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Anal orgasm Stories

anal orgasm

Demon Dreams

I was terrified, but its sexual power and my need overrode all and it took me to new heights of ecstasy.

Hot, bathed in sweat, agitated, intensely aroused, I woke suddenly, confused. The sheet was wrapped around me and the t-shirt I’d worn to bed bunched around my neck, the bedding in disarray, my long hair wet with sweat and stuck to my neck and face. I tur...

Ass Fucked Twice: Street Walker

I get fucked in the ass by two punters in their cars

Anal sex always makes me cum. Especially as I charge extra for up the bum. It’s the naughtiness that turns me on. Knowing I’m enjoying something forbidden, something taboo that many women will not do for their men, is always a favourite with clients. Even...

And Why Not?

She’ll come soon waggling her feet showing her candy socks to voyeurs watching her perform, wanking.

And why not? After all, they keep her feet warm. Other than her candy pink socks, she is naked, pure, ripe for fucking. And she’s about to be fucked, rigidly, deeply, penetratively, harder, than she’s ever been fucked before. He crouches over her, his leg...

Goth Night Getdown

Getting down and dirty, that is.

“90’s goth, I like it. Too many of these people are borderline emo looking,” she complimented, sitting next to me at the bar. “Ah yeah, thanks. I just prefer the look I grew up with.” I looked at my pair of Tripps and Anarchy boots. “Same, look.” She stoo...

Running With Ruby

An unexpected running partner and a surprise adventure.

Amy pulls into the hotel driveway. Distracted by the view of the lake, she almost runs down the bellhop. Slamming on the brakes, her face flushes red in embarrassment. "Holy shit, what a way to start a relaxing getaway," she mutters sarcastically. Pulling...

Benefits Of A University Education

Education can be quite fun with the right study partner

I couldn't hear a thing from Ellen's private room over the din of the pseudo rave that had broken out on our shared university residence floor. People were coming and going in and out of other people's rooms seemingly at random with no clue where the musi...

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Masturbation Had Become The Way Of Life In A Sexless Marriage

His tongue felt incredible in my tight ass

That was before I met JP on Craig’s list. He was part of a gay couple. He was a little older than me and was maybe twenty pounds heavier as well. We chatted for a while and he seemed to know what I needed. So we made a date to meet. I’ve been married to t...

Agreed to Two

A Double Penetration Domination and Submission Poem

“Show them to us.” It is not a command. The command voice is not required. I have agreed. “Oh, nice,” says the dark-haired stranger. “You take that one,” says the blond. Then, for the first time ever, I am being touched by two men. Me! Ordinary me. Tiny t...

Jamaica Vacation For You Chapter 3

First Time, Clothing Optional Resort-Naughty Dress Up Night

Joan and I had finished our showers after some very hot naughty sex. We were getting dressed, and ready for an evening of fun and excitement. I can still picture James' huge black cock, last night, being forced deep into my wife's mouth. I was so horny wa...

Area 51

Jack finally let’s Allyson explore his sexuality, her findings shocked them both to their very core!

Allyson was motionless for a few seconds. It felt like an eternity had passed since I had relinquished control of our sex life and voiced my desire to be dominated. Without a sound, I felt her lift my head and slide out from under me, gently laying my hea...