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A Study Break

A study break is bit more energizing than anticipated.

Sebastian is a sexy German grad student. We initially met online, clicked, and had already hung out a few times and had incredible sex. Standing 6’2 with shaggy blond hair, I was immediately attracted to his muscular but lean athletic body. Once we spoke on the phone and I heard his sexy German accent, I knew I wanted to hear him whisper dirty, nasty things to me in German. We arranged...Read On


Party Time

Sometimes Parties Can Be Fun...

“Okay” I grumbled to my wife as the valet opened the door and handed me a ticket. “Tell me again how long we have to stay”. She rolled her eyes and glared at me. “At least until the end of the auction” she said in a clipped tone. “That means a couple of hours. Surely you can find enough people to talk to or things to do for such a brief period. I can’t leave earlier than that.” We walked...Read On


One Night Stand

She was alone in her room.

It was a Tuesday. There was no major convention in town like last week’s NASP convention, in which all sort of things went on, but that is a different story. I just got back to my office around 4:30PM from a late meeting. Sitting down at my desk I looked over to the hotel. There were a lot of windows with open drapes but no one in them. The earlier NASP left a lot of rooms open and needing...Read On


College Locker Room

A college football star and his team manager get it on in the locker room

Where to begin? I suppose I should start from the beginning. Well, I was in college, majoring in history. In my class was Nick Wiggs, and good god was he hot! His short brown hair, bright blue eyes, and washboard abs made all the girls swoon and the other guys very jealous. I knew Nick. We had gone to the same high school and we were both on the football team. He the star quarterback, and me...Read On


Mia - Chapter 5: The Sleepover (Part I)

What harm can come from helping out a friend?

Finally – this shift has dragged in! Jesse thought to himself as he hurriedly left the HQ for Campus Accommodation. It was early Saturday evening, but with his flat mate gone for the weekend and the soccer season over he was looking forward to chilling out on the sofa and watching TV. He was half way to his apartment when he heard an all too familiar voice call out his name. “Jesse!...Read On


My Fantasy

My morning masturbation morphs into my fantasy fulfilled…

I awoke in the morning, lazily rolled over and slapped my alarm clock. Just ten more minutes I thought and as this thought quickly passed through my head unable to get a hold in my young brain just like most others. And just as soon as this though disappeared another emerged. This thought redirected the blood in my body from one head to another and I soon found my hand sliding down my body...Read On


High School: Jared

A high school boy's unforgettable experience (my first story)

**This story is completely fictional and doesn't depict any real life figure. There's a small town in eastern Colorado by the name of Holyoke. It's a quaint little town with a friendly community. This is where Jared Robinson had lived for all of his 17 years. He had been brought up in a middle-class household where hard work and honesty were regarded highly. He was in his 2nd semester as...Read On


My Reawakening - Kinky Thoughts and Dirty Desires

Mrs. Gordon's visit to the doctors turns into an awakening of sexual desires

The waiting room was rather small. As you entered there was a large window with floor length dark purple drapes and four cozy looking black leather chairs in front of it facing the door. To the right was a leather black sofa with a dark purple accent wall behind it and a small black coffee table in front as well as four more black cozy leather chairs to the other side of the sofa to create a...Read On


Hot Sunday Afternoon

A couple have fun out back while a neighbor looks on

My wife and I love to sunbathe in our backyard. It’s quite relaxing and she looks great with her sexy tan lines. We go out and tan on the weekends and use the time to talk about our week and catch up with each other. Last Sunday, we noticed that our new neighbor was watching us from her upstairs window. Her name is Tracy and her and her two kids had moved in a week or two before. She...Read On


The Ice Storm Cometh

A trainer becomes a lover and perhaps more.

Maine: 2013 Susan sat in her driveway, hands trembling on the steeringwheel. Her mind was exactly thirteen and a half miles away in a Dodge Ram 4X4 parked at the gym where she worked out. Her affair with Mac, consummated barely an hour ago, left her whole body shaking. She didn’t quite know how she was able to navigate the icy streets to the home and shared with her husband of eleven years,...Read On


Big Little Brother, ch 3

She's on her way over. Come on, let's go upstairs. I need to talk to you.

