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College Sex

Stories in the College Sex category are primarily centred around the theme of academia and student life.

They can include elements such as campus socialising, dorm living, wild student parties featuring college girls and coeds, cheerleaders, fraternity and sorority groups, the freedoms associated with being away from home for the first time, student / teacher relationships, etc.


The Mercy Fuck

A college girl welcomes a new male student to the campus

"You're out of your mind, Danni, you know that?" Bethany asked her best friend as the two of them stood off to one side of the large room, looking at one of the new freshmen who was sitting by himself in a chair in a corner of the room, watching the activities all around him but not participating. Their sorority had joined forces with their "brother" fraternity to throw a "Welcome to...Read On


Finding Time for Us (part 11)

Candace and Toni tease two college guys, run across Brian

Candace was frankly astounded at how readily she and Toni fell back into their school routine with practiced ease after their night of exhibitionistic delights and the rather unusual events of that weekend for each of them. After Candace’s cryptic comment about Brian, Toni wouldn’t stop pestering her. In the end, being the close friends they were, she told Toni about everything that had...Read On


Getting to Know the Sorority Sisters - Part II

The first time was a fluke. The second time wasn't. It was planned.

Rachel and I had an unbelievable relationship. She and I not only shared a common business major as college seniors, but we shared a lot of intimate moments together that made our relationship special. She was super sexy and always seemed ready to get it on at any time, which I really liked a lot. She was the type of sorority girl that drew the attention of both guys and girls wherever we went. ...Read On


The English Professor

A mysterious sexy anonymous photo appears on Dr. Cheavis' phone.

"Shit!" Taylor swore. A panicked look spread across his face as he came to a stop in the middle of campus and patted down the pockets of his jacket and pants. "What is it?" Craig asked. "My phone," Taylor answered. "It's not here. "Did you leave it in your classroom?" "Yeah, probably," Taylor responded to his colleague. "Listen, man, why don't you go ahead to the faculty meeting?...Read On


Seven Minutes in Heaven

To win the party game, she just needs to make him cum first

We had been flirting all evening, and as the party wore on, things started getting more adventurous. The host was moving soon, and clearly wasn't going to be happy until his going-away party turned into some sort of orgy. He had been liberal with drinks and weed all evening, and we weren't the only couple building up towards an obvious conclusion. Eventually, some variation of...Read On


Schooling The Teacher

Her professor went too far, and now she's getting even

A week of reconnaissance on her part was worth the time invested. The history professor who had recently passed her in his course was still at work that night, staring intently at his laptop screen. It was late enough for the hallways to be deserted and their lights lowered. Even the classroom was dark except for the immediate area around the professor's desk. She watched him through the...Read On


See Me After Class

A lecturer gets his revenge for a student teasing him

"So you haven't done your assignment? None of it?" Professor Lambert stared in exasperation at the pretty young student. She sat right at the front of the lecture hall, as she always did. Eyeing him defiantly, but with a slight hint of amusement. "No. Sorry Professor. Had things to do." Professor Lambert ran his hands through his thick dark hair. She was driving him to distraction, this...Read On


His Smile: When She Succumbs

Rochelle thought one was bad enough. She was pleasurably mistaken.

"What do you say we head back to my place?" Daniel whispered hoarsely in my ear, his desire for me dripping from each word. I looked up at him, my mind a whirlwind of activity. Before I could stop myself, I found that I’d nodded my consent to his request. I didn't want to back down now. I couldn't. Not after everything. I'd waited too long, and to know he felt the gosh if it...Read On


Does 2 x 2 equal 3?

A weekend hosting two college visitors with surprising turns

It was the spring of 1979, the time of year when high school seniors were anxiously awaiting those thick envelopes containing college acceptances and dreading those thin ones containing rejections. Once the classes were set, the schools would then open the doors for transfer students to apply and make last minute decisions to fill the remaining spots in upper classes. And this is how I may...Read On


The Skype Porn Aftermath

Never apologize for rubbing one out.

My eyes widened and I felt like my room transformed from a sauna into an igloo. "I'm sorry, Sharon," I whined, while looking at her 5'8 figure. "You are fucking sorry!" she screamed, running to me. "You pull this shit and you are sorry?" she growled, pointing at the computer. A single tear came out on my left cheek. "Yes?" I whispered. She glared right at me, while leaning towards me. I...Read On


Want Some Candi?

