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Experiences Of A Late Starter - 3

My experiences with men, no fantasy

The same day that I returned to the dating website I received a message from a man who was interested in meeting me. He was from my town and to my surprise, he even was living in my street. He presented himself by the name Ronny. He was a journalist and married. His wife had always known that he had a gay inclination. Since they didn't have sex any longer, she had reluctantly accepted that...Read On


A Model Start

Kelly swallowed hard and knocked on Louisa’s door. It soon opened to show Louisa’s green eyes and smiling mouth, which even without lipstick looked suited to an advertisement. “Hi, Kelly!” she said happily, and as she opened the door Kelly saw her model’s body filling out a white T-shirt and slacks. Kelly stared at Louisa’s firm breasts unrestrained by a bra and wondered how a woman in...Read On


La Ragazza di Trieste

A lusty Italian meets an Aussie photographer.

Veronica was from Trieste, in the north of Italy. She had come to Australia on a working holiday. She was working at my favourite Italian restaurant, il Paradiso. At first, I thought she was from the eastern bloc. Her voice was husky, possibly from too many cigarettes, her accent was strong. The combination was alluring. She was young, at least twenty years younger than me. I don’t usually...Read On


Summer In The Trailer Park

Cal spots a MILF who needs attention while her husband is away

So far, Cal had no regrets about moving into the West Virginia trailer park he now called home. He enjoyed his comfortable, well-built trailer that was insulated well from the heat and cold, and also from any sounds from the outside (or from the inside getting out!). He'd gotten laid more in the first two months in the park than in the last ten years of his marriage, and he was enjoying a...Read On



Katherine and her father are snowed in for the night...

July passes and then it's bare-knuckled November. Up close to the Canadian border, winter comes in fast and sudden and burns out my crop with frost and snow. That's when the tourists come flooding in. Most of my nearest neighbors have given up farming to turn their historic ranch homes into B&Bs. I'm one of the last. November is about the time my Katherine stopped riding along the road....Read On


(Chapter 1) Putting A Brat In Her Place

Your rebellion is amusing but ultimately doomed to fail...

I take your hand and pull you into an embrace, my arms now pressing you against me. Pushing our bottoms together as close as possible through the confines of our clothes. My arms around your head, your mouth resting against my shoulder, my chin on your head. You gently kiss my chest, closing your eyes and relaxing in the safe warmth of my embrace. Keep them closed. You can now feel my...Read On


a new sister in law joins the fun

does fucking one's sisters-in-law make it incest?

So, I've already told you about my horny little sister-in-law Tina, the one who came to do her laundry at our home for several months as they rebuilt their home.  I have never recounted any of our escapades to anyone who personally knows either of us because I don't believe in 'kiss and tell'.  Apparently, Tina doesn't feel the same way. Between my wife and me, we have blended two...Read On


Designated Pool Boy

A Chance Encounter by the Pool

I liked my sister, Connie, even if I didn’t really know her. I was the “surprise” of the family, born twelve years after her. When I was starting elementary, she was off to college; as I was entering my teen years, she was married. I dare say I wouldn’t have known her at all if she and her husband had not decided to stay at the Beach. Of course, she married up, so they lived at the North...Read On


Top Up

What a future this is, even sexual satisfaction is but a number.

The year is 2119, a time where everyone wears their complete health status on their arm or neck. Mine is on my arm, that way I can cover it up, but most rich people choose to wear it on their neck as an adornment. It shows everything about you, your health, biometrics, cholesterol level, even your sexual satisfaction, or lack of, in most cases. All the pretty lights flicker away and change...Read On


Sara's Surrender Ch. 4

Talia brings her friend.

“Help me move this bed and this rug. We have a bit of work to do before she arrives,” Talia ordered.   Seraph did as she asked, and together they turned the bed on its side against the wall. He rolled up the thick cabernet-red rug it had been atop. Beneath it, Sara had scratched a massive pentagram, the five points of the stars pointing at five candles at the edges of the room. There...Read On


Femme Boy Gets Cock Drunk

My mind goes soft thinking about my bully's cock.

