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Office Sex

This is where you’ll find office sex stories, and those where any other type of workplace environment, is the focus of the plot.

Are you looking to read stories about kinky encounters in the office, or grungy gangbangs at the construction site? Do you want to read about forbidden liaisons between bosses and secretaries or encounter secret trysts between a company's sales agent and their clients? Do naughty waitresses who have fun in the changing room entice you or backroom adventures at corporate events? If yes, this is where you’ll find them.


Headmaster's Secretary

School Secretary takes up some after hours work.

So, after a few disappointing month's worth of job searching after graduating from university, Liz had finally gone for a secretarial job. Her interview was later today, the job was being a secretary for a local private school, which was no bad thing. The hours wouldn't be that bad, there were lots of holidays and the pay would be acceptable. She may even be able to pay off her loan! Liz...Read On


My Boss, The HR Manager and My First Review

I liked my job and after my first employee review, I liked it even better.

I took a new job as a case manager for a mid-sized business, based here in Dallas. As far as jobs go, it was a decent one, with decent hours, decent pay and great employee benefits. The stress and the work load, I soon found out, was unbelievable. My boss was about the same age as me, but had been with the company several years longer than myself. Her name was Amy. We had a pleasant...Read On


Judy at the Self Storage Place

The inspection was supposed to be a quick in and then out, but turned out to be much more.

I have a very unique job in that I am a property inspector for a large insurance company. My job takes me all over the country. I get to meet a lot of very interesting people. A rather large insurance company recently contracted with me to inspect a large amount of their insured properties. My inspection process is simple. The business owner or their designated contact is contacted and he...Read On


Improper Motivation

Minor programming changes yield improper successes…

“… and this is why I think my proposed modifications to the organization’s program will both benefit its members and its bottom line.” The Program Coordinator’s (PC) experienced blue eyes scanned the front side of my one page synopsis and then looked at me with crazy-eyed excitement. I knew then I had definitely gotten her attention. She then lead me back onto the armless, white leather...Read On


Sex In The Office - Part 3

Larita gives Andy a very special surprise.

On Monday at work Larita informs me that there will be no sex between us until Friday night. She tells me that there is a conference downtown and that she will be attending it for the rest of the week while staying at the top hotel in town. I am to meet her in the hotel restaurant at six pm sharp Friday. “Andy, you will not contact me in any way and you will not masturbate at any time....Read On


Finding Time for Us (part 2)

Wife surprises husband at work for lunch

It was a pleasant surprise when my Executive Assistant called me to let me know that my wife was on her way into my office. Chrissy doesn’t often make the drive up to where I work, and I’d had no indicator from her that morning that she had plans to be up this way. The door to my office was open, as it usually is when I’m in the office and alone. Her 5’3” petite frame breezed in, dressed in...Read On


Blackmailing My Secretary

Joanne would do anything sexual with me, except oral. I had to somehow change that.

I’m the accountant for a small legal firm in Atlanta and it’s my job to do all the billing and charging of our clients. Joanne had been my legal secretary for five years and had become invaluable to me. She learned the details of the job quickly and eventually took a big load of my work. Joanne is simple gorgeous, which was my initial reason for hiring her. She has long, thick, silky...Read On


Sex In The Office – Part 2

After working, Larita and Andy have some fun outdoors.

Today is Saturday and Larita has me coming in to work. When I get there, I see that her car is the only one in the parking lot. When I enter my office, she is waiting for me and is wearing the shortest shorts I ever saw! There are two slits on either side, high enough that I notice she is not wearing any panties! “G-good Morning, Larita.” “Good Morning, Andy.” She says nothing about...Read On


Sex In The Office

Larita has something other than work on her mind.

Talking with Larita in her office, she lightly brushes up against me as she goes to the door and closes it. The distinct click of the lock does not go unnoticed, nor the perfume she is wearing which is intoxicating. I immediately recognize it as White Diamonds, a gift I gave her for her birthday. Walking past me, Larita brushes lightly against me and takes a seat on the tan leather...Read On


Stephanie’s Secret Blowjobs

Stephanie was a new engineer and on her first business trip and her blowjobs were amazing!

