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Lesbian cunnilingus Stories

lesbian cunnilingus

Reflections With The Mirror.

A sugar mommy in my life

She draws an eye with a black pencil, a long curve, a black line, graceful, men don't even realize how this simple sinuous line is capable of enchanting males. The reflection blinks, and a victorious smile appears. The mirror shows a kiss; she adorns her...

A Handy Job

One lazy morning, and Stan gets caught in the act.

Chapter 1: Ginny's Story = A few weeks ago, instead of getting on with the jobs I wanted him to do, Stan was still in bed late in the morning. Around 11 o'clock, my friend Alice came to visit, as we wanted to arrange a girls’ tea party for next week. Alic...

Trad Wife: Promo Shoot

Back to work, Mary Anne shoots some horny video

“What are you doing at home? Did you get fired again? Stop fingering your cunt and answer me. If you can’t hold a job, we won’t make rent.” The scene was perfect. The lighting, the audio, and even the grunts and moans of the porn Susan was watching on her...

Everybody Wants My Wife

A husband imagines his wife being taken by everyone at the party.

Everyone wants to be near her. I don’t blame them because I do too. My wife Marisa, at forty-six years old, is still the hottest woman in the room. We have these neighborhood get-togethers a couple of times a year. It’s an opportunity to get just a little...

My Friend The Cuckold - Getting Started

Ray takes the first steps towards fucking his best friend's wife.

The unexpected help and encouragement from my wife was critical in turning my best friend into a cuckold. The blame lies primarily with Chris himself. His wife, Julie, never interested me sexually until Chris put those thoughts in my mind. At a social gat...

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Isobela Takes The Driving Seat

A blossoming love affair takes a hesitant next step

Marga tickled her clit gently with her finger, imagining it was her lover, Isobela’s tongue. Her lips welcomed her finger, as it had her first penis exactly two years ago to the day, when she had given her virginity to Hector. Two years! She’d had a good...

Filthy Lesbian: Blackmailed

A married woman on a cruise finds pleasure with a woman...

Colleen’s fingers clutched the stiff bed sheets as she was pounded from behind. She felt the young, powerful hands of her bartender stud gripping her hips as he entered her. It was heaven to Colleen. Exactly what she needed. Exactly why she went on this t...

Two Lessons In One Night

A young Spaniard is guided into a new world...

Some days, her English classes at the end of it were the highlight of Isobela’s day. She had made friends with an older guy there, and her teacher was smart, funny and empathic. She loved the relaxed, informal atmosphere and the chance to speak English. W...

Daphne Challenged!

A reader of one of my recent stories questioned some aspects of a particular hairbrush spanking and actually sets up a re-creation of the scene, both intrigued and eager to prove a point!

They were both writers of erotic stories who’d recently started submitting stories to a website that provided an outlet for their creative and fantastical tales as well as a source of such arousing stories for those who only read them. Another commonality...

Veronique’s First Time Sailing. Chap. 10.

Veronique moves in with Aaron. And they travel back to Great Barrier Island.

The next morning, Aaron woke early, apologising that he had to get on-site before 7:30 am. He said he’d drive down that evening, but Veronique told him to stay up on site for a couple of days, as she wanted to go home and talk with her parents and sort ou...

An Actor Suffers for His Art - Part 3

A well-hung actor auditions for, and stars in, a spy movie full of beautiful women, bondage and sex.

Scene 5 – The Plank “A pity that I won’t have this magnificent instrument to ride after today, Mister Drake,” purred Emerald as she stroked my oiled-up cock, which was swelling under her handiwork. “I relished the way it filled my puss-puss last night.” I...