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Love Stories

For all you romantics out there, here is our love stories section. These are stories of romance and love, which are generally on a deeper relationship level than stories in other categories. This story category focuses on falling in love, being in love, and developing a loving relationship. Please submit your real life or fictional love stories here.


Pirates of Porn Part One

A female film director does porn

“Action!” I shouted. Looking at the monitors, I saw my husband, Dick Philips, laying on his back in a 69 position with Cheyenne, a major porn star, licking her pussy while she was giving him a blowjob. I had three cameras trained on the action, from left to right, camera 1 - a close-up on Cheyenne’s mouth sucking cock, camera 2 - a wide shot, and camera 3 - a close-up on Dick slurping pussy....Read On

Comp Entry

The Good Girl and The Bad Guy

Annie knew that Will was not a very nice guy but he always treated her good. He would disappear for weeks at a time without a call and show up with lots of money in hand. He never tried explaining how he got it. She had her sneaking suspicion that whatever he was doing wasn’t legal by any stretch. Then one day while cleaning her apartment she picked up a jacket Will had left lying around....Read On

Recommended Read

Born From Fire

“Love is a flame, A devil’s thing, A violent storm, About to be born…” -Danzig

“Sir?”   “What.”   The club’s back-office door cracked open and a man’s head poked through. “Sir, Jones is here.” His voice called in over a hum of indiscernible bar noise chewing the air behind.   “Make him wait eight minutes, then send him in.”   “Eight minutes?”   “That’s what I said asshole, eight fuckin’ minutes. Got it?”   “Yes, sir.” The door pulled shut.   The eight-minute wait held...Read On


Tina And Luke - In The Beginning – Chapter 18

So, who was with them?

Luke “Never. There that was simple, wasn’t it? Want me to expand?” Tina nodded. I pulled the duvet around us and we snuggled into each other more, “Sam’s my sister, but it’s not about morals or legalities, sure they are stoppers, but they are inconsequential compared to the real reason. “Morals are only the standards that the society you live in dictates to you. Incest is illegal...Read On


Phoenix Love, Chapter 2

At the Parent-Teacher Conference, Tina comes up with a plan to help her father!

My date with Daddy was amazing! First off, the weather couldn’t have been any more perfect. It was a bright sunny day, not too hot out and with the slightest hint of a breeze. A few light fluffy clouds broke up the beautiful blue sky adding a lovely contrast.  Daddy took me to this new clothing shop where they had the most wonderful clothes! Clothes that made me feel so grown up and even...Read On


Tina And Luke - In The Beginning – Chapter 17

Fun and games after the match and fun and games back home...

Tina “Ooh, Luke you can sing. Luke here, he can sing.” Too late, Luke turned to quieten her, but the person calling it came over, “You sure, Luke? I just thought being with your family and all…” “Nah, Luke’s good, aren’t you mate?” Said Rob. Sam had tears in her eyes; Mr and Mrs Evans were shaking their heads. “Go on, mush, I haven’t heard you sing any of your songs yet.” Then...Read On



A porn star discovers the true meaning of love and compersion

“No, no. Stop everything.” John walked towards me, looking disappointed. “Cheyenne, What the fuck are you doing?” “Sorry, John.” I felt so empty. “I just can’t concentrate.” “And why not? You’re always such a professional.” I saw him out of the corner of my eye, still in his suit and tie. He must have been shocked by what he witnessed. Why did I invite him there, that day, of all days?...Read On


Tina And Luke - In The Beginning – Chapter 16

Who's that knocking at the door.

Tina “Ah good, that makes it easy,” said the person at the door. “You’re coming with me,” he said, stepping forward and reaching for me. Luke stepped out of the door and across the front of me so he was in his way, “No she’s not and you need to leave right now.” “You make choices for her now? She your property, huh?” “Look, you’ve been drinking, don’t do anything you’ll regret.” ...Read On


Phoenix Love, Chapter 1

Although her world was shattered by the divorce, Tina stepped up to help her father through it

Being a firefighter is a tough, demanding job. It is tough and demanding on the firefighter himself, but it is also tough and demanding on the firefighter’s marriage. I should know, I am the product of a marriage that did not make it. My name is Tina, and I am sixteen years old at the time of my writing this story. My mom and dad got divorced two years ago, after fifteen years together. I...Read On


Mistress Ashley Meets Her Match part 6

Mistress Roxanne and Ashley attend more events as camp wraps up.

