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Love Stories

For all you romantics out there, here is our love stories section. These are stories of romance and love, which are generally on a deeper relationship level than stories in other categories. This story category focuses on falling in love, being in love, and developing a loving relationship. Please submit your real life or fictional love stories here.


Ode to a Muse

For all the women who have inspired me to write. This is my thanks.

At first, there was darkness. The kind of darkness that is absolute and oppressing, forbidding of contrast and all the more empty for it. In this darkness, layed a lump, oblivious and indifferent to its surroundings. A single ray of light pierced the darkness, like a herald to your glory. Suddenly, things inside the darkness took shape and the lump saw himself for what he was for the...Read On


Letters to my Sister 3- 28 October 2012

My intimate confessions to my sister continue.

My dear sister, It was nice talking to you just now on the phone and I am sure you're wondering why I'm writing to you now, but since I have started writing to you, I like it better to tell you my more intimate experiences in a letter. It makes it easier to express myself. Since John and I have moved in together a few months ago, we spend our weekends just having fun. Last weekend we...Read On


Letters to my Sister 2 - 5 may 2012

I start writing letters to my sister to substitute for our long talks...

My darling sister,   I hope you are fine. Not too much happened in the weeks since my last letter, but I promised to tell you about the first trip that John and I made together. Because, at that moment, we still lived literally a hundred miles apart, we agreed to meet halfway. I took a flight to Munich where he picked me up with the car. From there it was a three-hour drive to Venice, where...Read On


Letters to my Sister. 1 - 10 April 2012

I start writing letters to my sister to substitute for our long talks...

My darling sister,   Because you are my big sis, you have always been the one I could tell everything to. Even if your life was always a lot more traditional than mine, you have always been the one that never judged me for all the bad things I did. You were always the one whom I could confess everything to. Remember the times I came to you after I visited my lover? I really needed a...Read On


Krissy's Wedding Part 5

Krissy and Mark consummate their relationship.

  Beth Ann arrived at her usual time on Friday. We greeted each other with a hug and a kiss. She wore three-inch heels, tight jeans that accentuated her long legs and cute butt, a pullover top, and a pushup bra that exhibited her breasts prominently. Her hair was loose and her face was made up. “Let’s stay in tonight,” she suggested, which meant she wanted to get right to it. After ogling...Read On


Undercovers Detective - chapter 9

Desperate measures...

  Alexia   The gel felt cold when she squeezed it on my belly. I watched intently at the flickering monitor as she moved the scanner around my abdomen, searching. When the flickering screen stabilized, I viewed what appeared to be undefinable images of my innards. She continued shifting it around, pressing down with increased firmness. Some movement appeared but I couldn’t discern what...Read On


Gothic Love

This is a chronicle of a true occurrence from the 90's on the Oregon Coast, the names are from AFF.

Nights like this have always meant suspense to writers, as she looked out the windows at the lowering sky her mind drifted back to the time of their first meeting.  She had opened her email one morning and there he had been, waiting to sweep her away into a dream world where reality was often the exception. Barely one week earlier she had placed a personal ad on an adult personal service. ...Read On


My Affair with a Security Guard

Liz was a very hot security guard that everyone wanted.

For many years my boss at Space Systems was a man who, for some reason, thought he was a Romeo. Fritz was not an attractive man, but his wife was gorgeous, so I didn’t understand why he was always trying to get a little on the side! On every business trip he made he would try to pick up girls in the bar, but never was successful. Our company supported all of the Space Shuttle landings...Read On


My New Hairstylist

Eve was so hot that I just had to get her into bed!

I’d been getting my hair cut at Great Clips in Anchorage for more than two years when someone bought it and changed the name, so I was worried that I might have to find a new place. When I walked in, the business had been totally redesigned and there were all new hairstylists. That’s when I became concerned because I liked the girl who had been cutting my hair. So I went ahead and walked up...Read On


The Liar’s Bar

Grant meets his dream woman in the Liar’s Bar.

