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Honesty Stories


"Clare" - Chapter 6:- Dating Karen - "The Frog and the Thistle”

Clare starts to date Karen, but first she needs to come clean about Brenda.

I walked home from Brenda’s with a renewed spring in my step. My pussy soreness was now numbed, and my bottom felt warm; it had a glow within it. Playing on my Walkman was Michael Jackson’s Bad album. It was his latest, and, despite the title, it was very...


Sally comes clean after Vernon's return from Seattle but also sets the boundaries

Later that night, reflecting over a bourbon in my hotel room, I was convinced I didn’t know the full story. Julie insisted on taking me to the airport. When she gave me a final hug before I went through the gates, she had tears in her eyes. As I considere...

The warmth of your breath

All the things I love about you...

The warmth of your breath and a brush of your lips. The touch of your hand and your sweet finger tips. The smell of your perfume,  the smell of your hair. The sound of your voice in the cool night time air. The curve of your calf, and your confident strid...

She Did

Without trust and honesty there can be no real emotional attachment.

Grey and dreary was today She sat in sad, utter dismay Her world had gone all astray Two lovers had come her way One dark of night, one light of day Slow and smooth was his pursue He spoke of honesty, just not true Soon he would cast his darkest hue Webs...

Tell me, I will listen Speak your truth, say it I expect nothing yet want it all Look deep, past blinded shades Feel yourself within my core Clouds grow yet hearts beat Take with me that desired leap It calls to you in dreams of bliss All we will have is ...

Strange in Lust

A Jekyll and Hyde nature becomes unhidden.

"Don't resist. Don't talk." I had just pounced on her, wrapping one arm and one leg over her, pressing my hard cock against her thigh, and gripping her against my chest as she tensed up at my words. I wait to see what she does. She says nothing and does n...

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Sea Jewel

a caring heart is always in peril

on you I rest like a tiny shell on the tip of a sandy, wet fingertip at the beach..... it is a fearful thing, my dearest heart. this power you have over me is like breath that can blow that shell away and make me a castaway forever in the surf which softl...