I’m not a very masculine guy. In fact, I’m downright girly. I blame my body. I’m 5’3” and weigh 110lbs, but the first thing people notice is my fat ass. It’s fat, tight, and juicy. It’s the kind of ass that women these days pay a queen’s ransom for. It flares out with my wide hips from a narrow waist and flat stomach and is complemented by proportionally thick thighs. My calves are...Read On



Part 1 Aida heard the soft thud of the door. As it closed, she bent lower, already on her knees as she gently washed the floor. Her ass pushed higher until it was above her head and she rested herself on her arms. Her full breasts touched the ground and swayed gently as she reached back and opened her buttocks. She felt her house master enter the room and position himself behind her....Read On


Conversations With Amy Chapter 6

Tracey and Brenda enjoy some time while Rob calls in more help.

The next morning, Aim came by before heading to the airport. "Rob, the kids are off to school. They are excited about 'camping out' here the whole weekend. Just no marathon computer games, OK?" "So I can blame you when they complain?" "I know that you’ll do that anyway. Just toss them into the pool once in a while and they won't do any whining." "Can do, easy." "And, Rob, thanks for this."...Read On


Little Big Man - Sister Surprise

Karen returns home earlier than expected

I rolled over and put my arm across Mom's waist and tucked myself up tight to her ass. I smelled her hair as I slid my hand up and cupped her bra-covered tit, enjoying the silk, and squeezed gently. She moaned and pushed her ass into me. My cock responded to the pressure by growing as it rested between her cheeks. "Mmm... good morning, baby," she moaned. I started pushing my cock against...Read On


The Aaah-Team: The Strip Show

The Aaah-Team Help a bored woman fulfil her fantasy of being a stripper.

"If you have an itch you cannot scratch, If you have a fantasy you cannot achieve, If you want the Sex Experience of your darkest dreams, and If you can afford them, call the Aaah-Team." Elizabeth noticed the advert tucked away in the lower corner of the magazine she was browsing, while sat in the dentist's waiting room for her routine check-up. 'Routine,' she thought, that summed up her...Read On


Static Display, Tacoma, Washington

Changing minds to bring us closer.

Looking up at the sky, I’m thankful that at least it stopped raining. Not sure I really like these static displays but it gives me a chance to fly into a town and land in parking lots. These little displays are set up to give people a chance to look at the equipment, climb around on the aircraft and ask us questions. I happen to be a helicopter pilot stationed at Ft. Lewis, Washington. I fly...Read On


Isabel Takes Another Flight

Isabel is the captain of Rocket's new adventure.

I sat on a folding kitchen chair staring at a blank piece of paper. It had been almost a year since Isabel and I separated. I wanted to write something sexual like the notes I used to leave under her pillow. I couldn't produce the same sensations of touch, caress, the long strokes of deep penetration, the tingle I get right before... I didn't call her. She didn't announce her arrival....Read On


Watching My Husband, Chapter 2

Kendall took over right off and made the game hers!

A couple weeks later, we invited Kendall over to our house for dinner and drinks. We had gotten tested and got our results back, and we hoped Kendall had had a chance to do the same. I was so nervous when I heard the doorbell ring, I almost fainted.  I quickly checked myself in the mirror before hurrying to the door. Kendall greeted me with a friendly hello and a hug, and then I took her by...Read On


After the Reunion, Ch 16-d

The new friends' exciting night.

Saturday night, Sept 30, 2028 “Anyone want to watch a home movie? I just happened to bring a good one with us,” Tanner said as the six of us stepped into our living room. He went straight to his laptop case and dug it out, hooking his HDMI up to our eighty-inch TV. Addie asked who would like something to drink and got the diet cokes and ice tea we asked for, except Michelle; apparently,...Read On


Judy Gives In To Her Desires. #1

What my wife did on our honeymoon night!

