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Argument Stories


Losing Control - Part 4

Things go from bad to worse. I overstep the mark, and pay the price

I was relieved when the visit was over. We were all going back to Helen’s house for dinner, so we left the zoo and walked to the bus stop. Fortuitously, given how events were about to unfold, we were the only people waiting for a bus. I thought I’d have a...

Line Steppers - Episode 2 - Here Comes A New Challenger

Tyrone has an uncomfortable conversation with someone he'd rather not hear from. He and Maya compete in an unusual and unique contest.

When Tyrone woke up, the TV still ran old cartoons; thus, he picked up the remote and clicked it off. It wasn’t like he contributed to the light bill, so better to avoid exacerbating the argument that would follow on that front. The remote switched places...

Line Steppers - Episode 1 - Ain't No Denying

Tyrone is none too pleased about his stepsister, Maya's, choice of attire. While waiting for their dates, Dee brings attention to a trend that reminds her of Maya's past.

Another day destined to fulfill nothing of real use or value. At least, that’s how Tyrone felt. Being an unemployed couch potato wasn’t easy with all of the television choices and marijuana at your disposal, but someone had to do it. What he would’ve pref...

The Couple That Spanks Together - Part 3: Discipline Delayed

In which a fire is lit under a temperamental young lady's backside.

“Rachel, we’re going to be late.” He spoke as evenly as he could, but Rachel could still sense the tension in his voice even with her eyes glued to the screen. Bertie could be such a stickler for punctuality. He stood in front of the door to their apartme...

"Do What You Want, Then"

Never do what you want when a woman says "I'm fine."

“It’s fine.” That should have made him stop and think again. But no, even though it’s the anniversary of the day we met, he’s decided to go watch the football with his mates. I gave him a second chance… “Do what you want, then.” And the idiot goes off wit...

Cumming To A Head

Will a festering conflict between a married couple lead to them fighting it out or fucking it out?

The clicking and creaking of the front door triggered a heavy sigh for a showering Tiana James. Elation that once filled her resultant of those sounds had long left town, unsure when or if it would ever return. “Keenan,” she sounded her voice with a firm...

Chapter 7 - No Strings Attached - My Queen Of Pain

Matt dives back through the rabbit hole.

I return to sixth form, euphoric from my weekend spent with an older, albeit not quite four years older, sexually experienced woman. Charlotte had royally fucked me, tormenting me over and over with the denial of release until the early hours of this morn...

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Going on holiday with a friend you've had a crush on for a ahile

We’ve been friends for years, hanging out most weeks and talking most days whether that’s messaging or phone calls. We’ve been on group holidays but this is the first just us; I’m packing my things, making sure to add a few risqué bits. I’ve liked you for...

Those Three Words

There are times in ones life when they should be said.

Melissa crept up on Jenny, her bag packed and resting on the edge of the bed. Her eyes filled with tears. Cautious arms wrapped around Jenny's waist and pulled her to the bed. Those three words clung to Melissa’s lips like her life depended on it but they...


When you've had an argument with your partner and make up

Today’s been a shit day; we’ve been arguing over everything, small things and big things. I hate arguing with you, but we bring it upon ourselves. We never back down as we’re both stubborn, you more than me. But we’re never able to just leave things. The...

A Well Deserved Spanking

A mature married woman accepts a spanking from her equally mature husband and sex follows

Marlene and Henry Schofield had been married more than forty years, having married when they were both in their late teens. The marriage was not one where a pregnancy had brought it forward because they were very much in love but two children did arrive w...

No Strings Attached - The Christmas Rift Pt 1 - Chapter 27

A long standing friction threatens to break up the pair.

It's been eleven weeks since I'd made the weird pact with Will to not out each other and to share Liam with him. In the main, it's been uneventful with lots of rewarding, mutually enjoyable sex, with Will coming and going as he pleases and Dollie remainin...

Which One?

One friend seeks advice from the other on which path to take...

“Is it c-o-m-e or c-u-m?” “I’m old-school, so I go with the first one, but nowadays? Probably don’t matter that much.” “I feel like c-u-m is too nasty, but c-o-m-e sounds too fucking polite. Know what I mean?” “Does it matter? Both mean yer shooting a wad...