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Falling in Love With My Model

Suzy was so gorgeous, sexy, and photogenic. I had to have her!

I’m a freelance photographer specializing in still life photos such as fruits and vegetables, flowers, etc. I love my work and I’m good at it, but I wasn’t able to make a living at it. Oh, I sold a few photos to National Geographic, but they didn’t pay much. So one day I was surfing the web and noticed how many photos there were of gorgeous women in various stages of undress. That did it...Read On


Mother Knows Best Chapter Two

Rory gets to fuck his mother.

After Jean and her son Rory had talked over the embarrassment of their masturbation encounter, Jean knew this was only the start of an exciting period in both their lives. She knew that in common with most boys his age, not only would he shoot his load too soon, he would, without guidance, leave his partner unfulfilled and frustrated. Jean was determined this was not going to be the case...Read On


E013: Two Pearls Have Been Earned. Now, Pearl Three

Emma earns her pearls now as she masters each lesson she is taught.

Donald wakes about three hours later, somewhat refreshed, but mainly wanting to proceed to the next lesson with Emma.  What did it matter that it is four a.m.? This weekend of training does not conform to any clock or standards. On waking, he is hard.  He realizes that he has been dreaming about when his cock was in Emma hours before.  It feels like such a warm and inviting place.  And how...Read On


The Guitar Player - Pt. 2

Just a regular night at work

Playing on the beaches of Northwest Florida had its benefits. Not only was I doing something I loved, but I was well paid and the benefits! Well, the benefits were many and varied. Let me tell about one of my best seductions. Right after Memorial Day, the hotel started the summer season. A small group of ladies from Jackson, Mississippi came for a week's summer vacation with the kids. No...Read On


Doubling the love: part one

The joys of love

'Isn't that just a euphemism to hide the fact you are a slut?' That stung. I had deliberately not said anything about my private life to work colleagues because I feared the sort of reaction I had just had from Milly to my saying I was 'polyamorous'; people would not understand. Not only would they not understand, but they would judge. It did not matter how free and easy social liberalism...Read On


Presenting Charlene

Sixteen-year-old shows off for neighbor.

Charlene's father had finally allowed her to date. I was a senior in her high school and had been trying to get Charlene to go out with me, but until her sixteenth birthday, Charlene's father wouldn't permit it. She and I started dating the day after her birthday, and for the next several months we were an item. We weren't actually doing it - she had vowed to keep her virginity, at...Read On


Alessandra's Girl Crush

Pro cheerleader Alessandra develops an intense crush on fellow cheerleader and mentor Jill.

Chapter One   "God, she is so beautiful!" Alessandra found herself, again, gazing longingly at Jill. Her gazes had grown from glimpses and peeks to almost intense fixations. She loved everything about Jill. Her beautiful looks. Her blond hair. Her sassy attitude. Mostly she loved how Jill had helped her adjust to the squad when she joined last year. Jill had even supported Alessandra...Read On


Ron and Ronnie Chapter 17 - I need help!

Ron seeks professional help. Ted just wants Shirley to be happy and contented.

I had been at Ron’s place where he had continued his story. Ron had warned me to stay away from Shirley who lived next door to him. He said it was because of concern for Ted and Shirley's marriage. I took him on his word but there was a nagging thought that perhaps Ron was more interested in Shirley than he was saying. Ted had sent a message for me to visit with him.  When I knocked on...Read On


The Trio

Justin gets a surprise after work.

Justin sat down on the couch, deciding to relax after work. His girlfriend Jolene would be home soon and he wanted to be nice and comfortable when she arrived. “Hello, Justin.” Justin heard someone call from behind him. He turned around to see Greg. Greg had recently moved in with Justin and Jolene and already the three of them had become extremely close. “Let me help you relax,” Greg said...Read On

Recommended Read

Dirty Tricks, Chapter 8

Sex, subterfuge and politics make for strange bedfellows.

Previously in "Dirty Tricks"   While attending Alexa Grey's, the retiring mayor’s extravagant birthday party, an unknown photographer captures political opponents and electoral candidates, Heather Anderson, and Sean McCarthy, during an adulterous rendezvous. After being sent ominous instructions with photographic evidence of their indiscretion, they meet to discuss their predicament, only...Read On


Forbidden Fruit - Part 3

Was I busted?

