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Christmas party Stories

christmas party

Get Your Claus Into Me!

What else is there to do when the toys are made?

“Well, Mrs. Claus,” said Santa as he sank wearily into his armchair, “It’s only the eighth of July and we’ve finished making all the toys for all the children in the world already. By my count, that’s a record. The elves have certainly excelled themselves...

What A Bitch

They didn’t know I was there. “Are you going to fuck him?” “Probably,” said the other, and they giggled. “What about you?” “Yeh, definitely! I haven’t had a fuck for weeks.”

Suzie “What are you doing still here?” It was Mr Symonds, or Harry, as he was known to most of us. “The party starts in an hour,” and he gave me his lovely warm smile. “Angela, are you ready?” “Yes, I am, Mr Symonds, just finishing a few things.” Angela q...

A Late Night To Remember

Who knew decorating for a holiday party would end up with me as the decoration

Ugh, it’s after five on a Friday and, of course, I’m still at work. I swear I had the day all planned out so I would get all my work done, still have time to decorate for tomorrow’s holiday party, be out the door by five. It’s not like I have plans tonigh...

Merry Christmas, Mrs. Salinsky!

Mrs. Salinksky's Christmas party comes with a pleasant surprise for her.

I flicker a weak smile across the festively decorated sitting room, making brief eye contact with my intoxicated husband, who casts a somewhat disinterested glance back at me from his well-worn spot by the punch bowl. When a trickle of sperm springs loose...

Season's Gropings

It's the most decadent time of the year.

Rick Lovett had no inkling, on arriving at Eastleigh Manor, of how comprehensively his marriage vows would be tested that night. How could he? His wife had accompanied him to the Christmas festivity, and even had she not been by his side, the moments he’d...

Merry Christmas You Little Prick

As Emma walked back to the dance-floor, Becky relaxed. "So, are you going to fuck me or what?"

I think he enjoyed that. No, that’s wrong, I don’t think he did, I know he did. And, so did she. Eddie’s cock was still covered in that wonderful mix of spunk and pussy juices, and, as I gently stroked his balls, it stirred. Becky was lying next to him, h...

On the First Day of Christmas, My Best Friend’s Husband Gave to Me… ...a dick underneath the pantry. No, really. When I went to fetch the fine china for my lovely guests (my best friend of ten years Sarah and her husband Brandon) within the lazy susan und...

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Ice Breaker

Not even Christmas can save me from this level of embarrassment

Most people spend Christmas with friends and family. This year, I'm not one of them. Before you misjudge me as one of those saddos, sitting in my underpants and T-shirt in a soulless flat nursing a pint and the TV remote searching for Die Hard movies, let...

Olivia slipped on a silk red nightgown with furry, white trim that barely covered her shapely ass, fell seductively off her shoulders, and clung to her curves in all the right places. She donned a Santa hat with the word ‘NAUGHTY’ embroidered on the white...

Should We?

'Tis the festive season, but how far should one take holiday spirit?

Lynn and I have always thrown a company Christmas party, even though we are the only two people that work at the company. We share a small group of friends, and we just hang out, get stoned, and play some iteration of Cards Against Humanity. It’s a lot of...

Christmas At Tena’s

Wife’s niece throws Christmas party and I help her in the bedroom.

I didn't want to go. Hell, I never wanted to go to these things. My wife’s side of the family was like that. They loved to throw parties and have get-togethers. Birthday parties, graduations, weddings, all the regular shit. They did it every week. Yeah, I...

As I walked Jake back to Mr Armstrong’s office, he asked, “These picnics that the boss has, are we expected to bring someone?” “No, there’s singles, unmarried couples and married both with and without kids. That said, kids aren’t invited to the Christmas...