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Love Stories

For all you romantics out there, here is our love stories section. These are stories of romance and love, which are generally on a deeper relationship level than stories in other categories. This story category focuses on falling in love, being in love, and developing a loving relationship. Please submit your real life or fictional love stories here.


Kelly's Sensuous Booking

Young woman finds herself revealed in a raunchy book and pursues the author

Angrily, Kelly Harding slammed the book shut and flung it across the room. It hit the living room door before falling to the floor, open, but face down. For a few seconds Kelly stood there, silently fuming. Was she crazy? She hadn't needed to read that again? For the hundredth time, the unspoken words howled in her head, how dare he? How dare he reveal their relationship in this way? So,...Read On


Lust On The Island Of Rhodes

A sailor meets a sexy, young woman who becomes a reluctant whore.

Three months after leaving New York as a galley boy on a Norwegian freighter and stopping at many ports in Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, Iran,  Pakistan, peeling sixty pounds of potatoes every morning, washing pots and pans, scrubbing the galley floor three times a day, and enduring the intense heat of the Persian Gulf, we were back in the Mediterranean again, heading west toward Spain. ...Read On


The Summer I Met Nina Ch. 2

How lust becomes love

Walking in the bright moonlight back to the bunkhouse, my mind was swirling with a barrage of thoughts. This is unbelievable. Where is this heading? How will we act tomorrow? How can we hide this? How am I going to wait on tables with four hours of sleep? Damn, Fred is coming tomorrow. This is crazy. Is this really happening? Am I falling in love? The next morning I had difficulty waking up...Read On


The Summer I Met Nina

how lust becomes love

Chapter 1 I met Nina the summer I worked as a waiter at Pocmont Lodge, a glitzy, somewhat seedy resort in the Pocono Mountains. It was a good way to earn a lot of money in ten weeks to help pay for college because we worked for room and board and got good tips. Though Nina was not in my section, when I passed her table the first night she arrived, we glanced at each other curiously....Read On


See Me

Caught in the moment with a close friend.

Ben pushed the cabin door open, shifting to the side to allow me to enter first before following behind me. I had tried my best to kick the snow off my boots on the front steps, but I knew remnants of snow were still going to puddle on the wooden floor. After pulling them off, I hurried to the bathroom to find a spare towel to lay out beneath them. Ben grinned down at me, "I am sure the...Read On


Learning to Love.... Myself

Love yourself as you are; you are perfectly imperfect

As I stepped off the bus I looked around not able to believe I was actually here. I checked the map he sent to me to see which way I needed to go to meet up with his friend, Mark. Yesterday when I made the decision to leave, I texted him so he could put everything in motion. He sent me the map six months ago after we had been chatting online for a year. He always told me to look after myself...Read On


Snow Maidens

  She pulled away from me with hesitation, her eyes still closed from our kiss, her blonde braid snaking out from under the fur cap as seductive as always. I looked down at her blue outfit secured up to her neck, her fine breasts pinned in a bra and corset underneath it, and regretted we had no time to set them free for a little relaxation. She opened her blue eyes and leaned in to whisper...Read On


Never. Always. Forever.

Love requires strength for dreams to thrive and for nightmares to survive…

1 “I don’t think I could date someone with prettier hair than me,” Meagan teased as she opened their conversation by flirting with the devilishly-maned stranger. “It would be too costly. You’d be tempted to use my expensive hair care products.” The alumnus and intrepid film documentarian and journalist, whom the girls in Meagan’s graduating class fussed about and dared Meagan to...Read On


Mud, Bed, Peers

Rescue has a dilemma

There was a knock on the door. A female voice called George's name: "George, are you there? It's Lisa." Reluctantly, George let her in into his hotel room. "Are you all right?" he enquired of her. "Yes, I'm well. I thought you could do with some company," she answered. George moved away from her to the window on the other side of the room. This left her standing in the doorway without...Read On


Vows and Consequences

Life after death can be a complicated place. Holding close to loved ones is the best medicine.