Ten years ago I was working for a small high-tech company in San Francisco. We did business all over the state, but couldn’t afford to fly on business trips, so we had to use a rental car and drive. Stephanie was a newly-hired engineer and was excited about being allowed to go on her first business trip. And I was excited that she was coming along, too, because she was so hot! I just...Read On


The Interview

Luscious tease uses her charms to nail the job.

David Dumster had plodded through the years without much fanfare. He’d been at UNICORP since forever. It was a large and torpid organization, the sort of place where a dull, straightforward cove like David could fester away unobtrusively in middle management. His last promotion had been a decade ago. His next move would be a decade from now and that would be retirement. David knew this and...Read On


Winning the Bet, Part 5

After a week of teasing, she begs him to fuck her at work

Monday Dating someone from work is strange. We see each other every day around the office, but we work in different parts of the company so we don't spend much time together. We've hooked up after work a few times now (and one memorable time at work), but we've only been on a handful of actual dates. Our company has an all-hands meeting every Monday morning. The conference room we meet...Read On


After-hours Antics

Shania and her supervisor have some after-hours fun

It was nearly six o’clock on a Wednesday as Shania sat at her desk and tried to forge through the stack of papers her boss Mr Watts had given her. She put her head in her hands and sighed. Screw it , she thought, it’s late and I’m tired, I’m going home . She logged off her computer, put the papers in a pile ready for tomorrow and stood up. She collected her coat and handbag from over...Read On


The Mall Lingerie Store

I only needed a few items to liven things up for my girlfriend's birthday celebration.

I wandered into a Victoria’s Secret type of store in a shopping mall near my house, looking to find something sexy for my girlfriend’s upcoming 25th birthday. I wanted to find something personal and fun that both she and I might enjoy and make her feel good. Melissa didn’t have a lot of sexy underwear or lingerie. She always hinted every time we walked past the store in the mall, that she’d...Read On


Inappropriate Behavior Part 2

Alice's been caught and now has to make up for it

Alice got up to the room and nervously pushed on the door to open it all of the way. She gasped and blushed seeing who it was sitting down at the table waiting for her. Alice stood in the door way looking in shock and embarrassment seeing the object of her fantasies, Steven, sitting waiting to tell her that he had seen her masturbating. Hopefully he didn't know that he was the object...Read On


The Boss's Daughter - Part 3

Finding ourselves alone in the office, I give in to what Sam demands of me.

That night, all I could think of was Sam. The taste. The memory. Her smooth skin that I got to touch. It was like a perfect moment of bliss that I could only have imagined in a dream not long ago. Now, it was a reality to have met someone like her. And I even got a souvenir of her panties to remember that moment, still scented with the smell of her sweet juices. That next day at work, I...Read On


Meeting His New Submissive, Chapter 2

The next day when Olivia comes into the office, she finds Mr. Wellington already there and on the telephone. She smiles and mouths a silent "Good Morning" to him and quietly slips over to her desk putting her things down. She sits there quietly as she listens to the phone call in case she is needed. Mr. Wellington is talking to a client and she learns that he will be coming to the office...Read On



A business woman and a janitor deal with being trapped in an elevator.

“Good Morning, Mrs. Dill,” said the security guard as I signed in at the front desk. “Running late, again?” “Yes, traffic was a real bitch this morning,” I sighed, brushing an errant blonde strand of hair from my face. “Just a word of warning,” said the guard handing me my badge. “Raul just buffed the lobby.” I followed the guard’s nod to the Latino janitor. I watched as he...Read On


Late Night At The TV studio

I watched as she eyed the people in the room. She had the look of a lioness on the hunt. It had been a while since Katrina had taken what she wanted, a while since someone gave her what she wanted. She was by no means desperate, she was never desperate. Yet, when she got what she wanted, she was going to be wild. She was going to fuck like a wild slut. I watched as she glanced at...Read On


A Military Officer Is Tempted By A Young Cadet

A military officer finds himself in a pickle- satisfying his country or his wife?

Based on a true story. I was a military officer in charge of a group of young students at West Point, the nations premier service academy. One day during inspections I found a red thong on a young plebe's (freshman) desk, clearly left out by mistake. The young female cadet must have rushed out to get to inspection and forgotten her contraband panties were still on her desk. I checked the...Read On


An Unexpected Development - Part 2

Michelle comes to Ted's office a second time for more sexual attention.

