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Involving older women or men, our mature stories posts appeal to people who enjoy an experienced hand in the bedroom. There's nothing like sex with an older partner to get up to speed with the finer arts involved in love making. Younger guys are sure to love the milf stories.


Second Time Around

After giving up on love, Renee finds her soulmate

Renee had broken up with her girlfriend of over four years nearly seven months ago. It was several months before she even considered being social again, even though her friends and family encouraged her to climb back on the horse. They had been deeply in love or so she had always thought. And that is what her girlfriend had always told her until the day Renee came home and there was a...Read On


Motel Hook Up Chapter 1

They kept the light on for us.

I had placed an ad on a well-known hook-up site (at the time) and surprisingly got an almost instant reply from a married woman about a hundred miles south of me. Perfect, was my feeling, close enough to be accessible but far enough away as to not be an issue because I was living with someone at the time. Our relationship had grown stale, so I was looking for something on the side.  We...Read On


Cleaning Lady's Daughter

Caregiver hubby fucks cleaning lady

My late wife and I began using a house cleaning lady when we were in our fifties. She was a semi-attractive lady in her early forties. For many years I took no particular notice of her. I was rarely around when she was performing her duties. My wife was happy with her work and that was good enough for me. When my wife was diagnosed with cancer, I became a full-time caregiver and was...Read On


Turned On By Exposed Naked Wife Part 4

Two years ago my wife and I decided to take a vacation in Florida. Now I wasn't keen as all I could see from America was hassle, massive egos and arrogance, all shown in colour of course, on our biased news channels. I personally only travelled as far as Greece, so I had been a little sheltered. Anyway, we booked three weeks in a semi-gated complex near Davenport, Florida. It was...Read On


Golden Oldie Rising

Sixty-five-year-old woman rediscovers sexuality with a twenty-year-old man.

John and I married in 1946. At first, we lived with his parents but then rented a small flat in town. John was caring and highly enlightened for the time. We were partners in every way. He allowed me to continue working after we married. This option may seem obvious nowadays, but back then it was anathema. Although views were changing, the bar on the employment of married women was still...Read On


A Cougar on the Prowl

Jayleen and Kasey have a rendezvous at a local motel.

Instead of their usual nightly meeting at her Pilates Studio where she gave him a blowjob, the mature trophy wife wanted to get fucked, so she and her young lover met at the local Motel 5, a place where fifty dollars would get you a room for two hours. When he closed the door, secured the latch and turned around, she was up on the bed on her hands and knees, looking back at him and...Read On


Roll the Die 2 of 2

Roxanne touched her lips as she stared into the bedroom mirror.  It was as if the ghost of his kiss lingered through the nights between their dates.  Each time he held back.  Each time she pressed him harder.  Talked dirtier.   How long am I supposed to be cool about this before I jump his bones? She looked into the mirror at her body.  Arms covered in tattoos with two big pieces on...Read On


Roll the Die 1 of 2

The girl was gone. Rolling the plastic die in the crook of his hand, Jesse’s gaze rested on the cocoa skinned beauty tending bar in Roxanne’s absence. Her deltoids flexed as she shook the ice and liquid in the shaker. She uncapped it to pour the watermelon colored liquid in a dainty martini glass and glanced across the bar at him. Jesse focused on his book. A discussion of poetry and...Read On


Mature Ed Has Sex With Kelly

Kelly decides to help an older co-worker drain his nuts.

It was December 2012. Kelly and I were fifty-two. We were no longer kids on the outside but still felt like horny teenagers on the inside. Our sex life had slowed down a bit. We usually fucked about once a week. And I’ll admit that was my fault. My equipment was breaking down far more quickly than Kelly’s. Although clearly, I had never been able to fully keep up with her or she wouldn’t have...Read On


The Dirty Old Man

When a vagrant starts hanging around Cindy's building things change.

Cindy Hammons walked around the corner ready to cross the street to her building where she lived with her boyfriend Fred. They had moved in the week before and she enjoyed living in the city. She looked both ways before crossing, rolling her makeup bag behind her. She had just a few hours to grab something to eat before she was off to her next appointment. Cindy was a makeup artist. Mostly...Read On


My Mother-in-Law Kate Ch.2

I send Kate to the station called orgasmic heights...

