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Involving older women or men, our mature stories posts appeal to people who enjoy an experienced hand in the bedroom. There's nothing like sex with an older partner to get up to speed with the finer arts involved in love making. Younger guys are sure to love the milf stories.


You’re Mine #3

Scott and Layla spend the weekend together.

Scott: Something I love about work trips is that when I’m not in the office, Layla doesn’t have to be. So no one suspects a thing when we’re gone over a long weekend at the same time. I also love that I can be with her in public. I love that I can show her off at dinner without having to worry about someone seeing us then putting it together that Kristin and I have an open...Read On


You’re Mine (The Beginning)

Scott explains the beginning of his affair with Layla...

It was the Christmas party at the office. I had just gotten off the phone with my wife who had told me she was taking the kids to her parents for Christmas early and they’d be back around New Year's. Things had been rocky since she ended her affair with her coworker (The principal at the school she taught at). When she was having an affair, she was happier. Nicer. I didn’t do that for...Read On


My First Time With An Older Man, Chapter 2

Racheal's first time with Thomas is definitely something she will remember!

Thomas's condo was incredible, elegant and tasteful, and were I not so distracted by the occupant, I would have been more interested in taking a look around. But that elevator kiss had really affected me and now I was primed for more.  This time when he bent down to kiss me again, I eagerly kissed him back. He kissed me much more passionately and as our lips met, mine parted and his...Read On


Training Sessions

Training Sessions

What do you do when you’re an old married guy and you spot a walking wet dream in the office you have to go to daily? And what do you do when that walking wet dream approaches you in the office kitchen and greets you with those big blue eyes of hers? And how do you respond when your skin flushes whenever you look at her? All these questions and more bounced back and forth in my mind as...Read On


Role-Play Sex Session with a Mature French Businessman

One of the most satisfying and kinky sexual sessions I ever had with a French Businessman.

As models, we maintain a very warm relation with our clients. Thus, we always receive invitations for corporate business success parties/events. I don’t know what normal people think of rich businessmen who dress professionally in suits and coats and talk only about numbers and market share. But let me tell you they are the ones who keep mammoth fantasies and kinks in their heads. They...Read On


A Kind Of Freedom

Jackie and Degsy meet online - and it all goes rather well...

“Goodnight, darlin’,’’ said the old man as he strolled past, admiring the shape of a woman in a crouch, her bottom extended and her crotch stretched invitingly. What fun they could have if she were doing this naked, in the splendid privacy of his little flat. Life is so tedious, Jackie thought to herself as she stooped to put the padlock on the bottom of the rolling shutter. Why did they...Read On


My First Time With An Older Man, Chapter 1

Her move to the big city wasn't what she'd envisioned, now she needed a friend...

My name is Rachael Hayes, and this is the story about when I started dating my first older man. Before this, I had only dated people my own age or younger. I never realized what "age and experience" could do for a girl... My move to Los Angeles had been difficult and painful and I was extremely lonely there at first. I had moved to Los Angeles soon after leaving college when my mom suddenly...Read On


Misty Was My Second

My sexual awaking with ladies for hire continues

I had recently lost my virginity to an escort I had found online. She was a pretty enough black girl who went by the alias of Dark Angel. The thing I would soon realise was that having sex is like having Pringles: once you pop, you just can’t stop. The urge to have sex again was strong and difficult to ignore. Of course, I still had the same problems as before: going out in the world...Read On


Candlelight Massage

A massage therapist taking his skill to a new, more satisfying level.

I rang the doorbell at the appointed time and the face of a woman in her mid-fifties peeked around the side of the slightly opened door. I stood at the door wearing navy blue medical scrubs and carrying my mobile office; a massage table folded in its padded case and slung over my shoulder and a rolling bag filled with the other necessary tools of my trade. "Hi, I'm John from ...Read On


Watching Abby

An older man is tasked with watching his 18yo neighbor while her parents are away.

