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College Sex

Stories in the College Sex category are primarily centred around the theme of academia and student life.

They can include elements such as campus socialising, dorm living, wild student parties featuring college girls and coeds, cheerleaders, fraternity and sorority groups, the freedoms associated with being away from home for the first time, student / teacher relationships, etc.


September, Chapter 2

College reflections of our three friends.

Meg stretched her legs out along the length of the hammock. ‘I really need to get some sun on those legs,’ she thought. College was done, over. She had returned home last night and was taking advantage of the quiet of an empty house. Everyone was gone running errands, working and she had the place to herself. Unless you have lived the dorm life you have no idea what “alone” means to a...Read On


Revision Release

A frustrated student finally gets the release he has craved for so long

I'd noticed her before. How could I not? Her figure a breathtaking crescendo of curves and curls; her thick, shoulder-length brown hair tinted whichever shade took her fancy that week; her round hazel eyes and scarlet lips bursting with the colours of an autumn dawn. She was stunning, a tie-dyed Rita Hayworth. As I walked into the packed library, I first noticed that this week's colour was...Read On


Poker Night

Sophie plans a surprise for her boyfriend. It doesn't work out for him...but it's great for her!

"Call," Greg said, tossing his chips into the middle of the beat-up, hand-me-down table. Sophie frowned. Her boyfriend was a terrible bluffer, but she believed he was holding a decent hand. He just kept getting lucky tonight. "Raise," Emily smiled, cheerfully tossing in another ten buck chip. She was a bubbly little blonde, all smiles and pearly whites. Sophie had known her since...Read On


My First Time With A Student

I am happily married, but I end up crossing the line with my favor student

I have always loved fitness and working out. It started for me at a young age, going to the gym with my dad three or four times a week, but as I got older, I started going more with my friends. When I finished school, I wanted a job involving fitness, but I didn’t want to work in a gym where I might be “hit on” all the time. So, I decided to go into teaching fitness courses at my local...Read On


The Naked Professor

Waterbury Hills College redefines the concept of a liberal education!

Professor Timothy Boxer walked briskly into the classroom wearing a blue tie with white stripes. Just a tie.  Nothing else. “Good morning, and welcome to Waterbury Hills College.  As you know, this class, Human Sexuality and Social Behavior, is a required course for all freshmen.” Tim Boxer was a relatively young full professor.  At thirty-six years old, Boxer was on the fast track as...Read On


Charlene the Entertainer

She expected to be the eye candy, but was she also the plaything?

Tommy and Blake woke to the sound of bacon frying. Charlene was already up and preparing breakfast, having extricated herself from between Tommy and Blake, without waking either. The guys could see that Charlene was still dressed as she had been for bed – panties and short t-shirt. Charlene expressed no concern over their appearance for breakfast in only their skivvies. As they waited...Read On


Thick: The Story of Sharmell

They call her a slut. I call her Sharmell.

They say she was a slut. They say she was a whore. They say she was looking for attention. This is the story of a girl named Sharmell. Her name was Sharmell Brown. She was pretty. She was smart. She was vivacious. She was curvaceous. However, she thought there was something missing. She had a life worth living. But she wished for one thing that she lacked. The boys she wanted were ogling at...Read On


Charlene is Eye Candy

Charlene abandons all semblance of modesty as she and the guys head out for the weekend.

Tommy grabbed his bag of stuff and went to Charlene's door. It was shut. He hollered through the door, “You ready?” “Yeah, yeah, just a minute,” she replied through the door. “We need to get moving, Blake's already outside waiting.” “I understand. You go wait in the truck. I'll be right out.” “Okay, but don't be long. We're waiting.” Charlene still hadn't made up her mind about what to...Read On

Recommended Read

The Virgin Slave

Was it all for charity?

“I just wanted to kiss you.”  I paused, feeling uncertain and vulnerable, “But I was scared if I did, you might hit me.” Gazing at her prone beside me, she looked out in a thousand yard stare. Dismissively as a snort of air could be, her eyes narrowed to focus, “I probably would have, too.” I did not know much about her but that look I understood well.  A sultry stare full of...Read On


Charlene is a Player

Tommy and Blake are persuaded to take Charlene on their visit to Canyon Lake.

