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Angry sex Stories

angry sex

Mildrith's Wedding Consummated

A raider breeds a nobleman’s gorgeous new wife.

1. I had to keep reminding myself that I was Lady Mildrith Rhys of Capel-le-Ferne, heiress to one of the most strategic fiefs in England. And I was married to Burke Hollis, eldest son and heir of Ealdorman Walter Hollis of Tunbridge, one of the richest En...

Aleza Gets What’s Coming To Her

Aleza has been strutting around like a slut in front of her sister’s husband and he finally can’t take it anymore

Nikola (Nick) Vukovic had finally had enough. True, he had been drinking, but she was the one that drove him to the bottle. That fucking slut, Aleza. She was visiting Nick and his wife, Kata, from her home in the Balkans, along with Nick’s father-in-law....

Needs, Wants, Desires Ch 2

Three people, two sisters, one twisted moment where needs, wants, and desires boil over

The physical qualities of Lynn’s nakedness had no effect on Kelly. None of her pleasure was derived from it. The sight of her sister’s pussy and prominent inner lips did nothing to moisten her own slit. Nor did her always-bigger-but-ever-since-kids-even-h...

Farah’s Revenge – Reginald St. James

He fucks her rough and ruthlessly; and pays the price

My husband, Hossain, grew very concerned as my due date approached. It was a big baby and I felt like a whale. I was very uncomfortable and had to pee every few minutes. I called in and began my maternity leave. St. James called me a day later. “I’ve shor...

Sam (#7): Return To Peninsula Park (1/2)

This time, a trio, they return to Peninsula Park for more fun

It was now six months since Sam and Tom had met on the waterfront and now, our relationship was getting serious as we were spending more time in each other and their houses, sometimes with her flatmate Kate and Pete or just Kate. It was two months since a...

Season's Gropings

It's the most decadent time of the year.

Rick Lovett had no inkling, on arriving at Eastleigh Manor, of how comprehensively his marriage vows would be tested that night. How could he? His wife had accompanied him to the Christmas festivity, and even had she not been by his side, the moments he’d...

Random Encounter!

I'm not sure what I even intended with this one. So just laugh, masturbate or do both at the same time! :P

I was on my way to sell my sword to the count of Anteron, when I lost my way in Dimbark woods. While this was not overly concerning, it still wouldn't do to let anyone know it had happened, not if I meant to set my sword to the right pay grade. So, I dogg...

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Fucking Gringa

I plotted my revenge and he loved it.

I am a writer. Acuario is a tattoo artist. I am American. He is Mexican. We have an interesting relationship. Two creative personalities. Two very different cultures. If he pisses me off. I don’t yell. I don’t throw things. I challenge his authority. In f...

Burn - The Fire That Blinds, Part III

A woman discovers something unsettling about her husband

“Alan? Are you here?” I closed the door behind me and dropped my keys into the singing bowl by the door. His car wasn’t in the driveway, but him not being home was odd enough that I couldn’t resist the impulse to call out again. “Alan?” Nothing. I kicked...