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Lesbian sex stories feature sexy tales of women who love other women. These can be first time lesbians, women who are into group lesbian sex, or just women in love with other women. Feel free to post your lesbian stories here for others to enjoy and embellish.


The End of it All

The Masseuse closes up her business for good...

"Don't come in today," Tabb said over the phone. I was already dressed for work--or dressed in what I wore to work: Sweatpants, baggy T-shirt. All of it would come off in the ladies room when I arrived. "It's my business," I said. "You can't do this." "You sold your business," he said. "I'm sorry. After what I've learned, I have no choice." "I thought we had an agreement, Steven," I said....Read On


The Strip Club

A mother and step-daughter venture into a strip club

This is a somewhat strange and erotic story I'm about to tell you. First, let me give you some background before I begin my tale.  My name is Elizabeth or Liz, whichever you prefer. I'm forty-five years old and have a twenty-two year old non-biological daughter who is currently working on her Master's degree in Sociology. I was with her mother for almost twenty years. She passed away about...Read On



A fantasy I've played out about a special someone

You turn and shut the door, turning the lock to prevent any non-existent intruders from spoiling our evening; in that brief moment, I wonder again at your appearance, the sequined red dress cascading around your lithe figure, a matching purse with tassels draped across your shoulders like a cordon from a Miss-Universe pageant.  Dressing your hair must have taken the longest, it is perfect. ...Read On


Rahab and the Great Exodus: Chapter Three

The bridgehead

Mel was perturbed. 'Are you sure that your Great Council will, literally, buy into your plans, darling?' She looked concerned. 'Why? What have you heard?' I asked. 'Simply that some of the other Counsellors are saying that you have given that scoundrel Dogu too much.' 'I gather so. I have spread the word that he will be bearing the lion's share of the costs, and that should, I hope, at...Read On


The Sinn Girls: Chapter 11: Sinning in Paris

From a death to a view in the morning

To say we were subdued was an understatement. Pixie, Oli and I were, for us, unusually quiet as the late night Eurostar sped towards Paris. I can't speak for the other two, but I, Aussie Annie, joker and life and soul of the party, was verging on being overwhelmed by what I had just put my hand up for. Like Frodo with the ring or Harry with Voldemort, I hadn't sought out that burden. But...Read On


Muff Licker

Susie ends up cheating on her partner at a wedding reception

It was sitting on the kitchen table when I got home from work. I picked up the ivory coloured card and turned it over. “Mr. and Mrs. John Tickall cordially invite Susan and Elizabeth to the wedding of their daughter Catherine to Hannah McElvey.” I stopped reading at that point and looked up as my partner, Beth walked into the room, drying her hair with a towel after her shower. “You’ve...Read On


Rising Star - 4

Another escapade for the rising star

Lilly and I were sitting on the floor, resting against each other’s back.   “How was Bertie?” I asked.   “Fucking useless. Came in his pants poor love. I hardly touched him.” Knowing Lilly as I did that was probably enough to make anyone cum. “How was Ros?”   “I don’t know.”   “Don’t know?”   But I’m getting ahead of myself. I had it all, nearly.   I was almost famous,...Read On


Serendipity Sex

Everything happens for a reason

Does fate exist? Can something really happen down to coincidence? Well, my name is Emma and I don’t think I’d ever given much thought to the issue until one wintry night in Edinburgh when a potentially problematical mistake led to something rather special. These days, as a result, I do believe in fate and that everything happens for a reason. Let me tell you what happened... * * * * It...Read On


Vanuatu Diaries

My very, very first time... or?