His eyes followed his roommate as she made her way around the kitchen, her leg and thigh muscles tightening as she stretched to reach a bowl on an upper shelf of the cupboard, the silk of her panties stretching over her butt as she bent to retrieve a spoon from a lower drawer, and then her nipples prominently displayed in her nearly transparent, bikini style bra. She seated herself across...Read On

Recommended Read

It All Started With A French Exchange

I don’t know what time it was when I woke up, but as soon as I tried to lift my head from the pillow to look at the clock by my bed I wished I hadn’t. It felt as if a thousand hammers were thudding into my skull, my mouth tasted of ashes and I felt very sick. I groaned and shut my eyes and waited for the pain to go away. I must have fallen asleep again because when I surfaced to some kind...Read On


Moms' Day At Waterbury Hills College

Ashley learns that college, and her son, have changed over the years

“Hey Mom!  Are you ready to see what college is like in this century?” “Haha, very funny Jeremy.  It was only twenty years ago when I was in college.  I’m sure it’s changed a little, but not that much!” “Yeah, it has changed a lot.  And so have I!  You might be in for some surprises!” “Well let’s see! It’s going to be fun shadowing you in your classes today.  Let’s get breakfast and...Read On

Editor's Pick


'Hey, Livy. I'm gonna rip these panties off with my teeth. I'll be ready to fuck you until dawn.'

Olivia approached her bedroom door, thinking about a long hot shower. She grasped the knob, turning it but the door refused to open. Fuck, I must've accidentally locked it. As she searched for the keys, she paused, hearing muffled voices from within. That was strange. Maybe she left the TV playing. Sliding the key into the hole, she fumbled with the lock, pushing the door open and...Read On


Practice And Gambit

New school, new team

The sun was very bright in a perfectly blue sky on the first day of fall. It was cold. The sort of cold that a lot of people call ‘crisp’ like it isn’t just another way of saying cold. Humid air, but cold enough that it feels dry. Classes were still a few days away at St. Xi Feng’s, but they were right around the corner. Ivy was nervous. New schools always meant trouble for her. She swore...Read On


Academy forTemptation

New young male teacher finds himself in an Academy in which all his colleagues are female

My name is Jack Langley, aged twenty-two, and I was amazed that I had managed my first month of teaching experience without succumbing to the temptations that surrounded me and threatened my probationary year in Collington Academy. Four years of the educational and lustful university experience and the latter part had contained just as much learning as the former. I had ‘kissed the girls...Read On


Kiss Me, Lina

Katherine or Catalina, kiss me, bésame

Katherine sat quietly, reflectively outside the cafe, at an al fresco table. It was a cool autumn day in October but it was still warm and bright enough to need no sweater and to wear her sunglasses. "Misty" was playing softly and unobtrusively in the background. She took a sip of her camomile tea and reflected upon the events of the day. "Hi, Barkley. Get back here you wretch," interrupted...Read On


Me Too

She'll do what it takes to make it

"Yes, Mr. District Attorney, I will tell you what transpired to the best of my recollection. When I got to the University I was a very naïve girl from a small town. In high school, I had been a member of the band. It was one of the high points of my senior year to be the lead and solo trumpet player. I noticed on my dorm bulletin board a flier asking for experienced musicians to try out...Read On


Cum Covered Lingerie

An ex-boyfriend sent me a lingerie gift. I found a fun way to thank him.

I was browsing through my lingerie drawer for an upcoming evening with my current boyfriend when in the back I found something I hadn’t seen in a long time. I had forgotten I even owned it. A sheer black lingerie set, black babydoll with a tiny string thong. It was a gift I received back in college, yet it still fit. There’s a story that goes along with it. The story starts with me coming...Read On


The Girl With The Emerald Eyes - Chapter 5

A painful week at ski camp leads to some welcome release.

Christmas break with the family in Florida had gone all too quickly. Yet every day I dreamed of her, fantasised about her and worked on plans to see her again. I’d got so close but still, Emily eluded me — would she even remember me after being back home with her damned All American boyfriend? Now I was flying back to Philadelphia long before the semester started for ski camp. I’d joined...Read On

Recommended Read

The Professor

An innocent crush on her professor becomes so much more than she ever dreamed.

