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cum coated

Playtime With My Babysitter And My Coach

Mrs. Jones, my mature neighbor, teaches me how to give my first blowjob and uses my volleyball coach as a practice subject.

I lock eyes with my babysitter, Mrs. Jones, who is kneeling naked between my volleyball coach's legs, her hand firmly gripping his shaft and her mischievous smile aimed directly at me. My tongue darts out, moistening my lips, as I imagine the coach's cock...

A Vicarious Desire - Part 3

As Violet loses her inhibitions, Lance offers a tempting proposition.

Lance moved to lie on top of me, and I eagerly slipped my arms around him. All the while, I thought of how I was the second woman to be fucked in his bed tonight. As he lowered his lips to my neck, I closed my eyes and vividly recalled the way Dawn had be...

A Suburban Housewife’s First Threesome - Part 1

Trisha gets spit roasted on her business trip

Trisha was in her mid-forties, a mother of two, and had been married for twenty years. She stood 5 feet 6 inches tall and had a slender build of about 120 pounds. Nice tits, but nothing too bigat 34C. Like many of the other soccer moms in her well-to-do n...

A Barmaid’s Tale - Part 2. Drumming Up Business

Tiff helps with the financial bottom line

“We need to do something to drum up some trade,” Mal sighed, his hand stroking my arse as we leant against the bar, gazing out over a nearly empty pub. After a few minutes of silence, he looked at me with a sly smile. “Do you like dancing?” “Yes,” I respo...

Parallel Mirrors: Infinity Mirrors

Tumbling through worlds, her cunt on fire, Freya meets her fate

Magick or madness? Lust or logic? None of that mattered at that precise moment. Freya’s agile hands, slick with cunt juices, plunged into her oozing pussy, furiously pounding into her sodden hole as the limousine, swerving at a perilous speed, wove in and...

Sit On My Interface

Horny with two computer technicians in my office, I just had to get fucked hard.

Horny and rushing to an early business appointment, my mind was consumed by sexual thoughts and impulses. My main office computer, a tired, ancient, whining machine, was being replaced, and the computer store offered free setup and networking. I could eas...

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Three In One At Last

After weeks of excited anticipation we enjoy our first double penetration and enter a new world of sexual joy.

You leaned forward to kiss me, the softness of your naked breasts pressing deliciously against my chest. You kissed me open mouthed, and your tongue darted out to savour the taste of your sweet nectar on my lips. Reaching down you grasped my cock, and pla...

The Awakening Of Mrs C - Part 5

The weekend by the sea continues…

I woke after a long restorative sleep, my arm across Mikey’s chest. Smiling, I slid my hand down to find his flaccid member. He stirred as I ran my fingernails along its length. Ducking under the duvet, I eased the glans between my lips, and gently began...

Crete - Chapter 16:- “Stormy Weather”

Sarah becomes the centre of everyone's attention, which is very much to her delight...

We awoke on Wednesday with a bang, quite literally. It was distant thunder. Out of our patio doors, past the little islands, we could see a huge storm brewing. There were dark swirling clouds, which were occasionally illuminated by lightning flashes. Then...

Maid to Order — Interlude

Something long-hidden has been awakened in Stacey. She offers Kayla much more than she planned.

"I was sort of hoping you might help me out tonight," Kayla said. Her question didn't seem directed at me. "What did you have in mind?" Marisa responded. "Well, since so many of your "gurls" can't or won't, I was hoping you might fuck me with your strap-o...

College Cum Slut

Dedicated to all cum-loving exhibitionists out there. You know you want to.

Sunday morning. A typical Northern English university city. Half a mile out of the centre, a long street of tall Victorian family houses, now converted into what local estate agents call HMOs or Houses of Multiple Occupancy. Those who live there just call...

Daddy's Little Slut: Part 1

The moment he realised his little girl wasn't so innocent

It was a cold Saturday morning, like every other winter morning in Tasmania. It was gloomy, with dark clouds rolling overhead preparing to bucket down rain on the town below. The wind was no worse, branches swaying in the cold wintery breeze. Rob looked o...