The bar door crashes open and the juke box music floods into the darkening street beyond. A weary Grant Oliver walks up to the bar stool, announces his arrival with the hard hitting helmet that crashes on the bar. His thick coat thrown on top of it to make sure it stayed there. The bartender glances at the man climbing onto the stool out of the corner of his eye as he proceeds to polish...Read On


Love at the Masquerade

This is a coming of age story of 30 year old woman called Bella

It had been little over a week since the fateful day when Bella had broken up with James, her long-term boyfriend. She'd heard rumours that he’d been cheating on her with a waitress at his catering firm. When confronted, James would neither confirm nor deny the gossip — and so Bella ended the relationship on the spot. In that following week, a distraught Bella thought hard about the next...Read On



Meagan and her boyfriend are alone at sea

Utter solitude. No one within hundreds of miles maybe thousands. Just you and I holding each other tightly. The only sound is the sound of our increasingly heavy breathing and the sound the waves slapping against the hull of the sloop as it slices through the water.  Entwined we savor the heat of each other’s bodies as we feel the pounding of each other’s hearts against our chests. Our...Read On


Winter Park Romance

A true love story.

Skiing in a winter wonderland can be a great experience; especially if you meet a lovely snow bunny. The Beavers Skii Chalet (Est. 1946) at Winter Park, Colorado is a singles paradise with its single hotel style rooms, great room with fireplace, three-course dinners, and hot tub. It is a Swiss-style cedar mountain lodge built among forest pines with shuttle service to town, ski basin, and...Read On

Recommended Read

Last Stop Bubbles: A Lost Blondie-Verse Tale, Part Seven

final chapter

An Indeterminate Point In The Future The sunlight streams through the window, making your dirty blonde locks glow shimmer like a curtain of molten metal. You’re perched naked on a stool, wiggling hot pink painted toenails, music pumping into you from a beat-up iPod held together by tape and a little bit of grace courtesy of Granny Teague’s main man in the sky. “Lookin’ fine as hell...Read On


Has Angel Meet Her Mr Right?

The summer she will never forget...

Angel had been on summer holidays for about six weeks and it was now her last week. On arriving she was both nervous and excited as it was her first summer away from her family. She was hoping she would meet her Mister Right but so far, she hadn't although she had made an awesome group of friends.   Although Angel is outspoken at times in large groups she was still shy. She also had some...Read On

Editor's Pick

The Petite Girl from the Big City

Running away from the big city, she cannot hide from the Fisherman's son..

“You alright?” Loud and direct, it carried over the wail of the storm. Sea spray lashed her face and the relentless wind whipped at her hair.  Wiping the brine from her eyes, vacantly, she stared at the black malevolent waves.  Mesmerised by their sickening lurches, they topped out in a froth of grey and disappeared. “Colette, please!” Clutching at the arms of her Guernsey, she turned...Read On


All My Love

I wrote this letter to a friend I wish I could see today.

Your lips are so sweet and soft and succulent. Every time I see your face I want to kiss and hug and hold you. Why am I so addicted to your love? I don’t deserve you. You are too good to me. I give you so little and you give me so much. Am I a fool to love you so?   Open your eyes and see me. I long for you. I need you. I can’t live without you. Can you feel my voracious appetite for...Read On

Recommended Read


It’s funny how mothers always warn us about boys, but never about girls...

I was annoyed… At first … Then I was amused. - - - I have lived in Midtown Manhattan for most of my adult life and Eugenia’s Creations just off Herald Square is my favorite boutique. I am a curvy girl and Eugenia designs specifically for ladies with a figure. I tend towards the slightly edgy side of strong tailored pieces, which means I don't do frilly stuff well. Nevertheless, I have...Read On


Fantasy Gets Real In Real Estate Part 3

After too long away, Stan and Kristen make up for lost time--after all, "Make up sex is best"

As often happens, life interferes with love, and it does so when you would least desire for it to interfere. I had met and loved Kristen, and we had loved together, and so many things had been said and promised and alluded to. Then, business called me away for several months of travel. Up and down the east coast. Through the southern states. There lived a conspiracy against my ever returning...Read On


Julie Finds A Lover.

For just a moment after opening her eyes Julie didn't know where she was. As her eyes became accustomed to the dark room she was able to pick out the shape of the furniture, thanks to the sliver of light coming through the blackout curtain. That's when she remembered that she was in a suite at a local four-star hotel. The clock on the nightstand told her that she had been asleep for only...Read On


His Little Forbidden Fruit

This is a true story that I was asked to write about a couple struggling to hold it together.

