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Love Stories

For all you romantics out there, here is our love stories section. These are stories of romance and love, which are generally on a deeper relationship level than stories in other categories. This story category focuses on falling in love, being in love, and developing a loving relationship. Please submit your real life or fictional love stories here.


Two Beauty Pageant Contestants

The two leading contestants were willing to do anything for my vote.

It was my first and only time to be selected to judge the Miss Kentucky Beauty Pageant. I was thirty-four at the time and looking forward to seeing and lusting after all the gorgeous contestants. I had no expectation of even taking to any of them. In fact, to do so was strictly forbidden. That would bias a judge. So I planned to just look and lust. The first night of eliminations was...Read On


My Second and Third Cousins

Sheila and her daughter were so hot that I had to have them both!

My second cousin, Sheila, and I had played together as kids. Back then her family lived in town, so we were together a lot. We’d go the Saturday afternoon double features at the Strand Theater, then play and re-enact the movies as we walked home. She was a tomboy to me…not a girl. We were the same age and ‘sex’ was a word that did not exist in our vocabulary. But as you might imagine, we...Read On


Last Tango with Malena

Malena and Marco dance their way together, at last.

“Oh, Marco,” gushed the Italian teacher, “you’ve got to meet Malena. Her family is from Argentina too. Do you dance tango? Of course you do. Malena says she does, but she’s never shown us. You two should do a demonstration for the students, like Al Pacino and that lovely woman in Scent of a Woman !” Giulia, something of a busy-body, barely let me get a word in edgewise, but we agreed...Read On


My Chick-fil-A Lay

Sandra was a gorgeous eighteen year-old and really needed a job.

I own three Chick-fil-A franchises in the Orlando area and try to hire high school students in the summer. They need the money, most of them work hard, and I love having the sweet young things around. Last week I had just hired my last employee for the summer when in walked the most gorgeous blonde I’d ever seen. Her hair was down to her elbows, parted on one side, and fell sensuously...Read On


Fast Food Checkout Girl 2: Keeping the Promise

Keeping the promise.

I watched as my lover, her boyfriend and her brother drove off. Our encounter had been hot and spontaneous, but I had already convinced myself that it was a one time thing. She was young and about to start a new life by going to college. She would never settle for an old, boring guy like me. I ordered and ate my food and then went home. Once home, I prepared to take a shower and then it hit...Read On


My Love: The Final Chapter

“I do,” I said nervously as the entire room watched me. Time seemed to freeze for a few moments as we both stood there at the altar. I gazed into Kyle’s eyes, as always, they were big and beautiful. I had always had a thing for baby blues and even now they had me mesmerised. His short, spiky brown hair went well with his suit and slim physique. He was my perfect man and I felt like...Read On


Scenes from a Marriage

Beginning at the end

Prelude She lay beneath two quilts listening to the gentle lapping of the lake against its shore. Soon the chirping of the birds anticipating the rising sun would infiltrate and then obliterate the peaceful sounds of the depths of night by the shore of the lake. The morning dew, or the fog rising from the lake would penetrate the solarium where she slept (or lay resting, alert, unable to...Read On


Betrayal and Redemption

A story of marital breakdown and true love the second time around.

It's true, we really needed a new village hall. The existing building was just too small, and desperately in need of renovation. We had tried everything — jumble sales, fêtes, appeals in the local newspapers, but the amount of money we had raised was woefully short of what we needed, even for the most pressing repairs. It was at a meeting of the Parish Council, of which I was chairman, that...Read On


Alex Reborn: Chapter 9 First Date

Allie has her first date with Liam

I remembered a lifetime ago when I was a kid, that Wade once got his grounding shortened by doing extra chores and work. I figured the same tactics would work on my new parents since they value hard work, and they love it when we step up and take responsibility, something I will admit I try to avoid like the plague. Wednesday evening, when we were supposed to be in bed, I kicked the top...Read On


Love Found

She was lonely, so was he, and so it was meant to be.