The path to one's soul is often bumped with her deepest and darkest secrets. The key to open the lock to the treasure is often comforting persistence and a strong desire. After all, all it takes, sometimes, is a firm, slow albeit gentle push for the lock to give way to the treasure. It was a hot summer day off coastal Vanuatu. The sun shimmered brightly in the true blue ocean, the...Read On



“That’s it, I think I’m finished!” Eunice squealed to herself as she held up the makeshift doll in her hands, admiring her work. It was a few weeks ago when Eunice came home to find the book wrapped in brown paper sitting on her doorstep. Thin hemp rope tied the package together with a little-folded note attached.  ‘What lengths would you go for the one you want most?’ She knew it had to...Read On


The Sinn Girls: chapter 10: Sinn in Paris

Sinn in Paris

The success of the Nic-Nak case, as it would become known, would firmly cement the reputation of the Sinn Girls as the No.1 Lesbian Detective Agency. But that was ahead of us, as there was to be a sting in the tail of that case, and any misstep while we were basking in the joy of a case well done could prove fatal, literally the death of Sinn. Pixie, who loved her paperwork, proudly showed...Read On


The Highwayman Chapter 2: Upstairs, Downstairs

The lady of the house interviews a new hire.

She was a new hire and was already terrified of him. Good, that was part of his job. He was taking her through the mansion, introducing her to the various servants living and working below stairs. As he understood it, this would be her first position in a house. She would hopefully be a quick study. Hand picked by the Lady herself no less; he would be certain to keep this to himself;...Read On


Becoming the Flyer Ch.5


The following morning as the girls lined up for stretching, Alex was on the field with a stunning beauty that nobody recognized.   “Good morning ladies, this is your stand-in coach, Nadine.  Coach Natasha was in an accident last night and suffered a broken jaw.  It is being wired shut today. She will need a good six weeks to recover.”  Vick and Stacey shared a ‘holy shit’ glance but...Read On


The Sinn Girls: Chapter 9: The Sinn Bin

Building an Innings

Well, they say that one should never stereotype, and the five lesbians who stepped out of the taxi clearly didn't conform to anyone's preconceived notion of what a Sapphic night out should look like, although the keen-eyed observer would have spotted that we had covered most of the bases. But, while we may have dressed differently, we were united in a shared understanding of what we aimed...Read On


The Sinn Girls: chapter 8: The Sinns of the daughters

The Girls get ready for the show

I was still a little wobbly after my post-lunch 'lie down' with Mel and Pixie. But, despite the state of my legs, I whispered to myself, "Lead us not into temptation," and slipped out of their arms, knowing that Miss Sinn expected her will to be done and would not forgive us our trespasses if we three didn't focus on the new case. Mel and Pixie could scour the Internet from home, but I...Read On


Becoming the Flyer Ch.2


After waking from a glorious nap, Stacey sat up and noticed it was almost dark outside.  She found her clothes folded next to a crutch and a bottle of ibuprofen.  She dressed and made her way to the cafe for dinner, where she ate an enormous amount of food for such a small tike.  After getting back to the bunkhouse, one of the younger girls of the group approached her and told her that Vicky...Read On


Faye - Chapter Three

Faye and Sally have a day out and make new friends

The days following that Saturday were something of a blur; I know that's a cliché but stick with me on this. I'm not going to describe each time we made love because it would bore you and, after the first two chapters, you should be well versed in what we look like. However, I will give you a brief rundown of events so far. My name's Faye, I am nineteen and I have long red hair down to my...Read On


The Sinn Girls: Chapter 7: Sinn begins at home

A game of Dicks and Dykes

All was quiet at the Sinn Detective Agency. They say that the Devil makes work for idle hands, and while I would not say that our hands were idle, there are those who would argue that they were about the Devil's work. But the fact was that after that wonderful first session as a threesome, Pixie, Mel and I settled down very nicely indeed. It was clear that Pixie's submissive tendencies...Read On


The Gift

... Some gifts are given, some need to be taken...

Cara could feel the cool tip of the plastic cock as it pressed against the heat of her pussy. She didn’t move a muscle, just waited obediently. She’d never been fucked by a strapon and her heart was racing from the nervous excitement.   “Are you ok, love?” the woman’s voice asked firmly from behind her. “Y-y-yes, I think so,” Cara’s voice stammered as she answered.   “Good, then we...Read On


Protect and Serve

Chloe has an encounter with a female police officer she'll never forget.

Chloe groaned as she saw the red and blue lights of the police car illuminate in the rearview mirror behind her. She'd been in such a rush to get home she hadn't even realized she was speeding, but just her luck, she'd been caught. She pulled her car over to the side of the road and shielded her eyes from the bright headlights of the car as it pulled up behind her and the police officer...Read On


First Time?

