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Office Sex

This is where you’ll find office sex stories, and those where any other type of workplace environment, is the focus of the plot.

Are you looking to read stories about kinky encounters in the office, or grungy gangbangs at the construction site? Do you want to read about forbidden liaisons between bosses and secretaries or encounter secret trysts between a company's sales agent and their clients? Do naughty waitresses who have fun in the changing room entice you or backroom adventures at corporate events? If yes, this is where you’ll find them.


Life As A Married Trucker

Life as a trucker sure has its pleasures . . .

I am an over-the-road truck driver and my wife, Donna sometimes goes with me on my extended trips. Donna is a cutie and is built like a brick house, standing 5’4” and weighing all of 103 pounds soaking wet. Everywhere we go, she always draws a lot of attention.  I like the mischievousness Donna sometimes beings into our life. We’ve been married about ten years and we have a very happy sex...Read On


Financial Planning

My portfolio review turns into an interesting accounting...

I started renting a small executive office space for my business in the downtown area.  I eventually met my office neighbor Jan, who was an older lady, a tad odd, but very nice.  She was a very interesting person after I got to know her, especially when I heard her talking to herself through the shared wall of our two offices.   After a year or so of talking to her and getting to know...Read On


Fusion of Horizons (chapter 4)

Accidental discovery is the first blow to steve's love life

20 August 2013, Darjeeling   We were in the back seat of the BMW 3 series, heading towards Mary’s house. She had her hand wrapped around mine and rested her head on my shoulder. She was broken by the news of her elder sister’s demise but that was not all. Her family members had withheld this news from her for a month. A series of question flooded my mind. ‘Why now? What do they expect...Read On


Lucy 2

The affair peters out except for two last times

Our ‘affair’ for want of a better word, had to be and was kept very discreet. Other than when we returned after that first weekend we never came into or left work together.  Lucy had also been promoted and moved to a different part and building in our work's complex. That made things a lot easier as we no longer interacted at work, even though I also had been promoted and was now ‘Head...Read On


Sleeping With The Boss

An opportune snowfall allows the boss to take advantage of her employee

Back when this event happened, I was in my early twenties and working for a now-defunct company in the north of England.  That the tale came back to mind is the fault, if there is such a thing, of Facebook. A mutual friend, from the same time, told me the lady in the tale had passed. Not a surprise in some ways as she was about ten years older than I was. It’s still a tale worth recalling,...Read On

It's Getting Hot In Here

Robert Isle was looking at life differently.  He and his wife were married for thirty years.  As they were both aging, his wife was getting further and further away from wanting to have intercourse. At first, it was just annoying and later it was depressing.  His wife always enjoyed sex, but after the menopause didn’t really seem interested.  It wasn’t that he didn’t love her, but he had...Read On


Jenny's Office Party

How far will Jenny, the professional manager, go with her coworkers at the office party?

It was Friday evening around 6:00 PM. I left work early and was now home from the nail salon. I was getting ready for our annual office Christmas party. It was in a hotel ballroom. The same as previous years, it was just for employees and some vendors, no spouses or guests. There would be around fifty-sixty people, and the mix would be approximately two-thirds guys and one-third women. We have...Read On


Company Slut, Chapter 4

Brooke's first day was everything she imagined...and so much more!

Brooke was excited to start her first official day that Monday. Ken, her husband, had already left for work earlier and Brooke hurried to get ready for her new job. Mr. Barstow had given Brooke permission to use the company charge account at a few clothing stores to get herself some appropriate office wear for her job and she would have a little taken out of her first paychecks until...Read On


Jenny Horny at Work

Jenny gets excited by the new hire, with the big bulge, in her office.

Our office is professional but casual. We have about twenty people that work at desk cubicles on the main floor. The staff is mostly men, but there are some women as well. I am the office manager. My desk is more substantial and open, facing the team. Having my back to nothing and no one, just windows here on the second floor allows me to “play” online with a degree of privacy when the...Read On


Company Slut, Chapter 3

With the interview and exam over, she gets accepted into work at Barstow Associates!