Standing there in my yard, looking up at his office light, a sense of dread began to fill me. Oh no, I thought to myself. Was he watching out the window? Did he see me kiss Adam? Nonsense, I told myself. He probably just forgot it was on.  I made my way past the pool and let myself in the door to our attached garage. As soon as I was in the interior door I heard my husky's nails...Read On



My future Daughter-in-Law had a problem

There was a knock at the door. I wasn’t expecting anyone but opened it just the same. There stood my step-son’s fiancé: Alyson. They were to be married in three days. She was cute and we hit it off the first day we met. She stood about 5’5”, weighed about 120, and had a full “C” cup. It was those blue eyes and full lips that always had my attention. She came bounding into the foyer and told...Read On


Watching My Wife and Best Friend

My wife and I finally turn our fantasy into reality.

My wife and I celebrated our twentieth wedding anniversary yesterday. We invited everyone we know to celebrate with us. The gathering was a formal affair which was catered at our home and was a tremendous achievement. Lying next to her the following morning I stroked her mid-length blonde hair. Opening her eyes, she turned to face me, “Good morning love,” she said while pushing me onto my...Read On


The Perfume Lady

She was older than me, but she was so hot that I had to try something with her.

This happened way back when I was just eighteen and in my first year of college. I was at the mall to buy my girlfriend a birthday present. As I passed Penney’s, I could smell the wonderful aroma of all the perfumes. The perfume department was strategically located at the entrance just to draw in people like me. So having been hooked, I decided to consider a nice perfume for my girl. As...Read On


The Sinn Girls: Shenanigans in Sinn

Sinn, shoes and Shakespeare...

In no sense of the word was I Down Under anymore. I was one Aussie girl who felt on top of the world. My apprenticeship in the London office of the Sinn detective agency had been a success. And even better, I had now contributed to Miss Sinn’s second significant case, the solving of Sir David’s dilemma. Though it was, I thought to myself, difficult to explain to your mother that your...Read On

Comp Entry

Strawberries and Old Cream

An older man learns an unexpected lesson from a younger woman when going back to university

“Speed it up, old man!”   The spiral staircase ahead of me was pissing me off for a couple of reasons. First, it was narrow and long, and I was getting dizzy climbing it. Second, I didn’t know how many flights of stairs it actually constituted, being a spiral. The pamphlet from the hospital said I could resume sexual activity when I could walk up two flights of stairs comfortably.   ...Read On


Trip to Tangier

My cucky hubby and I - he was already 'unable' due to his testicle operation - had been on a combined business and holiday excursion in Lisbon (Portugal). We stayed at our beloved Sheraton hotel downtown. In the evening at the bar, we met two guys from England who came in with their sailing yacht after a stormy crossing through the Bay of Biscay. My husband, as a former navy officer...Read On


My Best Friend’s Mom.

Sleeping with my best friend's mom.

Being twenty-two means that I have the confidence and charisma to take most girls out without a hitch. The problem is, I’m not into most girls. I have a thing for older women, MILF’s. I love a sexy mamma, and the woman I have had a crush on for a few years happens to be my best friend’s mom. My name is Jason. I am tall, dark and handsome. My best friend is Noel.0Wwe grew up together and are...Read On


E012: Another pearl is earned

A new world opens for Emma as she finds herself blossoming under proper tutorage.

They lay like this, Donald’s head on Emma’s outstretched tied arm, both breathing deeply, both content at this moment.   After a couple of minutes, he calms himself.  Donald gets off the bed and walks away.  The disappointing sigh which comes out of Emma is music to his ears.  He comes back shortly and sits on the bed his ass up next to Emma’s thigh.  He leans and unclasps her new...Read On


Naughty Nuptials

Ding dong, my balls are gonna cum...

