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Helping out a Classmate - Chapter 3

You can't get enough of Danielle.

The next morning you wake up in an empty bed. Danielle is not in the room and her nightdress is gone as well. You figure she must have gotten out of bed and decided to let you sleep. You get out of bed and search for your boxers. When you find them, you put them on. Your boxers, however, don’t stand a chance to block your morning wood. They just show a huge bulge. As you open the bedroom...Read On


Slutty Girlfriend Blows Boyfriend's Perverted Uncle for Cash

Slutty Girlfriend Blows Boyfriend's Perverted Uncle for Cash

Sheldon and Sarah met attending college in California and had been dating for about a year when he brought her along to his family reunion back east in New England. They were hanging out in his grandmother’s basement den with Sheldon’s uncle Bob, who was his mother’s brother. Sheldon’s father didn’t like Bob and called him a pervert and a junkman. But Sheldon and his mother suspected that he...Read On


Money for Nothing

She was hot, so fucking hot that Richard never had a chance!

I met Richard one evening for drinks. It was a ‘let’s see how we get on evening’, after all I couldn’t just fuck anyone, and while his profile on the website looked dishy, it didn’t tell me everything I needed to know. Richard wasn’t cheap either. The price tag on his body was £2000 per night. For a male prostitute I found that a bit steep. It seemed extortionate but I was desperate and I...Read On



I found what I was looking for right next door

I woke with a start. It was 7:30 and my alarm hadn’t gone off for some reason. I shot up, panic pulsing through me, consciously fighting to clear the sleep fog from my brain when it hit me that I hadn’t overslept. My alarm hadn’t gone off because I hadn’t set it; I was taking a long overdue vacation for the next four days. Relieved, I exhaled and reflected on the monotony that defined my...Read On


2-for-1 Discount

He makes the older ladies pay to play.

My name is Chas, short for Charles, but no one calls me by anything but Chas. I went with that version of my name when I was in high school. I figured it gave me something unique, maybe distinctive. It also comes in handy in my line of work. You see, I'm a male escort, a gigolo if you will. The ladies seem to love calling me Chas and, since they are paying to play, whatever they love works...Read On


Assignations - 1

A long awaited meeting finally results in a sexy ending

As the light of the dawn starts to show the colours within the darkened room, I begin to see you in more detail. You sleep on, quietly. A half smile on your face, your eye-lids fluttering to some half remembered, half forgotten dream of rapture long ago. Or maybe you remember our passion of last night. The frenzy of our love-making, inspired by the prolonged sensuous build-up of our...Read On

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It's a story about jazz, wild beasts, a dark witch and a girl moanin'

The night has come to a quiet end. The hostess tastefully turned off the bright chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Only the city of Lights bathes the room now, brushing the thick Persian carpets in soft forgiving shadows. The little silver box in your jacket pocket feels heavy. Thoughtless, you grab a blonde, keep it hanging on your lips. In the dark, the tiny spark of the match is a...Read On


H's Story - Part 2

She continues her education and fulfilment of her fantasies

She knelt before him in the room. This was where she was, where she wanted to be, and where she was meant to be. His smile and his voice felt like it melted her insides and, given how wet she was, that might just be literally true. He had been telling her about the rest of the weekend and, while some parts were a little anxiety inducing, the rest were right out of her fantasies and all...Read On


A White Couple Learns to Worship Black Cock and Pussy

My wife and I are black and take pleasure in seducing, demeaning, and using a white couple for sex.

Growing up as a black boy in rural Birmingham, Alabama in the 1980s was a lot easier than my parents had things growing up in the segregated South. Yet, even with race relations being greatly improved, I still had a strong sense that there were certain taboos that it was dangerous to breach. As I grew into my teen years, I still considered it forbidden to try to date white girls, even though...Read On


Partners in more ways than one

Job seekers find an unforeseen common ground

Little did they know at that moment, but Matt and Tammie had more in common than being first-time attendees of a ministry for people in between employment situations. There was a sense of trepidation for both of them as they innocently sat next to each other in the auditorium before the introductory session for newcomers started. There was embarrassment on Matt’s part for attending....Read On


James And Rachel Chapter 02

The sexy story continues.