“She’s on her way over. Come on, let’s go upstairs. I need to talk to you.” Once upstairs, Andrea followed her brother to his room. They sat on the bed together, although a little ways apart. “If this is about what you said this afternoon, Billy, I want to say something first.” Andrea told him. He nodded and let her continue. “You said you want the first time you go all the way to be...Read On


My Always Perfect Family, Part 2

Kitten and her father experience new pleasures and break some new taboos.

My Always Perfect Family, Part 2 As Daddy and I found out secret bliss, my days in school were spent working as hard as I could so I could have time at home with him when he arrived. He was intelligent about his arrival home, first going to see my mother, taking care of her needs, eating dinner, licking her to orgasm if necessary, and seeing her off to sleep. My mother’s drinking...Read On


On the Side of the Road

I didn’t want to go but then again I did want to. I was looking at myself in the mirror wondering why I was invited to this party. I grabbed my phone and looked at the text I got. It was from the most popular guy in school. When he came up to me that morning asking what I was doing later, I just couldn’t help but think something was up. He really seemed like he wanted me to go, so I gave him...Read On


A Midnight Encounter: Part 2

what followed a late night massage...

 2Jake is kneeling on the floor while I’m on all fours on the bed. He’s licking my ass and it feels amaaazing. Out of nowhere he grabs me by my ankles and lifts me in the air, moving me forward to make space for him to climb behind me. “Damn, this dude is strong…” I think excitedly to myself. He pushes me down flat onto my belly and inserts three fingers into my pussy…drilling me so hard...Read On


Telling Mom I'm A Crossdresser Part 7: The Spa

Missy and his mom go to a spa and meet some new friends.

I could barely sit for days after Mistress Keri thoroughly tanned my hide and I had to take almost a week off so that I could heal. My mom knew this to and said we should go on a “girls” weekend to a spa for cross dressers and women, she also said that since it was for others like me then I could spend the entire trip as Missy. I loved that idea and hurried upstairs to pack Missy’s bag....Read On


more than mother love #1

More than mother love This story takes place some years ago. Back then I had just become 16. I live alone with my mom, and only sometimes do I visit my father, who lives about 40 km away from me. I was 5 f 10 in, blue eyes, light hair, and my cock was at that time 6, 3 in. My mom was 32 at the time, about 5 f 3 in, brown hair, green eyes, neither thin nor chubby, regular c, and a...Read On


A Pleasant Surprise

This is my first attempt at writing a story. I'd love feedback.

The metallic screeching was the cue to stop attempting to start my car. I sighed, irritated, on the shoulder of the road, unable to see through the windshield as rain washed over it. There was no choice; I was going to have to walk home. As I opened the door, I regretted my choice of attire. In a deep blue dress that hugged my slim torso and fell away from my hips to just past mid-thigh and...Read On


Sissy Bitch goes to Dinner

Anthony takes Nicole to dinner and meets the secretary he harassed earlier.

Anthony sat at his desk, glaring at his secretary. Although the poor woman had done nothing to invite his ire, he continued to berate her. She stood there in tears, hoping to keep her job, even though she knew that it was a hopeless cause. As she waited for the ax to fall, Nomi silently thanked the Lord for her back up job at Chez Louis, an upscale restaurant in the city. It didn’t pay as well...Read On


Busted by My Sister's Boyfriend Ch. 02

Sister ups the ante and has me serve her bachelorette party

Busted by My Sister's Boyfriend Ch. 02 My sister's boyfriend routinely stopped by the house under the pretense of helping me with my math while in reality, I was relieving the tension in his balls by sucking him off and allowing him to dump his load into my eager mouth behind closed doors. Occasionally, my sister Alicia would watch and give instructions as she fricked her clitty to climax....Read On


The Carousel Club

Lovely reporter lady gets more than a story....

Normally, I push this media interview stuff off on someone from my PR department, but since I had personally taken the call when you first contacted us, and because you sounded so darn sexy, I decided to do it myself. A cloud of dust announced your arrival to the ranch office. When I first caught glimpse of you through the office window, I was even happier that I had made the decision...Read On


Curiosity Killed My Kitty Kat (Part 2) The Sequel

And the pleasuring continued... until I filled that innermost desire.