She was trembling with anticipation, jumping at every noise, looking at the clock incessantly, adjusting her dress and primping herself in the mirror. "Don't get too worked up," she kept telling herself, but her heart just kept hammering away. As she looked a the clock again, her heart began to sink. It was late, too late. It wasn't going to happen. She bit her lip to fight back the tears...Read On


Quick Words

Now I know that I love you, thanks to a cold, Canadian night

I have to make this quick. I don’t have much time. I’m at work and there are a thousand things I should be doing, and right now I’m not doing any of them because I have to write this down, out of fear that if I don’t do it now, I’ll put it off, I’ll lose the moment and it will be lost forever. Ok, here goes. I want to tell you that it’s no longer a case of “I think I love you.” Replace...Read On

Recommended Read

Fire at Dawn II

The dream was over, crashing and burning with dawn. Nothing should’ve stopped them. The gate should’ve been open. Under the mask the housekeeper had given her, she’d only gone to the party to observe, to experience a night in this foreign country. It hadn’t been long until her modesty lifted with the pulse of the crowd, the pull of the energy, and the recklessness of life. Someone...Read On

Recommended Read

A Message in Flowers

When I went to my car to go to work on Tuesday, there was a small bundle of flowers waiting on it, the stems trapped under the driver's side windshield wiper. They were delicate, white blossoms and they were covered in dew, like the rest of my car. I looked at them for a minute, finally deciding that someone must have made a mistake and left them on the wrong car. They were too pretty to...Read On

Recommended Read

Fire at Dawn I

An excerpt from the ebook...

She flipped the mask around to the back of her head. It looked like she had her face on backward as she led him by the hand up a little cobbled lane built in a century of donkeys and carts. Burnt russet hair flowed around the edges of the mask, falling over her shoulder blades as he trailed her, gripping her hand as her lithe arm extended straight back. He was sorely tempted to stop short...Read On


Payback pt7

Chapter Nine: Rebirth So, what had I been up to during the months that followed? I had attended a few meetings in Serena’s clubs, meeting a few of the members including the Masters and Mistresses. Serena kindly loaned Daisy to me and let her stay with me in my family home for long periods. During that time I also met a Master who had the reputation for treating his slaves with a lot...Read On


The Second Time Around

Finding love again

“Another Valentine’s Day,” mumbled Millie as she slowly walked toward the diner to start her shift, “now I can spend the next six hours smiling, wishing everyone a happy Valentine’s Day.” There wasn’t much to be happy about in Millie’s life when at age fifty two she worked two jobs to make ends meet and save for retirement. She did grin for an instant when she remembered the gift left by...Read On


Close Your Eyes

This is for a friend of mine who was shot Friday or Saturday night. Hoping they pull through

Remember me, as I find myself alone in darkness knowing that I can’t turn away from what I must do, and there are a lot of things that words can’t say. So walk away and believe and try to see through my eyes, and you would probably lose your fears. The sun will remain, as will those winds of change blowing that can’t be explained. I know you will find a way, so turn and walk away for there...Read On


Can't Breathe Without You, 2

She could just see the headlines now: Hip-Hop’s Bad Girl and Her Small Town Cowboy .

4. After her performance, Keisha sat in her dressing room cooling down. Tonight was her last of two nights performing in Las Vegas. The shows went smoothly as hours of rehearsing her dance routine had paid off, and her screaming adoring fans loved her. Yet, she felt distracted during the entire performance. It wasn’t until she had a moment alone that she realized she had been thinking about...Read On



Sometimes it really is darkest befoe the dawn--emotionally speaking.

We'd arrived two hours before. My wife was having a great time, mostly dancing with men from her division. I, on the other hand, was not having a great time. I had not had so much as a single dance with her. I was on the point of making a scene, but instead, as she returned to our table, I again asked her to dance. She turned me down; make that she turned me down loudly. I know my...Read On


The Man Who Stared At Me In The Gym

or Ten More Minutes

Most women are used to being checked out in the gym. So when I felt him looking at me as I pounded away on the treadmill I did the things that come naturally. I tugged my capris out of my crack. Gazed fixedly straight ahead. Turned the music in my ear buds up. Tried to wait out his attention. But he kept looking. And later when I was sipping my usual Vanilla Protein Smoothie in the Bistro...Read On

Recommended Read

The Pianist

Love – it makes you go back, time and again!

