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Flight To Remember

Straight male pilot seduced by cute gay steward

I was sitting in the cockpit on what felt like an unusually long flight chatting to my co-pilot about Madrid and discussing plans for the evening. It had been a long week and I couldn’t wait to touch down and enjoy a few days well deserved R and R. Everything was running smoothly so I decided to get a drink and have a quick chat with the attendants briefly before using the facilities. ...Read On


Doctors Visits

Older teacher who's still a virgin gets help with her status as a virgin

She was at her usual visit to the doctor’s office. However, this time, instead of seeing the older male physician, she met with a new female doctor. Amanda loved her although she didn’t “show” it, wearing that same forlorn look which almost always presented itself on her face. “You’re as healthy as they come, Amanda,” Dr. Rachel Peters said. “However, I get the sense something else...Read On


Massage in unexpected places

Gave a massage

I walk out into the waiting room to find you as my next client. I smile and call you into the room. “Well you know the routine, strip and lay face down on the table with the towel.” I told you with a smile. You smiled back as I left the room so that you can change. When I return to the room, I see you sitting up on your elbows waiting for me to come back in. I turn on some soft music...Read On



Brian and I had a supposedly secret relationship early on in our lives. He treated me as if I was “the one”. He would occasionally bring me flowers just because and show up almost everywhere I was just to hang out with me. One afternoon he showed up at my door. The doorbell sounded as if it were in pleasure by the way he shoved his finger onto the smooth button. I walked to the door to see...Read On


An Incest Birthday Chapter 20- Part 2

Still half a day left at the park, anything can happen.

We walked to the ride to meet up with everyone, hoping no one would smell the sex on us. That would be pretty hard to explain off, how we both disappeared at the same time, both smell like sex and both appeared back at the same time. I tried to aerate myself as best I could as we walked up to the line, catching a glimpse of Ashley as she directed where she wanted everyone to sit. The ride...Read On


The Writer and the Traveller

She was a strong individual who knew what she wanted. But then again, so was he.

“A hard-bitten ego-driven loner, “ was the way her agent had described him. “You know – big, tough, been-there-done-that, travels alone because he thinks other people can't keep up. Talks a lot on TV, but has never written a book. Now he wants you to write one – his book. The authorized biography.” The obvious question was why, with all his travelling, all his ego, he’d never put anything...Read On


Lisa's daughter

It was an accident

In my previous post I shared my first experience with my girlfriend's friend Lisa. I spent time with Lisa fairly often. Normally I would go over to her house after visiting my girlfriend. Especially if my girlfriend's children were home or she didn't want to have sex. I did tell Lilly that I had gone over to see Lisa after leaving her place one evening to pass on her offer. So she was...Read On


Office Fun

Lady walks in on employee fucking a guy in her office and decides to join.

I was back in the office from a two-week vacation and figured I might as well go see what happened over the two weeks. Of course I go to Brenda, she always has the latest and greatest. Plus, she has this very tight ass that is always covered by skirts that hug each cheek as she walks and perky tits with nipples that are poking her shirt. Even better are her lips. I’m always imagining them...Read On


Finding Family, Chapter Two

Together at last, freshly showered and pleasuring each other fully as only family can best.

Xel was probably the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I knew she looked much like her grandmother, but there was a part of me that knew she was her own person. A radiance glowed from the young pert woman I walked beside. Hand in hand we walked directly to the bed, our hands trembling, our desires revealed, the truth of what would be an incestuous relationship thought to be...Read On


My 1st insight to Bi sex pt2

A lesson in Bi play

The day past by without any sign of what I witnessed last night.   But this did not stop me thinking about it, causing me to have several erections one of which I gave in to and masturbated in the shower before going to bed.   I left my bedroom door open ajar and listened for any repeat performance.   I was starting to nod...Read On


The Summer I Met Nina: Part Two

A waiter and beautiful, sexy guest finally meet and both lives are changed.

