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Hotwife And Girl From The Bar - A True Story

Hotwife brings home a girl from the bar after not finding and suitable guys to fuck.

One night my husband and I went out to dinner, and as always I was wearing a sexy little skirt without panties. After having a nice dinner, accompanied by a few drinks, we decided to go to a little bar that we always seemed to end up at. There were someti...

Tasting Her Passion

With Sir's approval, I end up locked in the bathroom, having an exciting adventure with a stunning brunette.

The club hummed with life as strobing lights bathed the dance floor in a kaleidoscope of colors, casting shadows and silhouettes that seemed to dance on their own. The deep bass echoed not only through the air but through every heartbeat, making it imposs...

My Menage Men 10 Corrupting Bradley

Can I finally convince Bradley to join us?

I woke up hearing muffled voices through my bedroom wall. Groggily, I opened my eyes to look next to me in bed. Max was naked with his sexy body stretched out against mine. I realized I was hearing the TV on in the living room. Bradley must have been awak...

Sauna Sessions: Part 3

Time to shower and go home... or is it.

James finally slid out of me and flopped in the corner of the sauna. He seemed totally relaxed and pretty pleased with himself. I, on the other hand, stayed upright, staring into the hot coals, trying to understand what had just happened. My mind wrestled...

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A Night At The Theater

My wife & I visit an adult theater and things get wild!

My wife Chase was nervous, but I couldn't tell if it was in a good way or a bad way. We were in the car, headed for the local adult movie theater with the intention of doing something wild. We had talked about this often, as she loved the fantasies of exh...

Three Degrees of Separation - Chapter Three - Serena and Scott

The Best man and Maid of Honour make a connection

Serena had met Scott when they were preparing to stand for their friends Jessie and James at the wedding. Their first meeting was about two weeks before the event and neither was particularly attracted to each other. It wasn’t until the evening of the reh...

Casual Encounters

Bella and I meet up with Karl for a first-time bi experience.

As I reviewed what I’d written on the screen, I unzipped my pants to release my straining erection. The ad read: Horny couple seeking to play with bi or gay male. “Hello gents, I’m a 64 yr. male and my gorgeous wife is 46. I want to have some sexual fun w...

Eyes and Ears Closed...The Main Course (i.e. Chapter 5)

Things step up a level - actually several levels - from Deb and Rich's relationship.

My phone pinged with a new message: ‘Saturday, 4pm, our house. Come clean-shaven and open-minded. Gate code 2376, park at the front. D x’ Clean-shaven...where did she mean, upstairs or downstairs? And open-minded? Had we not already been? Saturday was sti...