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Office Sex

This is where you’ll find office sex stories, and those where any other type of workplace environment, is the focus of the plot.

Are you looking to read stories about kinky encounters in the office, or grungy gangbangs at the construction site? Do you want to read about forbidden liaisons between bosses and secretaries or encounter secret trysts between a company's sales agent and their clients? Do naughty waitresses who have fun in the changing room entice you or backroom adventures at corporate events? If yes, this is where you’ll find them.


The Pet's New Job (Pt. 2)

The continuing saga of a young woman staring a new career, and finding a new life

The feeling of lips sliding up and down the shaft of your cock is incredible. You watch as the beautiful brunette bobs up and down, short hair bouncing with her movements. Her hand grips you firmly around the base and moves up and down in time with her mouth, turning slightly back and forth as it goes. She looks up at you through her hair, pale hazel eyes looking into your own, and holds...Read On


The Pet's New Job (Pt. 1)

A young woman starts a new career, and a new life

“Open your eyes.” It’s hard to do, but you manage to open them. You look back into the dark eyes above you, but it doesn’t last long as you shut them again and grimace. “I said open your eyes!” The words seep in and you once again open your eyes, looking back into the face above you. He’s staring intently down at you, and you can feel sweat on your forehead as you try to keep your...Read On


Executive Decision Part 4

Robert Proposes to Mia

The large desk in the centre of the room was a mess, papers and files all over the place. Mia sat at her desk putting things in a proper order, it was not easy but she had nearly completed doing it. She walked over to the wall where a filing cabinet stood with many drawers. Slowly and carefully she picked up each pile and placed it in the corresponding drawer. It took her about ten minutes...Read On


Set Your Phone To Vibrate

In a pinch, you can use a phone as a remote-control vibrator

I clicked the green button, and her video window appeared on my laptop. She held up her phone for me to see, switched it to silent, gave it a kiss, and then winked at me as she reached down out of frame. I knew she was putting the phone between her thighs. She was sitting at her desk at work. I could see her office behind her, the window with a view of trees in the park, and a bookshelf full...Read On


Ex-girlfriend's Sister: The Next Week

Michelle can't deny her boss this time.

I was late the next Saturday that Michelle and I were due to work together. She was sitting down and waiting for me, looking very impatient. One thing I couldn’t fault Michelle on was her promptness. She had never been late for work in the few years she had been in employment with us. She was a very reliable person, perhaps the most reliable in the whole office. Another thing I couldn’t knock...Read On


Ex-girlfriend's Sister: The Following Saturday

Michelle goes into the office the following Saturday.

Michelle came into the office early the next Saturday wearing a cute little knee-length skirt and a mint green knitted top with a lace collar. She wore her hair in a braid to the side, and I thought she looked very adorable and innocent, which made me wonder if she had dressed this way on purpose. If she had, then clearly she didn’t know me- the things I had done to innocence over the years...Read On


Angela's Back Orifice

Angela proves popular in her new job

I’ve got the kind of sex drive which means I often end up doing things I shouldn’t do. When I get the horn, nobody is safe, including my sister’s boyfriends, my female friends, my neighbours… the list is pretty extensive for an 18 year old. I do try and steer clear of married men but sometimes I really can’t help myself. That’s what happened with Dick, my latest boss. Perhaps it was...Read On


The Night Nurse

Getting called in to work doesn't mean you can't have fun!

Heather Campbell was pissed. She had been in bed with a hunky guy between her legs, happily munching on her sweet, juicy pussy when the phone rang. It was the head nurse at County General calling to tell her to report for a special night duty shift. According to her, the nurse scheduled to pull that shift had called in and she needed Heather to cover for her. Being the "new kid on the block",...Read On


Eye Of The Storm

As thunder rumbles, another deal, another late night, another call to say she'd be late...