Wednesday morning found Ted’s mind still in a blur with what had happened in his office yesterday afternoon. The whole concept of what he had done and said still felt unreal to him. Had he actually asked her if she wanted to watch and then if she wanted to stroke his cock? Had he actually dropped his pants and masturbated in front of a lovely female co-worker? If fact, Ted wondered if...Read On


Job Interview

Jane has a wardrobe malfunction during a job interview

It was 9:25 on Thursday morning. I was in an elevator with eight other people on my way to the eleventh floor for a job interview. I’d been looking for a job ever since graduating third in my class with a bachelor of business, and even six months prior to that. I was hoping for an entry-level position with any sort of professional firm. All my professors had told me that I shouldn't...Read On


Complexity and Depth - Part V (Epilogue)

Abby looks to recover from Darrin's crushing of her heart and find her true self again.

It’d been nine months since my mental meltdown and rescue by Grace. I’d been at my parents’ home recovering and going to therapy in an effort to get my head straightened out after Darrin. He never came by or called once to check up on me, not even a “Get Well Soon” card. Maybe he felt too embarrassed or guilty at how he’d treated me or was I just another casualty of ruthless corporate...Read On


Complexity and Depth - Part IV

Darrin continues to slowly seduce Abby into more extreme sexual exploits.

When Darrin and Mikie’s lips separated, she was gasping for air in the final throes of cumming as her cunt spasmodically convulsed on my tongue. Her hips were grinding over my lips, and she muttered some orgasmic babble then naturally leaned forward to steady herself on her hands. Darrin had dislodged ‘The General’ from my lady parts as he stepped back to watch.   I saw his hand rest on the...Read On


Complexity and Depth - Part III

Darrin slowly seduces Abby into his world of sexual freedom and opens her eyes.

The next week, there were a lot of higher ups coming and going from Mr. Correll’s office including Darrin. I wondered what was up. One was the lady that I’d seen at my coming out party. I’d met her, but I couldn’t remember her name, so I asked Madge, “Do you know who that it?” Madge replied, “Yes, that’s Mary Morales. She’s the General Consul.” I remembered now. She handles all the...Read On


Santa's Favourite Naughty Accountant

Mark and Andrea's story continue...

It was December 18, one day before Andrea’s and Mark’s Christmas vacation in Paris. She was working late again while her colleagues were having fun at the annual Christmas party. It was 12:15 a.m., and she was supposed to be drinking and chatting with her co-workers, but she had to complete her month-end report. Suddenly, Andrea’s office door opened. She looked up and smiled at the...Read On


Complexity and Depth - Part II

Abby continues her exploration of General Patton.

The next morning, or should I say day, I awoke first with my head burrowed into Darrin’s chest and his strong right arm holding me close. It reminded me of the times when Mom and Dad would let me snuggle in their bed during violent thunderstorms. I knew that nothing could harm me there. His chest was warm, and I loved feeling his breathing as it raised and lowered my head. I was wearing...Read On


More Than a Secretary

Boss and secretary stuck in traffic watch a lewd couple through hotel window

At the end of another day at work Beth was standing under a canopy outside the office watching a torrential downpour. Atypically, she'd forgotten her umbrella and her bus stop was a fair distance away. A car was tooting nearby, not a car she recognised. Then the window glided down, inside was her boss for whom she had a thing for. “Bethan! Bethan!" he shouted, "do you need a lift?” ...Read On

Recommended Read

Complexity and Depth - Part I

Abby is smitten with the new VP, Darrin.

I’m an eternal optimist. I've always been too trusting, too caring, too giving, too honest, too loving, too naive just too gullible and I'm sure that is what will be the death of me. I'd grown up in a caring, loving Christian home and had been taught from an early age that God's 'Grace' was abundant and free for any one. No hidden agendas or strings attached - FREE. All you had to do was...Read On


My Crazy, But Arousing Boss

A woman wants to rip her hair out while at work, but her boss offers her pleasure.

"Fuck, I just want to pull my hair out, I'm so sick of filling this shit out." I glanced at the clock. "Two more hours, shit." "Two more wonderful hours you mean, right?" she asked, strolling towards my desk. My eyes moved to her six foot figure and a smile appeared on my face. I looked right at the crack located only a few inches south of her chin as her white button up blouse failed...Read On