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The Beginning of the Domination of Randi, Ch 3

Randi tells Jill about her submission

When Jill got home from her grandparents, she found me at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee. She put down her bag and got herself a cup of coffee, sitting down to chat with Randi. “Mom are you ok? You look like something bad has happened.” “No, sweetheart, I just have a lot on my mind. We need to have a serious talk and then I need to have the same talk with your dad when he...Read On

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A Bicycle Built For One

Leather or Lace? No contest, they don't make bike seats from lace!

I didn’t realize I might have had something unusual about me until an orgasm hit me halfway through . . . OK, I think I need to spell it out a little better. You see, I like to exercise, but it was always running, weight work, and yoga for flexibility. I was in excellent shape and I knew it. But I hurt myself. Well, that’s not the whole story, but it’s enough. I hurt my knee doing...Read On

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Another Caning by Miss Strictwell

Angela has a fetish for being caned by a machine

Thirty-seven-year-old Angela was awake as usual at seven-thirty and was looking forward to her day shopping and meeting her friends at the restaurant at the mall. Before that, though, she had her meeting with Miss Strictwell. As she threw the bedclothes off and swung her legs on to the floor and walked towards the bathroom she thought about her meeting which would be straight after...Read On


Pomeroy Plantation

Prevlidged white boy gets shock from fancy white wife.

I was born on a cotton plantation September 4, 1882 in East Texas. If you drew an equal sided triangle with the base running from Longview to Tyler, the Pomeroy Plantation, founded by my great grandfather Rufus Leroy Pomeroy I, would be in the middle of the triangle. The Pomeroy Plantation was in the mist of a complete revival from the ravages of the War of Aggression, wrought by the...Read On

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The House of Mirrors

I want to watch you fuck me

It was the end of the summer in Ocean View and soon the tourist trade would start to slow down as students went back to school and parents used up their vacation time. As was the tradition every summer, a carnival came to Ocean View and set up at the edge of town for two weeks. There was the traditional Ferris Wheel, Merry-go-Round, Tilt-a-Whirl, and a lot of other rides for adults and kids....Read On


The Doctor (Part 7 – Tessa)

Tessa was just about to cum, when...

Tessa walked home from the doctor’s office. All the way she was thinking about what had just happened. ‘That was literally the best thing ever, as far as I can recall,’ she thought. First, there was that visit where she wanted to express her sexuality, explain to someone who might understand, and see from an expert if she were as freaky as she believed herself to be for a long time. Then...Read On


May 2017 - Meeting 2 - Sharing Sally With My Friend Paul

We both watched, amazed as she performed a strip tease by the side of the bed.

I was keen to make sure that the success of sharing Sally with Brian was not just a one-off and I was desperate to start getting her used to being shared more often. Sally and I had chatted at length about the evening with Brian. She was now clear about what I liked and wanted from her and had admitted that she had really enjoyed being with Brian despite her nerves beforehand and feeling...Read On


Did My Girlfriend Cheat On Me?

Did his innocent GF really cheat on him after his birthday party?

Did my girlfriend cheat on me? Last week, I woke up to choking and slurping sounds, mixed with some sports commentary from our TV in the living room. My head was throbbing, my eyes hurt, and my throat felt dry from the dehydration caused by the few too many beers and shots I had the night before when we were celebrating my birthday. It took me a few moments before I realized where I was...Read On


On The Farm (Part Two)

We heard that my Aunt and Uncle and their daughter (Joyce) were coming from Iowa for my High School graduation. My family lived in a small three-bedroom house. My Aunt and Uncle will sleep in the guest bedroom, and Joyce will sleep in my bedroom. I'll sleep in our camp trailer.  My friends and I always sleep in the trailer during sleepovers. We can have more privacy out there and can...Read On


Ten Day Cruise, Chapter 3

Day 3 – Crossing the line

The next morning Glen and I met our parents for breakfast.  When Mom asked about our night, Glen and I laughed. "We went to the dance, got buzzed, and played strip poker with Jenny and Brad," I said with as straight a face as I could muster. "Who won the card game?" Mom said. "I did, Mom.  I beat all three of them, but not by much," I said. "The dance was a blast," Glen said. "Yeah, it...Read On


Ryan, I'm Pregnant

Pregnant and horny.