It was almost a week later when Brooke got a call from Mr. Barstow. He intentionally called during the day when Brooke's husband, Ken, was at work because Brooke had said she didn't want him to know anything about her work yet.  She didn't want him to know because first off, she didn't have the job yet and didn't want to jinx things, and secondly, she didn't want him asking too many...Read On


Company Slut, Chapter 2

Brooke has to get a physical for her new job... and the doctor is VERY thorough!

After a fitful night of lurid, sexy dreams–dreams of her being used by faceless men and groped and manhandled by unseen hands, cumming more times than she could count, Brooke woke to a new exciting day. She went through her normal morning routine, getting Ken's breakfast and packing his lunch and all the regular things she did every morning. She had to make today seem like any other day....Read On


The Boss

I never dreamt of meeting the Boss this way

After years of working for someone,  I finally had the opportunity to start my own business.  I thought it would be for the best.  Set my own hours.  Make my own money. In the beginning, it was great.  Then the months went on.  The days grew longer. My social life paid the price.  I was working too much.  My girlfriend got tired of being alone, so she left me. Honestly, I don’t blame her....Read On


Company Slut, Chapter 1

An unemployed wife looks to get a job to help her husband...

Brooke sat in the unemployment office as she had once a week for the past ten months. She had to show up weekly to report whether she had found work or not. She'd been working for a very nice accounting firm as their receptionist/secretary, but the owner decided to retire and the business closed its doors. And now with the job market so tight, finding another job was proving quite...Read On


Oh My, Mr. Simpson!

After-hours hanky-panky at Argelion Holdings

It was as if we were in a B-movie rom-com. I had been on vacation for a couple of weeks, and when I came back to work that Monday morning, there were at least ten new employees that had started in my absence. This wasn’t a surprise, as the company that I work for is expanding, and they were building out and outfitting new workstations (“cubicles” in layman’s terms) before I left. It just...Read On


Olivia's Office

A meeting with an ebony MILF turns into an exciting experience.

Spending every night with Rachael and Andrea over the past week had put me behind on my work. When Rachael left on Saturday afternoon I had returned home and spent Sunday relaxing alone. Monday morning came too quickly and it was Thursday before I was caught up. Andrea had no plans for me during the week, explaining she was worn out from all of our recent activity and needed a break. My...Read On

The Bosses Wife Part Five: Getting What You Want

Derek Gets One Over on the bosses.

"Morning," I said politely as Jack entered the elevator.  "Morning," he replied.  We stood in silence as we waited for the elevator door to open. Outside it looked like I was annoyed and even a tad angry, but on the inside, I was jumping up and down for joy. The idiot beside me didn't know that I was the only reason he had got the partner position, neither did he know that his wife had...Read On


The Four-Hour Erection

Jim, let’s just say I was hung like a horse and made my girlfriend walk funny for a week

This is mostly a true story. I worked as a Project Engineer in La Jolla California. My job was to ensure the operational functions of brand new buildings added to the Pfizer Drug Company’s Research and Development campus in La Jolla. I was a 45-year-old professional man, living in Oklahoma and traveling back and forth monthly to California. Most of my time was spent in the Research...Read On


The Karen Experience - Part 1 Of 2

An angry wife seeks answers- and more.

The sight of Stacey’s red hair fanned out across the pillow was one of my favourite things. With her eyes closed and the post-climax smile on her face, she looked so beautiful, angelic. I admired her beauty while my cock slowly inched deeper into her satiny, hot pussy. The slow, gentle fuck was a departure from the hot, dirty, nasty rough sex we usually enjoyed together. The fiery redhead...Read On


Lunch with Ms. Reebek

The boss lady summons

The meeting was dull and routine. I glanced around the conference room table and my eyes were drawn to Olivia. The forty-five year old mother of two looked more like thirty. Her red-rimmed glasses and bright ruby lipstick contrasted nicely with her dark ebony skin. Her bush of curly black hair swayed each time she moved her head even slightly. Her slender fingers, adorned with expensive...Read On


Office Rules

Twenty-five year old tries his luck with a thirty year old MILF.

