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Lesbian sex stories feature sexy tales of women who love other women. These can be first time lesbians, women who are into group lesbian sex, or just women in love with other women. Feel free to post your lesbian stories here for others to enjoy and embellish.


Plumber's Mate 01

It's not always the pizza guy.

I am a plumber. I have the crack to prove it. That and an SUV full of tools and parts. The only better job, to my mind, is writing. I do that too. Many years ago I had the opportunity to apprentice as a plumber. Having had two businesses fail I figured a proper trade would at least give me an option for the lean times. After all, kids are always dropping their toys in the toilet and...Read On


Conversations With Amy Chapter 6

Tracey and Brenda enjoy some time while Rob calls in more help.

The next morning, Aim came by before heading to the airport. "Rob, the kids are off to school. They are excited about 'camping out' here the whole weekend. Just no marathon computer games, OK?" "So I can blame you when they complain?" "I know that you’ll do that anyway. Just toss them into the pool once in a while and they won't do any whining." "Can do, easy." "And, Rob, thanks for this."...Read On


Naked and Entangled

Gazing out the window, you’ll see her car pull up. Your heart will be in your throat. Blood will be pulsing noticeably through every vein, artery and capillary in your body. A wave of heat will wash over you. Deep breaths. Take deep, steady breaths. Once she arrives, you’ll start wondering again. About everything. ‘Is this what I should be wearing? Is it weird if I do? How’s my hair?...Read On


A Night In Jail

A DUI arrest leads to a night of exquisite lesbian pleasure.

Mandy looked nervous as she was brought in to the small county jail at eleven-thirty at night.  She was wearing a short strapless pink dress and high heels.  She hung her head in shame looking as if she was ready to cry, her blonde hair almost covering her eyes.  Her hands were cuffed behind her which accentuated her breasts, pushing them forward against the material of her dress.  She looked...Read On


What a Difference a Day Makes (Chapter 1 of 2)

The first half of what turned out to me a remarkable day for me!

Chapter 1 – First half of my incredible day: My name is Brooke, at this writing I am 30+, tall, and 130 lbs. dripping wet. Unlike most of the women in these stories I am not voluptuous, in fact next to most other women I look like a 14-year old boy, at least in the bust. My hips are slim, but slightly better proportioned than my chest. Let's see, what else might you want to know? I am...Read On

Recommended Read

Come Undone

“Sophia!” I yelled for the zillionth time. “We’re late.” I stood at the bottom of the stairs, waiting less than patiently. I could hear her rummaging around up there. I’d told her in no uncertain terms that we absolutely needed to leave by seven at the latest, and here I was shouting at her at twenty past. I’d turned into my mum. Great.  “Two minutes. It’ll be worth it...” Her teasing...Read On


Am I Lesbian Or Desperate For Sex - Part One

Events and friends dictate how you develop as an individual. Progressing from school to college, immediately changed my view of the world, introducing me to a new circle of friends and attitudes.   I met Gemma on my first day at college in the reception area. As we saw the other, we stopped dead in our tracks. It was as though we had just seen our mirror image. True, she was an inch...Read On


Lost and Found in London

Her piercing blue eyes flicked from the map to the city vista before her, then back to the map once more. Like everyone, she carried a smartphone but there was something special, something tactile about a paper map. A more authentic, genuine and personal experience and she liked that. As the cold December air fluttered the map in her hands she could barely believe she was here. She’d never...Read On

Recommended Read


Zara loves being a professor. Her Thursday night class is a challenge due to one little blonde.

