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A Blonde in Copenhagen

They meet in a cafe and for an evening fall in love then part forever

A Blonde in Copenhagen I arrived in Copenhagen one cold December morning with the equivalent of a dollar to my name. After working on a Norwegian freighter for several months, I signed off in Alicante, Spain and made my way north stopping here and there along the way, spent a week or so in Paris living in a small room on the Left Bank where many of my favorite expatriate writers lived,...Read On


The Girl in the Gang Bang

A man gets a surprise when he answers an ad for a gang bang.

Sometimes with Craigslist, you strike out.  Sometimes, you get lucky.  Some "events" are real disappointments, others deliver. This one delivers. They promised "gang bang", and that's exactly what's happening.  There are eleven men in the room, an even dozen if you count the woman with "DYKE BITCH" tattooed across her shoulder blades and wearing a strap-on that wouldn't look out of place on...Read On


Woman in the next window, part 3

Natalie comes in the office as Rob cums on her.

Needless to say, that after our last encounter I haven't been able to get much work done. Every time I get to the office in the morning, I see her office and it all comes running back to me - the way she blew me right there. She seems to have an easy schedule. I bet she's not in about half of the week. And she comes and goes as she pleases. I have to from nine to five, from Monday to...Read On


Slave to The Sun- Instinct

Ariana meets a beautiful and mysterious stranger

His skin had turned pale, the whites of his eyes had turned red, and his body was set, about to hunt, his mouth opened wide in a silent snarl. I had been in Louisiana for a week, before I decided that enough was enough. I needed to get out and do something… anything! I needed to get my mind off things. I left home a week ago. Home was in England, Devon. I left because things were...Read On


All the Perks

She wins an all-inclusive vacation, but two young men have extra perks for her.

A wide smile decorated Jessica’s face as she looked out the window of her hotel room, drinking in the sight of the ocean, and the beach. She could hardly believe that she was here, the hazy reflection of her red curls and green eyes staring back at her in the window. Nobody in the office had ever won a top safety prize in all of the drawings since she’d started at the warehouse. The free...Read On


An Ancient Love Story

Together for years, some lovers still delight in their lovemaking.

This story available only on Lush Stories . If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. She was awakened by a gentle slap of thin lunar air as the sheets were softly moved aside. The watery half-light gently seeped through her nightgown, a drifting mist that made her curving limbs glimmer. As she floated towards the surface of her somnolent depths, she smiled, not quite blushing...Read On


Foot Fetish

losing control can be a positive thing

The gift card was in an invitation that was as interesting as the establishment I was about to enter. “Happy Birthday, Peggy Anne. We are about to make your fantasy come true. Come prepared for a great pedicure and perhaps a little bit more.” The building was a charming southern cottage with magnolias and old oak trees. The Spanish moss hung like lace from the branches. There was...Read On


What lies underneath – The beginning

Jenny takes his fantasy of women's lingerie to the next level

It was Friday night and I was heading home from a long day at work; too much drama in my office if you ask me. The secretaries are always arguing amongst themselves attempting to decide who is the sexiest: My opinion, it was definitely Claire. The way she wore those short skirts and when she bent over I could sometimes get a glimpse of that sexy underwear. Oh, I longed to see it every day...Read On


The Sitters

Beth talks Sara into experiencing something new with the neighbor...

It started while sitting on the living room couch. Sara—our babysitter, Beth—her friend, and me. I was back from my evening out, my wife was out of town, and the kids were downstairs, sound asleep. Sara lives next door with her parents and has been a family friend and our sitter for quite a while. Being summer, she was home from college after finishing her freshman year and had invited Beth...Read On


Taking Care of Business Chapter 4

Marcy takes charge, teaching the men to love cock and cum.

****This has bi-sexual male components. If it's not your thing, don't read.**** The foursome fucked well into the night and next morning. Both men had their cocks in all six of the women’s holes; one just as good as the next. When it was time to part, it was with great reluctance on all parts. They didn’t know when Lewis would be back in town and the pleasure he brought the women was...Read On


Mason and Me

Mason and me, home alone.

