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The Steele Files: (C4) The New Project

After accepting his new position, as Ms. Steele’s Personal Assistant, He got a surprise about the new project.

Darren woke up the next morning, following his extensive interviewing process for his new position, with a huge smile and an extremely hard cock. He still couldn’t believe how his life changed. He still couldn’t believe how the women at Steele Enterprises...

Diary of a High Price Escort Book 25

Ken takes Angel shopping.

I showered as quickly as I could, removing the pool chemicals from my body and hair. Ken walked in when I was sitting at the makeup mirror with a towel wrapped around my body, blow-drying my hair. He wore blue jeans and a checkered flannel shirt and asked...

Only One Bed, Part 10: Zoya And Nolan Watch A Movie

Surprised by Nolan’s search history, Zoya makes a move.

Zoya looked up from her book as Emma returned from the hotel room. Without saying anything, the redhead dropped her phone and coverup into the bag and ran down the beach. She waded out chest-deep in the water, and splashed around a bit. After a few minute...

Arising Siren Unleashed

A wife seduces her husband into sharing her with another man.

Intro Arising Siren travels across time through memories and enters the minds and imaginations of different people with the help of her mysterious counterpart, Dr. Bunny Sanguine. Armed with seductive powers and unclothed in remarkable beauty, Siren immer...

Adventures in Open Marriage Part 19 - Naughtiness on Multiple Continents

My hotwife continues to explore her side of our open marriage with a hot fling abroad, that comes home!

As we transitioned into the Spring of 2015, my wife, Anne, had moved into a fairly regular rhythm with respect to her fuck sessions with George, her large African American, body builder ad trainer, turned lover. To say that I got off on this, and enjoyed...

Jason Chronicles #5 - A Foursome In The Dungeon

After Jill and Randy play at her house, Jason plays with Donna and then with Jill at the ‘public’ dungeon.

I was still euphoric when I awoke the next morning. The scene I’d had with Jason the night before had been magical. It was the second time we’d played, he’d used a combination of pleasure/pain sensations to give me a wondrous experience, and the connectio...

If You Fly, I'll Buy - Part Three

Kat helps Rick get beyond his anger at his ex-wife

After a short break to refuel and rehydrate, I slipped into Rick’s bedroom and waited for him to follow me. With a gleam in his eye, Rick looked at me as though he’d like to eat me in big, greedy bites. But who could blame him as I lay on his bed spread e...

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The Office

An M/f Office Discipline Fantasy

I'd been promoted to branch manager a few years ago and was very successful in that role. I prided myself highly on the output of my branch. I'd taken a new approach when interacting with my subordinates. While my predecessor used fear tactics to persuade...

The End of Our World - Pt. 1

A group of college friends reconnect at a remote lake house

Marissa and I arrived late, just as we always did. To my regular annoyance, and despite my best efforts, Mari couldn't seem to get anywhere on schedule. I thought even our wedding day would be delayed until she showed up right on time with a smile that ge...

Moms Oral Workshop - Part 3 - Distraction

Carol meets John while shopping, further adding fuel to the fire burning inside her. Unable to make sense of it all, she needs a distraction...

Carol found herself pushing her cart through the aisles of the local supermarket, searching for ingredients that would make up for tonight's dinner. As she reached for a bag of spinach, she felt a familiar presence behind her. "Mrs. Smith," John called ou...