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Lesbian sex stories feature sexy tales of women who love other women. These can be first time lesbians, women who are into group lesbian sex, or just women in love with other women. Feel free to post your lesbian stories here for others to enjoy and embellish.


Together on the Horizon | Lesbian

Short sweet tale of compassion and love beating hate...

With months of watching and days of riding through the Great Plains, through the seasons and Christmas time, when snow was falling. It was now May 18th, just a couple of days before bank holiday Monday; even before then did Cindy Silver Buckle choose to run away. Once upon a time in the Wild West, there lived a young woman named Cindy Silver Buckle. This one rider was the main character in...Read On


Serendipity Sex

Fate brings Emma and Kate together for something rather special.

Does fate exist? Can something really happen by coincidence? Well, my name is Emma and I don’t think I’d ever given much thought to the issue until one wintry night in Edinburgh, when a potentially problematical mistake led to something rather special. These days, as a result, I do believe in fate and that everything happens for a reason.  Let me tell you what happened...  ~~~~~ It...Read On


A New Personal Assistant, A New Dimension.

Natalie requires a new Personal Assistant. Dianne is appointed.

My name is Natalie, I am an executive in a large organisation. Sally, my PA (Personal Assistant) and I were the best of friends and had a great working arrangement. She had been with me for over two years and knew all my little secrets. Sally had married just before she became my PA and a few months ago told me that she was pregnant. Pam, the HR manager came to my office and told me Sally...Read On


The Landlady

The landlady wants to make a deal with her tenant's girlfriend, behind his back.

"Coming!" I rushed to the door. When the door opened a charming smile and beaming brown eyes greeted me. "Oh! Ms. Marigold!" I smiled as a rush of excitement came over me. "How are you? I didn't know you were coming over! Did Andre know you were coming?" "No, actually!" She brushed a lock of wavy dark hair behind her ear. "I was hoping I could talk to you both about the rent?" "Oh no,...Read On


Kitty Marie

Kitty and me get some time to ourselves

Marie and her Special Mom, Anna, were on a cruise around the Caribbean Sea. Their cabin was sumptuous and large, with wonderful furnishings and the very height of grand luxury. One morning, as the sun was just streaming through the curtains, Marie was awoken by Anna giving her a gentle kiss and saying, “Good morning, little one. I’ve arranged a special surprise for you today, so pack a...Read On


Meeting Marie - Part 3

Marie becomes my kitten

I lay there, desperate for her touch, but all she did was look at me with a mischievous grin and said, “I want to see your toys.” “What, now? Can’t we…” “No. We can’t. You made me wait, and you played with yourself last night,” she obviously saw the frustration in my face and looked at me with a wild lust that made me shiver, “and because I want to use one on you.” She sprang off the...Read On


Meeting Marie - Chapter 2

The continuing development of a Domme/sub relationship

I peaked out of the curtains and saw that the day didn’t look too bad, a little overcast, but patches of blue shining through, and decided I would wear jeans and a warm, black long sleeved top. In my heightened state I picked out a matching pink lace bra and pantie set and put them on. As I slid the panties up, I was thoroughly aware of my wetness and, if I had been alone I would have...Read On


Meeting Marie - Chapter 1

Meeting a beautiful Swedish woman and the ensuing attraction

It was just after five on what had been a really hectic week at work and, as I was making my way home, I decided to pop into ‘Fredericks’, a new bar near the office, and have a relaxing drink. The weather was turning cold, it now being late October, so my plan was to have maybe a couple of glasses of wine and then catch a cab home. If any of my friends were there maybe we would go and get...Read On


Opposites Attract

Nicola surrenders

It had been three weeks since the apartment opposite mine became vacant. The previous tenant, a middle-aged single man, had left on short notice. Curious as I was about who might become my new neighbour I had kept half an eye on the place during my off days, but those tended to be few and far between and when I’m working my days are long. Tuesday evening I got home from work, mid-evening...Read On


Dreams Can Come True Part 3

After weeks of torrid emails and texts, Pam invites me over for dinner and to watch Sunday night football. Anticipating an evening of sex, I have chosen a white crop top blouse which I tie under my smaller breasts, pairing the top with a short skirt and no bra or panties. I try on a pair of shoes with six-inch heels and check my look in the mirror. The shoes make me look a little slutty, so...Read On


The Hotel Receptionist

When a hotel receptionist says 'If you need anything, don't hesitate to call', she means it.