Her name was Jennifer. She was thirty years old and a mother of three children. She was in a long term relationship with the father of one of the children, the other two were from a past relationship.  She had long dark hair that she wore up in a ponytail or clipped in a bunch while she was at work or at the gym but had it straight if she was going out for a drink or meal. She had a...Read On


The Payroll Incident

A payroll error turns into an exciting opportunity

The e-mail showing my pay stub was obviously wrong. The amount was substantially higher than my normal pay, more than double. I checked my account balance and confirmed the amount deposited. Shit! This is going to be a problem. I contacted my supervisor and was told to contact the payroll department directly. I sent them an e-mail outlining the issue. I received a reply back informing me...Read On


The Summer Intern

It takes a firm hand to whip some employees into shape

I have a low tolerance for irresponsibility, especially in young adults who should know better and who should have been raised better. Yet, my law firm keeps hiring summer associates with no respect for anyone or anything except themselves, and then sticking the worst of the lot with me. I know that the managing partner gives me charge of these baby lawyers because he feels that I am the...Read On

Recommended Read

The Day I Came Unstuck

A successful businesswoman finds there are limits to pushing her employees.

A male colleague of mine once claimed that money, when it travels at a certain speed and trajectory, can turn anyone into an asshole. I never believed him until it happened to me. The day I realised it was just like any other at my company. The climbing sun streaming through the windows of my spacious thirtieth-floor corner office warmed my bare legs beneath the charcoal pencil skirt. I...Read On


Working Saturdays Can Be Punishing

They found a new use for the employee lounge.

I like going into the office on Saturday on occasion, even though as owner of Roberts Systems, I don’t really have to. And I discourage my employees from working weekends; they need a healthy work/life balance as much as I do. So, the office is usually deserted on Saturdays, giving me a chance to get things done without the constant interruption of the phone and incoming e-mails, as well as...Read On


The Desecration of Emma - Plan B

a desperate longing for more

Emma had a terrible reputation. Office whore. Slut. Shameless. Rumour had it her voracious sexual appetites were almost never fully satisfied. Notoriety? It was her drug. Even dressed for the office she was the promise of endless nights of steamy sensuality. I thought about her incessantly. I had imagined fucking her so many times it was starting to feel like we had already had sex. I...Read On



Sometimes a girl has to quit to get what she wants

“You know, if this company didn’t have a rule against fraternization, there’s a few guys here that I’d liked to have fucked.” I decided to treat my employees to happy hour one Friday afternoon. My company, Roberts Systems, had just closed on a very lucrative contract earlier in the day, and I was in a very generous mood. While Fridays are usually casual dress for us, a few of us had dressed...Read On

Jayne The Hot Office Assistant

It’s not easy being beautiful.  Jayne King often wondered what it was like to be an average person.  Jayne was always hassled or whistled at.  She was used to getting attention from men and women. You see, Jayne had an abnormally large chest.  Oddly enough, she didn’t have implants.  If she was walking down the street, people would cat call out to her.  She would get very embarrassed by...Read On


Ms. Sandstrom’s Assistant, Part 4: The Board Meeting

Mike helps Cheryl relieve some tension before a big meeting

After the interview, I had no idea what to expect from my new job. Would every day be filled with sexual innuendo, fingering, and blowjobs? Not so much. It turns out that even an administrative/sexual assistant still has new-hire paperwork. There were orientation sessions to attend, forms to fill out, and computer accounts to configure. My desk was just outside Cheryl’s office. It still...Read On


Office Cuckquean

The new employee discovers her boss' wife has a secret.

Mike unlocked the door of his small investing firm and held it open for his wife, Eva.  As they entered, he turned the lights on and checked the temperature in the front office. His wife went into her office and he flipped the light on in his office and put his briefcase down and hung his jacket on the coat rack.  Sitting at his desk he turned his computer on and looked at his calendar.  The...Read On


A Gloomy Day At The Office Turns Bright

On a gloomy day at the office, a manager gets his HR manager to submit.

Do you ever have one of those days at work?  The sky is gloomy and cloudy.  The threat of rain is imminent and it is hot and humid.  Your mind just isn’t into the working mode.  On top of the fact that you have just eaten way too much for lunch and the ‘food coma’ factor is now settling in.  No matter how many times you stare into the bright white fluorescent lights you still cannot fight...Read On