It had been a couple of years since the Meyers had moved in next door to me – Jim, Karen, and their teenaged daughter, Abigail. They were decent, friendly folks, for the most part. After the blizzard last winter, Jim and Abby had taken pity on their older neighbor and helped me shovel out my driveway. In return, when they bought their daughter her first car, an old Honda Civic, I helped Jim...Read On


You're mine #2

Scott and Layla are watched.

Layla fixes her blouse and looks at me, “So, tonight?” I smile at her. I would do anything for her, “Kristin and the kids left for her mother's this morning. The ENTIRE weekend is ours,” I kiss her softly. Picking her up off the desk by her waist. “So my place or yours?” * We end up getting dinner then heading back to my place. She lives in an apartment downtown above a restaurant and...Read On


Sexually Active Seniors in Little Rock

I meet and older couple on a jogging trail and end up fucking the wife and sucking the husband.

My wife, Sheila, and I were apprehensive about our recent move to Little Rock, Arkansas. That was especially true since we were moving away from our grown children and their families in Florida. But my big promotion to a senior executive position at the corporate headquarters of my employer was too big of an opportunity to pass up. My name is Ron, and Sheila and I were both forty-eight...Read On


Dildo Virgin

"And maybe you don't realize what you really like yet," she said.

  Way back when I was in college, I lived in a cabin on a riverbank owned by an English professor. He had bought it as a summer place and was glad to have anyone rent it in the winter when it was cold as hell (-no insulation). Another professor, this one a divorced woman who taught French and Spanish, lived a few doors down. She had lived there for years and weatherproofed her place. I...Read On


You're Mine. #1

An office affair is more than meets the eye...

“Really. That’s so interesting.” I hear your voice in the break room and I can immediately sense how bored you are with the conversation. It’s around one in the afternoon. You usually take your lunch later than the others in the office including me. You’re the best assistant I’ve ever had, easy to talk to, funny and beautiful. You have long blonde hair, perfect peach lips, and blue eyes....Read On



A recently-widowed woman suspects that her neighbour is secretly watching her.

'Hi. Ali.' 'Hi, Val.' I actually smeared her name, blurred the V into an M, so it sounded more like Mal and faded it out too, so she probably only heard M... Or F... Or V... On our first day here, as I was sliding a cardboard box from the back of the van, she sidled across the road, limply shook my hand and cautiously introduced herself. She had a cig in her other hand and she took a...Read On


My Time As A Sugar Baby Part One

Catherine explores the Sugar Daddy scene to fund her university studies...

When I started university at eighteen, money was scarce, so I looked for part-time work to boost my income. The majority of the jobs advertised were bar work or cleaning rooms in hotels. They paid the minimum wage and to earn what I needed would mean working long hours, leaving very little time for studying or social life. I didn’t want to go down that route; I knew there was something...Read On


Trudi Travel

Two matures find they are very much alive and fucking.

As a freelance journalist on a small Caribbean island I’m always looking for ideas. Things to write about in a human-interest, non-investigative way. I don’t dig the dirt, don’t look for trouble, just try to find people and things that readers of local magazines will find interesting. That’s why I was at this press conference at a trade show in a fancy hotel (or resort, as they like to...Read On


His First Cougar

Her name was Loni and she was a total hottie, of that we all agreed on.  Lance and his friends had first encountered her and her husband at the twenty-four-hour restaurant frequented by many of us that worked the local night clubs. No matter the weather Loni was always dressed to the nines in short skirts, dark nylons, knee-high boots or stiletto heels, and tight tops. Lance and the...Read On


Second Time Around

After giving up on love, Renee finds her soulmate

Renee had broken up with her girlfriend of over four years nearly seven months ago. It was several months before she even considered being social again, even though her friends and family encouraged her to climb back on the horse. They had been deeply in love or so she had always thought. And that is what her girlfriend had always told her until the day Renee came home and there was a...Read On


Motel Hook Up Chapter 1

They kept the light on for us.