I’d arrived later than expected. As I dragged the useless suitcase through the revolving doors, I could hear my heels clicking on the floor. She glanced up at me, her long hair hung over her face like a veil until she straightened. I watched as it hung straight down, perfectly framing her face. She was certainly pretty. She looked young, in her early twenties at most, I figured. Her brown...Read On


Cleo has a Spa Day

Cleo gets a very special massage

The early morning sun and the chirping of robins woke me up early in the morning. I usually wake up horny, but today was exceptional. I played with my smooth, wet pussy in bed and then in the shower. Neither satiated me. Looking at my calendar, I was excited to see that I had a spa appointment booked for the afternoon. My masseuse Matthew was handsome, young and very fit. I had always...Read On


A Late Night Interruption

Andi is working late to make a deadline, but Kate can't sleep...

A knock on the office door.  Andi is surprised to hear it. It's after eleven and this was Kate's long day teaching yoga; Andi assumed she would be sound asleep by now. She lets Kate know she can come in and then goes back to typing her exposé on collusion in the city mayoral race. After a moment of silence, Andi looks up from her laptop screen and sees a long leg provocatively extended...Read On


In Search of the Magic Wand

A young lady is in for some surprising adventures at conversion camp

We were at Young Life camp when the youth pastor caught us.  Mindy and I had been flirting for weeks.  We were the ones who snuck off to the woods to smoke when the others were off doing their little brainwash activities.  She was really developed.  Every chance she got she was leaning into me, brushing her tits against me.  Finally on one of our excursions, having lit our Camels, I got up...Read On


Caught Masturbating

Maggie always had a wild imagination that always got her into trouble.

Her full body weight pressed down on me, pushing me into the bed. I could hardly breathe, hardly think; my mind awash with all kinds of thoughts. I’m not complaining. Tonight couldn't have turned out any better if I had planned it. She’s not been gentle with me since she pushed me through the front door. She practically forced me up the stairs and stripped me completely in a few frantic tugs...Read On

Recommended Read

Rebecca Redux: ch 4

A story about power and sex and politics

Becca had a long, hot shower when she got home from Dimitri’s apartment. She felt it necessary to clean her body of that experience before she could set her mind to what his notebook meant. She felt conflicted about it, admitting that there were moments that she enjoyed despite herself. Perhaps it was because Dimitri was so powerful and dangerous. But she knew that the price of being...Read On



Victoria doesn't like nicknames...

“You’re staring again,” my best friend Casey whispered, elbowing me in the ribs. I grunted and gave her a sideways look. “I am not. I’m thinking. You know I space out and look like I’m staring when I’m thinking.” We were at the campus library after classes doing homework and I was thinking about quadrilaterals. “Yeah, well, does Arabella know that?” Arabella Stevens was one of those girls...Read On


I Found My Heart in San Francisco

The owner of a revival movie theater in SF falls ib love with a younger employee.

Call me "Ishmael." (hold on, Herman Melville estate, that was a simple typo.) Call me Emma, Emma Gravel. I own and manage a revival movie theater in glorious San Francisco, where I will go after stopping at Boudin's Bakery for a steaming bowl of butternut squash soup with walnuts and dried cranberries, all dumped into a crispy, crunchy sourdough bread bowl. (Fuck "Rice-A-Roni", this is the...Read On


Pride (In the Name of Lust) Part One

The summer Pride festival ends with an unexpected liaison.

Sophie grabbed her rainbow patterned vest top from the end of the wardrobe, pulling it from the hanger and laying it on the bed next to her dark blue jeans. The top was a bit tatty now, a veteran of four previous Pride festivals, but with such glorious weather, there was no way she wasn't going to wear it. She checked her phone and laughed to herself at the thirty-seven new messages on...Read On


When Sally met Myn

Very straight Sally meets the very not straight Myn

She walked in and my world stopped. I stared like a hormonal teenager, but I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She wasn't the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, she wasn't the fittest, nor was she particularly well dressed. I can't pin down what it was that captured me, but I was hooked. Part of it was her walk! She strode with a confidence I had seen in very few people. Not an...Read On


Ellie And Grace - Ch 2 of 4 (Complete)

Straight girl Ellie meets a mysterious woman on her way to the office.

