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Office Sex

This is where you’ll find office sex stories, and those where any other type of workplace environment, is the focus of the plot.

Are you looking to read stories about kinky encounters in the office, or grungy gangbangs at the construction site? Do you want to read about forbidden liaisons between bosses and secretaries or encounter secret trysts between a company's sales agent and their clients? Do naughty waitresses who have fun in the changing room entice you or backroom adventures at corporate events? If yes, this is where you’ll find them.


Lunch with Ms. Reebek

The boss lady summons

The meeting was dull and routine. I glanced around the conference room table and my eyes were drawn to Olivia. The forty-five year old mother of two looked more like thirty. Her red-rimmed glasses and bright ruby lipstick contrasted nicely with her dark ebony skin. Her bush of curly black hair swayed each time she moved her head even slightly. Her slender fingers, adorned with expensive...Read On


Office Rules

Twenty-five year old tries his luck with a thirty year old MILF.

Her name was Jennifer. She was thirty years old and a mother of three children. She was in a long term relationship with the father of one of the children, the other two were from a past relationship.  She had long dark hair that she wore up in a ponytail or clipped in a bunch while she was at work or at the gym but had it straight if she was going out for a drink or meal. She had a...Read On


The Payroll Incident

A payroll error turns into an exciting opportunity

The e-mail showing my pay stub was obviously wrong. The amount was substantially higher than my normal pay, more than double. I checked my account balance and confirmed the amount deposited. Shit! This is going to be a problem. I contacted my supervisor and was told to contact the payroll department directly. I sent them an e-mail outlining the issue. I received a reply back informing me...Read On


The Summer Intern

It takes a firm hand to whip some employees into shape

I have a low tolerance for irresponsibility, especially in young adults who should know better and who should have been raised better. Yet, my law firm keeps hiring summer associates with no respect for anyone or anything except themselves, and then sticking the worst of the lot with me. I know that the managing partner gives me charge of these baby lawyers because he feels that I am the...Read On

Recommended Read

The Day I Came Unstuck

A successful businesswoman finds there are limits to pushing her employees.

A male colleague of mine once claimed that money, when it travels at a certain speed and trajectory, can turn anyone into an asshole. I never believed him until it happened to me. The day I realised it was just like any other at my company. The climbing sun streaming through the windows of my spacious thirtieth-floor corner office warmed my bare legs beneath the charcoal pencil skirt. I...Read On


Working Saturdays Can Be Punishing

They found a new use for the employee lounge.

I like going into the office on Saturday on occasion, even though as owner of Roberts Systems, I don’t really have to. And I discourage my employees from working weekends; they need a healthy work/life balance as much as I do. So, the office is usually deserted on Saturdays, giving me a chance to get things done without the constant interruption of the phone and incoming e-mails, as well as...Read On


The Desecration of Emma - Plan B

a desperate longing for more

Emma had a terrible reputation. Office whore. Slut. Shameless. Rumour had it her voracious sexual appetites were almost never fully satisfied. Notoriety? It was her drug. Even dressed for the office she was the promise of endless nights of steamy sensuality. I thought about her incessantly. I had imagined fucking her so many times it was starting to feel like we had already had sex. I...Read On



Sometimes a girl has to quit to get what she wants

“You know, if this company didn’t have a rule against fraternization, there’s a few guys here that I’d liked to have fucked.” I decided to treat my employees to happy hour one Friday afternoon. My company, Roberts Systems, had just closed on a very lucrative contract earlier in the day, and I was in a very generous mood. While Fridays are usually casual dress for us, a few of us had dressed...Read On

Jayne The Hot Office Assistant

It’s not easy being beautiful.  Jayne King often wondered what it was like to be an average person.  Jayne was always hassled or whistled at.  She was used to getting attention from men and women. You see, Jayne had an abnormally large chest.  Oddly enough, she didn’t have implants.  If she was walking down the street, people would cat call out to her.  She would get very embarrassed by...Read On


Ms. Sandstrom’s Assistant, Part 4: The Board Meeting

Mike helps Cheryl relieve some tension before a big meeting

After the interview, I had no idea what to expect from my new job. Would every day be filled with sexual innuendo, fingering, and blowjobs? Not so much. It turns out that even an administrative/sexual assistant still has new-hire paperwork. There were orientation sessions to attend, forms to fill out, and computer accounts to configure. My desk was just outside Cheryl’s office. It still...Read On


Office Cuckquean

The new employee discovers her boss' wife has a secret.