The Summer I Met Nina: Part 2 Walking in the bright moonlight back to the bunk house, thinking about Nina and how after days of our feeling attracted, we had crossed a precarious threshold. I wondered where this would lead, how would we act tomorrow, how would we hide from her parents, what would happen when her fiancé arrived tomorrow, was this more than a hot, clandestine relationship?...Read On


Biker Gang Bang

Initiation into the club.

Peter and Tracey had been married for five years. Tracey was a tall auburn haired girl with lovely 32 C breasts and Peter was a six foot mass of muscle but slighty greying of the hair. Peter had always wanted a Harley and this year his dream came true. They had saved for a long time and ordered their bike, a Harley-Davidson CVO Softail Convertible FLSTSE . Peter was in heaven and they...Read On


The Massage

Business woman gets more than she bargained for with a Hotel massage

Through my work, I regularly travel away from home and have to stay in Hotels up and down the Country (great job, and nice work if you can get it!) Some of the Hotels I stay in have Spa and Therapy Rooms. Whenever I can afford to spend some money on myself, I like to invest in a massage... On this occasion, I was away for just one night, but whilst exploring the fabulous Hotel, I found a...Read On



“Why not? We are officially on vacation, and I wanted to start spoiling my baby.”

Madeline brushed her long black hair away from her face, as she gazed at her reflection in the mirror. Her round face, button nose, rose colored lips, and sapphire blue eyes were the envy of many women, half her age. At forty-five, she still considered her five foot five, body voluptuous, with all the curves in the right places. She applied just enough make-up to be alluring. Straighten...Read On


The Scavenger Hunt

His wife gave him a list for a scavenger hunt and permission to get laid.

****This story has a bi-male component. If it's not your thing, don't read.**** He had been working long hours and hadn’t had a day off since, he couldn’t remember when. He finally had a day off and it was a Saturday to boot. He might be able to sleep late for a change and enjoy some lazy day sex with his wife. He was surprised when he woke up and it was much later than he thought he...Read On


Black Corvette

A fun time while in college. Loved the car, guy didn't last though...

I’ve always been a “tom boy” of sorts. I loved to work with my dad and do things most people consider to be masculine activities. While I do love to get dirty and shoot guns, nothing gets me hotter than doing distinctly feminine things, while engaged in typically male endeavors. This is a story about one such occasion. It was a warm spring day during spring break of my junior year in...Read On



A simple bike ride brings two strangers together on a continuing journey of laughs

Every journey has a starting point, but sometimes it’s difficult to tell if there is a destination. Sometimes you just start rolling and you end up someplace you never imagined. That’s true of any journey. Even an innocent bike ride on a warm summer morning. The starting point. A middle-aged man with a wife and kids, not entirely happy but not entirely unhappy either. Happy with most...Read On


Liz Giving In To Temptation

Can Liz avoid the office stud at the Christmas Party?

I have written before about Liz, about how easy guys managed to get her knickers down before we met. Liz in her teens and early twenties was stunning. She was very attractive, slim, with 34E breasts. She also had a very warm personality, so men were drawn towards her. Even when she had a boyfriend, men would still try for her, and being that she was more than a little gullible, more often...Read On


Closer friends

A group of college girlfriends get together for lesbian fun and games

Gemma, Sophie, Jess and Zoe had all gone through college together. A few years on and they’d all settled into jobs around where they’d grown up. Jess and Zoe were renting a flat together, while Gemma had got her own place - with a little help from her folks. Sophie was the shier one of the group and was still living at home, although it restricted her in some ways, she secretly liked the...Read On

The Dark Room Chronicles: Mirror

Welcome to The Dark Room. Sit back, relax and let the entertainment commence

The Dark Room Chronicles: Mirror I stand erect before the mirror; I have no other choice. Small hidden bulbs emit a pool of light that surrounds me and reflects my image back into my expectant eyes. Beyond, darkness and silence press outwards. I know it to be a large room; I have been here many times before always waiting patiently for it to be my turn in the limelight. I have reclined...Read On


Sexhitching: An Introduction

Hitching a ride and catching a Peek

Sexhitching may not be a word but if not, it should be. It is what this series of stories will be all about. I came to adulthood in the 1970s. I hitchhiked because otherwise I was going nowhere. I lived in a small, isolated town in an isolated state. There was no public transportation. If you didn’t have a car you were pretty much stuck. Fortunately you did have an alternative...Read On


The Summer I Met Nina: Part One

A waiter and beautiful, sexy guest finally meet and both lives are changed.