Ellie spent most of the morning with her nose in her computer, hardly pausing to look away unless Grace asked her a question. Grace picked up on Ellie’s conversational distance and tried to keep her questions to a minimum. She wished the girl would talk more, but there was little she could do other than wait for her to open up. Still, at least she was willing to answer her questions, though...Read On


Fun by the Pool

Her pretty face was calm, eyes closed. She was sprawled out, naked, basking in the sun on a lawn chair. Her silky, long, dark hair splayed out across the chair, her double D tits out in the open, her nipples erect and perky begging to be touched. Mmm, the fondling and licking and sucking I imagined doing to her breasts. I let my gaze travel down her body past her flat, lean stomach down...Read On


Ellie and Grace - Ch 1 of 4 (Complete)

Straight girl Ellie meets a mysterious woman on her way to the office.

  Ellie slumped gratefully to the couch and let out a sigh. She reached behind her and pulled her shoulder-length auburn hair out of its loose ponytail. She had a long day and it felt good to finally relax. Her office recently fired the only other person in her department, so she was stuck with the extra work until they found a new replacement. Cindy, her boss, must have conducted 15...Read On


Tales From The Bar. No.5.

New worlds open up for Dana

I’m the first to admit its not much of a pub. It’s certainly not one of those raucous city centre places, full of drunken yobs and tarty girls every Friday and Saturday night. I’m sure they make loads of money, but I couldn’t stand the hassle. Neither is it one of those twee and charming country pubs, that fill with twittering yuppies at the weekend, out for a Sunday lunch and quaffing...Read On


Train of Thought 7

What does Jennifer really have planned?

After a few more moments of silence, Jennifer re-entered the bedroom alone, lying down beside me on her side propping herself up with her left elbow. “So, what are you waiting for, my little kitten?” she asked. “I wasn’t and I’m still not sure what I’m waiting for,” I answered having already turned my head to face her. “It was a test, Nathan, Lee and Damon are not about to turn up and...Read On


Train Of Thought 6

Jennifer introduces me to some of her friends.

Our texts during the week developed into something more promising. Instead of just being a build-up to another pretty much sex-only date, Jennifer had decided on us having an evening out with some of her friends. Wonderful, I thought, we have progressed, she’s introducing me to some of her friends. I arrived as planned with my overnight case early on Saturday evening. We were going to...Read On


My Sister's Best Friend

seducing my sisters best friend

My name is Bethany and I am nineteen years old. I am a lesbian, full on dyke. I have never been with a boy and haven’t even seen a boy naked, except for movies and porn. It stems from my family, my mother and sister. Mom is a lesbian, becoming one after my dad left her for a younger woman. My sister, like me, has always preferred the female company over men, but she did confess to sleeping...Read On


Late Night Workout And Shower

Two women finish their workout in the shower

After a stressful day at work, I decided to swing by the local gym for a workout. It was almost nine o'clock, and there were only a handful of people with the same idea. I noticed her instantly on the treadmill. After dressing out, I sat down on the soft, gray carpet and began stretching. Her back was facing me as she watched herself attentively on the wall mirrors, ass bouncing in a...Read On


Tales From The Bar. No.4.

Carol and Jess rescue and mend a distraught Naomi.

I felt sorry for Naomi, we both did. Jess and I were the youngest of the Thursday gang, apart from Naomi who was a couple of years younger than us. I’m Carol by the way, and Jess and I had been coming on a Thursday night for a few weeks. It became obvious very quickly that something had happened between Naomi and Sandra when Sandra arrived on her own. The two of them were always together,...Read On


Premier Amour Avec Une Femme - First Love With A Woman

"Jacqui is bi, but particularly fond of attractive girls, She'll teach you all you need to know."

The text arrived a couple of days later. Jacqui introduced herself and gave a brief description of herself and her interests, and I replied in kind. We swapped emails and pictures and arranged to meet a week or so later at a bar near the town centre. I put a lot of thought into my dress and general presentation for our meeting, it was going to be a real first for me. I finally settled for...Read On