Mike unlocked the door of his small investing firm and held it open for his wife, Eva.  As they entered, he turned the lights on and checked the temperature in the front office. His wife went into her office and he flipped the light on in his office and put his briefcase down and hung his jacket on the coat rack.  Sitting at his desk he turned his computer on and looked at his calendar.  The...Read On


A Gloomy Day At The Office Turns Bright

On a gloomy day at the office, a manager gets his HR manager to submit.

Do you ever have one of those days at work?  The sky is gloomy and cloudy.  The threat of rain is imminent and it is hot and humid.  Your mind just isn’t into the working mode.  On top of the fact that you have just eaten way too much for lunch and the ‘food coma’ factor is now settling in.  No matter how many times you stare into the bright white fluorescent lights you still cannot fight...Read On


Fucking A Different Bar Staff (Sort Of) With Kelly

Kelly runs into a former quickie partner and ends up going to work for him at his bar.

It was the spring of 1987. Kelly and I had visited some friends and, on a whim, took a backroads route home. It was dinner time on a Saturday. We spotted a bar in the middle of nowhere with a full parking lot and decided to pull in. We had great service and a great meal. It was more than halfway through our meal when I noticed him. He was working the dining room from table to table...Read On


Making Partner - Chapter 2

Stephen gets his first assignment, and it's a wild ride.

The cell phone that Jessica provided was ringing. It was 1am, and I wondered what I would be asked to do. I reached across my bed and picked up the phone. I swiped the green button and answered it. "Hello, this is Stephen." "My, oh my, you certainly were prompt in answering the phone, Stephen." It was Jessica, and she sounded like she was having fun with this little arrangement of...Read On


Making Partner--Chapter 1

Promotion comes at a cost

Steven, Please allow time to meet me in my office at 1pm today to discuss your performance to date in the firm and to plan your future here. Jessica Thomas  The e-mail was short and to the point. Jessica, one of the senior partners in the law firm where I am an associate, wanted to discuss my progress and future with the firm. Although the mail was brief, it sounded pretty ominous....Read On


A Surprise Visit (Part 3)

Can they handle a formal dinner in front of their coworkers?

Emma leaned back against the wall and was stunned by the abruptness of the whole encounter. This is unbelievable. How dare he! After all this time he didn’t even let her finish. Or suck him off. Or anything! She felt like she was going to explode from frustration, even worse, she didn’t think she could go back in a room with him. Let alone eat dinner at the same table. Standing up, she tried...Read On


A Delivery Driver, Dumping More Than His Load Of Goods

Delivery man delivers more then just flooring to a housewife

When one thinks about it, there are several careers that will get you laid more than others. Everyone has the fantasies of having sex with a police officer, their doctor, or any other of a number of careers. A delivery driver for a large home improvement store isn't one of them. When Seth woke up Monday morning, it was forty degrees out, so a cold day for Florida. At least today he was...Read On


The 'Test' Date

Unexpected colleagues find themselves in each other's company and neither expected this...

Ra “Ok, sure!” … wait, did she just say ‘yes?!’ I was joking not-joking when I asked and wasn’t expecting her to agree to a ‘test’ date. What even is a test date - I just made it up! I feel a bit sweaty, maybe she was joking too... Maya was a sharp brunette, shaped like a coke bottle, had a sexy waddle like a supermodel (I borrowed that line from her …). She was a bit younger than me...Read On


Plug and Play (Chapter One)

When you can't stop thinking about your coworker.

Michelle had been working on her presentation for two weeks now and the end was finally in sight. She wished she could give it herself, but her boss insisted that she stay in the office, like always. It was a big company, so there was definite hierarchy that needed to be followed. She sighed as she put the finishing touches on it and opened her desk draw to get a flash drive to copy it to....Read On


Solace In The Light Of The City

Longtime friends find more than comfort at work.

