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Office Sex

This is where you’ll find office sex stories, and those where any other type of workplace environment, is the focus of the plot.

Are you looking to read stories about kinky encounters in the office, or grungy gangbangs at the construction site? Do you want to read about forbidden liaisons between bosses and secretaries or encounter secret trysts between a company's sales agent and their clients? Do naughty waitresses who have fun in the changing room entice you or backroom adventures at corporate events? If yes, this is where you’ll find them.


Manmoirs: The Asian - Part 1

She was on the rebound, and I was posting up

Kira was this new employee at work. She was in third year University and worked primarily evenings. We had a video project to work on where I edited audio and video, she did the graphics. We were in constant communication in different rooms all the time. I remember the day she walked into the room. She stood 5'2 and had the most ridiculous body I had ever seen on an Asian, ever....Read On


My Office Affair

He catches his fathers secretary alone masturbating in the office.

I was 17 when I went to work for my father. I'd had other jobs before - I had delivered newspapers for about six months and I had a small time lawn care "business" I ran. I cut grass and shoveled snow for people in my neighborhood, but it was nothing too serious. To be quite frank, I was having too much fun now that my school career was coming to a close. I was in my senior year of high...Read On


Manmoirs: Brown Town

Achieved a couple of firsts

Second semester of senior year began with an eight-month work placement. I landed work at a TV station where I'd spend three full days a week in an editing studio working on various projects, one day a week working on a couple live shows for three hours, and one day in the classroom. I was looking forward to having that class end in April to free up some time to enjoy summer. However, I...Read On


What happens in Abu Dhabi, stays in Abu Dhabi

A boss and PA work together in Abu Dhabi

I’d never really looked at my boss in ‘that way’ until about a year ago when one of the other girls joked over a glass of wine that I had the best looking boss in the company. She went further to say she thought he was the sort of guy who would know what he was doing with a girl. I laughed it off at the time, saying that I’d never be so unprofessional as to have a crush on my married boss....Read On


Table-top experiment

A geek needs to work late tonight, but his new colleague-girlfriend has other ideas…

“Mr Kowalski,” my boss addresses me, “I must have your software in Quality Assurance by Monday morning please. The client pushed the deadline forward again.” “But Mr Schönman…” I try to protest. “That’ll be all, Mr Kowalski. That’ll be all, thank you.” Well, there is nothing I can say, so I leave his office. I could sacrifice tomorrow’s advanced driving course, which has already been...Read On


Caught in the Act

He walks in on her masturbating and helps her finish

She was fingering herself when I opened the bathroom door. Leaning against the sink with one hand, her clingy purple skirt was hiked up over her hips, and her other hand was slid into her panties. Her eyes flew open in surprise when she heard the door open, but before she could say anything, I quickly stepped in and locked the door behind me. Our office has two bathrooms, one by the...Read On


The Jones Account

Kristina's boss has a new position in mind for her

Kristina stood staring in the mirror trying to convince herself that she was ready for this. She’d been working at Blackwell & Collins for a while now, and she had finally gotten the call she had been waiting for. Mr. Blackwell had called a meeting with her to discuss the Jones account. The Jones account was one of the biggest pieces of business to come into their office and Mr....Read On


Office Sex with an Executive Asssitant

A serendipitous office encounter of an epic proportion

As the Communications Director for a large national company, I had a lot of leeway in what was transmitted to our business partners, investors and the media when it came to having anything to do with our company. We were rarely in the news, and I liked it that way. Most of the external communications were in the form of quarterly filings and forward looking statement out to investors by...Read On


Pandora's Executive Relations

It was a normal, busy Friday, just after lunchtime at Pandora’s real estate firm. She was working away in her office when her boss’s secretary suddenly dashed into her office. “Pandora,” she said. Pandora looked up at the woman now standing in the doorway of her office. “Mr. Smith would like to have a word with you.” Pandora paused for a moment, and responded. “Please tell him I will be...Read On


Illicit Affair- Chapter 4- Drunk in Lust

You don't sleep with the boss...