My name is Madden. I am a nineteen year old freshman in college. Due to the fact that I live at school, I only come home on occasion. This is a story about one of those times. My youngest brother, Mason, a senior in college, also is in the same predicament, and we usually are never home at the same time anymore, except for on special occasions like birthdays and Christmas. I have to say, we...Read On


Daddy's mine

goth princess makes daddy her own

I became consciously aware that I was going to fuck my step-dad one summer evening while swimming in our pool. I had fostered a crush on him since I had sprouted boobs, but now the feeling was different. We swam around, playing and splashing for awhile then he climbed out of the pool to smoke a cigarette, letting his legs dangle in the water. I swam over to him, and continued our...Read On


Lina's Lament Chapter One: Arrival

Two young college students meet in their dorm, and find themselves in a tangled web of love and sex.

Lina dropped her bag and looked up at the massive building that dominated the campus before her. It was beautiful, a russet stone building that was in lovely contrast to the green foliage and greenery that encompassed the whole of the university lawns. St Bridges was one of the most prestigious schools in the country, and Lina knew exactly how lucky she was to be attending. Both she and...Read On


Vicky's Surprise

After having sex for the first time dressed as Vicky, my wife surprises me.

I was leaving the hotel where I had just had an evening of being fucked as Vicky. My makeup was a mess and I was walking funny after the pounding Chad had given my hepussy. I called my wife and told her I was coming home with a belly and ass full of cum. She said that was great and that she had a surprise for me when I got home. I got in a cab and the entire ride home I wondered what...Read On


Good Will

Her young neighbor has 'good will' in more than his heart

Renee hung up the phone and leaned over the desk, cradling her head in her hand. The day at the office had been bad enough, and this was just the icing on the cake. Somehow, the computer at the thrift store had picked up a virus. Without it, she couldn’t print tags, enter anything into inventory, scan it out when someone purchased something, or keep up with the government paperwork....Read On


Mia - Chapter 2: Another Fine Introduction

Bad first impression or misunderstanding?

30 Aug 2010 Dear Mia, Great to hear you are having a great time. Wish I could say the same. I’m getting grilled from my folks about the amount of times I’ve been going out – hello I’m 20 years old for fuck sake. As much as I know this academic year is going to be difficult they don’t need to keep reminding me. They don’t see that I’m using my last chances to come in a 5am then...Read On


My friend's auntie Chapter 2

What happened next

Ever since my night of passion with her, I had thought about nothing else except fucking her again. It had been two weeks and I hadn't heard from her at all. Feeling slightly pissed off she hadn't rang me, I text her asking how she was. I didn't get a reply so I decided to give up - she clearly wasn't interested. Saturday night came and I was getting ready to go out on the town with the...Read On


Drycleaner Delivery, The Sequel

I finally finish my drycleaning customer's needs by fucking their daughter in the ass

As I stood in the kitchen between an irate topless mother and her sexy 18 year old daughter, my mind was racing. I came to the Levine’s house to make a routine dry cleaning delivery. When I found topless Mrs. Levine sun bathing by the pool in the back yard, it never occurred to me that I would end up in her kitchen having my 16 year old cock sucked dry by a woman old enough to be my mother. ...Read On


How It Started Pt.2

More Fun

During the week we spent a lot of time trying to figure out what we wanted to do the next time my friend came round to visit. We couldn't decide how to let him have other looks at my wife, so we let it go for a while and didn’t think about it. Finally, the weekend arrived and my friend phoned to see if we wanted to play some games. I asked my wife and she said that as there was nothing on...Read On

Blog 6

When we left Pippa, she was slouched on her sofa, legs spread wide...

Blog 6: Now, where had I got to? Pippa. I don’t know if you remember but when we left Pippa she was slouched on her sofa, legs spread wide, her face the colour of a barely ripe tomato, her breasts heaving and her body all aflutter as the orgasm she had given herself with her rather substantial double ended dildo pulsed through her. And me? I’m the scaredycat who’s been liberally...Read On


Taking Care of Business Chapter 3

The threesome becomes a foursome and take their adventures to a hotel.