After living together for almost two years, Judy and I decided to get married. To describe Judy: She was like a dream come true; five-foot-two, one-hundred-and-ten-pounds, blonde hair, green piercing eyes. You never wanted those eyes to get angry at you. My favorite points were her double D's. Her measurements were 34-24-35. When she walked all men turned and stared. We started planning...Read On


Naked and Entangled

Gazing out the window, you’ll see her car pull up. Your heart will be in your throat. Blood will be pulsing noticeably through every vein, artery and capillary in your body. A wave of heat will wash over you. Deep breaths. Take deep, steady breaths. Once she arrives, you’ll start wondering again. About everything. ‘Is this what I should be wearing? Is it weird if I do? How’s my hair?...Read On


The Waiter (Part 2): First Night On The Floor

Erin starts his first shift

Erin sat with his eyes closed, his back against the cold bathroom tiles. Between his legs, his cock hung, semi-hard, a drop of cum dangling off the tip. Absentmindedly, his hands caressed his cock. As his fingers grazed the tip of his cock, without thinking he suddenly raised his finger to his mouth and sucked the drop off his fingertip. The sweet saltiness covered his tongue and he...Read On


The Runesmith Chronicles 11 Part 2

Helper, Hastened, Father, Regaining control, Planted

After bringing the new linens and taking the old ones behind the inn to be washed, Perra and the new father made a second trip to get bowls of stew for the new parents and the midwife. Perra was a bit scandalized by the mother’s state of undress until she was forcefully reminded by the woman that Kal had just helped deliver her baby and saved both of their lives as well as being there for...Read On


Feeding An Addiction: A Three-Way Street Ch 14

Events at our innocent dinner party spin out of control

Scarsdale, NY: Sunday 15th October 2017 I looked at my watch. I’d been upstairs for a good seven or eight minutes, trying to avoid the round-the-group inquisition on sexual fantasies that my wife’s friend Jenny had instigated. In front of the full group of four guests, I had no desire to confess my fantasy of watching Sue with other men. Everyone there already knew about this fantasy, but...Read On


The Teen Slut And The Gas Man

The gas man gets a nice surprise when he comes to read the meter

Ever since my encounter with an older man, Paul, and the sexual exploits he introduced me to, my sex drive had become insatiable. I suddenly found myself with an unrelenting desire to flash my body in public. It was shortly after my seventeenth birthday that I started exposing myself to dirty old men looking for a bit of action. It was an unbearably hot day in August when I began exploring...Read On


Online Date Part 2

Continuation of my first meeting with Nikki

We walked arm in arm to my room. I let Nikki clean up in the bathroom first. While she was in there, I ordered some room service for us. Nikki came out wearing a big fluffy robe, hair still wet from her shower. She still looked hot even with no make-up and in a bathrobe. After room service dropped off our food, we sat on the bed eating and talking about our lives. It seemed too good to be...Read On


The Neighbours Put On A Show 2

The neighbours shock the hell out of the voyeur! This is not what he was expecting.

It was a beautiful fall day, sunny and unseasonably warm. My wife and I decided to go for a hike at our favourite spot a few miles from home. Julie and Randy were doing some gardening in their front yard and we had our usual neighbourly chat with them as we headed towards Debbie's car. It was close to three weeks since I had had a front row seat to a voyeur's wet dream. I was trying to be...Read On


The Singing Of The Cicadas III

Finally, they talk and take their decision.

Old man Eric was sitting in his favorite rocking chair on the patio of his deceased brother's holiday mansion. It was after lunchtime, but since he had slept in that day, keeping everyone – his granddaughter and her husband, mainly – worried whether they should check on him, he renounced to his daily nap. This way, he could, for once, read the newspaper without being bothered by...Read On

Recommended Read

My Wife And The Fixer-Upper

My wife helps a friend fix his house and more.

My wife Christy is an extremely attractive thirty-three-year-old species of the female sex: a brunette with shoulder-length naturally wavy hair and a very trim sexy figure. Her firm thirty-four-B cup tits perfectly complement her five-feet-five-tall frame and she is proud of her super-slim figure that she works out four times per week to keep. Her tits do not need support and her slender...Read On


My Speedo Gang Bang Fantasy

Last May I had my first orgy (six guys) but two years earlier I wrote about my orgy fantasy.

I always fantasized about being fucked by the group of guys wearing nothing but speedos, and that fantasy recently came true when I was invited to this party by a guy I met online. His name was Rob; he was a forty-five-year-old sales executive. From the photos on his online profile, Rob was hot. He was well built and stocky, tanned with a shaved/waxed chest. Speaking to me on Skype, he...Read On