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College Sex

Stories in the College Sex category are primarily centred around the theme of academia and student life.

They can include elements such as campus socialising, dorm living, wild student parties featuring college girls and coeds, cheerleaders, fraternity and sorority groups, the freedoms associated with being away from home for the first time, student / teacher relationships, etc.

A Wild Weekend, Part 3

Our weekend of endless love and sex continues

Doreen hadn’t noticed Sue yet because her eyes were closed as she enjoyed me pushing her buttons. I communicated to Sue that I wanted her to take over caressing Doreen’s breast using her mouth. Sue got the idea, so I moved my hand away as her mouth began its work. At first, Doreen just enjoyed the additional stimulation without realizing how I was sucking on both. It wasn’t until Sue...Read On

A Wild Weekend, Part 2

Doreen and I get some alone time while Sue sleeps

We walked out on the deck, still completely nude and Doreen urged, "Come over here and help me remove the cover from the hot tub." I did as she instructed but asserted, "You are a bossy little thing, it's good that you have such a hot little body or I might have to spank your ass for talking to me like that." Doreen suggestively replied, "Who's to say that I wouldn't enjoy that?" After...Read On


The Morning After

Teenage girl wakes up after a wild orgiastic party with college friends.

Ellen felt the covers being pulled down. She stirred, her eyes fluttering. She was in her bed, it felt like. With her pink walls and her red, heart-shaped pillow. But she could see the entire cafeteria of her high school and it was crowded with loud murmuring and people eating and talking and working on their homework. Like she should be since her paper was due this afternoon. She closed...Read On

A Wild Weekend, Part1

What looked to be a lousy weekend turned into a wild one.

It was a few weekends after my shower fun with Doreen and Sue. The two of them made it clear at every possible moment since then that they wanted some more time with me naked. I told them that if I had some time away from my girlfriend Anne, I would try to hook up with them. I was running late from a long day at work and wouldn’t get to the college until about eight. I tried calling Anne...Read On


Two Moms, Two Sons 15: Keisha And Gia Get Caught Off Guard

Keisha and Gia make a simple plan, but it goes out the window.

POV Gia "So, Gia, the plan is just to come onto them, but after they resist, we tell them that we know they're screwing their moms?" "Yes, Keisha, you're overthinking this. You want Joe's cock in your mouth, right?" "You know I do, Gia." "Then just go with it, they'll be here soon, and we'll work on the project. We know how to flirt and push ourselves a bit. Before we know it, we'll...Read On


Donny N' Marie Ch 02

College lovers get revenge on their nemesis.

Marie arrived home two days after she'd left school. She went straight to the front door, figuring she could grab her luggage later. She wanted to get the confrontation with her parents out of the way. Their contact since she had left for school had been limited to a few text messages and an occasional email. She walked up to the door and tried to open it, she was surprised when her...Read On


Donny N' Marie

College lovers get revenge on their nemesis

Marie Ormond was glad to be leaving for college. She was tired of all the gossip, and not having any friends. It was a small town populated by smaller minds. Marie loved to write fiction, especially erotic fiction. She had hundreds of erotic stories on her tablet, which had been stolen five months ago. Whoever stole it had edited some of the racier stories so they appeared to be diary...Read On


Boarding Pass

A long flight into bliss

Gratefully I sink into my seat.  It is going to be a very long flight. NEWARK, my boarding pass says, but it’s just another destination at the end of yet another flight. I usually prefer to sit on the aisle but none of those seats are available and I feel lucky to even get a window.  True, it’s in the very last row of the plane, but at least I don’t have to endure the three hours...Read On


Shirts and Skins: Pick-Up Game Leads to Gangbang

I am engaged to a college basketball player, and she is gangbanged by my friends and others.

I grew up in a college town, Gainesville, Florida, home of the Gators, and my high school friends and I played basketball on our high school team. We were good, but not good enough to earn college scholarships. My name is James, and my four friends and I all had good enough grades to get into the University of Florida and we took advantage of the intramural program to continue...Read On

The Morning After

My morning went from boring to out of this world.