Life has been spectacular since that first night I felt my son's cock inside me. We have been together ever since and he has even moved back home so that we could be together more. Since he moved back into the house, our relationship had been perfect. We spend time together often and have formal dates out. We even stopped hiding we were mother and son on holidays. God, I wish we could...Read On


Adventures With Traci - Marcie And The Construction Workers

Marcie introduces her new friends to Traci and Terry

On the Monday morning following our exciting Saturday afternoon with Steve, Traci and I had to return to the mundane world of work.  Traci was employed as a receptionist for a large investment firm. She spent her day answering the telephone, greeting clients and getting coffee or water for everyone but herself. She wasn't thrilled about her job, but she realized that her situation was...Read On


Ladies Night

Two friends on vacation goes to a Ladies Night and finds out the true meaning to the words.

You know how fishermen keep their best spots to themselves? Well, this is kind of the same thing. I will never tell you where this happened, just say it took place in an Eastern European country. Just like fishermen, my friend Kelly and I might go back again to see what’s lurking under the seemingly calm surface. But, enough foreplay, let’s get to what happened. Kelly lit a cigarette with...Read On


Bound For Trouble, Chapter 2

He spoiled his stepdaughter for any man but him!

Mark was just as anxious to get inside the bound girl as she was to have him there. He moved down to her feet and untied her ankles, rubbing the marks where the rope had been for a moment.  "I'm going to keep those hands tied for now," he said.  Kelly moaned her response. Part of her wished he would untie her so she could hold him, while another part of her was turned on by the idea of...Read On


The Bet, Ch 4 - Dining on the Oyster

Maria satisfies Matteo's fantasy

This story is based upon a photo series, “The Bet”, by Italian photographer, Andrea James Bramley, who started a photo series under this same name at I write this with the permission of both he and the model featured in “The Bet”, and with his collaboration. He especially helps with some of the Italian phrasing, which I don’t speak....Read On

Recommended Read

Dirty Words

Dirty words make Anya and Max all hot and bothered after hours at the daycare center

“You’re a fuck head!” “ You’re a fuck head!” A tornado of aggressive profanities instantly sucked the attention of everyone in the area. All eyes and ears were instantly yanked in the direction of where the volley of vulgarities were suddenly being launched in the yard. “Fuck you in the fuck head!" “Fuck you , fuck head!” The verbal duelists were both three years old. Within...Read On


Warren & Gail Part Two

Gail's roomie watches unobserved then joins them in threesome

The stereo was blaring out Billy Joel's, "Uptown," and the sound prevented Gail or Warren from hearing the door to the apartment open. But from his position, Warren saw Gail’s roomie, Karen enter the foyer and freeze at the sight in front of her. Warren used his free hand to wave and signaled Karen to be quiet. She nodded, and remained frozen in place. Gail, completely unaware of...Read On


Letting Them In - Chapter 5 The Bedroom

Christian watched the live porno play out before his eyes, relishing the sounds of sex and the increasing heat in the room.  The sight of Alexi bouncing up and down on his brother's lap, her breasts and ass jiggling with every wild thrust from Colton, fueled his sexual craving and desire. Colton stopped for a moment and turned Alexi around on his lap, her legs draped over on both sides of...Read On


The Submissive Liz Takes Control

"I know how we can have some fun."

I like waking up the next day in bed comfortable together with Liz. Being with Liz is wonderful. We all know that Liz is short for Elizabeth. We look into each other's eyes. "Good morning, Master Sir. I had so much fun last night with you last night." "Good morning, Liz. Oh yes, I did too and we will have fun later too." "It feels so good." "Yes, it does feel amazing." "It's going to be...Read On

Recommended Read

In Pursuit Of Adonis - Game On

A goody two-shoes on holiday is shocked by her fascination with the local bad girl.

**Teri** Welcome to another misty noon in Moose Bridge Harbor - the Bridge, as locals say - where the air looks as if it's been jetted from a vaporizer and even a flying volleyball seems to gather dewdrops. Blame the sleep-sucking heatwave back home in the Hudson Valley that's frying car seats (and the screaming thighs that weld to them) for the sixth day in a row. Even from Portland to...Read On


An Arranged Marriage - Part XII

Bill meets up with Isha and they prepare for their dinner date.

