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Squirt Stories


Making Melissa Squirt

‘Tug my hair and fuck my arse, fast and furious, wanna squirt for ya Simon,’ she hollered.

I’d wanted to make Melissa squirt since our walk in the forest. Melissa loves to walk through the trees at this time of year, dressed in her waxed olive jacket, olive tee-shirt, green welly boots, and leggings. The fresh country air makes her highly arous...

Opening the Marriage: The Dream, Chapter 5

Erin's nap leads to an erotic encounter with her "dreamgirl"

The grin on Erin’s face remained with her back to her BMW on the short drive home and through the door to her immaculately clean home empty of children for the weekend. The sunlight shone through the clean high windows, giving her a sense of warmth and jo...

A Sexy Trip to the Nude Beach

Hannah takes a trip to a nude beach. Along the way, she meets a new girl friend.

Hannah had just celebrated her twenty-fifth birthday. Life was going well, but it was hectic with work and some family issues. She decided that she should take some time for herself and take a vacation. So, she packed up her SUV and headed down south to t...

The Scissor Position

Two very different kinds of ladies become lovers after seeing each other naked.

Grace was a tall, red-headed beauty who was into sports and shopping. She attended church every week and even donated to the local canned food drive. She was always adored by every man and woman on their college campus. Grace was studying to become a nurs...

Man-Eater: Chapter Five

A wild ride to her new friends' place turns into a nasty threesome

The ride to Jeff and Marsha’s house was quite a sexual adventure. Sandwiched between the sexy, young couple, Eve wrapped her arms around their waists as they left, and she let herself be led to their car. Their shiny, newer BMW was an affluent contrast to...

Her First Orgasm

This is a true story about a woman's first orgasm, ever, with me.

This is a true story about the first time a woman I was seeing had an orgasm. Tracey is tall, in her fifties, gorgeous with beautiful green eyes, nice C-cup tits, and a shaved pussy that I enjoyed playing with whenever possible. I am taller than Tracey, a...