I am so frustrated with you and your lack of caring for me. So, I am going to write a farewell letter to my fake ass secret lover. Before I write the letter and send it to you, I want to try and remember why I am with you, to begin with, and why I should stay. It will help me decide if I am going to send it or not. As a Social Psychiatrist, I should know better than to allow myself to get...Read On


Fantasy Gets Real in Real Estate Part 2

After an explosive first meeting our lovers Stan and Kristen meet again to turn the heat up.

  As I drove south on I-5 heading for Southern Oregon, my mind kept returning to the last time we were together.  She was both enchanting and the most erotic female I had ever encountered…. I have been with any number of women, having spent life as a pro musician among other things, but this woman was more than the best of the best all rolled up into one. My mind was a dark fog of lust as...Read On


Seeking, Finding. A sequel to Expunging Boris

Eric seeks Emma, Emma seeks Eric, after six years finding each other is explosive...

A reporter for the county newspaper asked, "Could life be any better for you at the moment, Mr Harton?" Eric, still a little bemused by the rapid events of the past few months, admitted that he could not have wished for a better outcome. Yet there was that patch of lost wonder that prevented total satisfaction. A gap deep inside that he could not lose, no matter how hard he tried. ...Read On


Life's Little Messes

To paraphrase good advice: Don't sweat the small messes; they're all small messes.

She pauses at the door to collect herself. There has to be a better way. She shakes her head to scold herself. She's been over this a thousand times in her head. She fears this is the only way. She opens the door and lets herself in. She glances around the lobby and notices the customer service desk. Beyond, she sees a gift shop and the entrance to a bar. Several men are sitting at...Read On


Fantasy Gets Real in Real Estate

She shows him houses and they close on each other.

Of all the times in my life when I needed to be wanted, this was one of them. I had been thinking of leaving my wife for some time now as she was not measuring up to what she had promised with her vow’s and declarations of undying love. The love and lovemaking had died shortly after the wedding, proving that wedding cake was indeed the one food guaranteed to destroy a woman’s sex drive. It...Read On


Aislinn's Dream

Aislinn has longed for Dalton for so long, until one day her ultimate fantasy becomes a reality.

Dalton took her nipple into his mouth, sucking and licking until Aislinn could barely take it any more. Her back arched, and he continued to ravish her breasts, until she could feel the pressure building up. He moved from her breasts to her neck, gently biting and licking, while his hands went lower to her sweet spot. Aislinn moaned loudly, and Dalton whispered in her ear, “Come for...Read On


My Mistress And The Recruiter

My mistress is leaving but she introduces me to her friend.

I entered my office, closed the door, and leaned back in my chair, thinking about the final meeting of the week. Looking down at my cell, I noticed that I had two voicemails. Both numbers were unknown to me and were probably scammers, telemarketers, or someone calling from a recruiter's office. I hit play on the first voice mail and sure enough it was a telemarketer. Delete.   The...Read On


Love and Motorcycles

I was sixteen when I lost my dad. It left me angry at the world and with a chip the size of Texas on my shoulder. He was my world, my best friend. He put me on my first bike when I was just knee-high to a grasshopper. He would take me around the yard as I sat on the gas tank doing wheelies until I would laugh and mom would yell. I couldn’t believe he was really gone. I knew mom needed help,...Read On


The Girl from Yesterday: Part 1

A past and future love story.

In the room at the top of the house was a door that had never been opened. It was an ordinary door that would lead to somewhere extraordinary for the one that did. *** Outside the children sang as they played their games, "Gay go up, and gay go down, To ring the bells of London town.  Bull's eyes and targets, Say the bells of St. Marg'ret's. Brickbats and tiles, Say the bells of St....Read On

Recommended Read

One Good Turn Deserves Another!

One good turn does indeed deserve another. But where will it all lead?

Every evening for the last year, Emily had walked through Emerson’s park at seven thirty on her way home. Every evening she felt cautious and wary of the ever increasing darkness that Autumn brings. It was either that or a taxi that she could ill afford or take the long way home adding an extra fifteen minutes to her journey. She would enter the park at its West gate and walk around the...Read On