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Money Stories


I Need to Make Some Money Tonight

A young stripper propositions me because she needs money to make the rent

I have l loved strip clubs since the first time I went into one, back in my early twenties. I somehow missed the experience while in college, so my first time was driving home from a business trip. I saw the sign and made an impulse decision to stop. I en...

DiscreetOfficeServices.Com Chapters 11--12

Sometimes, it's all about how you earn success!

Chapter 11... The Present... "Well, it wasn't my idea!" Danny's voice was a strained whisper. We were in his room with the door shut. "I signed on as a fake girlfriend. Not to sleep with you," my whisper was just as quiet and strained. "I wanted a little...

The Price Is Always Right Pt 02.2

The couple gets another lucrative offer from Richard.

“Any luck with Sophie?” Richard’s text read when it popped up on his phone while he sat in bed, scrolling through his phone before trying to go to sleep. He sighed. He hadn’t attempted to bring it up since his try the day before. There was now less than a...

DiscreetOfficeServices.Com Chapters 17--18

Sometimes, it's all about how you earn success!

Chapter 17... The Present... Danny sat in thought, processing all I'd told him. “So, you’ve been lying to your parents for almost a year, and then to me…” “Danny,” I shut off the hair blower and looked at him. “I know you have trust issues but the only th...

The Price Is Always Right - Part 1.5

A couple down on their luck get an offer they can't refuse.

Lucy stopped every few feet to smell whatever dog had been there before her as James and Sophie followed behind her patiently. They had been making small talk for the first few minutes of their walk around the neighborhood but had fallen into a comfortabl...

This Is Hardcore

Roser's naivety leads her to the dark side.

“Happy Birthday, Roser!” My mum led the toast. My dad, my mum, and my circle of close friends from college all clinked glasses. “Here’s to many more,” said Maria, who I sat next to in class and was the best friend I’d made there. We sat next to each other...

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Meeting In DC - Part 1

A Normal Life, Maybe Not, But Full Of Love.

It had been a rough week. I was away for two nights the first of the week, and when I got home Wednesday, I found out Sarah had a rare one-night trip to DC on Thursday. It was Friday midday, and I was finished for the day. I wanted to get home and see Sar...

Jenny Earns Some Pocket-Money

An enterprising young lady finds out how to make a little extra cash

“Okay Mr Grayson, so it’s £20 if you want me to pull my top down.” “Do you like them? It’s another ten to touch.” “Okay, you can show me yours.” “Oh gosh, it’s big. Rub it against my boobs? I guess that’s another twenty.” “Go on, you can put it between th...

Selling Herself Short

She would do anything for the man she loved, even if...

Kelly stood shivering under the streetlight. It wasn’t that cold, and she wore a long jacket. She supposed she was shivering because of what she was about to do. Her boyfriend Jack was the reason she stood there. He had slowly gotten more and more hooked...

The Deviants of Dorchester - Episode 9: Keep Them Coming Back

As a couple concludes their raunchy sex, we see their activity as part of a bigger picture.

Joyce stood at the bed in the brightly-lit suite in the grand Dorchester Hotel, arms above her head, twirling twice as she enjoyed Winston's manly hands gliding over her hips, buttocks, and breasts. He was seated on the bed, trying to still her as she lau...

The Mark

Better pass boldly into that other world, in the full glory of some passion, than fade and wither dismally with age. (James Joyce)

Emma Dear Owen, I feel the chill of the dark room as I slip out from under the covers, sliding my panties off and ambling around a pile of clothes to the other side of the bed. Reaching under the duvet, I start to run my fingertips gently along his soft w...