  It was an unseasonably warm day in mid-October as I strolled up to our usual meeting spot at the southeast corner of the university quad. I was the first of the group to arrive, so I snatched up a seat at the picnic table, at the far end, that was excluded from the shade of a nearby tree. I took off my jacket, exposing my shoulders to the late afternoon sun. Let the warmth wash over my...Read On


Taking One for the Team

An after-game party leads to a new experience

The party was still in full swing when I arrived. The rest of the team were already either drunk or stoned, maybe both. These post-game parties were always a blast, so I was looking forward to it. Most of the girl's team, and some of the cheer squad were there. It was a crowded house, filled with music and noise, as I worked my way through the crowd to the kitchen.  There on the table...Read On


A Day at Black's Beach

Never know what pops up at the beach

The weather was perfect for a late summer day in San Diego. The sky was cobalt blue with billowy white puffy clouds, it was calm and the warm sun was shining down on Tony as he set up his beach chair near the back of the beach, next to the high cliffs that kept Black's so private. He didn’t get to San Diego often but whenever he did, he always tried to get to Black’s Beach if the weather...Read On

Paideia and sororitas

  April called, “Come in,” and for the third time in two weeks Brenda Valois stuck her head around the door, her pert nose and light blue eyes as always making April wish she were ten years younger. “Are you busy, Dr. Wainwright?” “No, not at the moment. I’m finishing up some extra reading before I go home for the weekend.” “It must be wonderful to be paid to read all day.” April...Read On


University Story

It was in my first semester at University when my world was set on its head. Hi, I'm Franky. You might think that small town colleges are for people who can't get into an Ivy League school, but it's a little tougher to get into my old school. Sure, you have to be accepted on academic merit but there are some other categories you have to be proficient in as well. Just because you get a...Read On


The Education of Molly Smith

Molly Smith was excited! She was about to start her freshman year of college, and she couldn't wait to get started! Ever since she was a junior in high school, she had been filling out applications, taking the SATs and visiting campuses. When her preferred school sent her an acceptance letter, she was delighted. Molly loved school and learning interesting new things. She began pouring over...Read On


Charlene Clubbing

Her legs were bare, she wasn’t wearing a bra and the top three buttons of Charlene’s shirt dress were undone. Charlene was still a few months shy of being eighteen and old enough to get into the club, but one of her escorts, Blake, had told her that somewhat immodest attire would likely get her past the club’s doorman. Charlene wasn’t really sure about all of that but as it provided a...Read On


Discovering Your Roommate's Hidden Treasures

Darla discovers she has a perfect roommate to fulfill all her needs.

Darla walked down the hall of her new home for the next nine months with butterflies in her stomach. This was the first time she had been back here in the dormitory since move-in day two weeks ago. Darla moved down the hall passing by others moving their things in at the last minute. Unlike most colleges, Darla’s future alma mater allowed students an easy weekend to move their belongings...Read On

Recommended Read

My Senior Year with Ruth

A college couple explores, tests, and breaks their boundaries

  Ruth I couldn’t help it. I saw him across the room with Georgia Summers and my breath caught in my throat. He moved like a cat. He smiled like an angel. He stood as a lesser god. He flashed his eyes my way and I drooled in my panties. No man ever affected me in this way as he did at that moment. He’s a lesser god but he’s still a god. I want to have his babies . These two thoughts...Read On


Charlene's Roommate

Charlene likes the attention she gets from her roommate and his buddy.

Charlene was dressed like a high-school girl, and a prudish one at that - white blouse buttoned up to her neck and tucked into a pleated gray skirt that came down almost to her knees. Not that the skirt length made much difference with her legs being totally covered by white stockings. Tommy wasn’t even sure he wanted to admit knowing her. And such a shame too , he thought. Charlene was...Read On


The Girl With The Emerald Eyes - Chapter 4

Finally I meet the girl of me dreams while a drunken party leads to a sexy encounter.

By now Philadelphia was cold, really cold, Christmas decorations were up and everyone was preparing for finals. But most importantly the end of year parties were in full swing. Some were your regular college party, some were easy to go to, while others were exclusive and invite only. It had taken nearly all of my first semester but finally I had a lead on the girl, that girl, my girl....Read On