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filmed sex


A porn star who would go all the way!

Domino slowly soaps her naked body up in the shower; she washes and conditions her hair. She then shaves her legs and pussy, leaving just a triangle of trimmed pubic hair above her labia. She steps out dripping wet, grabs a towel, and wraps it around her...

Andrea's Exploits

Evening entertainment

Having finished my shower and toweled myself off, Chrissie was back and took my hand, leading me across the landing and into a large room; a dorm, single beds along each side, twelve in total. “These are yours, aren’t they?” she pointed to the dress, knic...

Season's Gropings

It's the most decadent time of the year.

Rick Lovett had no inkling, on arriving at Eastleigh Manor, of how comprehensively his marriage vows would be tested that night. How could he? His wife had accompanied him to the Christmas festivity, and even had she not been by his side, the moments he’d...