It was late. Storm clouds hung in the air, each adding another dark textured layer to the night sky. A flash of lightning illuminates all around for the briefest of moments before the deep rumble of thunder and darkness descends once more. Heavy rain pounds relentlessly against the floor to ceiling office windows, the bustling city swarming below. Building lights span as far as the eye can...Read On

Recommended Read

Bunnie Tales: Riding Mr. Ed

When the plan goes awry, they both ride out on the happy trail

“Your face rook Ed Zachary rike your face.” Behind her, CWO4 Davis laughed and almost spilled his fresh cup of coffee. Now, if you know anything about the military, the US Navy specifically, you’ll know they take their coffee serious. Not a day will go by when a senior member of the military won’t have their forefinger entwined in their cup. When I served, we had a term for these guys:...Read On


Headmaster's Secretary Chapter II

Liz comes in during the weekend for some extra

Liz was not overcome with joy at knowing she would have to work on a weekend, but the excitement of not knowing what was in store for her was a motivator. She had never thought she would take to this sort of thing so much, or so willingly. Before she even knew it she had had breakfast and washed. Now she was picking out her outfit for the day and the extras to go with it. Liz’s...Read On


Liar Liar

Telling the truth leads to an office tryst.

Smug bastard, Andrea thought. What had possessed her to make such a bet with her colleague Mike? “Brutal honesty” the magazine article had called it. The idea was that if you told the absolute truth in everything, it simplified your life tremendously. Example: “We should have lunch sometime. --No, thank you, I’d really rather not.” Sure, people might think you were a bitch, but there was...Read On

Recommended Read

Model for a Day

Down on her luck, Amanda takes a job as a photographer's assistant to earn a little cash

I moved out to Los Angeles about six months ago. Like many young women who make the move, I had dreams of being a movie star. I grew up in Alabama and after finishing high school, I packed up my stuff and headed west. Needless to say, this was an entirely different world than I was used to. Everyone was beautiful and seemed to be in a hurry at all times. Certainly not what I experienced in...Read On


Ex-girlfriend's Sister

Brad wants to get revenge on his ex-girlfriend, and her younger sister is the perfect candidate

Monday morning at the marketing and advertising agency, and I was running a little late. I’d had a big weekend and was still mildly hungover when I parked my car and entered my work-place. I rushed into the building, catching the elevator to the top floor where my office was and rushed in, just in the nick of time, five minutes before the board meeting was due to start. I quickly printed off...Read On


Headmaster's Secretary

School Secretary takes up some after hours work.

So, after a few disappointing month's worth of job searching after graduating from university, Liz had finally gone for a secretarial job. Her interview was later today, the job was being a secretary for a local private school, which was no bad thing. The hours wouldn't be that bad, there were lots of holidays and the pay would be acceptable. She may even be able to pay off her loan! Liz...Read On


My Boss, The HR Manager and My First Review

I liked my job and after my first employee review, I liked it even better.

I took a new job as a case manager for a mid-sized business, based here in Dallas. As far as jobs go, it was a decent one, with decent hours, decent pay and great employee benefits. The stress and the work load, I soon found out, was unbelievable. My boss was about the same age as me, but had been with the company several years longer than myself. Her name was Amy. We had a pleasant...Read On


Judy at the Self Storage Place

The inspection was supposed to be a quick in and then out, but turned out to be much more.

I have a very unique job in that I am a property inspector for a large insurance company. My job takes me all over the country. I get to meet a lot of very interesting people. A rather large insurance company recently contracted with me to inspect a large amount of their insured properties. My inspection process is simple. The business owner or their designated contact is contacted and he...Read On


Improper Motivation

Minor programming changes yield improper successes…

“… and this is why I think my proposed modifications to the organization’s program will both benefit its members and its bottom line.” The Program Coordinator’s (PC) experienced blue eyes scanned the front side of my one page synopsis and then looked at me with crazy-eyed excitement. I knew then I had definitely gotten her attention. She then lead me back onto the armless, white leather...Read On


Sex In The Office - Part 3

Larita gives Andy a very special surprise.

On Monday at work Larita informs me that there will be no sex between us until Friday night. She tells me that there is a conference downtown and that she will be attending it for the rest of the week while staying at the top hotel in town. I am to meet her in the hotel restaurant at six pm sharp Friday. “Andy, you will not contact me in any way and you will not masturbate at any time....Read On


Blackmailing My Secretary

Joanne would do anything sexual with me, except oral. I had to somehow change that.

