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Good girl Stories

good girl

Wish You Were Here

“Look at you, already flushed and breathing hard. You like this, don’t you?”

His footsteps echoed off the hallway floor. It was the warning I needed to get in position. He didn’t know it at the time, but there was a reason I wanted hardwood floors throughout the whole house. It was not just for aesthetics. Subs needed every advant...

My Daughter's Best Friend - Part 2

Katie wants to be a good girl and events continue to spiral out of control

I come down for breakfast the next morning and find Katie and Aoife already at the breakfast bar, munching their way through the crunchy nut cornflakes. Katie blushes and smiles sheepishly, watching me over the top of the cereal box. Images of last night...

Nightshade: Part 2

The consumation of their burning need fills them both exquisitely.

Taylor nudged her shoulder to turn her around, now facing him. He paused, yet again, and looked her up and down. To her credit, she was perfectly positioned and showed no signs of her indiscretion. He furrowed his brow and looked expectantly at his kitten...

Shower Time

A most enjoyable time in the shower

She’d often wondered how it would feel if they fucked in the shower. Even fantasized about it while she was taking her own shower before. But they never really seemed to have the chance to, and she’d sort of let that fantasy go for some reason. Until now....

It's Been A While

someone's excited to reconnect

It’s been a while. Months since we had a proper night, like we used to when we were still so new and excited and high on the possibilities of whatever this was. You probably think I’m most excited to put my mouth on your cock. To wedge myself between your...

A Very Long Engagement Pt. 2

The morning after, revelations, and future plans.

Disentangling myself from Sam as gently as I could, I gazed down with sadness at her nude, beautiful body. She was smiling in her sleep; I’d let her have her happy dreams a little longer. A renewed sense of shame swept over me as I felt myself stiffen. I...

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Submitting To Professor Kent Ch. 01

A young woman suffering from social anxiety seeks lessons from her older dominant professor.

I stood in the hallway of Kirkwood Hall, or ‘professor row’ as the other students called it. My thumb drew incessant circles in my sweaty palm as I paced small circles near the wall between two offices. I can’t do this. I can’t do this, repeated in my hea...

The Submissive Drive

A ride to the airport turns into something much more...

She looked nervously out the window and off into the distance as the furnace of desire within her grew by the moment. Time was running out as the car sped towards the airport. She yearned for his touch, just one more time. He glanced over momentarily and...

Exes And Ohs

Small town living has its drawbacks for Sadie’s promiscuous nature

I gaze across the restaurant table at him and know I should be a good girl. Should behave. But every fibre of me craves to crawl up, sweep away the candles, wine glasses and luxurious napkins, grab his tie and kiss him. I ache to straddle his lap, free hi...

Rachel's Trip To Jamaica

A religious, conservative young woman has her mind - and everything else - expanded in Jamaica.

This is a true story. My second wife and I got married in 1988, and we had not been married long when a girlfriend from her netball days turned up on our doorstep. Her name was Rachel, and she had just returned from her big OE in London. Having nowhere to...

Perfectly Content

Working from home can be boring at times. Unless you have the perfect good girl to distract you.

My long legs curl beneath me as I sit beneath your desk, the very image of subservience. My long swathe of hair is swept over one shoulder, leaving my neck and breasts exposed, begging for your touch. I am naked, except for the butterfly clips that bite a...


She was supposed to be the pure one.

To all appearances, she was the "good girl," the purest of the pure. Charmaine was the one who didn't drink or smoke or do any drugs. Her idea of a wild night was overdosing on orange soda. She was teasingly called the only girl who could get drunk on ora...