It was Friday and my girlfriend, Anne called me at work to let me know to meet her at the local bar where several of the girls from her dorm would be going. Our friend Steve bartended there part-time, at nights to pay for his college tuition. Anne, Evelyn and I usually went there on the nights he was working to make sure he got plenty of tips and for the free drinks. On this particular...Read On

Recommended Read

Tina And Luke - In The Beginning – Chapter 7

Sunday continues

Luke “Trust me,” she said, two fingers with something cold and slippery on them, poised at the edge of my arse and she said, “Trust me.” On one hand, each time I had said it to her, she did with little to no hesitation. On the other, what did I really know about this person with her fingers ready to go where no one had gone before. The ‘bunny boiler’ thought sprang to mind just to add...Read On


Tit Wank And Blow Job For Her Journalism Instructor

Hand jobs, tit wanks, and blow jobs to get an “A” in journalism...

During spring break of my wife’s junior year in college, she went on a field trip with her journalism class. They visited two universities that offered master's degrees in journalism. The class instructor, Mr. Newman, had made arrangements for the group to attend several graduate seminars at each school and meet with the heads of the journalism departments to discuss admissions requirements....Read On


A Campus Tryst, 1975

Two students find a place for sex.

For a relatively short period in my sophomore and junior years at the City College of New York, I was “spinning plates” with several girls at the same time. I hadn’t planned for this to happen – in fact, until it did, I wouldn’t have believed that a guy like me would be able to pull off something like that. But circumstances were briefly in my favor and, being young and callow, I took...Read On


Tina And Luke - In The Beginning – Chapter 5

Saturday night continues into Sunday

Tina I hadn’t expected that. Before last night, I had only ever had an orgasm from playing with my clitoris. Tonight, Luke hadn’t been touching my vagina. Of course, I needed all the other bits to build up to that, but I had never had an orgasm, even from the times I had penetrated myself with my fingers unless I used my clitoris. I was still in a bit of a daze when Luke turned over and...Read On


Tina And Luke - In The Beginning – Chapter 4

The day after their second date - Saturday.

Luke Tina slipped into the bed, then shuffled over to the side that I usually slept on. I smiled because I knew at that moment, she could take anything of mine and I wouldn’t object, just so long as she was mine. I got in behind her, wrapping my arms around her. She seemed tiny as she snuggled back until we were spooning together. “Do you usually sleep on this side?” she asked. “Why...Read On


Seduction 101 Part 2

Melissa goes back to school after summer break without Lauren and moves on.

Melissa Over the summer, I had thought of Lauren often, picking up the phone to call her dozens of times, but never completing the call. She had made it clear that there was nothing for us for at least the next five years or longer. I loved her, but I supposed she was right and had tried to keep busy working and occasionally going out with friends over the summer. I could not bring myself...Read On


The Girl With The Emerald Eyes - Chapter 9

Our last night in Mexico leads to a wild night and some personal revelations

With Emily and I having declared our love for each other, we were ready for the next few days to disappear into the usual Spring Break clichés. Soon we were drinking heavily, smoking a ton of weed and having sex at each and every opportunity. Still, we hoped to avoid Rob and the rest of the UT football crowd. Em and I were growing closer than I ever thought possible. I was so glad I had...Read On


College Slut

Carly has gone completely......bananas

"I thought you were going to quit being such a filthy slut after you won Prom Queen," Jenna said, with even more than her usual disgust. She had just watched her best friend Carly shake her ass all around the campus. Her tight-fitting skirt was so short you could practically see everything. Actually, from the angle they were at now, Jenna could see that Carly was clearly not wearing panties....Read On


The Girl With The Emerald Eyes - Chapter 8

Our Mexican Spring Break gets underway, bringing devotions of love.

I was now spending more and more time at Emily’s while we prepared for the upcoming Spring Break. Having never been to Mexico, I was growing ever more excited — especially as I’d be going with her. Emily was clearly looking forward to the trip as well. The last couple of weeks had been filled with shopping trips. She had bought a multitude of swimsuits, short skirts, tiny shorts and all...Read On


Jon and Karen Chapter 1

Jon and Karen meet at University, she's bisexual.

