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College slut Stories

college slut

Festival Fun

Spring Break Scenes: Two hot and horny college bros enjoy themselves

Heading down the highway, we were eager to get to the campground. It had been a long week of exams, and Rob and I were ready to blow off some steam. We’d planned the trip to Florida a few weeks ago, and I had been looking forward to it ever since. One of...

His Slut

Sam and Mark reconnect, and face some tough decisions about their relationship

Mark I rearranged my schedule to take a long lunch at the end of the week, planning on swinging by my girlfriend Sam’s place for a quickie. I’d been busy at work on top of needing to be extra cautious at home with my wife, Heather, so it had been a while...

The Local Girl - Part 2

Amber delves deeper into her submissive feelings and meets a local sex shop girl...

The sex shop The night had become a masturbation marathon again. Amber didn't count how many times she had fingered her sore pussy and how many times she came. But as she awoke, her bedroom smelled of female arousal. Looking at the watch, she stated she h...

The Local Girl - Part 1

Amber begins to unveil a submissive, masochistic side of herself, which scares but also excites her.

Finally, at college! She could not wait to get rid of her parents, especially her mother, who checked every single cupboard and drawer she found in the apartment. She also controlled the bathroom and the toilette. Amber heard her complaining loudly about...

Sand Slut

All the frat boys love her mouth, but the new guy discovers there's much more to enjoy.

Clever fingers—and a talented tongue—pleasured many a horny frat boy behind sand hills that provided a modicum of privacy for dirty deeds done in the moonlight. The Sand Slut was eager and willing, never missing a drop as she consumed load after load. New...

Listening to My Roommate Getting Fucked

Sam's roommate listens to her getting fucked as she has some fun of her own

Molly “Ohh, that feels good,” I moaned as Josh teased me with his tongue. His warm breath tickled my inner thighs and caused my pussy to clench and my legs to clamp around his head. He tugged me closer to him by my hips and moaned into me, pressing his to...

Inside The Mind Of Emma

She had no idea the sway a man could hold over her.

My name is Emma. I'm a twenty-two-year-old girl. My life with my college roommate started off pretty normal. It was co-ed housing. But the minute she introduced me to her boyfriend, everything changed. He looked me up and down, with a predatory and decisi...

Watched At the Gala

Sam and Mark have some fun at a fundraiser

Mark It was a Saturday night, and my wife Heather and I were attending a fundraiser at the rec center where my girlfriend Sam worked and taught swim lessons for my kids. I knew it was reckless, but the thrill of sneaking around with Sam was irresistible....

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Michaela And The Three Bears (Part 2 of 3)

Three football players surrender to college girl's fantasy.

Oh my God, this is happening, Michaela thought. Rising on trembling legs, she looked back to Todd to see a strange smile on his face. It was teasing, daring, marveling, and exciting. Standing before them, she wanted to say something, but nothing worthy ca...

Mark's Business Trip: Hot Tub & Swinging

Mark and Sam meet another couple in the hot tub on their last night in Boston

Sam On our last night in Boston, Mark and I decided we couldn’t end our trip without checking out the hotel’s outdoor hot tub. It was a perfect, chilly, late spring night, and the only thing keeping me from feeling fully content was the knowledge that our...

Kirsten Goes To University

Having finished collage Kirsten moves to St. Andrews to start her art degree, but still has strong feelings to be a total slut

Kirsten found a new direction in her life following a talk with her birth father and a well-paid job prospect in the art world. She decided to take her father's advice and gain a History of Arts degree, which would mean four years of hard work and a move...

Mark's Business Trip: A Fun Surprise

Mark plans a fun surprise for Sam as their adventures on the Business Trip continue

Sam I woke up alone in the hotel bed and checked the clock on the bedside table. 9:43 AM. Mark must’ve let me sleep in after another late night of orgasms, rather than waking me as he was leaving for work. I moaned contentedly and luxuriated in the cozy b...

Mark's Business Trip: Threesome With The Waitress

Mark flirts with a server while he and Sam are out for dinner, and she comes back to the hotel with them

Sam I shivered in my seat at the trendy Boston restaurant where Mark and I were eating. It could’ve been the cool breeze flowing through the outdoor dining area, chilling the June evening air. Or it could’ve been the egg-shaped vibrator in my pussy that M...

Mark's Business Trip: Sexting In Bed And Room Service

Sam has a very slutty first morning in the hotel room :)

Sam It was really rainy when Mark and I landed in Boston. A good excuse to spend our first night at the hotel, enjoying some alone time together in the room. We fucked over and over, and lay around eating room service and talking while we recuperated. It...