The lights in Gabriel’s condo illuminated the hall as soon as he flicked on the light switch. He shut the door when Rachel stepped inside, and then helped her out of her coat first before he hung his own in the closet. “Make yourself at home.” The ceiling lights in the living room dimly glowed as Rachel entered Gabriel’s “lair” for the very first time. It felt like uncharted territory. ...Read On


Addiction to heat

A power outage in the height of Summer brings heat to the office.

The late Summer heat clung to the city like sticky smoke, leaving the streets below my twentieth floor office wavering and hazy. Work had cleared out two hours ago when the power went out, followed shortly by the back up generator. The phone lines still worked, but what is an office these days without computers? I sat and tapped away on my laptop. I had managed to connect to the...Read On


A Change in Direction - Part 5

After extensive planning and preparation, Evan and Laura step into life changing events

After meeting with Josh and Ann, Evan and Laura went to their office space to clean things up before they left the building. Evan instructed Laura to write letters of resignation for both of them, to print them on official company letterhead stationery and to date them effective on Thursday. Evan was bristling with excitement. Now that he knew that his employer was going to try to change...Read On


Office Fun

I walk down the corridor at work, my heels clicking the floor with every step. Listening to my iPod, my walk matches the beat of the music. I may be dressed like a professional lady but the pink headphones don't really match that look. Having to work New Year's Eve is disheartening but I hope to get away early like I did last year.  As normal I walk past your office and I feel your eyes on...Read On


Re: Office Sex Fantasy: Part 3

We end up back at the office to resolve some issues.

It's a good thing my boss was out of town for the day. He is the only one at work that can tell when I am slacking off. I was really struggling with distracting thoughts and so nothing productive was going to get done. My mind kept racing through all that had happened in the last sixteen hours. Anne had not reacted well to Kathy's heartfelt bombshell and hasty departure. She had been...Read On


A Desperate Divorcee Saves Her Job

Roz does what she must to keep her new job

The eerie glow from the hands of my watch confirmed what I already knew, I was far too early. Nerves, fear, excitement or maybe all three, had kept me awake for most of the night until finally I'd admitted defeat and dragged myself out of bed. I'd even tried and failed to give myself the orgasm that I needed so desperately and that would have sent me into a deep satisfying sleep, this wasn't...Read On


The Appointment - Part 2

I sit waiting for my appointment once again. I was going to see him and I was excited. I keep on replaying what happened between us. How he took over and seduced me. How he made me feel beautiful and wanted. It might have been wrong with me being his patient but I didn't care. I knew exactly what I needed. The door opens. He walks out and butterflies fill my stomach. I hadn't seen him...Read On


Office Quickies - A Nice Surprise

Monica finds a nice surprise at her new company.

My heart was beating a little faster. My palms were a little damp. Keith Marshall had been looking right at me before I ducked my head below the cubical wall again. I had been working for the Healthcare Services Corporation as the Communications Manager for a little over two months, and though the corporate building held over 400 employees, I thought there very few cuties at the company. I...Read On

Recommended Read

Kiss My Ass (On New Year’s Eve)

When Helen makes a naughty offer, she didn't expect Carrie to take her up on it. Or did she?

The ingredients were all there, I swear - an artfully decorated buffet overflowing with deliciousness, bottles of champagne and beautiful people in their best age and dressed in their finest clothes, hyped up by the promise of a new year with new opportunities after a highly successful one, a brilliant band that played whatever we desired, a clear sky, and all of them hustled together on...Read On


Dress Code, part 4

Anne attends to a female superior, and then goes through the rest of her day in her lingerie

Anne lowered her head slowly and hesitantly at first. But soon, captured by curiosity and lust, she licked firmly between Ms. Davenport’s open pussy lips. The strength of her initial lick provoked a gasp and a shudder from her long-legged superior. Anne was struck by the taste of the executive woman’s shell-pink pussy. It was at the same time familiar, as it reminded Anne of her own scent,...Read On


A Change in Direction - Part 4

Evan and Laura celebrate a new direction in their lives.

