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Choking Stories


Rough Day At Work

Gavin helps Elise when her boss makes her feel self conscious.

"Hey babe? I'm home!" I slipped off my heels and dropped my coat by the door. I walked into my kitchen to find Gavin, turned away and cooking dinner. I love this man more and more every day. "Awe, oh my God! You cooked for me?" "Of course I did, babygirl....

One Night in Summer

Sharing an ice cream with a sweet girl turns into heart-stopping, breathtaking, pussy-pounding, hardcore sex.

It was a warm summer evening. The sun was just setting and nothing sounded better than a nice cold ice cream cone. I pulled into the parking lot and made my way into the ice cream parlor. The store was almost completely empty except for the worker behind...

Six Month Sex

Gavin and Elise's six month anniversary. This is a SLOW BURN story.

It was date night. It should've been a happy occasion, right? Wrong. It had gone so wrong so fast. We couldn't even make it through dinner without fighting. So much for six months, I guess. I just don't understand. Gavin and I were so good. I don't know,...

Pulse of Desire

Waking up after a rave has never felt so good. Or: You fuck me while your girlfriend is asleep right next to you.

I don't remember much from last night. Especially the last hour is vague, those last three or four drinks making everything feel all blurred, mashed together in some kind of weird, distorted sequence. But I do remember the way you looked at me. The way th...

Her Orgasms Belong to Me

After his submissive orgasms without permission, he shows her the consequences of her disobedience.

My property’s orgasms belong to me. It’s that simple. She relinquished that power the moment you consented to this Master/slave dynamic. I edge her for days just to make her squirt halfway across the room. I force her into an endless string of orgasms bec...

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Grocery Store Grave Shift - Part II

Friends, sex, and finding purpose on a grocery store night shift.

November 21st 8:44 p.m. Saturday night, I stepped off the bus into gently falling snow, surrounded by silence once the transit hissed, groaned, and pulled away. The Foodway’s sign lit the surrounding fog that swirled beneath the low hugging clouds. A floa...

“I Need to Gag on Your Cock”

Marta finds that being a filthy slut is the most exciting thing she's ever done, and goes all-in…

James looked down at Marta and found the view electrifying. She was pushing herself hard against him, forcing herself to gag and choke on his cock, while simultaneously frigging her clit, and fucking her cunt with two fingers of the other hand. She was in...

Little Kaninchen Unrestrained

Can the little rabbit endure her master's games?

The scent of wet leather drifts to my nostrils as I clamp my teeth around his belt and wail, the searing heat from the stripe of wax on my exposed breast racing to every nerve ending that matters. I choke back the safe word behind the unforgiving loop tha...


He left her breathless…and then she got desperate.

He stripped her, bound her hands behind her, and when he saw her exhale, grabbed the back of her head, locked his mouth to hers in a French kiss, then pinched her nose closed, stopping her breath. She was surprised at first, then started to struggle. Fina...

Feeding The Myth

Xander finds that some stories passed through the ages are not what they seem.

The flicker of the campfire illuminates our circle of rapt faces, the wood popping and crackling in the dark as Dexter brings his tale to a climax. "Terror!" he yells with the gravitas of a Shakespearean understudy. "That's how it reigns." He eyes each of...