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Messy Stories


Amy Gets an "A"

Why I always carry a clean t-shirt in my bag

We were waiting outside Professor Anderson’s room for a seminar on “Eighteenth-Century Romantic Literature” when Amy arrived, smirking. Her t-shirt was splattered all over with a creamy substance that was clearly semen. “Fuck, Amy,” said Jane, “You’ve bee...

Cunt Caresses

I wasn’t worried after caressing my man’s cock to a spurting climax. I knew I’d get mine.

My eyes pop open when he shifts and sighs under me. Raising my cheek from his sticky chest, I peer at the clock. Barely thirty minutes have passed since we laid down for a nap after work, twenty or so since my spit-slicked hands caressed his cock to a spu...

Cock Caresses

After a stressful work day, my man’s cock gets treated to some sensual caresses

Shortly after arriving home from work and changing into my comfy cotton pants and t-shirt, I hear the unmistakable sound of the garage door opening. He’s home! A minute later, the garage closes and I hear the inner door clunk shut. I meet him in the livin...

Carving a Jack-O-Lantern

Lovers working together

“Watch it! Seeds are going everywhere!” “Can’t help it, pumpkin’s so full!” “Take that good shirt off.” “Surprise!” Her dropping shirt revealed her naked body. I stripped too. The carving continued. My eyes were drawn to the allure of her sensual body. “W...

Morning Surprise

Chris wakes his dragon lover with some messy morning pleasure...

“Mmm…” The big, green dragon rolled over in his sleep, comfortable in the large, homely cave that Re shared with his much smaller, human partner, Chris. On his back, he seemed to draw someone with him, along his green-scaled hide, though Re had to blink b...

Succulent Succubus Slut

My trick was to get naked for my friend's husband in his doorway; now it was time for a sexy treat!

Sonja led me and her husband Donovan into what must have been the guest bedroom, which was dark until she clicked on the desk lamp, adjusting it to a low setting. She sat beside the bed in a chair and set my bucket on the dresser, watching, expressionless...

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I Like Big Cocks and I Cannot Lie: Part 1 of 2

My husband and I wanted a well-hung guy to play with...

Okay, it’s true; I like big cocks. I’m not ashamed to admit it, and I certainly won’t turn down a smaller one based on size alone, especially if its owner is a nice, sexy guy. But big ones are arousing, visually appealing, fun to play with, and oh so very...

The Priestess Of The Spire - Ch. 03 - The Star Chrysalis

A celebration and an ancient ritual chamber is unsealed.

A deep melodious bell rang low throughout the caverns. Vana and Lala looked at each other and slowly rose out of the bath. "Come, Master Gar. The feast in your honor will commence soon." The women helped him into a long soft robe and then donned sweaters...

Jaq And The Gyno Chair

We get to know a doctor at our swingers' club

We had chatted to Mike and Helen many times at one of our clubs, but never before had we played with the two of them. Mike and Helen are a beautiful black couple, similar ages to Jaq and myself. We had chatted on previous occasions but had never really go...

A Finger of Fudge

A finger of fudge is just enough to give your Miss a treat

“In your pussy would be nicer. All wonderfully coated.” I was trying to get these words out of my mind. I’d messaged my Miss during the night shift, telling her I was eating my way through a tin of chocolates I found in the empty office, offering to sneak...

B&B Tryst Episode 5: What Comes Naturally

Having met an exciting stranger, we enjoy each other on her last night at the B&B.

I leaned forward and grabbed my sexy partner around the ass, pulling her forward so that she had to put her legs on either side of the chair to straddle me. Her breasts were right in my face, flushed, erect nipples pointing past my cheeks. She must have b...