Once inside her apartment, Evan put the packages he was carrying on her dining table and turned around. As soon as he did, Laura threw her arms around his neck, giving him a long, hard, passionate kiss. When the kiss finally broke she smiled into his eyes saying, “I am so happy you are here.” “That kiss makes me think that you ar e,” he said returning her smile. “You were here last for...Read On


Interstate Meeting...An early Xmas Present

We met again and my only hope is that this time will be as good as the last

I sent her a quick message, “meeting was changed, I can meet you on Monday”. I sat at work waiting for her reply thinking about the last time we were together. My only hope was that this time would be just as memorable as the last. I headed up the interstate with her on my mind or at least what was going to take place when we met again. As the miles passed and our last night together...Read On


The Erotic Encounters of Melinda and Christian: Part 1

Melinda is working alone in the office when Christian arrives with a lousy gift from her husband

Christian Delivers The Passion Melinda Needed. I normally hate delivering the sappy gifts and trinkets between husbands and wives. Not that I am bitter or anything, I just find it absurdly ironic how much men and women light up over the delivery of gifts. If they really cared they'd find time in the day to deliver it themselves, or just give the gift when they're at home together. Of...Read On


Office Help Rewarded Chapter 3

Christie's duties are expanded

“So you like the benefits package available to you here Christie?” “Honestly, most are what I have come to expect from any employer Edward, but I must admit that I am particularly impressed by the benefits that you deliver in an, oh, so personal way! In actuality, benefit packages have never really excited me before. However, because my boss delivers the most exciting benefits in such...Read On


Office Help Rewarded Chapter 2

Christie's reward and Edward's too

I secured a few hours of time for Christie and I to “work on the final touches of our deal,” at least as far as my wife is concerned. When the office was clear of co-workers, this angel appears at my door and I know, no matter how much control I think I might have over this vixen, she is beginning to understand “pussy power.” You stop in my door-way with your hip cocked to one side and the...Read On

Recommended Read

My Library Fantasy: Daryl, chapter 1

I wipe the cheeky grin right off my smart mouth younger colleague's face by dominating him at work

I knocked on the door hard and shouted, “Have you got it on yet?” “I bet he’s doing his hair still,” my line manager Catherine said, giggling. She’s the best boss I’ve ever had, we get up to all sorts to promote books. “I’m not doing my hair,” Daryl shouted from the bathroom. “Get out here then!” I shouted. Daryl opened the door, wearing the latest costume we’d given him to wear. I...Read On


Office Help Rewarded Chapter 1

Christie is rewarded for completing her probationary period

Christie, you have been working for me for three months and we have established a fabulous “friends with benefits" relationship. You seem to be aroused more by the fact that you know you are having relations with a married man, than by my sexual prowess. This is fine with me, because in my mind, anything that heightens a woman's pleasure, short of pain, that I can create for her, has always...Read On


An Office Fantasy Part 3 - Party Time

At the party, Neil is in for several surprises.

Mistress Melissa reminds us the next day that there is to be no sex or masturbating this week, we must wait until the office party. I carry on a very professional working relationship with Liz who dresses very conservatively at work. Melissa also dresses conservatively. Tammy, our lover and chauffeur dresses more professionally, the three of us do not flirt the entire week. Melissa...Read On

Recommended Read

Another day at the office

Claire had always had a crush on her husband's best friend

Her excitement was tracing a slick, sinuous trail down her inner thigh as her fingers flicked furiously over her messy mound. She just needed to get some release today and Craig was on her mind as he often was when she found herself in this state. He was her péché mignonne; her husband's best friend. She had always had a huge crush on him, even when they were at school. He had always been...Read On


A Woman in Need

Husband is not at home and Cyndy needs a cock!

Tuesday morning. It was raining out, the house was empty, and I was horny! My husband Jimmy left for work early, and I was alone. Showering, I was in no rush to get dressed. Reaching for my vibrator, I took it out of the drawer and lay back on the bed. Something inside me told me I need more than that today… I needed a real cock! What was a girl to do? Closing my eyes, I day dreamed of...Read On


A Visit to the Office

Picking my wife up from the office led to some office sex.

One morning, I had to drop Jay off at her office as her car wouldn’t start so that meant that later that day I had to leave work early to go and pick her. As she was still finishing something off for a client when I arrived, I sat down at the desk opposite whilst I waited for her. As I sat down I noticed that I could see right under her desk from this position, and as she looked over...Read On