I’m the accountant for a small legal firm in Atlanta and it’s my job to do all the billing and charging of our clients. Joanne had been my legal secretary for five years and had become invaluable to me. She learned the details of the job quickly and eventually took a big load of my work. Joanne is simple gorgeous, which was my initial reason for hiring her. She has long, thick, silky...Read On


Sex In The Office – Part 2

After working, Larita and Andy have some fun outdoors.

Today is Saturday and Larita has me coming in to work. When I get there, I see that her car is the only one in the parking lot. When I enter my office, she is waiting for me and is wearing the shortest shorts I ever saw! There are two slits on either side, high enough that I notice she is not wearing any panties! “G-good Morning, Larita.” “Good Morning, Andy.” She says nothing about...Read On


Sex In The Office

Larita has something other than work on her mind.

Talking with Larita in her office, she lightly brushes up against me as she goes to the door and closes it. The distinct click of the lock does not go unnoticed, nor the perfume she is wearing which is intoxicating. I immediately recognize it as White Diamonds, a gift I gave her for her birthday. Walking past me, Larita brushes lightly against me and takes a seat on the tan leather...Read On


Stephanie’s Secret Blowjobs

Stephanie was a new engineer and on her first business trip and her blowjobs were amazing!

Ten years ago I was working for a small high-tech company in San Francisco. We did business all over the state, but couldn’t afford to fly on business trips, so we had to use a rental car and drive. Stephanie was a newly-hired engineer and was excited about being allowed to go on her first business trip. And I was excited that she was coming along, too, because she was so hot! I just...Read On


The Interview

Luscious tease uses her charms to nail the job.

David Dumster had plodded through the years without much fanfare. He’d been at UNICORP since forever. It was a large and torpid organization, the sort of place where a dull, straightforward cove like David could fester away unobtrusively in middle management. His last promotion had been a decade ago. His next move would be a decade from now and that would be retirement. David knew this and...Read On


Winning the Bet, Part 5

After a week of teasing, she begs him to fuck her at work

Monday Dating someone from work is strange. We see each other every day around the office, but we work in different parts of the company so we don't spend much time together. We've hooked up after work a few times now (and one memorable time at work), but we've only been on a handful of actual dates. Our company has an all-hands meeting every Monday morning. The conference room we meet...Read On


After-hours Antics

Shania and her supervisor have some after-hours fun

It was nearly six o’clock on a Wednesday as Shania sat at her desk and tried to forge through the stack of papers her boss Mr Watts had given her. She put her head in her hands and sighed. Screw it , she thought, it’s late and I’m tired, I’m going home . She logged off her computer, put the papers in a pile ready for tomorrow and stood up. She collected her coat and handbag from over...Read On


The Mall Lingerie Store

I only needed a few items to liven things up for my girlfriend's birthday celebration.

I wandered into a Victoria’s Secret type of store in a shopping mall near my house, looking to find something sexy for my girlfriend’s upcoming 25th birthday. I wanted to find something personal and fun that both she and I might enjoy and make her feel good. Melissa didn’t have a lot of sexy underwear or lingerie. She always hinted every time we walked past the store in the mall, that she’d...Read On


Inappropriate Behavior Part 2

Alice's been caught and now has to make up for it

Alice got up to the room and nervously pushed on the door to open it all of the way. She gasped and blushed seeing who it was sitting down at the table waiting for her. Alice stood in the door way looking in shock and embarrassment seeing the object of her fantasies, Steven, sitting waiting to tell her that he had seen her masturbating. Hopefully he didn't know that he was the object...Read On


The Boss's Daughter - Part 3

Finding ourselves alone in the office, I give in to what Sam demands of me.

That night, all I could think of was Sam. The taste. The memory. Her smooth skin that I got to touch. It was like a perfect moment of bliss that I could only have imagined in a dream not long ago. Now, it was a reality to have met someone like her. And I even got a souvenir of her panties to remember that moment, still scented with the smell of her sweet juices. That next day at work, I...Read On


Meeting His New Submissive, Chapter 2

The next day when Olivia comes into the office, she finds Mr. Wellington already there and on the telephone. She smiles and mouths a silent "Good Morning" to him and quietly slips over to her desk putting her things down. She sits there quietly as she listens to the phone call in case she is needed. Mr. Wellington is talking to a client and she learns that he will be coming to the office...Read On