I had placed an ad on a well-known hook-up site (at the time) and surprisingly got an almost instant reply from a married woman about a hundred miles south of me. Perfect, was my feeling, close enough to be accessible but far enough away as to not be an issue because I was living with someone at the time. Our relationship had grown stale, so I was looking for something on the side.  We...Read On


Cleaning Lady's Daughter

Caregiver hubby fucks cleaning lady

My late wife and I began using a house cleaning lady when we were in our fifties. She was a semi-attractive lady in her early forties. For many years I took no particular notice of her. I was rarely around when she was performing her duties. My wife was happy with her work and that was good enough for me. When my wife was diagnosed with cancer, I became a full-time caregiver and was...Read On


Turned On By Exposed Naked Wife Part 4

Two years ago my wife and I decided to take a vacation in Florida. Now I wasn't keen as all I could see from America was hassle, massive egos and arrogance, all shown in colour of course, on our biased news channels. I personally only travelled as far as Greece, so I had been a little sheltered. Anyway, we booked three weeks in a semi-gated complex near Davenport, Florida. It was...Read On


Golden Oldie Rising

Sixty-five-year-old woman rediscovers sexuality with a twenty-year-old man.

John and I married in 1946. At first, we lived with his parents but then rented a small flat in town. John was caring and highly enlightened for the time. We were partners in every way. He allowed me to continue working after we married. This option may seem obvious nowadays, but back then it was anathema. Although views were changing, the bar on the employment of married women was still...Read On


Roll the Die 2 of 2

Roxanne touched her lips as she stared into the bedroom mirror.  It was as if the ghost of his kiss lingered through the nights between their dates.  Each time he held back.  Each time she pressed him harder.  Talked dirtier.   How long am I supposed to be cool about this before I jump his bones? She looked into the mirror at her body.  Arms covered in tattoos with two big pieces on...Read On


Roll the Die 1 of 2

The girl was gone. Rolling the plastic die in the crook of his hand, Jesse’s gaze rested on the cocoa skinned beauty tending bar in Roxanne’s absence. Her deltoids flexed as she shook the ice and liquid in the shaker. She uncapped it to pour the watermelon colored liquid in a dainty martini glass and glanced across the bar at him. Jesse focused on his book. A discussion of poetry and...Read On


Mature Ed Has Sex With Kelly

Kelly decides to help an older co-worker drain his nuts.

It was December 2012. Kelly and I were fifty-two. We were no longer kids on the outside but still felt like horny teenagers on the inside. Our sex life had slowed down a bit. We usually fucked about once a week. And I’ll admit that was my fault. My equipment was breaking down far more quickly than Kelly’s. Although clearly, I had never been able to fully keep up with her or she wouldn’t have...Read On


The Dirty Old Man

When a vagrant starts hanging around Cindy's building things change.

Cindy Hammons walked around the corner ready to cross the street to her building where she lived with her boyfriend Fred. They had moved in the week before and she enjoyed living in the city. She looked both ways before crossing, rolling her makeup bag behind her. She had just a few hours to grab something to eat before she was off to her next appointment. Cindy was a makeup artist. Mostly...Read On


My Mother-in-Law Kate Ch.2

I send Kate to the station called orgasmic heights...

Well, Janice didn't come back three days later from the bingo marathon as she said she would. Not that I expected her to. With her attitude towards me, she only pushed me closer to her mother. I loved what Kate did that night but the next time there would be no heel in the way. Kate dropped in a week later to say hi and visit for a while. Janice was off somewhere and I didn't care as she was...Read On


My Last Lover

A bored workaholic entertains a desperate newlywed

Life can be really interesting. One day you could be a lonely, driven, sexless female and in an instant meet a man whose entire existence you would become dependent on. Once, when the thought of ever finding a man who could open your mind and body on an existential level seemed damn near impossible, one perfectly beautiful man can make you feel like your life would not be worth living if...Read On


Jordy And Me

Two bachelors meet for an annual reunion and get lucky with college girls.

Jordan, my college buddy, and I were soaking up the suds at Peggy's bar, reminiscing about old times. It was our annual reunion after graduating from the nearby college. It's just that Jordy and I were the only participants. Years ago we agreed to meet at Peggy's each year to have a few brews and catch up. Of course, Peggy's was our favorite watering hole because it was one of the few bars...Read On