As we walk back to the booth, I ask you what that was all about. You tell me that you knew him, though he would likely not remember you as it was back before you had become a Mistress. It took place at a free for all orgy with a number of wanna-be subs and supposed Doms/Masters and a few Mistresses. He was very abusive of a number of the subs, both male and female who were just too new to...Read On


Dark Brown Coffee And Yellow Dogs

A lonely single finds love

I passed the morning I turned thirty-six in the same way as I passed every day. I woke up, showered and dressed before having a cup of dark brown coffee (I like it black with three drops of milk) and two slices of rye toast, almost burnt and slathered in butter. I dipped the toast in the coffee as I scanned the news on my phone, making sure to keep the drips away from my clean shirt. Once...Read On


Tina And Luke - In The Beginning – Chapter 14

Luke tells Tina about his past...

Luke “What are you two ugly bastards doing here?” I turned to the person approaching from the car, “Sorry, Cara, I am, truly, that you had to share a car with these two.” “We were passing and we thought, well, we wondered what you were doing for New Year. Got any plans?” "Passing? What bull! You're here sniffing after your boyfriend and Diane." “Actually, mum and dad are hosting a...Read On


We finally got our chance to be together.

She is my second cousin, and we have been quite close throughout our lives even though we live in different states. We’d always been like brother and sister growing up, even though we only saw each other during the summers. We would get together when we both went to visit my grandmother, her aunt. We spent our days playing out on the farm chasing the cattle along with my sister. On the...Read On



Two "lost" souls find love

Running Eagle, naked except for a leather breechcloth, a red headband, and moccasins. Earlier the day he had been following day old tracks of a shod horse. The rider made no attempt to hide it from possible pursuers. The imprints were clearly visible in the red sand and on the rocks amongst the variety of tracings left by other animals. During the tracking, Running Eagle began to know...Read On


Prove It

A girl falls in love with her best friend who returns her feelings, she doesn't believe him.

In high school, and even into my early twenties, I could never imagine being attracted to anyone. Couldn't fathom being romantically attached to anyone either. It was hard enough for me to meet one person I could call a true friend. I feel dramatic saying this, but with my high school and college friends, socializing felt more akin to an obligation rather than something I chose to do...Read On



You aren’t here anymore. For more than a year already. Maybe I should have started earlier with this, now my notes about you start today. I don’t know what this is going to be. Or what it is good for. Maybe for everything, maybe nothing. Maybe it should be therapy for me. I had thought that I was cured. I imagined it. To be healed of you. How ridiculous. Obviously, nobody can close the gap...Read On


Tina And Luke - In The Beginning – Chapter 13

Monday finishes and events leading up to New Year's Eve

Luke It’s funny how quickly you can get used to something, how quickly you can get used to someone new in your life. When you just seem to click with that someone, everything feels comfortable with them. It is so easy to get used to little things, like having a hand to hold, an ear to whisper into, a head resting on your chest. Lying here, spooning behind Tina, my head propped on my...Read On


Private Dylan

Historical fiction that follows a young man who gets "lucky" during WWII

As a carefree high school senior, Dylan was known for his athleticism, congeniality, and good looks. He had it all. He could have had any girl he wanted, of course, although he only dated Daisy McLaren. She was his sweetheart since their sophomore year. She loved Dylan as much as he loved her. They married soon after graduation in the summer of '43. Their honeymoon year was cut short...Read On


Tina And Luke - In The Beginning – Chapter 12

Tina's dad has a word with Luke

Luke I pulled up at Tina’s and was not greeted at the door by mother or daughter; I actually had to knock.        “Alright mush, come in. Tina will be down in a sec.” Mrs C leant up for a kiss, which I obliged and I swear she wiggled her bum as she walked into the kitchen. I thought I would have to watch her; I didn’t want Tina tearing my eyes out. “Hi, sweetie,” a quick kiss on...Read On


