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Cheating Stories


Workmate Trial Ch.01

Work friend helps trial a valentines day idea.

She answered. I started: "Hey, it's me, have you got a minute? I want to run something by you." "Sure” she replied. “What's up?" her bubbly voice danced down the line. "I've got an idea I want to try. I'm ringing on this old phone of mine. I thought it wa...

To Come Or Not To Cum, That Is The Question

The cheating English professor gives his A-level student an extended lesson in the language of lust

Teeth clenched, he came, splotching her bare pussy. He’d only come for tutoring. Her parents prepared pasta one floor below. Pearly cum pools quivered atop the stuttered exhalations of her own orgasm, juices snaking from her distended pink slit. Popstar p...

The Big Reveal Goes Wrong

Julie decides to tell her husband that she and I are having sex.

The last thing I wanted was a prolonged secret affair with my best friend’s wife, but we had to let Julie decide when to tell him. Luckily, my wife did more than support the effort, she was instrumental in making it all possible. Now that Julie and I have...

Whose Pussy Is This?

Coming home late, he finds his wife naked, spread eagle, and leaking cum on their bed.

After working late, I found my wife in our bed... naked... spread eagle... leaking cum. A man's cum! "What the fuck, Maria?" I was outraged... hurt... I pulled her to the side of the bed. The scent of sex filled the room and my nostrils as I removed my be...

The Old Apartment

Marcus says goodbye to his old life.

Thursday, 7:28 pm I looked around my tiny apartment and suddenly found it very hard to swallow. I hadn’t spent a lot of time in this place since I’d signed the paperwork at YPV and bought Marduke, but despite that, it felt like I was severing the last rem...

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The Convention

Mark's convention experience takes a daring turn when he discovers his boss's hidden depths in the hotel spa.

I entered the hotel bar, my mind buzzing from the whirlwind of the convention. It was an oasis of calm and elegance, a stark contrast to the frenetic energy of the past few days. Soft golden hues beautifully lit the space, casting a warm glow over polishe...

Penelope's Pendant - Chapter Three

As things heat up between Penelope and her dad, it gets harder and harder to hide the evidence from Judy

Have you ever felt like something was just… off? That’s how I’ve felt for a while now. There are a few things that stand out, but for the most part, I can’t pinpoint what’s causing it. Everything in my life is as good as it’s ever been. Still, I can’t see...

When Wishes Have Come True - Part 4

Gf again enjoys bf's friend with him...and then without him - continued

"Oh, fuck!" Alicia moaned loudly, before pressing the phone against Eric's arm to muffle the receiver as she squeaked with each thrust deep into her, "Oh. Uh, uh, uh. Mng. Yeah, oh, uh, uh." *** Eric gritted his teeth as his huge, thick shaft pummelled re...


The sex is nice, great even. But it's the power.

His rigid cock is poised at the entrance to my cunt. Precum oozes from the tip. A long thin strand deposits a drop directly onto my engorged clit. My labia are swollen, and the smell of sex is in the air. The duvet feels soft against my skin. Of course, s...

Negotiating The Rent, Sophie Manages A DP Session With Geoffrey and Brian And Does Anal With Them Both

Part Eight, Sophie and Mike agreed to move, Sophie engineers a double penetration session and they nearly get caught

Sophie had been disappointed not to have had a little fun with Brian earlier, but she had loved the house. She waited impatiently for Mike to get home. She was glad the Wilsons trusted her with the keys and could not wait to impress Mike with the house. S...

When Wishes Have Come True - Part 3

Gf again enjoys bf's friend with him...and then without him - continued

"Ohmph!" Alicia moaned breathily, as her boyfriend's friend kissed her deeply. Eric sent his tongue deep into her hot mouth to dance passionately with hers as he slammed her back against the refrigerator. The door slammed shut as he pressed her against it...

Adventures in Open Marriage Part 19 - Naughtiness on Multiple Continents

My hotwife continues to explore her side of our open marriage with a hot fling abroad, that comes home!

As we transitioned into the Spring of 2015, my wife, Anne, had moved into a fairly regular rhythm with respect to her fuck sessions with George, her large African American, body builder ad trainer, turned lover. To say that I got off on this, and enjoyed...