Sometimes I loved being a professor. Most of the time, really. My class is such that usually students don't take it if they aren't serious about it. Classical Mythology is not on the general education list so there are no general education credits for taking it. Teaching a specialized subject typically meant mature and dedicated students. This semester, however, my Thursday evening class had...Read On

Editor's Pick

Beating the Skin

Everyone on the island called her Sìneadh, though it was not the name she was born with. In the Gaelic, sìneadh means to lengthen, and the boys called her that because she was tall before them. Also, it was said, because her mind was up there in the clouds. The name stuck, by way of familiarity more than teasing. That she was still there to be called Sìneadh surprised everyone. She had...Read On


The Overlook

I woke clammy again my heart racing in my chest My dream though a bit foggy was also so painfully real. It was that fateful day again replaying itself like a broken record. The day I made the biggest mistake of my life, and only now am I aware of that. It was the day Karin got on the plane. If only I could remember what she said. "I'll be ... if you change your mind about things," she said...Read On


Never too old

I'm very wet

It was just after six pm on Christmas Eve and I was nervous yet excited, for almost six months I'd pretended not to look at her as she bustled about the office. I'd pretended not to look at how her short skirts rode up almost to her bottom when she reached up for a file. I'd revealed nothing when I saw the outline of tiny g-strings beneath her skirts, and I'd pretended not to notice on...Read On


Cultural studies

Laura’s lust for Korean women started the first weekend of her junior year in college. The concert, a recital by two Korean music students who had graduated the year before, had an excellent program: Beethoven’s Third Sonata, Debussy’s Sonata, and some Schumann and Telemann. When they came out on stage, Laura felt as if she had been struck in the chest—the pianist was dressed in blue,...Read On

Editor's Pick

All That Glitters

I was freezing. A bitter gust of wind whipped up the freshly fallen snow into whirling eddies and stung my cheeks. I braced against the blast then, in a lull, gazed at the skies. It didn’t look stormy. Virtually cloudless, the inky sky glistened with countless winking stars, a bright half-moon watching over them. All along the street, the neon glow of bar fronts and hotel lobbies spilled...Read On


Bloomsbury Circle

A September party.

Gwendoline Callaghan, known to all our circle as Harry, was tall, slim and as butch as you like. She did class butch. Not for her the tight vest, torn jeans and Doc Martens. No, for Harry, it was a decent suit or classy chinos and a leather jacket. She was deep in conversation with a woman called Jess, who never seemed to do anything but was as rich as Croesus.   I was watching her at...Read On


Tammy and Sammy chapter 6

I need access to that lovely little cunt, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week

The holiday bungalow was everything we'd hoped for, a solitary bamboo house on the beach of a beautifully unspoilt tropical island. The only sign at all of any work having been done on it was the mooring quay where the motor-boat dropped us. We'd checked in on one of the larger islands and then been ferried across to what we were already referring to as our own little island, we'd...Read On


Tammy And Sammy Chapter 5

I began to pee through the delicate lace panties.

We were pleasantly surprised at how many people had crowded into the tiny old church to see us pledge our love to each other. Members of both families had travelled from all four corners of the world just to be there and we both felt genuinely honoured. We'd had to wait until Sammy's seventeenth birthday, which was two weeks after mine, but my parents had given us the mews cottage, true...Read On


No Names

I don't need to know your name...

It was a five-star hotel bar, nestled in the streets of downtown L.A., elegantly furnished with ubiquity. A few big screen TV’s hung over the bar area mutedly showing some insignificant sporting events.   A cute duo of a bartending crew, one guy and one nicely tattooed girl, hustled drinks out as fast as they could while still measuring each pour with precision. God forbid they give you too...Read On


Tammy and Sammy chapter four

She couldn't resist the brief flash of knickers as she got out

It took almost a year until daddy let us see each other again, a year in which we phoned each other every morning, noon and night, mummy was great though, she kept asking me if I thought I loved Sammy and my reply was always the same. "I don't think I love her mummy, I know I do." One day when daddy was away on one of his many trips abroad, I sat with mummy in the living room fiddling with...Read On


Picture Yourself

You're invited for walk down a memory lane through one girl's eyes.