... I remembered the tempting voice of Bria 'I bet you squirt don't you? The quiet ones always do'. Too long had it been. I was sure that I'd peed myself, but as I looked back through jolts of pleasure, I saw my sweet, clear liquid squirt from my pussy onto the dildo and Gina's stomach. She started pumping the strap-on harder, deeper inside of me. "You better cum all the way bitch! I...Read On


Fifteen Years Later

Long after wedding, couple spice things up.

It has been 15 years since Laura and I married. In that time we have changed careers a number of times but have been consistently lucky in that we never have really wanted for anything. We have also been blessed with both a handsome son and a beautiful daughter. In this time Laura and I have had our ups and downs but we have remained faithful to each other and have somehow remained rather...Read On


Sexual experiments with a hot young latina

A true story of how I met my Latina wife and our first wild sexual experiments

I'll never forget the first time that I saw her. I was invited by a friend to a party in San Francisco that was crawling with gorgeous girls many of whom went to the same modeling and fashion school in the city. It seemed like they were all trying to compete for who had the sexiest outfits and shortest dress. She was wearing a black mini skirt with a white thin blouse tied up high above...Read On


Interrupted Reading

Vince interrupts Lauren's reading for some playtime...

We laid in bed naked, her head on my chest with my arm on her side, caressing her side and stomach. She read her novel to herself. It was erotica. This particular book was one of her favorites, though she never told me, I could tell because I've seen her read through it many times before. "You like that book baby girl?" I asked. My voice a little deeper and commanding than normal. I think...Read On


Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

A friend comes to town for a party and moves on his wife

I’m Doug the husband. I coach division one college baseball for a University located on the west coast of Florida, I’m not saying which one but you’ll probably know after reading my story. I’m married to my beautiful wife Sandy. Both she and I turned thirty last summer. I never thought I could fall in love at first sight but with Sandy that was the case. She had a body that most women would...Read On


Play Date

Three friends get together for fun but it turns into something else.

I had just pulled up to one of my best friend’s house, when I seen her talking to this guy who had just moved across the street from her. “Hey Lacy, who's the stud?" I asked her while making it to the top of her steps. "Oh he just wanted to stop by and say hi and get to know us neighbor Yeah right, anyway have you talked to Justin today? I tried calling his mom house but I got no...Read On


Telling Mom I'm A Crossdresser Part 6: Missy and Mistress Keri

Missy has her first BDSM experience. Plz rate and comment

Up until now, I have enjoyed my time as Missy. My mom had kept me busy with clients and we pulled in a lot of extra income and I was able to experience a lot of different fantasies, However I had not had the chance to try anything involving BDSM, or not yet at least. One day I came home from mowing the lawn for an elderly woman when I walked in the door to find my mother smiling deviously at...Read On


Today she turned 18, finally a woman Part 1

True story... or not? You decide. Part 1 of 2

Sophie had been with Dave for only 5 months but she was so in love with him. She'd never felt this way about anyone, the he held her, caressed her and kissed her lips so sweetly. They knew it was love, so did everyone else. When she brought him home only 2 months ago her parents loved him too. He brought out the good side of her, and the naughty side. He was the only one who she could...Read On


The Stranger: Ch. 3

A writer of erotic stories invites a stranger to her place to read him her stories

We were still lying on the floor, my head on his shoulder. The cabin was dark except for the candles and they were getting low. It was getting chilly. Through the window, I could see a full moon rising just above the trees. Finally, I turned my head towards Tristan. “I don’t know about you but I am famished. I’m a great soup maker and made a pot of mushroom barely soup yesterday--want some?”...Read On


The Fundraiser Part II

Part II While my two brains were contemplating the prospect of annual bliss filled encounters with Julie, she broke the reverie and said, “What time is it?” “About 4:00” I replied after looking at my cell phone to check the time. “Why”? “Shit, shit, shit” she swore distractedly. “I have to go”. And with that, she pulled on the bikini bottoms she had hidden in her towel, strapped...Read On