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Lesbian sex stories feature sexy tales of women who love other women. These can be first time lesbians, women who are into group lesbian sex, or just women in love with other women. Feel free to post your lesbian stories here for others to enjoy and embellish.


Rahab's return: chapter seven

The Grand Design

Empires are, I think, male. They thrive on aggression, ambition, and a desire for riches and power. I like what riches bring, but I can sleep in only one bed, live in only one place and eat only one meal at a time. There is something in the drive for Empire I do not understand. I think that like the male sex drive it is to do with possession and the instant and insistent satisfaction...Read On


My First Experience At University - Part Two

Sandy's adventures continue

It had been six weeks; a lifetime in reality since I arrived to start my new life at university. It could not have started worse with all my belongings being stolen by some bastard at the bus station leaving me soaked to the skin and with just the clothes I stood in. Just when I thought my life was ruined, I met my beautiful roommate Savvy who took me into her arms and brought light into...Read On


Rahab's return: chapter six

A new life

With Ana back in my life, I felt up to any challenge. That she had come to me as soon as she had got my message told me all I needed or ever wanted to know. She felt about our relationship as I did. The conventions of Society, not to mention the teachings of the many religious groups which dominated it, did not allow us to hallow our relationship, and local customs meant that I needed to...Read On

Comp Entry

The Sorority House Rule

Kendra gets a brand new roommate in her soroity, but has one rule she still must abide by.

"Hi, you must be Casey," I greeted her as she dropped her bags. 'Oh, nice tits, and in a tank top?' I thought, glancing at them. "Yes, and you must be Kendra," she added, coming towards me. "Sharon told me I'd be living with you, so I guess you can call me fresh meat here in this sorority," she said, putting her hand out. "What do you mean?" I asked, taking it. She stayed silent and...Read On


Mask of a Hero, Face of a Champion (Alternate Ending)

Alternate ending to the previous story. This time, Rhea and Ursula have different ideas.

Rhea has defeated Ursula and fucked her ass in front of the crowd. Kai, Ursula's fiance, has left in disgust, but Ursula could still get her back.   I return to the locker room, naked and humiliated. Rhea soon follows, dressed in street clothes: leather jacket, sweat-dotted tank top, open-toe heels. I instinctively look down at her feet, which were in my mouth only minutes ago as she made...Read On


Mall cop

Female lesbian mall cop finds the girl of her dreams.

I’m a police officer in a large city. I’m also a part-time security guard at the local mall. I enjoy my work, and I meet a lot of great people.  My bosses have no idea that I’m a perverted middle – aged, bisexual woman, who wants to peek at girls in the fitting rooms. I have not done so, as I am afraid of being discovered. However, if I do see a cute teenage girl, I would follow her...Read On


My First Strap-On Experience

Amy likes strap on play, technically you could say she de-virginized me.

Instead of going into my room, she led me to the master bedroom, hers and Rachael's, and opened the curtains, letting in the last of the afternoon sunlight. She lay me down on the huge bed and parted my legs, moving between them. "I've wanted to do this for the longest time," she purred as she lay down and slipped her tongue into my waiting pussy. The feeling was incredible! As usual!  I...Read On


Lesbian magic part five

Kate fall prey to an invisible entity that she unwittingly called on herself

Kate was sitting behind an old oak desk that had a carving of trees and animals on it. She thought the desk was beautiful and must have cost a fortune to make with all the detail that was put into it. The deer that was on it looked lifelike and the trees seemed to move a little. She thought it was the trick of the light and her mind was seeing things but she never realizes that it wasn’t. If...Read On


A Deeper Love - Part 2

Fleur's feelings for Andie deepen.

Drifting awake, I open my eyes and see Andie sitting close by on a chair, naked. She is drawing, charcoal I think. She smiles, radiantly, and I melt. “Morning, lover. I couldn’t resist drawing you,” she says in a sultry way. Lover, the word runs around and around my mind. And it fits, like a glove actually. “Morning, you. Am I now your model as well as your lover?” Andie giggles. God, she...Read On


Rahab's return: chapter five

Rahab's exile

Across the next few days it became clear that you could, indeed, not step into the same river twice. Calliope’s death had altered the balance of power in the Seraglio – and not in my favour. With Irene’s son as the most likely heir, the Sultana, Roxanne, was also sidelined, and though it should have suited her purpose to ally with me, she was too bovine so to do. Irene had taken care...Read On


The Tales of Jezebel, Ch. 1

A college woman meets a bartender in San Antonio...