Luke is Becky’s boyfriend who may want a little Candi.

This is the only good thing about living in the damn dorm;the endless supply of hot water! I love the feeling of warm water cascading over me; enveloping my entire body in a warm wet blanket. I let out a quiet moan… I don’t want to get out. Water rains down on my head, soaking my hair, running over my shoulders, between my breasts, down my back, over and between my butt cheeks and thighs,...Read On


Sanford E Xavier Institute: First Date

Your clothes are making me uncomfortable, please take them off!

“So you just let some chick move into your spare room,” my brother asked incredulously. “You have no idea what you’re in for do you.” “She’s okay, we sat around and talked for a good tow hours before I let her bring anything in the apartment." “Daniel Jackson Moresby, you are crazy. Or that’s what Mom would say,” he went on. “And you said I could have that room when I come out in the fall.”...Read On


Sexual Inequality

Not all Lecturers are equal

“So, tell me, what do you think of her,” Janice whispered to Matt. Matt and Janice were sat near the rear of the lecture theatre. The room was only half full, with about thirty or so students occupying it, but for some reason they always chose seats towards the back. Matt had hoped that one day Janice would unexpectedly slip down and suck his cock for him while he took notes. They weren’t...Read On


Sanford E Xavier Institute: S.E.X.I

You loan a girl a shirt, then they want your hat.

The Sanford E. Xavier Institute had gone Co-Ed the year before I resumed my college studies, some ten years after quitting them to pursue Money. Rehabbing and Remodeling homes for a contractor in the Sun Belt had left me tanned and toned. While there was opportunity there for an occasional taste of House Wife Hoo Hoo, I figured taking a few credits at the local college would improve my...Read On


Fun Times - Chapter 2

The further adventures of Sam and Carrie.

SAM Sam was fondling his fiancée's breasts from behind as they spooned in his dorm room bed. The sex had been amazing. He had managed to hold off long enough to bring her off, and then he fucked her hard until he erupted in one of the most amazing orgasms that he could remember. Right after his release, Sam had had doubts about the fantasy trip, but a few minute’s wait, combined with...Read On


The College Coed Who Needed A Tutor

I was more than happy to be teaching at a community college...

I was ecstatic when I learned I had secured a job as an adjunct professor at a local community college. Almost immediately, some of my professional consulting friends warned me about the plethora of young ladies willing to do just about anything to score a good grade. I dismissed their warnings as jealousy, especially since I was a consummate professional and very happily married. ...Read On


Amy Meets Eric

Amy investigates for herself the talents of a guy on another floor

Amy nervously walked down to Eric's room on the eighth floor. When she reached it, she knocked. "Yes?" came a voice from inside. "It's Amy from upstairs," she replied. Eric jumped up from his bed, and hurried to the door. He unlocked it and opened it partially. "Oh, hi," he said with his head peeking around the door. "Why are you here?" "I heard about your little... sessions...Read On


I become the first dickless DKE

"Kerothen Philoi Aei" ("Friends from the Heart, Forever"). I may be the only female DKE. That is not an abbreviation of a sexist slur. Delta Kappa Epsilon is the college fraternity of U.S. presidents, legendary CEOs, and Hollywood stars. It does not admit women. Baboon tribes do not adopt puppies; they love them, but only for lunch, with a side of tubers and grubs. A couple years...Read On


My Sweetheart of Sigma Chi

Melanie looked so cute and innocent that I just wanted to protect her.

We were having our traditional Sigma Chi first semester open house party when I saw her standing there. She looked tentative and almost scared standing near the front door trying not to be noticed as she sized up the room. I knew that she must be a freshman because she looked so out of place; so lost almost. Immediately I wanted to hold her and tell her not to be scared; that I would...Read On


I Loved Her Mouth

Andrea would have been a great fuck, but I could only get her mouth.