Steve and Liz had always enjoyed talking. They had been close for years. A solid friendship. He took a new job over a year ago for a change after losing an adult child to cancer. She was let go recently from the same company where they had worked together for years. She found this experience incredibly stressful and called him for support and advice. Since that phone call, they had...Read On


The New Guy

I go after the new trainer and get a lot more than I bargained for

I started being a flirt way back in my school years, just couldn’t seem to help myself. Actually, I was initially a timid, nerdy type — avoiding school events and keeping my nose in a book — until I turned sixteen. Then my boobs dramatically developed into a very full C-cup and boys in my class started checking me out. Even some teachers ogled my boobs and trimmed figure and I lapped up all...Read On


Jaq At The Christmas Party

Christmas party sex...

This is another true account of an event that happened very recently. Christmas comes every year, as does the works party. It was Friday evening and Jaq was off to the works Christmas party. Jaq was getting dressed up as I sat watching the usual rubbish on the television. Jaq appeared in the lounge and asked how she looked. As is usual, she looked bloody amazing, her long blonde hair was...Read On


Dirty Girlz Maid Service

He finds that not all cleaning services are equal... and she cleaned really good!

She arrived at my building about ten minutes before our scheduled appointment and so I was a bit startled when I heard the intercom buzz. You see, I live in a secure building and you have to be "buzzed" to get in by one of the building occupants. I like this feature and it was one of the main reasons I lived here. "Hello?" I replied into the intercom. "Hello, I'm Pamela from the maid...Read On


Mistletoe moment

A young man helps a married co-worker set up a party

I normally do not help prepare for the office party, but Sandy had asked, and I like Sandy. At just over five feet tall, Sandy was a petite, but shapely, middle-aged blonde. Her short-cut hair suited her pretty face and her slightly crooked smile was charming. Nice tits, just handfuls, always under a tight sweater. A slim waist, just slightly thick, flaring out to a nice set of curvy...Read On


A Very Naughty Girl - Misbehaves in the Office

Melissa is the office slut – and she knows it.

It’s not exactly a small building, with forty-two floors of offices. The James and Neville Law Company spans seven of these floors with each floor consisting of offices overlooking the city and a central pool of people providing administration and research tucked away on the inside. There are perhaps twenty to thirty people per floor; so a big workforce in total. Melissa is an...Read On


Fucking at the Office

Ed and Aly take things to the next level

Ed and Aly had been working together for a few months.  They had already had some fun.  It all started with suggestive looks and cute innuendo and had progressed to touching and finally a couple of weeks ago Aly gave him a blow job in the stairway.  That had been crazy but so much fun.  Now that she had tasted him she wanted more. He couldn’t believe that it had really happened.  Of course,...Read On

Taking One For the Team: Part Five

The corporate ladder keeps going up...

I couldn't wait to get into work. Not only because of the actions that took place during the road trip, but because I received various emails. It seemed the higher-ups had listened to what I had to say and they were going to make changes. I wanted to implement them as soon as possible.  "Morning," Eric said shaking his head.  "I know," I replied.  "You young people," he said as he came up...Read On


The Deep End Of The Fishbowl

In the blue light of a projector, anything is possible.

This was the third time this week Mia had to sit in this damn conference room and listen to her team drone on about things that didn't matter. The walls were covered in posters from ancient advertising campaigns and the lack of windows made it seem tiny and oppressive. The only good thing about this room was when the door was closed, the lights were off, and the projector was in wait mode....Read On


A Surprise Visit (Part 2)

What happens when you have to confront what you did

Two long months. Emma leaned back against the chair as she watched the sunset over the hotel’s lake. Sipping her wine she tried to ready herself for tomorrow when the rest of her coworkers would be arriving in Arizona. As usual, she had arrived two days early to make sure everything was set for the annual sales meeting. But now she was twelve hours away from being face to face with Kyle...Read On


After Work

An office flirtation goes to the next level.

All day. All damn day they had been flirting and sending dirty text messages, and groping each other in the break room like a couple of teenagers, almost getting caught a couple of times. They had been carrying on an office flirtation for several weeks now, and both knew that today was the day they were going to finally do something about it after the rest of the staff was gone. It was 5:45...Read On