She now had a dilemma. She was drunk. She had just started college. She was thanking God she was out of her own personal bondage called her parents' house. She called that house home. But she didn’t know what to call it now. Tipsy, she sipped from the foam from the head. She was in San Antonio now, missing home just a bit. Her best friend came out to her as a lesbian recently. She missed...Read On


Rahab's return: chapter four

You can never step into the same stream twice

The Greeks say that you can never step into the same stream twice; so my homecomings proved. I could bore, and have bored, people with my lament for Roman roads. Seldom have I felt their lack as I did on that bone-numbing journey back to Chilea. It was the nearest port, nearly a thousand miles to the south, and from thence we could reach Istanbul in two days, given clement early spring...Read On


Rahab's return: chapter three

In the shadow of Ivan the Terrible

I had met many rulers, and have met even more since, but never one as obviously saintly as Feodor Ivanovich. He motioned me to sit in a chair placed for that purpose opposite him. He appeared more comfortable with that than with the formalities which surrounded our introduction. He deferred constantly to Godunov whenever we strayed to politics. The only thing on which he seemed to have a...Read On


Dreaming Of You

If I lived over the rainbow, this dream would come true.

It was a bright morning as the California sun streamed through her kitchen windows. She stood gazing out the window over her sink finishing the last few sips of her orange juice. Her elegance was wrapped in a plush, powder blue, terrycloth bathrobe, her dark brown hair draped on her shoulders. A lovelier creature I had never seen. She appeared to be lost in her thoughts and did not hear...Read On


I Want To Feel Your Hands On Me. I Want To Feel Your Skin Against Mine.

This is about an older woman that I see very often at the gym, at least once a week.

This is about an older woman that I see very often at the gym, at least once a week. I just like looking at her naked form. She is the kind of woman who has no shame when it comes to her body. She floats through the locker room in only a towel - not wrapped around her body, but her hair. She would stand under the hairdryer, back arched, pushing her perfect breasts into the air as she ran...Read On


A deeper love

Fleur blossoms when she meets the girl next door

Parking, I notice her, she is just standing in the yard next door looking at me. She is willowy, with blond hair, and strikingly good looking. So much like Phoebe. My heart lurches with the memory of my first love. Our eyes lock momentarily, and that is enough. I’m pretty sure I know what her gaze means. She continues to stare at me as I get my handbag out of the car. Her attentive eyes...Read On


Confession Chapter 16

Stay at home mum tastes the neighbor.

I was just arguing with myself about getting up off my ass and doing some housework when there was a knock on the door. I got up and when I answered the door, there was Cathy in her flasher coat with the front held open and she was stark naked beneath it. I couldn't help but laugh at her as she greeted me. “Hi there kinky neighbor.” “Oh my god. Hahaha hi there yourself. Come on in.” ...Read On


The Sinn Girls: Chapter 4: Sinn Rules

Sinn strikes again

The contrast between the relative decorum of the dining room, and the sweaty depravity of the basement, hit us the moment we went through the door, having first left our phones with the Receptionist. As my eyes adjusted to the gloom, I could see two women on leashes, being led around. They seemed, on a closer look, to be attired only in a collar and a skimpy thong. Emm's eyes had...Read On


The Sinn Girls: Apprenticeship in Sinn

Annie the Aussie becums part of the team

“Bye Annie, see you soon,” Miss Hoffmann said with a smile. And as Miss Hoffmann and Miss Sinn wandered out of the Savoy with Sir Adrian, I couldn’t help but stare. Pixie was a delight, small that is true but perfectly formed. That delicate arse, cute little tits and the plaits, yummy. I knew she was happily married, but wondered if her delicious wife, Sarah might, given the right...Read On


Wartime 2

My secret life in France during WW2 continues.