Picture yourself at eighteen and a freshman at UC San Diego, a fairly modern campus with lots of sunshine, ocean breezes, green quads, and interesting architecture. You have a boyfriend, and both of you a fairly far from home, you being from Northern California and him from Arizona. You are taking in the sights, experiencing your first college classes, and have fun dating with your man,...Read On


Great Southern Land – Finding freedom on a prisoner’s island

The memory of a winter past maps a summer of discovery

There is a photograph, a picture taken many years ago. And it stands on the mantlepiece in our family home. The photograph is dominated by a young woman, blonde and beautiful with her hair in pigtails. And the dappled winter light plays on her smiling face as she studies the map of a European snow bound city; it is glistening snowy white in the background. I know exactly what is on her mind...Read On


Tammy and Sammy chapter three

I knelt over her upturned face

Much, much later, it was two very drunk young girls who fell asleep in each other's arms on the living room floor and later on woke up freezing, we staggered upstairs and fell into bed shivering. "I feel awful Tammy," she said as we huddled in for each other's warmth. "You look it Sammy," I said and I drifted off to sleep with a 'Thank you' from my lover. We missed breakfast thank God...Read On


Christmas Surprise

My cousin Emma makes the night before Christmas one to remember

My mom’s family had been coming to our house for the holidays for as long as I could remember. Since we had a small house and she had lots of relatives, we always had some strange sleeping arrangements. When I was smaller I would share a bed with my brother and one of my boy cousins. I didn’t like boys at that age and they hated girls so there was no worry of anything inappropriate going on. ...Read On


Tammy And Sammy Chapter Two

She wore black silk stockings.

The bus going into Derby was almost empty. Thank God, so we were able to sit upstairs at the back and enjoy a little bit of mutual fingering. I was all for taking her knickers off and getting down on my knees to eat her, but when she pointed out the mirror to me, that the driver used to look upstairs, I decided that perhaps he may not appreciate a view of me with my mouth clamped onto...Read On


Sammy and Tammy

My name is Tammy, I'm eighteen years old and I share a mews cottage in London with Sammy who's the same age as I am. We met at boarding school two years ago when we shared a room, in case you're wondering about us being only sixteen, let me explain a few things about this wonderfully silly country of ours and it's equally silly laws. You see Sammy and I both come from rich families, well...Read On


West Hollywood Dreams

Candice recreates herself to find herself

The first time Candice saw Agatha she was waiting in line outside a Yeah Yeah Yeahs concert. She waited in line about fifteen people ahead of Candice, wearing a short red plaid skirt and a faded black Nine Inch Nails T-shirt cut into a crop-top. Her leather jacket, the one she owned for the better part of her life, was unzipped and the lapels were so big they almost completely obscured...Read On


Rising Star - Lawful Execution

Actress Faye Millerton continues her account of her rise to stardom

I think I told you that my agent, Flick Caterham, had landed me a part in a new tv series called ‘Lawful Execution’ to be directed by Chesty Morgan, real name Cassandra, with whom I’d worked before when I was much lower down the food chain. So there I was in my dressing room getting ready for my first big court scene. I was playing the part of a barrister which, for those whose legal system...Read On


The End of it All

The Masseuse closes up her business for good...

"Don't come in today," Tabb said over the phone. I was already dressed for work--or dressed in what I wore to work: Sweatpants, baggy T-shirt. All of it would come off in the ladies room when I arrived. "It's my business," I said. "You can't do this." "You sold your business," he said. "I'm sorry. After what I've learned, I have no choice." "I thought we had an agreement, Steven," I said....Read On


The Strip Club

A mother and step-daughter venture into a strip club

This is a somewhat strange and erotic story I'm about to tell you. First, let me give you some background before I begin my tale.  My name is Elizabeth or Liz, whichever you prefer. I'm forty-five years old and have a twenty-two year old non-biological daughter who is currently working on her Master's degree in Sociology. I was with her mother for almost twenty years. She passed away about...Read On



A fantasy I've played out about a special someone

You turn and shut the door, turning the lock to prevent any non-existent intruders from spoiling our evening; in that brief moment, I wonder again at your appearance, the sequined red dress cascading around your lithe figure, a matching purse with tassels draped across your shoulders like a cordon from a Miss-Universe pageant.  Dressing your hair must have taken the longest, it is perfect. ...Read On