What I am about to describe, is a place where I enjoy the most unusual nights of my life. I regularly found myself in the most exclusive, high-class establishment of erotica. Well, it certainly was exclusive, but to all intents and purposes, it was otherwise known as a sex club. It was, however, a very, very different type of sex club. I was drawn there, not for the sex, but for the...Read On


Amazing Woman

Everything I ever wanted

This all started a few weeks ago when I met the most amazing woman on line. When we first started talking it was, as usual, about our sexual activities and preferences. She is bisexual and knew I had been in some ffm threesomes. We talked about getting together and meeting with some of the women I knew and going to some strip clubs and picking up a playmate. She is a beautiful woman with...Read On


Cowboy Soldier

Can a long distance internet romance work?

Today I'm meeting a guy who I have been chatting with for some time. I know it's not wise to, but I know in my heart that it's the right and safe to meet my cowboy soldier. Waiting for the flight, then again as you go through security, has my nerves on the edge of sanity, and my stomach is in knots. Will you like me when you see me? Will we connect as well as we have on the internet? Will...Read On


Alex Reborn: Chapter 6 Part 2 Hell In A Bucket

Allie, goes to a sleep over where things get heated.

The next day during lunch, Lisa, Jen, Celina, and I were sitting together talking, having a good time, when Celina said, “Do all of you want to come over to my house on Friday night for a sleepover?” Lisa said, “Sure, that sounds like fun.” Celina then said, “Well, Jen and Allie, what about you two?” “If I can talk my uber-strict parents into it, then yes,” I answered. Jen...Read On


The Girl In The Rain

Imagination and reality collide in the rain

Phantoms formed and danced in the sheets of rain, like curtains at an open window on a stormy night. It had been raining on and off all day, but the girl hadn't been prepared for the sudden onset of this particular downpour. She dashed out of the shadows and into a pool of light beneath a flickering street lamp. "Why didn't I take a fucking cab?" she muttered as she unfastened the tie...Read On


I Waited Too Long For This

All it takes is time for the right person to come and show you all that you'd been missing.

It has been a while since I felt a man laying beside me. All five-six of Mikey's body presses against my back while my head rests on his arm. He laughs under his breath at what the sports news reporter says on the television. Unfortunately, I'm waiting for a headache to dissipate and the light from the TV is not helping. I turn over until my head is tucked under Mikey's chin, face buried in...Read On


Sally And Billy's Romance Grows

Sally gives her last gift to Billy.

It was a little before nine when Sally knocked on Billy's door. He had been up for a little more than two hours and was happy to see his girlfriend. “Sally, I am so glad you came over this morning. I am looking forward to spending the day with you. I have just finished my homework. Are you done with yours?” “Yes, Billy. I did my homework as soon as I got up this morning. Now, if you...Read On


Skylar and Dominic: Chapter 2

I can't love him, it's wrong

I wake up, with the biggest headache ever. When I get up to go to the bathroom, I see Dominic's door is cracked open. All the events of last night, play through my head. I'm still as confused as last night and sleep didn't help. I head downstairs and see Sarah. She's in jeans and a v neck. When she notices me she smiles. "Morning," she says cheerfully "Morning, what's got you all perky...Read On


Valkyrie’s lust series (Chapter 1)

When love takes over

It happened few years ago... She was in her early twenties, and on a business trip to another town where she first met him. He was working on the same project as her and was a tall and handsome guy. He must have been around her age, maybe a bit older. It was all accidental at first, their eyes met and were instantly locked. From that day on, they would talk everyday getting more and...Read On


Sparked Feelings

The thing about loving mistakes is, you never know they aren't mistakes until you make them.

I strolled to him with my head lowered slightly. "Hey, may I please borrow fifty dollar, Marshal?" I pleaded, while giving him a puppy face. He looked up from his issue of Playboy. "Again?" "Yes, I just need some cash for a gift for Linda's bachelorette party gift." He raised his eyebrows but then put his magazine down and reached for his wallet. "Here you go," he sighed, handing me...Read On