It was the morning of our friend's wedding, and we were getting ready at home. "I think this could be a fun day!" I said with a horny tone. "Will you shave my pussy please?" she asked as she lay down on the bed, spreading her legs.  I didn't need to be asked twice. I rushed off and got what I needed. I got her pussy lathered up and set upon shaving her smooth. I could tell this was turning...Read On


After the Reunion Ch 14-b

Family time before Addie's trip

The next morning, we got up early. Well, eight o’clock is early on Sunday; packed the ice chest, barbecue grill, chairs, and dry clothes, had a quick bite to eat and by 9:30 we were on our way east to the Sawtooth Mountains. There’s a lake we love, Lower Hanson Lake, that’s perfect for swimming on a hot day. It may be ‘Lower’ Hanson Lake, but there’s nothing low about it. The elevation is...Read On


Sweet Little Katie -- Part Four

Katie was looking forward to the weekend. School was out for the summer, and she was going to visit her cousin Ken, who she hadn't seen for almost a year. They were both sixteen, although Katie was actually a couple of months older than him.They were good friends and had spent a lot of time together growing up until his family had moved away. Ken's family had moved to a rural area about a...Read On



Twenty floors...

Finally.  The ping of an arriving elevator. Crowded, but not as crowded as the last elevator, the one she’d passed on.  It was just past five o’clock in the evening, and the rush to leave was on.  Twenty-three hundred people, give or take, trying to exit a twenty-two storey, secured building, all via eight elevators, all at once.   Fuck it. She’d already passed on the one elevator.  She...Read On


Crosswinds Chapter 6

A dark tale of futanari (dickgirl) sisters and their plan to inseminate the world.

Maddi stifled a pleasured groan with each bite of prime rib she ate. The tender ribbons of meat melted under tongue and did much to help her ignore Diana grinning across the table. Her sister’s volatile treachery terrified her, but every time the feeling seemed overwhelming, Maddi stuffed another protein in her mouth. “Diana, Madison. I can’t believe this.” Dr. Dory Drake smiled from her...Read On


Cathy and my sister, final chapter

Stop being so nice and just fuck me

Angela Terry and I were both filthy, but happy, happy, tired and horny. When Derek told Terry that he'd been given a bedroom with a double bed, I realized that my sister's fiancé was something special, we took our dirty overalls off outside, and I was a very tired but very happy bunny when Terry knelt down and slipped my panties down over my thighs. We got under the shower together....Read On


A Faithful Maid

A faithful maid and her young master get closer.

James felt a hand on his shoulder as he slept but ignored it. “Young Master.” A female called out, at the same time shaking him again. “It’s time for you to get up now.” “Just a few more minutes… please, Paulette.” He flipped onto his side, putting his back to her. She giggled. “I’m not falling for that one again, mister. Last time, it took you almost an hour to get ready.” Letting out...Read On


Ron and Ronnie Chapter 16 - Caught out

Ron, Sally and Sarah catch Joe and Ronnie. I meet Shirley's husband.

I had taken time off work because Sue was in hospital following a miscarriage. The previous night Ron had told me about discovering Ronnie and Joe in the guest’s bedroom and how he, Sally and Sarah had planned to raid her and Joe at Joe and Sally's house. All day I thought of what might have happened. It was like an adventure serial where the story ends at the most exciting time and you had...Read On


Dirty Little Secret

Long distance cyber affair drives him crazy...

He's a regular guy, well-liked, married with kids, not quite a pillar of his community but who would want to be that? He goes about his business by day, commutes to work, does his job well, maybe goes for a quick drink with colleagues later, gets home in time to put the kids to bed and maybe, on lucky nights, fuck his sexy wife. But first thing in the morning, or sometimes in the...Read On


Kris & Juliet - Ch III - Bridget's Hen Pt.1

Chapter 3 - Kris (three's not a crowd, it's a party.)

A red-haired girl with a fierce lip ring convinced me to head out into the cold to have a cigarette. I told her I didn't smoke. She insisted and began expressing how she wasn't attracted to the tall and dark stripper of the night.  "Really? You didn't find him hot, even a little bit?" I pressed. "Ughhh... I just can't!" She confirmed. "Why not?"  "I just didn't find him hot. But you are...Read On


My Chastity Story, part 1

My wife punishes me for jerking off too much by putting me in a cock cage

It all started because I jerk off too much.  Every night, I would retreat to the basement after my wife would go to bed.  She retired early every night and complain about being too tired to have sex.  I found relief cruising the internet pictures of women with big tits paired with big cocks.  I would read stories about gloryholes, and cuckolds.  Most guys would be interested in younger...Read On