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Whipping Stories


When Ravens Die

What happens when the balance of power is abruptly disrupted?

Deep within a forest in Romania… The Carpathian mountains rising above the dark green silhouettes of the three-hundred-year-old trees were no match for the splendour of the castle, protected within the virgin forest. On its intricately carved balcony, a y...

After a restless night in bed, with her husband holding her welted body, Joan prepared for another day at work with anxious feelings. Joan dressed appropriately so that the other associates in the office would not see the welts on her body. She wore a com...

Joan Uses All Her Talents As A Realtor-Chapter 4

Joan meets new clients and discovers a new kind of intimacy.

Joan drove up to a lovely home in a very quaint neighborhood. As she slid from the car, her sexy dress slid up, showing her bare thighs. Joan smiled to herself as the sexual tension surged through her body in anticipation of meeting this attractive couple...

Contract For Cruelty

A masochistic man in a BDSM mansion faces a challenge. His cock rises to the occasion.

As I hung, suspended from the ceiling by my wrist cuffs, I heard the click of high heels coming towards me. I managed to twist my nearly-naked body around and beheld Domme Zoe walking towards me, a vicious-looking bullwhip in her hand. The instrument of t...

Chapter 2 Jasmine Learns From Her Mistake Through A Sore Bottom And Sapphic Sex

My relationship with Jasmine develops, but all good things end.

Jasmine arrived on time on a Saturday night, showing I thought she showed a mixture of lust and nervousness. Her favourite gin and tonic, with not too much gin and plenty of tonic, went down very well. Jasmine was afraid and shook a little as I held her....

Chapter 1 Jasmine Learns From Her Mistake Through A Sore Bottom And Sapphic Sex

The young secretary is dishonest, but is rescued to spanking and lesbian enjoyment.

I was the personnel officer for a medium-sized international company, operating in many parts of Asia. I joined the company in my mid-twenties following a divorce from a disastrous post-university marriage. Self-denial did nothing for me for a year, and I...

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My Sexy Mother-in-Law Part 5

Cynthia whips up some BDSM and sex action for her daughter and son-in-law in her dungeon.

“She’s going to whip us,” Beth whispered to me. We were hanging by our wrists, face to face, in Cynthia’s dungeon. Her mother approached with an evil-looking implement. “You two had your pleasure for the evening,” she purred. “Time to pay the piper.” The...

Consorts For Ladies 4

Phaedia takes Gabriel, Elizabeth wallows, Daisy submits to a dashing new knight

Sir Elizabeth lay naked on a cushioned, inclined bench on one of Heartgarden Castle’s many verandas. A roaring fire in the veranda’s hearth kept it pleasant, even as the sun set and a winter breeze rustled the treetops of the courtyard beyond. Twelve aspi...

Discipline for L

Lorena's journey goes further, her life forever changed under her Mistress progressive training, dragging her deeper into self-exploration of her submissive side

THE FLOGGER In the depths of the dark and damp dungeon, where the air hung heavy with anticipation, I found myself bound by wrist cuffs, hanging from the shackles that suspended me from the ceiling. My bare toes barely grazed the cold, unforgiving floor b...

Baby K (Part 3 of 8)

Baby K learns about service.

Chapter 6: Cleansed = "Wake up, Baby K!" I rolled over, rubbed my eyes, and sat up from a deep sleep. Daddy was standing by the door. "Get up, get dressed, and come down to serve me breakfast. You’re back on maid duty. Baaba is already in the kitchen cook...

Back To The Dungeon

Marc and Tara go back to the Manoir for a very special night

A couple of weeks after her ordeal as the ”Offering” at the Manoir, Tara receives a call from Sir Charles. “How are you, my dear?” asks the old man. “Feeling great, thank you. I’ve completely healed from our last meeting; no more marks, no more pain.” “Th...