I was tempted to use her cunt again and very nearly telephoned her to tell her that, but it was Thursday and in two nights time I would be fucking Isha and I wanted to save myself for her. Cherie did hint the following day about us spending the weekend together but I managed to convince her that until her divorce was settled, it was better to keep things quieter between us. I also told her...Read On


Ten Day Cruise, Chapter 2

Day 2 – New Friends

The next morning I woke up and looked over at my brother.  He was up, leaning against the headboard and reading one of my novels.  When he saw me watching him, he blushed and put the book down.  I was going to say something, but I didn't.  I got out of bed to go to the head. Glen and I met our parents for breakfast.  We talked about our plans for the day while we ate.  I enjoyed the fresh...Read On


Life As A Married Trucker

Life as a trucker sure has its pleasures . . .

I am an over-the-road truck driver and my wife, Donna sometimes goes with me on my extended trips. Donna is a cutie and is built like a brick house, standing 5’4” and weighing all of 103 pounds soaking wet. Everywhere we go, she always draws a lot of attention.  I like the mischievousness Donna sometimes beings into our life. We’ve been married about ten years and we have a very happy sex...Read On


Epilogue - Me and My Sister - Part Nine

The lustful sex story between Andrew and his sister comes to an unexpected end.

The story contains a nude image. I woke up in my room with a huge boner. It was just another Saturday morning without anything to do. I pressed my cock against my mattress and felt a burning sensation. I really needed to fuck someone.  I thought of jerking off, but I wanted to put my dick inside a pussy, feel some flesh, feel the wetness of a female body. My most proximate option, my sister....Read On


Pantyhose Worship Indulgence Part 1

I have a slave over to worship.

Sitting on the edge of my bed as I slip into my black sheer pantyhose, a feeling of sensual dominance washes over me. I am to be worshiped tonight. The clock turns 7 and, along with my pantyhose, I'm wearing a black leather mini skirt and a red satin corset. As a Queen dressed like a Goddess I am ready to be worshiped. Feeling myself and my surroundings, there is one thing missing. My slave!...Read On


Agatha Allbut & The Bimbo Squad Ch 01, The Backstory

A nerdy inexperienced girl kisses a boy, and enrages enemies

Agatha Allbut was a nerd. Not a hot nerd like Willow, or Velma but a real honest to God, down to Earth NERD. She would have fit in with Lewis and Booger if she had been alive in the eighties. She looked just like one would expect a girl with that name to look; 5'1", 95 lbs measurements of 32A-26-31. Long mousy brown hair, always in a ponytail, pale oily skin, thick glasses, and of course...Read On


In the French Alps; Kitty’s Lesson

Richard teaches Kitty a lesson before one thing leads to another

Over a light breakfast on the balcony, Carole asked what had happened after she'd left the pub with Sally. “Did you manage to talk to Kitty?” “Indeed I did,” I said, putting down my coffee mug.  “And?” “Well, I told her a few home truths and basically said she shouldn’t disrespect you.” Carole scoffed. “I don’t suppose that made one iota of difference to her. Oh, I’m sorry, Richard, I...Read On


The Boat Trip

Long summer days of sun and sex at sea

Sophie stood on deck, leaning into the railing and letting the breeze sweep her long blonde hair back over her shoulders. The harbour was receding, the expanse of blue water between the boat she stood on and the coastline growing larger. She’d always loved being out on the water, the feeling of being liberated from any worries on land, letting time and cares drift away. Chances to feed...Read On

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Perversion Therapy

Anything can become a fetish if you’ve got a perverted imagination...

“Hello. My name is Quoz and I’m addicted to sex.” The public admission was Everest. Many addicts had lost friends, family, jobs, self-worth, and dignity. They’d become shells of their former selves. Hollow. Empty. Admitting their demon’s existence was like summiting that tallest peak without oxygen. It was breathtaking. The church support group was small, serious but anxious, and had...Read On


My Brother’s Window (Part 3)

”Fuck, Bro,” I laughed as I continued to stroke his cock, ”I didn't know anyone could cum that much.” ”I never have, Sis,” he said as he recovered from his orgasm, ”That was incredible.” ” I know,” I giggled, ”It tasted good too. Better than what you left in the cup.” He looked at me in surprised confusion, ”You took it?” he asked, ”Fuck, I thought Mom found it.” We laughed and I started...Read On