Ava stood hesitantly, watching the girl suck Mr. Lewis. Mr. Gibson explained that Ava had been watching them through the window, had gotten hot and got herself off while watching them, and now wanted to join them. Mr. Lewis said he was more than happy to have another participant. The girl never stopped sucking his cock, just gave a thumbs up. Mr. Gibson told her, “It looks like you’re...Read On


A Tale Of Forbidden Love

Another hot mom and son story

A Tale Of Forbidden Love My name is Shannon, and I work for an affluent college just outside of Chicago. I recently turned 30 years old, and have been single for the majority of my life. Admittedly, it's been an easy way to go for me and my finances since my parents were well off ever since I can remember. In fact, their large, charitable donations to the college landed me the job five...Read On


She Knows What She Wants

My co-worker's sore neck leads to a massage and some smiles

I couldn’t stop thinking about Anna. Don’t ask me why. All signs pointed to disaster, at least for me. First of all, I didn’t even think she’d give me a second look. I’m almost twenty years older than her, maybe two inches shorter than her, a belly, receding hairline, I’m married with kids…the list went on. And of course, we worked together in the same office. I was considered her...Read On


Divorcing My Vibe

One of her son's friends encourages her to give her vibrator its walking papers

Anna walked in the door, shutting it with force just short of what could be considered a slam. She absently tossed her purse on the coffee table, and headed straight for the shower. She felt as if she had a cloud of stale cigarette smoke hovering around her auburn hair from the bar, and she reeked of beer because some drunk had spilled it all over her while delivering the worst pick-up...Read On


Nice guys do not finish last

A good guy gets the slut who lets him fuck every hole

I like to write short quick story to the point. Hard or wet factor is the only thing I am aiming for. This is not a PhD dissertation. I have fucked many guys on first date. I know that is the standard for having no morals or self esteem or a classic definition of a slut. But I am completely secure in my sexual desire and for me fucking a guy is a conquest for me. I have no shame fucking a...Read On



His fantasy was delivered but not the way he had it planned...

Fantasy I know that when it comes to sex, I have an active imagination. I fantasize about many things. Many of these are elaborate fantasizes that involve my spouse, Trish. I have one that involves the following episode. Trish and I go to a city that we do not know anyone and reserve a hotel room for the weekend. We go out early, have a dinner and drinks and return to our room early. We...Read On


The second date

Mary put the phone down to him. He said that he would be coming round in an hour, and he had asked her to dress up for him. He had specifically asked her to put on her short black pencil skirt and white see through blouse. No bra to be worn. The excitement hit her deep in the groin, and she felt the beginnings of the fire that was lit between her legs. She wanted to rub herself,...Read On


Mistress and Boi - Anniversary Night

Boi gets to turn the tables on his Beloved Mistress for the night.....

Note This is not my normal style, but a dear reader wanted something sweet and romantic just this once. Mistress and Boi - Anniversary Night. I fidgeted in great anticipation, waiting for my Mistress to get ready. Tonight we would celebrate ten wonderful years together, and I was so excited. Tonight I was to take the lead, and I would woo my Mistress as a lover would. To any eye that...Read On


Michelle's Morning Surprise

The doorbell interrupts Michelle's shower

Michelle squeezed the shower gel into her hand and started to cleanse her smooth skin. She lifted her leg and caressed from ankle to thigh, then over her flat tummy and up to the small swell of her breasts. She gave them a little squeeze and flicked innocently over her nipples with her fingers. Her mind was filled with images of Jason, a guy she’d met at a customer’s office earlier in the...Read On


The Peasant Mother's Sacrifice

A mother solves her daughter's fear about losing her virginity to the lord instead of to her groom

In medieval times in Europe the law in some fiefdoms was that the lord had the privilege to fuck the bride first on her wedding night unless the bridegroom could offer a certain monetary payment. The Latin term for the policy was jus primae nocti or "first night rights." In this way the lord maintained his dominance over his manor, increased his coffers, as well as experiencing the...Read On