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Brat Stories


Busy Mistress - Femdom Smut

He becomes a brat when he sees me working!

FEMALE’S P.O.V~ I was engrossed in my laptop, cocooned in a blanket, when he suddenly materialized before me in his boxers and a loose white shirt that seemed to be slipping off. He looked delightful. However, I didn’t have the luxury to appreciate the br...

Teaching Karen a Lesson Part II

A week after I taught my wife some manners, our lives have changed for the better, but has my wife really changed?

“Hey, honey,” Erin called from the bedroom. “Can you zip me up, please?” “Sure, dear,” I said, finishing the last gulp of my coffee. “Wow, look at what we have here…” I marveled at my wife’s backside as I approached. She wore a slender red dress that hugg...

Teaching Karen a Lesson

If having to deal with a 'Karen' is bad, try being married to one. My dysfunctional marriage is about to get even more so...

“What part of ‘I want to speak to your manager’ do you not understand?” The waitress, who was already shrunk and folded into herself like a frightened turtle, took a step back. Her eyes were down at her fingers, nervously kneading another. “Y-yes, ma’am....

Karen Loses Control Pt. II

Karen needs Mark to complete a video training, but Mark needs something from her first...

“I’m never leaving this goddamn place,” Mark mumbled to himself as his fingers clacked angrily on the keyboard. The master lights in the office had clicked off hours ago. Somewhere in the distance, the cleaning crew vacuumed, and their small Bluetooth spe...

Karen Loses Control

A middle-aged, condescending coworker who is entitled and kind of a bitch is taken back when a young man she usually berates for fun makes a sexual advance while at the office.

Mark put the car in park in his office parking lot, sighed his daily defeated sigh, and then opened his door to begin yet another day of pointless office work. The Tesla driver parked beside him was parked on the dividing parking space line, so he could o...

1. Deeper Learning

Reminiscences of a young, high-spirited and avidly curious learner determined to make the most of her formative experience.

Some moments are decisive in moulding our personality, at least for specific traits. Know what I mean? You can tell something's changed. Take sex, for example. Can you remember when it came to be SEX? Can you determine that turning point for you and your...

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Honey, I'm Home

A brat begs to be put in her place

Jenny checked her phone. Fifteen minutes until Linda got off work. The sun had started to set outside, and Jenny’s eyes were getting tired from reading. It was time. She put her book on the coffee table and pulled an unassuming black travel bag out from u...

What A Girl Wants: Pleasure And Pain

A true story about my Daddy giving me the pleasurable pain I crave.

"I think you are due for another maintenance spanking," "I think you're right, Daddy. I need it." He stepped behind me and pulled me close against him. His erection poked my backside and his hands slipped under my shirt and bra and grabbed my voluptuous t...

Breaking the Bratty Sub’s Resistance

In a rough showdown of wills, it looks like she’s finally met a man willing to step up to the challenge of taming her

I’ve seen a man at the gym in my apartment complex for months now. He looks at me with this hunger in his eyes and I meet his gaze with curiosity. It’s clear what he wants from me, and the dark energy that he exudes tells me that he’s very dominant, which...