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Mff Stories


The Driver

Delivering the goods, one drop at a time

"Wait," said Finn, "Tell me again how this works." Anja snapped the compact in her hand shut and tousled her auburn hair in the rearview mirror before answering. "Look, it's simple; the client's been having an affair with...what's his name again?" "Steven...

Hotwife And Girl From The Bar - A True Story

Hotwife brings home a girl from the bar after not finding and suitable guys to fuck.

One night my husband and I went out to dinner, and as always I was wearing a sexy little skirt without panties. After having a nice dinner, accompanied by a few drinks, we decided to go to a little bar that we always seemed to end up at. There were someti...

The Wager

The embarassing payment of a lost wager turns out have several twists and turns

As Nick approached the Coquina Beach changing cabanas, he saw that Max and Jay were eagerly waiting for him. They both smiled and laughed from the moment that they saw him, clearly eager to collect on the debt that Nick had owed. Jay made an overexaggerat...

In Vitro Veritas - Pt. 2

Breeding and cruel cuckqueaning after hours at the IVF clinic

Tae laughed. “Come on, Cora. That’s not true. You’re a decent business manager. And you’ve made a fine nanny for our son.” Then she tilted Cora’s head up to look at her. “But there is something else that I do need from you, bitch.” Cora’s brows furrowed;...

In Vitro Veritas - Pt. 1

Breeding and cruel cuckqueaning after hours at the IVF clinic

As I opened the door to my office, the couple inside were still wiping tears away. The tears were happy ones, thankfully; their fertility problems hadn’t been insurmountable. They were going to be proud parents in eight months, if everything went accordin...

My Wife's Girlcrush

A man's doting wife develops an intense need to get a little of what he's already having; being the loving husband that he is, he sees to it that her dreams are fulfilled.

I groaned, loudly, in frustration. It was nearly half past 8:00 on a late August night and I was still chained to the desk in my small home office, working. I knew that I really only had myself to blame, but it didn't make my disappointment easier to bear...

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Dorm Haze

Upperclassman female educates freshman female.

Where to begin? I guess I’ll tell you a bit about myself. I grew up in Dayton, Ohio, an average size city with all the amenities needed to support its population. My family wasn’t wealthy, but we never went without. My father has a good job that provides...