Medical matters and a deepening involvement with Mundt   My work continued despite my involvement with Ilse Mundt. I delivered messages between members of our resistance cell, left messages which I had encoded myself for our radio operator in pre-arranged concealed places. It was vital we knew as little as possible about our colleagues. That way, were we arrested and interrogated we...Read On


The Sinn Girls: chapter 3: The wages of Sinn

Sinn makes a deal

'How the fuck can Sarah have a clue for us? She's almost as vanilla as you, and this Broad is devious.' Miss Sinn was sprawled on the chaise longue, her slit skirt revealing her stocking tops and long, shapely legs. Her silk blouse, with one button more than necessary undone, revealed her dark purple silk bra, which matched, and I could just see her panties. She pushed her...Read On


Rahab's return: chapter two

Rahab and the Rabbi

We awoke still snuggled up together. Anna was warm, and soft, and welcoming. I dozed a while, my face in her breasts. If this was Russian hospitality, then I could be a great Russophile. She stirred, sleepily, looking down at me. 'I think you like my breasts.' I giggled. 'However did you get that idea?' We both laughed. She pulled me closer, and I inhaled her scent, my hands fondling...Read On


The Sinn Girls: Chapter 2: The Sinn Supremacy

Sinn reigns supreme

'You have done what ?’ Sarah seemed surprised. 'I've got a job working as Angie Sinn's PA,' I repeated. 'But darling, do you really want to be a PA? You are used the excitement of AUNTIE; won't you be bored being a PA? What is she doing anyway? I thought she was working for the CIA or some cloak and dagger thingy.' I suppose the aftermath of a second orgasm was not the ideal time to tell...Read On


My First Experience At University

Sandy broadens her horizons

I was ten when both my parents died in an auto accident. They had had me late in life; I guess I was one of those unexpected surprises. Uncle Sebastian had taken me in, he was my father’s elder brother and my only real relative. It wasn’t easy for him, money was always tight, and he had no experience in raising a teenage girl but bless him, he stuck at it, and I loved him for it. Now...Read On


The Sinn Girls: Chapter 1: Original Sinn

The Sinn Legacy

I was seriously bored. Don't get me wrong, I loved my wife, Sarah, and being her little housewife was an erotic treat. I loved outfits with short skirts and briefer briefs, and the hot sex was wonderful. I enjoyed the writing, and the Agent liked the historical novel series I was producing; but I was bored. I blamed the Government. Six months earlier, the Department announced that AUNTIE,...Read On


Rahab's return: chapter one

Rahab learns more about herself

We had left Tilbury on a dank autumnal morning. I felt a strange pull. It was, of course, parting from my beloved Bess, the great Virgin Queen. What I had felt for her I had only felt before once, for my Ana. My heart ached. Was it my lot, I wondered, to serve the Empire, but never know real happiness myself? A tear came to my eye as England vanished on the far horizon. I felt as though this...Read On


Teachers Pet 01

She goes to school but the last thing she expected was to be taught a lesson!

  Mrs M was grading papers in her classroom when she heard the door open, ‘an odd time of day for the students to be lingering about,’ although even as she thought this she couldn’t help but hope her fantasies may come true. She did not know who was walking towards her but what she could see was a tangle of messy red hair, legs for days and the perfect mixture of curvy and thin – the...Read On


Confession Chapter 12

Stay at home mum, spends time naked with the neighbor.

That whole night I spent thinking of ideas for photos. I found myself starting with a simple idea that always seemed to lead to more and more erotic poses. I had to stop myself from getting carried away. Reminding myself constantly not to get too excited as she may decide not to do it after all.   The next morning I really wanted to talk to Ben about it but he was at work today so I had...Read On

Recommended Read

The Swans Neck: chapter ten

The end of the affair

'Do we really need to take so many clothes, my darling? It isn't like you to take such an interest in these things.' Ealdgyth was flummoxed by my sudden interest in our clothes, but there was method in my madness, even if, at that moment, I had no intention of sharing it. 'I know, Mistress, it is just that we shall be going straight from Ireland to Denmark, and I don't want to have to...Read On


The Swans Neck: chapter nine

Danegyth's vision

I woke while the chill was still in the air. My Lady slept, but I was uneasy. Downwind of the battle site, the air was scented with the smell of rotting flesh. The candles and incense did something by way of mitigation, but not enough. The waste, the horror, the stench of what I had seen earlier haunted me. Wrapping myself in my robe and a shawl, I went out to the chapel. The monks had...Read On