Two ladies enjoying their first cruise together.

My wife Jean and her best friend Sue took a short cruise to Amsterdam recently. They are both older ladies, but still good looking and of slim builds. Whilst they have occasionally spent a night together in a hotel, this was a different experience. Jean was keen to get dressing gowns in their room, but Sue wasn’t interested, for good reason. When they got to their cabin they unpacked and...Read On


Rahab and the Exodus: Chapter Two

The great rainbow

  One of the first results of Mellisa's reorganisation of the Chancery was the discovery that some of the Emirs and local governors had been falsifying their returns to the Treasury. Mel's predecessor had, as all Ottoman officials did, supplemented his meagre income by raking off money from the tax returns; but he had been greedy. This presented me with an opportunity - and a dilemma. At...Read On


Faye Chapter Two

Faye has a surprise for her new girlfriend.

Even before I opened my eyes again I could feel that she wasn’t there, and when I did open my eyes and my vision cleared it was confirmed. I could have just stuck out my bottom lip and cried right then had I not heard the unmistakable sound of water. I knew it was not raining outside because my flat has windows, and so it must be the shower! Either Sally was in there or I have a...Read On


Love is a Battlefield - Part One

April 21 - Jenny and I sit on the hard, small and lumpy bed, holding hands and kissing each other as we strip and moan. I feel Jenny's finger in my pussy as my hands grab onto her ass super tight. Then she rolls me over as I let go and her hand collides with my bare ass. As a response, I quietly scream in delight, again and again. Jenny's hand hits my ass. My hands fly up to her breasts...Read On


Glass Ceilings

Sometimes you need a little encouragement to break through

Standing in front of the oversized frosted glass doors, Lori was ready to step into her new reality and begin her corporate conquest. Looking at her faint reflection in the glass, she began to let her mind race, getting lost in visions of her first successful presentation, her first promotion, moving into the big office with the desk as big as the current CEO's ego and the grandiose view of...Read On

Recommended Read

Girl Guided

How some celebrated on the first day of legal Cannabis sales in Canada...

“Hey.” “Hey there, yourself.” And that’s all that it took. An innocuous introduction and a subtle glance over her right shoulder at the reflection in the store’s window. The excitement of the day had already heightened Jen’s senses. The unexpected vision had flash-flooded her panties. The attraction was immediate and strong. Without hesitation, Jen could have and would have gone down on...Read On


Rahab and the Great Exodus: Chapter One

Ana and Rahab prepare the way

That night, long as it was, saved my life. I realised what I had been doing, and while I could not stop it entirely, I could moderate it; the rest was bearable with the love and support of Ana. For complex reasons, I had felt that my existence depended on being useful, and of course, that had drawn me out of the depths of slavery to the heights of the Viceroyalty, so it could hardly have...Read On


Rahab's return: chapter eight

The great project

Feodor Romanov was about as far removed from his namesake and cousin, the Tsar Feodor Ivanovich whom I had met in Moscow, as it was possible to be. Where the latter was gentle, diffident and uncertain, Romanov radiated energy. He was tall, handsome in a severe sort of way, and altogether an impressive figure. But the two men had something in common beyond their first names: they were...Read On



Seducing a gorgeous woman.

Hi, I'm Faye. So, let me tell you how it all began. It started, as things like this normally do, with a crush on someone I shouldn't have had a crush on. Her name is Sally; she's a twenty-eight-year-old primary school teacher and she's married to a friend of my parents. I first met the couple when they came around to our house for a late dinner when I was seventeen. We hit it off and...Read On


The Sinn Girls: chapter 6: Sinn rides forth

The story concludes and the cast changes

"Now, slut," I said to the quivering wet mess that was Milly the Munki, ''We shall be coming back here soon, so make sure that you continue to be on-line at that time.'' I was floundering by this stage, but fortunately, Miss Sinn, now she had recovered from her 'jelly legs,' was back on form. 'In fact, slut bitch, we shall be here tomorrow night, make sure you are suitably attired. I will...Read On