I met Andrea on spring break in Palm Beach. There were so many gorgeous girls in their skimpy bikinis, all seemed to be horny, so I didn’t know where to start. The guys were plentiful, too, and they were pairing off with the prettiest girls, so I had to get busy if I wanted one for myself. I definitely wanted a blonde, so I started to peruse the beach looking for just the right one. Her hair...Read On


my new room mate

Katy goes to a new dorm, and meets her new roommate.

Katy walked through the entrance of the red stone building. She smiled. It was first day of college, well sort of, they have what they call two social days. Two days to get to know people on campus and to get settled in. Katy was a cute nineteen-year-old, full of hopes and dreams. She had dirty blond hair and grey eyes. She was slim but by no means athletic. She had a small, round, firm ass...Read On


Study Break

A couple takes a break from studying in the library.

Desiree, my girlfriend texted me and asked me what I was doing. She was studying for midterms at the campus library and was ready for a study break. I sent her a text telling her to meet me in the student union for a slice of pizza. Her texted reply asked if I would meet her in the library instead. Shrugging, I thumbed the keypad of my phone as I walked across campus to the gothic...Read On


Gaby's Grades

How can a pretty young student guarantee getting the First Class degree she needs?

“And your answer would be, Miss Mackay?” Professor Hawthorne’s voice brought Gaby to her senses with a jolt. “Wh... what?” “Young lady, there are only four of us in this tutorial. Is it really too much to expect you to remain awake and paying attention? Are the rest of us really so uninteresting?” Shit! Had she really dozed off only four feet away from her Tutor; the man whose...Read On


My trip to Austin, Texas- Part II

Chris loved fast cars, really, really fast cars and she was a total surprise

It was never my intention to take unfair advantage of a young college coed, but I couldn’t help but fantasize what might lie underneath Chris’ seemingly tough exterior. She had just wrecked her sports car, and I felt bad, because I was playing a cat and mouse game with her, going down the interstate towards Austin from Dallas. I’d follow her for a while and then she would follow me, at...Read On


My Trip To Austin, Texas

This story is going to sound fake, but it’s very true. Texas through and through!

I was on my way to a business meeting in Austin, Texas, which is about a four-hour drive south of Dallas. Just south of Waxahachie, about an hour south of Dallas, I was humming along in my rental car, making sure I minded the posted speed limit, when a very cute young redhead, about twenty something, flew past me in a red sports car. Two things crossed my mind. One – the flash of red hair...Read On


The Girls' Locker Room

Coach Claire and student Megan make love in the shower

I was taking a shower after coaching college field hockey. Although it was only the first session of the season, the girls already showed the promise and enthusiasm needed to compete well. As it was an uncharacteristically warm and sticky spring night with temperatures still in the early eighties after sunset, I needed a shower before heading home to a promised romantic meal prepared by...Read On


A Roomate Confession

Amanda teaches Kandy how to masturbate in College.

Kandy with a K, as she always reminded everyone, was a young woman who'd just started college. It was her first experience away from home, and was difficult but rewarding, as she was about to find out. Kandy looked like your typical geek, skirt down to her knees, blouses that were buttoned to her neck, pretty and glasses that added to that air of mystery and hid her beautiful soft blue eyes...Read On


Alice and Brad

Alice gives in.

Alice fumbled with the key to her dorm door. She was surprised that they were there already. She and Brad had been walking around campus talking most of the evening. The current topic about how bad most grad students are at teaching freshman courses was enough of a distraction. Well, maybe Brad was the distraction. They had met earlier that day in chemistry class. Well, they met as much as...Read On

Recommended Read

Home For The Holidays

I felt my naked body slide alongside Chris’ warm skin as I slid under the blankets.

I was excited to be going home after spending four months away at college, and I was looking forward to spending the holidays with my family and friends. When my parents heard that my roommate, Sarah, was going to be spending the Holidays alone in our dorm back in Boston, they insisted that she come back to Minnesota with me. We couldn’t get Sarah a ticket for the final leg of the trip...Read On


The Three Meter Challenge

Some girls will do anything to get into Delta Chi

It was down to six of us - six young ladies vying for the four open spots in the single most exclusive sorority at the University of Alabama. I won’t mention the name of the sorority for reasons that will become obvious, but for the purposes of the story, I’ll refer to it as Delta Chi or DX. It seems silly even trying to get involved in a sorority like DX, or any sorority for that matter....Read On