Jon Todd walked into the bar at the Edinburgh University Students Association and went straight to the bar. “Pint of 50 shilling please,” he said to the barman, his flat Yorkshire vowels contrasting with the softer Scottish accents all around him. He’d only come to Edinburgh the year before because that’s where his father had studied, and HE wanted his eldest child to study there as well....Read On


Toxic Masculinity Has A Good Night

In University getting laid was job one and Noelle and Laura gave me a night that was magna cum laude

Back when I was in university, I optimistically looked upon any night out as a chance to meet girls.  I suppose this shouldn't be much of a revelation, since I was hardly alone in this objective.  Despite my best efforts though, results suggested flaws in my approach.  Then one night, I finally had a night that matched my wildest ambitions. The night started as usual with a few friends at...Read On


Guys Move Her Into Her Apartment And Have Sex With Kelly

Kelly negotiates her pussy for their labor.

It was the end of August 1981. It was time for Kelly to move back to Milwaukee to take on her senior year of college. I was still out of town stuck working on a large project. Her brother Steve and his buddies had helped her load up her rental truck on Thursday. Steve had offered to go with her on Friday, to unload the truck but, with a wink, she assured him she would have no trouble...Read On

Recommended Read

Cabin Fever

Emilia walks through the front door as if she lives here, a smile on her face, a ceaseless bounce in her step. She’s more bubbly than usual, trotting over to my dad and offering one of her natural embraces. “Hey Emily,” he greets her. “Mr. H,” she chirps, trotting over to me. “Steven, you ready yet?” “Nearly. I’m guessing you are,” I say as I hug her one-armed. “I could hardly sleep! I...Read On


SEXI Summer: III

Professor Curtin and Dean Wilkes pick up hot wife Conner.

Tricia stood inside the small hallway at the door to the lobby of a chic women’s spa on Sanford Parkway in the heart of the trendy downtown shopping district. Dean Veronica had paid for a deluxe pampering, then sabotaged her by snatching her clothes and bag and leaving with the car. Now the freshly primped and pretty heiress of S.E.X.I. stopped to pull herself together after a wonderful...Read On


Affair with my junior from university

This story involves someone I knew from my university days

Hi all. This is Mr. K from Bangalore, India and currently working in a MNC. I am sharing one of my experiences here. This story involves someone I knew from my university days. Jenny (name changed) was my junior and was decent looking. She had a good body build with medium height. It was more of formal friendship with hi and bye as we happened to travel on the same college bus. I did not...Read On


SEXI Summer: II

The one about the chair

Danny and Tricia are visited by sexy provocateur Veronica Xavier, Dean of Sanford E. Xavier Institute of Ed.    Danny walked back into the kitchen of his apartment.  Dean Veronica was still sitting there, smugly smiling.  Picking up her coffee mug and handing it over to him. ‘Another cuppa if you don’t mind, DJ,” the Dean of Sanford E. Xavier Institute asked. “You can not call me...Read On


Sanford. E. Xavier Institute: Sexy Spring II

Tricia gets a red envelope and a boyfriend

I need to paint the front door , I thought as I knocked on it and waited for Tricia. After showering and getting dressed she made me go downstairs and wait for her to come to the door of my apartment.  I stood outside like a silly suitor, then she was at the door to let me in, again wearing just my white oxford shirt.   “Nice shirt,” I complimented her. “A friend let me borrow it, come on...Read On


Sanford. E. Xavier Institute: Sexy Spring I

Would a matchbox hold my clothes?

It was late April and the weather was getting warmer on the campus of Sanford E. Xavier Institute of Education. I had decided to return to college after burning out doing home remodeling and rehabbing. In just a few years nomading for different building contractors in the sunbelt, I had a hefty bankroll and a pretty nice tan. While there was quite a bit of opportunity to succumb to...Read On

Solace To Joy

I thrust harder, the tight slickness gripping and squeezing me. I could see her green eyes and soft blonde hair as I plunged back and forth, the squishing around my cock filling my ears. With a final lunge, my loins pulsed, waves of relief washing through me, and thick jets of sticky whiteness shot into the handkerchief in my other hand. As I drained my lust and the pleasure passed, the...Read On


Tom The Boarder

Turning the clock back

I married my high school sweetheart. Bill came from what I would call an "Old-Fashioned Traditional" family, and by that, I mean, his mom never worked outside of the home, and they went to church every Sunday. She cleaned, cooked, had babies and raised kids until they were empty-nesters, the typical suburban household of the 60s and 70s. My husband finished college when I was a freshman, and...Read On