Well, Janice didn't come back three days later from the bingo marathon as she said she would. Not that I expected her to. With her attitude towards me, she only pushed me closer to her mother. I loved what Kate did that night but the next time there would be no heel in the way. Kate dropped in a week later to say hi and visit for a while. Janice was off somewhere and I didn't care as she was...Read On


My Last Lover

A bored workaholic entertains a desperate newlywed

Life can be really interesting. One day you could be a lonely, driven, sexless female and in an instant meet a man whose entire existence you would become dependent on. Once, when the thought of ever finding a man who could open your mind and body on an existential level seemed damn near impossible, one perfectly beautiful man can make you feel like your life would not be worth living if...Read On


Jordy And Me

Two bachelors meet for an annual reunion and get lucky with college girls.

Jordan, my college buddy, and I were soaking up the suds at Peggy's bar, reminiscing about old times. It was our annual reunion after graduating from the nearby college. It's just that Jordy and I were the only participants. Years ago we agreed to meet at Peggy's each year to have a few brews and catch up. Of course, Peggy's was our favorite watering hole because it was one of the few bars...Read On


My Mother-in-Law Kate

Ray finds Kate to be a much nicer woman than his wife could be.

Kate calls me around mid-afternoon on a cold and windy Saturday and asks if she could hop over for a visit as she is lonely. I reply, "Well, Kate, Janice just left for a three-day bingo marathon, but you are more than welcome to come over for a supper of stew and watch a movie or two." She stands about five foot eight a bit on the chunky side, with nice 42D size bosoms. I know because I had...Read On


Reading Beth and Tracey

Sharing a story from Lush with my wife

Sunday morning and we had the house to ourselves. I got up around 7 a.m. and Sally was pottering around downstairs, the kettle was boiling and she had obviously heard me moving about and shouted up asking if I wanted a coffee. Seriously? Do bears shit in the woods? How I actually replied was, “Yes please dear, just grabbing a quick shower.” Five minutes later, showered and with teeth...Read On


A Beach Babe For The Ages

As a teenager she must have been fabulous. As a mature woman she's incredible.

Martinique is a lovely island. You might think all Caribbean islands are lovely if you don't have much experience of them, but they're all different. It's real life with good weather. Martinique is green - it has lots of trees. And it's not a building site like some islands, which are great around the edges but grim further in. I was staying in a village in an area called Les Trois Ilets...Read On


More Trouble

nieces massage means more trouble

Some of you might remember my short cameo ‘Damned if…’ - about my other half’s niece who came to stay. Cranky after a miserable car journey my ‘Good ~ Lady’ suggested that I ‘looked after’ her by giving her one of my ‘Famous’, well that’s according to my Lady, massages.  Massage my foot!! I’m not sure who put who up to what but we/she ended up screwing the bejesus out of each other. Now...Read On


A Friend Indeed

A sexy college student helps an aging widower find new purpose.

I stood up from my desk, turned around, and looked out the window at my little corner of London. I still could hardly believe I was working here. I took a one-year temporary assignment at my firm’s London office. I had been offered international assignments before, but always turned them down. When this one came along, it has been a couple of years since my wife died, and my adult kids...Read On

Recommended Read

Yule Snow

His daughter's "friend" Anita reveals that she's not quite as lesbian as he thought she was.

I never would have guessed that my daughter was a lesbian.  Up until she was sixteen, she had regularly gone on dates with boys.  None of the relationships ever seemed to go anywhere, but as her father, I was fine with things not progressing to a certain point.  When she stopped dating, I assumed that she’d grown frustrated, and that eventually she would snap out of it. When she finally told...Read On


Pipsy the Clown

He would like to make the sad clown happy.