Rachel and her boyfriend James were laying in James’s bed a few days later when James suddenly got up saying he wanted chocolate. Rachel just looked at him funny as he quickly left the room. She was a little perplexed at the spontaneity of her love’s cravings. Shortly, James returned with bottles of chocolate and caramel topping syrups. “I decided I wanted caramel too,” he chuckled as he set...Read On


For You, My Love

It felt incredible, I was so full and he was rubbing everything sensitive.

I fastened the collar around my neck, attaching the nipple clamps but making sure they weren't too tight. I put the stockings on, followed by the lace dress. Inspecting myself in the mirror I made some tweaks so I would be perfect for him. When I was happy I walked to the entrance way and knelt on the thick hotel carpet, ready to greet him as he'd ordered. My heart pounding as I...Read On

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Under His Spell

When two people from Lush decide to meet in real life...

Hi. Please call me Brie; all my friends do. However, should you have the need of an Interior Designer in the Greater Los Angeles area; you will find me listed under my full name of Brianna St. James. Apart from running a successful business, I have been happily married for twenty years and have three children. Only one boy remains at home, and he will be a high school senior this year and...Read On


Lakeside Cabin

The begining of a beatiful thing.

The breeze from the lake felt wonderful on her face. The sun was just at the point where one could begin to see the coming sunset. With the clouds in the western sky, it promised to be as amazing a display of color she had seen in a while. She wished he was here to share it with her, but he wasn't going to be here until after eight o'clock. He had sent her a text message with no detail other...Read On


The Rebirth Of Andrew Bishop - Chapter 27

Drew has his two families meet and Geoff and Jackson's relationship blossoms.

Geoff let the hot water run down his wiry body. Jackson's strong arms encircled him from behind. He leaned back against the younger man and relaxed. His back ached. He was finding it hard to sit in the combine harvester for hours on end. A sign of age, he and his best friend Drew had decided jokingly. Geoff was afraid it was true. He felt one of Jackson's hands slip down and grasp his...Read On


My Initiation-Part 2

My initiation turned out to be more than I expected.

I got to see a lot of really wonderful sights while I was trying to get ready to complete my initiation for the fraternity I was trying to join. All I had to do was get eighteen pairs of panties and one from the dorm or another and I had a week to do it. While I was watching the dorm to get the schedules of the girls, I got to watch things that go on in the sorority  One girl I watched...Read On


My Ex's Sister

Babysitting my ex's sister get's more exciting than expected

Last week I went over to my ex-girlfriend’s house. I’ve always had a great relationship with my ex’s family and with her as well. The break-up between Kaitlynn and I was the best decision for the both of us, so we stayed friends afterwards. Her parents and little sister, Emma, also recognized this. From the time I started dating Kaitlynn till now, they’ve always been great to me. We mostly...Read On


A quick learner

“Here, kitty kitty,” called Arlene, and of course the naughty beast looked at her quickly and ran a few yards further; if the rotten thing weren’t white she’d have long since disappeared in the dark. “Come on, you scoundrel,” Arlene said quietly, and Fluffpuff looked back at her, twitched her tail, and scampered off yet again down the trail. Fortunately, Arlene and her mother had lived in...Read On


Drunken Prick at the Party Molests Your Wife - Part 2

Husband watches his wife getting fucked and ejaculated on while pondering their relationship.

You turn away from Gabrielle, pushing her hand from your shoulder resolutely and you march back into the house with her and Arthur trailing behind you. “Now be reasonable, old man,” chimes in Arthur as he hurries to catch up with you. “Don’t do anything rash.” You are leaping up the stairs two at a time now and Arthur falls behind. Gabrielle kicks off her heels and manages to sprint ahead...Read On


Treat The Queen Like A Whore - Chapter 1

An introverted man tries to find happiness after a lifetime of exhausting competition

