have been going out a lot recently, clubbing, picking-up and generally abusing our bodies with all-nighters, mixed with copious amounts of alcohol. All leading to situations where you quickly put on your clothes in the morning and leave as fast as possible. DVD’s, takeaway Thai, white wine, popcorn and chocolate...Read On


University Life (Part 4) – The Initiation pt1

A tied and bound Lesley is made to tell her most initimate secrets

My heart was hammering in my chest as I was led away from the Kitty Litter to a place unknown. I did my utmost to keep track of my progress as we left behind the warmth of the morning sun and into the coolness of the University interior. I could hear the sound of other people nearby as I was led along, the fact that nobody commented on my condition (with a bag over my head) implied the...Read On