I sat at the kids table, sipping punch from an impossibly small cup when Pipsy the Clown entered. Her painted green smile hung from ear to ear and a small rubber ball clung for life at the tip of her nose. “Hello everyone! I'm Pipsy the clown!” The children roared in excitement, much the way children do after fortyfive minutes of sugar cookies. But then as Pipsy spoke, their wild...Read On


Filling In, Filling Her

He went on a business trip so she found other "accomodations"!

My name is Donna and I'm what you might call a more "mature" woman. I'm in my late 40's now, but I still enjoy a very active sex life with my husband, Tom. The problem is that I am more than my poor Tom can handle sometimes. You see, I love my husband but his seven-inch cock sometimes just isn't what I need. I love to be filled–really filled – and I need a massive cock to do the job! Tom's...Read On


Daughter's Friend, Part 8

The newly formed love triangle gets even more complicated.

As the kids say, Miranda ghosted me. After she ambushed me in her home and tried seducing me, I haven’t heard from her. Not one peep. I thought for sure after that text she sent me I’d hear something, but not a word from that crazy woman. I was relieved, but at the same time dumbfounded. She swore she wouldn’t give up on her attempts to take me from Alex, so why did she just stop trying...Read On


Daughters Friend, Part 7

Things take an interesting turn for the Kane family.

The European anniversary vacation has unfortunately come to an abrupt stop. We stayed in France for about a week, then found ourselves in Greece. What a beautiful country. We were there for a few days, and on the last day decided to go out on a boat ride. Halfway through the ride Alex got sick and threw up. We didn’t think much of it but when we got back to our hotel, she threw up again. She...Read On


Table 12

Mature man meets mature woman - a true story of seduction and sex.

I am a fifty-year-old bloke – well educated but not arsey. Slim, balding, blue/grey eyes. I run my own successful business. Wicked sense of humour. I am in pretty good shape for my age but if you are looking for a story where the man is ripped to a six-pack and hung like a babies arm holding an orange with balls like melons, then perhaps you might like to look elsewhere. I am told I am good...Read On


Old Fashioned French Style II: Love In The Afternoon

My French lover and I get a room

My first encounter with Monique had been a sordid little thing. After a lot of wordless flirting in front of her husband, we had met up in a derelict stone building at an old fort and I had fucked her there: crudely, roughly, like cave dwellers, she leaning against the wall and I behind her, just banging her until I came and then it was all over. Circumstances had dictated that, but I...Read On


Forbidden Part 2

The weekend has arrived and Sasha finds herself trying to come up with a rational explanation why Liam all of a sudden thinks he has a chance at getting into his mother's best friend's pants. She sent no mixed signals, she has never flirted with him, she has never shown any sexual interest in someone who is young enough to be her son, so what makes him think he stands any chance at all with...Read On


Old fashioned French style

This woman may have forgotten what it's like, but she's about to remember

Monique was a faded beauty. Her long, rather straggly black hair betrayed her age with its grey roots and her skin was dry and pale but her eyes were those of the 20-year-old she had once been, cheeky and vivacious, cool and seductive. She had been married to the same man for 40 years and had seemingly led a nice life. He was a sculptor of international repute and they had traveled the...Read On


Charity glory hole

Jaq has an idea to raise money for a charity

As many will know Jaq and myself live a sex fuelled life. A few years back while at our swingers club the conversation got onto raising money for good causes. It was suggested that it would be nice if we could all raise a little cash for a local hospice. The hospice was chosen as we had recently lost a dear member to cancer who had been looked after at the hospice. It was decided that...Read On


Forbidden Part 1

bestfriend betrayal

When Sasha Lake and Monica Brown became best friends in the sixth grade, they could never have imagined that one day one of them would betray the other by not being able to control her erotic desires for someone who is forbidden. She never planned to have such a strong erotic attraction, but as she says, the erotic fate gods stepped in, and her attraction for the young,...Read On


Sex With A Granny

First time with a granny.

This is an absolutely true story. It happened years ago when I was like thirty years old. I still think about it to this day and sometimes masturbate. I always had the fantasy of being with a much older lady. Well one day it came true! It all started when I found an ad in an adult magazine. A lady in her sixties was looking for NSA sex. This was back in the day when communication was...Read On