GREG It is funny how all those obstacles that stop you from having a good time when you're adult have very little impact on you as a kid. I almost laughed bitterly as I sat on the soaked bench and stared at the two boys on the basketball court. They were covered in mud from head to toe and the shorter one had a pretty bad wound on his right knee with blood gushing from it down to his...Read On


Jenny Learns Her Place (Part 2)

Jenny prepares to accept her Master

“Thank you, Master,” I said as I slowly brought myself to my feet, tears of pain rolling down my cheeks. I couldn't see my ass but it was probably purple with bruising and I was happy with that. Bobby would now know that I could withstand a hard spanking with the paddle without falling back on the safe word. “And for good measure,” Bobby said and put the clips back on my nipples. Wincing...Read On


My Curious Wife 2

My wife becomes an online chat sensation

A few days passed since I gave the webcam blowjob for Stephen. During that time, we had talked about it a couple of times and we always agreed how arousing it had been. I was thinking of how to talk Michael into doing that for real. I think he wanted the same thing. But who would be the first to bring that up was the question. Although I knew he was incredibly aroused by the thought of me...Read On


Sex games 11 part 2

We continue with Jamal and Bill

Carol had just been fucked by Jamal and Bill and I had come on her breasts. Jamal had fucked Bill while he was fucking Carol. She was smiling and obviously contented. There was a peaceful stillness in the room and it smelled like sex. I said, "If it's OK with you, Bill, I think we should all spend the night here." Bill beamed a smile and said, "Wow, Wow, four on my bed, Wow!" I took...Read On

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She must escape her violent past...

She must escape the city...and her past. All characters are 18 and over. All characters are fictitious. V. Francis...Read On


Stacy's Submission ~ Chapter 10

Stacy is taken into Miss Cara's room and teased while having to make some serious decisions.

Stacy follows Miss Cara out of Becca's room and across the hall. The house is kept at a pretty warm temperature luckily, otherwise Stacy would feel quite cold. She's only wearing her skirt and of course, the chastity belt underneath it. Cara gestures through the entrance to her own room. Stacy follows direction and crosses the threshold. Her soft, little feet enjoy the feeling of the...Read On


Shelley Comes To Stay

Shelley comes to stay for the summer holidays

Josh is twenty and lives at home with his parents. He is a student, at a local university and commutes in for lectures, so he can save money on accommodation and so on. In this way he will not leave university, several thousand pounds in debt. His room at his parent's house is a spacious double room. He has all the tech and modern conveniences he needs, a nice big double bed and a en...Read On


Truth is Better than Fiction

A secret crush on the sister of my wife's best friend turns real due to Lush Stories Web Site

“Robert! We need to talk!” I recognized Riley’s number in my cell phone. Riley was an acquaintance, the sister of my wife’s best friend. Riley was in her late thirties and divorced, with two teenage girls - one a bit on the wild side and the other living with Riley. Riley and I were Facebook friends and practically neighbors as well. She lived in the same neighborhood, but a few...Read On


The Way You Like It

An unexpected rendevous with someone I love.

I walk into your bedroom, not knowing that you're changing. You're wearing pajamas and a bra. You're reaching out to get your shirt, your breasts hanging. I see that. You see me see that. You ask me if I like what I see. I come closer to you and kiss you, our tongues fencing. I sit on your bed and you sit on my lap. We're making out as I first squeeze your ass and then move on to fondle...Read On


Manmoirs: Hot Box

She made it way too easy for me

Alexis was a pretty girl down the hall that worked on different live shows than I did. We happened to have mutual friends and once in a while we'd stop in the halls and have a quick chat. I wasn't 100% sure, but I felt Alexis may have thought I was cute. Although her lifestyle wasn't exactly marriage material for me, she had a sex appeal; 5"6, light brown hair, big tits, big booty, not a big...Read On


Come Together

“I want you inside me when I come,” I whispered.

It’s the summer after senior year and we’re all together playing games inside. Joe and I had been together earlier in the day already and he’d fingered me in the park. It was amazing. I was so wet and he was so good. We were just sitting outside on a park bench. It’s hot as hell out so I was just wearing a short cotton skirt, allowing Joe real easy access to my pussy. I loved it. I loved...Read On