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English Stories


To Come Or Not To Cum, That Is The Question

The cheating English professor gives his A-level student an extended lesson in the language of lust

Teeth clenched, he came, splotching her bare pussy. He’d only come for tutoring. Her parents prepared pasta one floor below. Pearly cum pools quivered atop the stuttered exhalations of her own orgasm, juices snaking from her distended pink slit. Popstar p...

Auntie Pen’s Princess

A young man becomes enamored with his “Auntie”

That spring it was quite warm and there were scads of people walking down the Ferry Road to the bathing beach a few streets south of my home; they were mostly town people so I didn’t mind as they passed, some calling ‘hallo Pen!’ My washerwoman had been i...

An Officer, and a Businessman

Away from his wife, the office empty, his beautiful assistant nearby, Chip was in perfect bliss.

Mili-Tech Concepts’ Regional Office, London… Head researcher, Charles “Chip” Dane, looked out his office window towards the gray, depressing skies of London and sighed before rotating his office chair back towards his desk. There were several large stacks...

Part Four: Sharing My Japanese Wife - Mos Burger

The continuing true story of sharing my Japanese girlfriend/wife with other men

While Keiko was sucking and fucking her English lover, Mark, I was fucking Yoshie. The second time I saw Yoshie was one Saturday night while I helped out at a friend’s Japanese pub and Yoshie walked in with a woman I knew, and secretly disliked, named Yum...

Part Two: Sharing My Japanese Wife - The Soccer Socks

The continuing true story of sharing my Japanese girlfriend/wife with other men.

Keiko had been the boys' soccer team manager at her Japanese high school along with her best friend Akiko a few years before and was still crazy about all things soccer, a sport I only have a passing interest in. When she met Mark met at a party they conn...

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The Perfect MILF Tutor For the Perfect STUDent

Teacher suggests tutor, which turns out to be a MILF!

It has been apparent through all my schooling life that English was not my strongest subject. Growing up, teachers were very hesitant to give me high marks and I always tried my best without getting high results. I sought help from friends which was usele...

Getting Off That Hunk

How I love English boy toys!

Looking at the pictures of his ass so fine.All his rippling muscles I would lick anytime. He’s the kind that I like those nasty English boys.I’ve known since I was young they make the very best toys. Oh my god what a cock it is so rock hard and so very la...