I met Nina the summer I worked as a waiter at Pocmont Lodge, a glitzy, somewhat seedy resort in the Pocono Mountains. It was a good way to earn a lot of money in ten weeks to help pay for college because we worked for room and board and got good tips. All the waiters and bus boys bunked in a cabin that looked more like a chicken house. The shabby cabin next door housed the band that played...Read On



A sequel, of sorts, to The Sitters, in which Sara learns about me and her friend.

"Do you think about me?" "Umm, sure. What do you---" "Do you fantasize about me?" Fuck. What do I say now? Sara had come over to trade music while I worked in my home office. It was innocent enough. She was 20 now. Home from college. I'd been friends with her and her family since we moved in next door 15 years ago.  I was stuck. I needed to answer quickly, but she knew. I could see it...Read On


Do I make you nervous?

I stood in the kitchen and stretched my arms in the air, it was about nine am in the morning and my housemates were still asleep. I opened the refrigerator and grabbed the carton of orange juice. As I began to eagerly poor it into my glass, I felt warm hands around my waist. “Hello there, sexy” A voice whispered in my ear before lightly kissing my neck. The surprise almost caused me to...Read On


My buddy banged my wife while i watched on helplessly

My buddy ties me up and fucks my wife right in front of me.

Dave now wanted Sarah badly. He Dave and I had been best friends since our days back in college. We had what I call a very competitive friendship. We were extremely competitive on everything we did from playing sports to getting girls. The big problem was that Dave would just about beat me in almost everything. He had a physical presence that I couldn’t match. This helps him greatly...Read On


On the Hour

I’m bound face down on the bed, waiting to be fucked. Again. The only illumination is the digital blue of the clock, the numbers crawling slowly towards the next hour. Every hour, on the hour, he returns. It’s almost 6 am so this will make the seventh time. I tingle with anticipation, wondering what the coming hour will bring. Each time he surprises me. Each time I cum louder and harder than...Read On


Teaching Caitlyn

Uncle teaches his niece how to drive, then how to ride

It was a beautiful summer morning when I pulled into my sister Susan's driveway. I parked out of the way and went to check out the car my niece Caitlyn had just gotten. For the first time in his life her father had done something for her; he gave her his old car after getting himself a new one. It was a nice Honda Civic with not too many miles on it. There was just one problem with it;...Read On



20-year-old workmen install Milf's new deck and wood isn't the only thing they're nailing

Helen was a little surprised when the doorbell rang at precisely nine a.m., exactly when the contractor had told her that the workers would arrive to build her new deck. She was even more surprised when she opened the door and saw two young men who couldn’t be more than twenty years old. “Helen Flint?” One of the sandy-haired young men asked. “Yes,” she answered, doing her best not to...Read On


Just Suppose...

She wanted a little more out of life, but life had its own plans

This story developed out of a girl friend’s fantasy. It’s an attempt to write it the way she felt it. It’s also a first attempt -- feedback welcome! Some mornings, the daily round just isn’t enough, especially in summer. The heat makes you restless, more conscious of your body. You sense possibilities. Something should be happening. You dress carefully, looking at yourself from time to...Read On


On-Line Flirtation Part #2

Jenna spread her legs wider for me and I slid another finger inside. I reached forward and grasped the edge of her v-neck shirt and bra, exposing her small, perfect breasts, topped by the prettiest pink nipples. I continued fucking her pussy while I leaned forward to tongue her nipple, gazing into her eyes. She watched me, eyes wide while I rolled my tongue around her nipple and flicked it....Read On