Suburban Love Part 2

My wife is busy and temptations arise

“I really wanted to see her tits,” my artist wife had blurted out about naked pictures she had taken of our buxom redhead neighbor Karen. Jewel felt a little ashamed, and probably wouldn’t have told me except for the wine. She was gathering images to process and compose for one of her unusual portraits of our new friend. I love my wife and don’t think of other women that way, at least when...Read On


Suburban Love Part 1

My artist wife and I move to the suburbs and make friends

Jewel asked me if I found Karen sexy. Considering what my wife does to me and what she lets me do to her on a regular basis, I don’t think of other women that way. But there are many ways to be sexy, and Karen definitely nailed at least one of them, so I just told the truth: yes. “I can see that,” Jewel said noncommittally, and that seemed to be the end of it. My wife and I initially...Read On


Springtime is for Lovers

A chance meeting on a Spring day in Paris leads to a lifelong love affair.

When we first met it was entirely by accident. Even now I remember it clearly, although almost four decades have passed by since then. It was one of those lovely bright sunny days that are so typical of Paris in the springtime. I was strolling along the Boulevard Haussmann, just outside the Magasin au Printemps where the pretty girls were selling their bunches of lily of the valley as...Read On


Tina And Luke - In The Beginning – Chapter 8

Sunday finishes, as does the term. Now it's time to return home...

Tina It was a little after four-thirty when I woke up. I was so comfortable, lying on top of Luke. He still had an arm around me and was holding my hand from earlier, even though he was asleep. Resting my chin on my hand on his chest and watching him, he had a little smile on his face and was at peace. I looked at the new scratches and the bruise I had given him and wondered what had...Read On


True Love Ways

A man meets young woman and has to be reminded where they'd met before...

My university days had ended my magical sexual education with the wonderful Laura, who is, another story. As my university courses developed, I had set my mind on becoming a journalist. For two years I slaved at those courses that took me towards my goal. Then, out of nowhere, came the idea of switching to teaching. Funny how impulsive decisions, even if wrong, can have long distance...Read On


Michael and Chelsea: Chapter Two

"Anyone want more waffles before we leave?" Chelsea asked the family. She had great pride in the blended family her and Michael had created, and continuing to create. Even though his daughters were her age, and his son was also closer in age to her, his children accepted her as an important figure in their dad's life, for Corey it was a mom figure, for Jamie and Gracie, it was a sister or...Read On


Michael And Chelsea: Chapter One

Ever since they first met at Wisconsin Dells, Chelsea and Michael had been dating and enjoying every day of it. However, after six months, dating long distance was wearing at them. It was only a six-hour drive, but they both knew in their hearts where their future would be. After talking about their options, they agreed the best solution was for Chelsea to make the move to Wisconsin. They...Read On


Encomium of Helena

A close encounter based on real events.

Encomium to Ελένη Athena, Patron Goddess of Athens Grey-Eyed, Goddess of War and Wisdom When did you hear my plea?  And send dark haired Helena Across land and Sea To bring her close to me The daughter of Greece caught my eye in the university cafe bar. My eyes were immediately drawn to her, and beside her I went to sit. She sat there, head down in a book, her long black hair falling...Read On


Un Ex Pected

An ex-girlfriend called. She broke my heart once. Will she do it again?

I didn’t expect to hear from Kristin again. But then I didn’t expect to ever be in a relationship with her the first time we met. Short and blonde, with a rack and ass you would expect on a taller woman, Kristin worked for the same company I did. She was in her early twenties and I had just broken thirty. Although I liked looking at her as she jiggled both coming and going when she ran by...Read On


Tina And Luke - In The Beginning – Chapter 6

The weekend continues...

Tina When I awoke again, Luke was sat on the side of the bed. I rolled over and was about to crawl over to him when I saw red lines crisscrossing his back. Some wide, some narrower. I silently put my hand over my mouth as it occurred to me what the narrow ones were. They were by his shoulders and around the bottom of his back, looking like they might go around his waist. I looked at...Read On


Love in Wisconsin

Spring break is no longer for the wild college kids.

At twenty-four years old, Chelsea was a single mom to two young children. Her husband left her a year earlier, leaving their kids wondering where he was. Through it all, she kept her head up and was committed to giving her kids all they deserved. That was why she came up with a trip to the Wisconsin Dells. It was the middle of March, cold and snowy. The kids and she had been cooped up in...Read On