I'm in a lot of hot water with my wife. Hopefully, she'll get over it, but I suspect I'm going to have to spring for a lavish party where we renew our vows. It's my own fault, and there's no chance that I won't do it, so I guess I'll have to spend the money. It all stems from my twisted sense of humor. I certainly like dry comedy, and slapstick physical comedy. I like juvenile humor and...Read On


Chasing a Rainbow

"It ain't over, 'til it's over." Yogi had it right, at least when it came to Angela and me. She introduced herself in my office while I was fixing a bug in our new operating system. I was in the IT department at the Indemnity Assurance Company and deep in thought when she said, "Hi, I'm Angie." I gave her a fake smile and went back to my problem-solving mission. I wasn't trying to be...Read On


Sexy Sister In Law

Temporary romantic love

So this happened, but a little background first. I’m widowed with kids but they’re aging up and mostly out of the house. We’re extremely close and they remain the center of my universe. We vacation twice a year – once to the beach and once to ski at Christmas. This story occurs during one of our annual beach trips. Our beach trip this year was back to Turks and I was going to stay for a...Read On


Rocky Mountain Way

She wanted to be alone, but found something much better

The wind caught Cheryl’s map as she tried to orient herself to the little town. She knew that almost everyone had cell phones with navigation on them, but she still had an old non-smart flip phone; the kind where you had to push the numbers several times to just get one letter when texting. Needless to say, she didn’t text much either. She had pretty much pinpointed her sister’s cabin on...Read On

Astrid Can't Wait

Secrets and lies and snow and a... dildo?

  1. POLAROID. “We’re not lost.” “Then why can’t we find it?” “I haven’t--I mean, the map hasn’t steered us wrong yet.” “There’s a first time for everything, Astrid.” Holding the creased paper in her bare hands, Astrid showed Dinah and the rest of their teammates their current location. “We’re in Ville des Macarons.” “Right outside of Paris,” Dinah pointed out. “We started right...Read On


Fictional Fantasies - Chapter 5

Writer of erotic fiction is shocked by a stranger when he begins acting out his own stories.

The following evening, sprawled across the sofa, tucked under a blanket, with her laptop resting on her thighs, Meg signed into the writers’ chat room. Her heart leapt to see a little green light next to NimbleKimble, to show he was online. A private chat window immediately popped up.   [NimbleKimble]: Hey gorgeous girl. [JMitchell]: Hey sexy boy. [NimbleKimble]: Ha! You can’t say that....Read On

Recommended Read

Sex In Venice

An interesting way to enjoy fresh mango

I had been to Venice several times and was never disappointed by its magic. Yes, there are hordes of tourists throughout the year, but what can you expect if you seek out such a preposterously over-the-top, baroque city-on-an-island? A man-made fairytale confection, doomed to eventually sink into the lagoon that surrounds it, like a latter day Atlantis. I had met Alicea on a European...Read On


Snow Bound

Maybe your Guardian Angel pays more attention than you think...

The windshield wipers thump fast, back and forth.  Hope could barely see the road it was snowing so heavy now.  Her hands gripped the steering wheel as she slowly tried to follow the tire tracks in front of her but they were quickly disappearing.  A little smile curved her lips as Johnny Mathis started singing, I'll be home for Christmas, through her car speakers.   Hope hadn’t been home...Read On


Stalking an Angel

A young man's chore because something special when he meets the girl of his dreams.

It started as a game. Actually, it started as an assignment, but he turned it into a game. Theo had almost grumbled when his uncle had called him into his office. When Theo first started working for his uncle, he had planned on starting at the ground floor and working his way to the top. Starting at the ground floor in an advertising business is easy; there is always a lot of grunt...Read On


The Runners

Two people find love on the road

It was my sixtieth birthday. I was running my fifteenth half marathon in three hundred sixty-five days to qualify for the "Saturn" level in Half Fanatics. I could have gotten by with twelve, but I didn't want to just get in. The level below 'Saturn' is 'Uranus'. I know it's high school humor, but I didn't want to tell anyone I was 'Uranus,' so I did a few more just for the heck of it. It was...Read On


The Highwayman Chapter 1

A highwayman takes a prize.

"Stand and deliver!"   He stood with pistols drawn praying the coachman and the guard would yield without a fight. Why would these poor bastards give up their lives for the rich fools in their charge? Honour? Foolishness, they had no chance, the setting sun was at his back, he was at very short range, they had been caught by surprise... he hoped they would simply yield and spare him...Read On


Second Chance

We found love the second time around, and it's even better than before.

I had been visiting the nursing home ever since Dad was moved into it from his marital home, and it's been tragic watching a strong and vibrant personality, with a terrific sense of humour, slowly fade away in front of my eyes. In a twisted sort of a way, it reminded me of my own marriage and widowhood. You see my husband had died of cancer. Prostate cancer. They reckon all men will get it...Read On

Editor's Pick

Hello Silence, My New Friend

the beauty of silence

The explosion caught me completely by surprise. I awoke 3 days later, tubes and wires snaking from my body, surrounded by shades of white. Absolute silence. I was sure I was dead. The cobwebs slowly fell away. Hospital. I anxiously began an examination of my inert body. It looked like everything was still there. I had a sudden moment of terror at the discomfort between my legs. Gingerly...Read On


Passion Rekindled

can we relight the passion that burned out long ago

It was a cold winters night, the sky was crystal clear. We were snuggled under a blanket, on the couch. In the chimney, the flames cast a warm glow as the fire roared drowning the howl of the wind outside. The flame that we had once had between us had burned out a long time ago. Now we sat in the intimacy born out of habit without the heat of any vestige of passion. I looked at you and saw...Read On


Krissy's Wedding Gift Part 6

Krissy keeps her two lovers.

    Beth Ann arrived late Friday afternoon. She wasn’t quite as ravenous as she had been the previous Friday. She entered with an embrace and a kiss and went straight to my kitchen. She removed her clothing and took her place on the island. “I need a shave,” she observed, her forked fingers travelling both sides of her slit. “I find your shaves so relaxing,” she added, reclining and...Read On


Time and Tide

A man and a woman, both strangers, find shelter from a storm with unexpected results.

Time and tide wait for no man, someone once said. They were right. Add to those two fixtures, the uncertainty of weather, along with a rugged cliffside and you had a set of circumstances for the magic that was to overtake two lives, not yet aware of each other. Each was affected by the surging of their own blood, the anger in their hearts, and the urge for some incomprehensible dream. How...Read On

Recommended Read

Strawberries and Old Cream

An older man learns an unexpected lesson from a younger woman when going back to university

“Speed it up, old man!” The spiral staircase ahead of me was pissing me off for a couple of reasons. First, it was narrow and long, and I was getting dizzy climbing it. Second, I didn’t know how many flights of stairs it actually constituted, being a spiral. The pamphlet from the hospital said I could resume sexual activity when I could walk up two flights of stairs comfortably. And mostly,...Read On


Ode to a Muse

For all the women who have inspired me to write. This is my thanks.

At first, there was darkness. The kind of darkness that is absolute and oppressing, forbidding of contrast and all the more empty for it. In this darkness, layed a lump, oblivious and indifferent to its surroundings. A single ray of light pierced the darkness, like a herald to your glory. Suddenly, things inside the darkness took shape and the lump saw himself for what he was for the...Read On


Krissy's Wedding Gift Part 5

Krissy and Mark consummate their relationship.

  Beth Ann arrived at her usual time on Friday. We greeted each other with a hug and a kiss. She wore three-inch heels, tight jeans that accentuated her long legs and cute butt, a pullover top, and a pushup bra that exhibited her breasts prominently. Her hair was loose and her face was made up. “Let’s stay in tonight,” she suggested, which meant she wanted to get right to it. After ogling...Read On


Undercovers Detective - chapter 9

Desperate measures...

  Alexia   The gel felt cold when she squeezed it on my belly. I watched intently at the flickering monitor as she moved the scanner around my abdomen, searching. When the flickering screen stabilized, I viewed what appeared to be undefinable images of my innards. She continued shifting it around, pressing down with increased firmness. Some movement appeared but I couldn’t discern what...Read On


Gothic Love

This is a chronicle of a true occurrence from the 90's on the Oregon Coast, the names are from AFF.

Nights like this have always meant suspense to writers, as she looked out the windows at the lowering sky her mind drifted back to the time of their first meeting.  She had opened her email one morning and there he had been, waiting to sweep her away into a dream world where reality was often the exception. Barely one week earlier she had placed a personal ad on an adult personal service. ...Read On