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Exhibitionism Leads To Where It Often Does

Innocent exhibition leads to submission

It was a hot Sunday in early June. I was sitting on my patio and enjoying the sun in my sheer mesh shorts. I've been going nude around my unit since the first of the year. I loved feeling sexy and didn't bother closing the drapes. No one ever 'strolled' around in the winter, but when it got warmer, I couldn't resist the temptation of going outside. I live in an ultra-conservative complex...Read On



Jerry knew it would eventually happen...

Watching Ann on top of me was always a beautiful sight. Her slow grind still turned into a frenzy of pleasure. Her breasts started with just a jiggle, and then into an up and down motion that gave me such a thrill. I loved when she fucked me, thinking of all the men in her life that pleased her since she started this new adventure with Sam in the laundry room. Her thrust, when full...Read On


Tina And Luke - In The Beginning - Chapter 3

Their second date.

Luke “You okay?” was the first thing Rob asked as I got in the door. He then turned and looked at me and said, “You’re okay. We’ve lost our best support and motivation then?” Grinning I replied, “Support, no, she’ll be coming to our game on Saturday and before you ask, I’ll be at training tomorrow. We’re going out Friday night. Yes, I know, I’ll be a good boy.” “How about Tina? Is...Read On


The First Time a Second Time

After I left for college in the fall of 1987. Jeff, Steve and I stayed in touch as best we could. But as is the case, especially when you're of different ages, it can get tough to do so sometimes. The following summer of 1988, I was working a lot to save money for school and also started to date my future wife. Because of these two situations, my social circle narrowed a bit and Steve and...Read On


Not Many Hours

Trainee shows leader how...

From the train window, Mike Spar admired the rising hills and pine clad mountains of the Swedish countryside. He was on his way north to show three novice archaeologists how to start an initial exploration of a tribal village exposed by building work. At just thirty-five years old, being one of the most highly regarded archaeologists in the world could have its drawbacks. This was a...Read On


Don’t Judge a Book Ch 02

A chance evening with friends leads to shared confessions.

Saturday 26th August 2017 Just over a month had passed, since out of the corner of my eyes, I’d observed Craig, Byron, and Callan rutting as three stags for the attentions of my sexy, but spoken for, wife. Jill and I were snuggled in bed enjoying a quiet and activity-free Saturday morning in bed. No lifts, sports matches, or driving lessons. The well-earned tranquility of proud parents...Read On


Stories from my youth Chapter 3 – Carol

Carol tells me know how she feels

I was feeling down for quite a few weeks after Janice gave me the shove. I may even have been depressed but being a country lad in those days I didn’t even know what depression was. In the country, there was only happy and sad. If you were happy then that was fine. If you were sad you spent time alone, focused on work and you recovered and of course, in time I recovered. As I came out of...Read On

Recommended Read

Stress Test

My husband built a machine. He didn't think I'd like it. He was so very wrong.

My legs are shaking from the effort of holding this position. I’m going to have to sit or stand soon, but I can’t decide which one. The weight flattening my breasts also pulls me down toward the seat, so staying in the exact position I want is a struggle. I can feel the dildo move deeper inside me as I wobble up and down, but I’m still surprised when I feel leather against my butt cheeks....Read On


Mermaid and Chill Or The summer I fucked a fish

it would be a summer he would never forget...

The summer began and quickly became a 'party summer.' I was crashing at my friend's beach house for two whole months of drinking, girls and weed. From the start, I had been drinking. I had already killed more rum than I would ever admit to. The beach house was filled with pyramids of beer cans and probably permanently scented with the delicious scent of reefer. I was fucking girls by...Read On

Memento Mori

Howling. Screaming. "Nomads of doom beneath a sepia shadow, conjugating flesh." A toll of bells rung, as I whispered a new line to a soon play script. I masturbated with my thoughts. As my cock's prowess baulked with its temper of heat, my eyes rolled back. Often titillated in fields of dreams while inhaling the opium that I'm so fond of, with arousing sexual amnesia spinning in my head....Read On


Seattle Mix Tape - Rope

She’d set me before a floor length mirror so that I could watch her work. It was fascinating in its way.  The blue strands of rope contrasted nicely against my exposed flesh.  She’d positioned me so that I sat on my heels, my knees spread wide, wider, wider, until muscles strained with the effort.  She started with my thighs, attaching them to my calves, the rope forming figure eights,...Read On

Recommended Read

Sara Has A Threesome (MFF)

Sara's husband says she should have a threesome — so she does. Just a shame he isn't invited.

It's Bev's leaving do. The girls from the department want to give their ward manager a send-off she will never forget. So it's a meal in The Raven, the posh gastropub out Brocklehill way, maybe a club later. Sara is despondent because Bev has hardly glanced her way all evening. She has grown fond of her boss over the last two months, hoped they might be more than just colleagues. But now...Read On


Teacher Morning Duty

Starting the day off right.

It was a vibrating dildo, a shiny translucent pink color with glitter sparkles sprinkled on it. It looked like a real cock, and its head was slowly parting the wet pussy lips. Soon, the head of it was glistening, moist with the juices flowing from behind those lips.  She worked it up and down, up and down, sliding the head of it around the opening of her pussy, spreading the slickness...Read On


Jaq Does It In Style

Our first dogging adventure...

It had been Jaq's fantasy for a while to be watched while fucking. Around ten years ago that fantasy became a reality. Jaq came downstairs one evening dressed in a sexy red dress, stockings, high heels and not much else. Jaq announced that she wanted to go for a drive so that we could take some dirty photographs. When Jaq directed me to a local beauty spot well known for dogging, I knew...Read On


Stories From My Youth Chapter 2 - Dorothy

I meet Dorothy, then I meet her mother.

As a teenager, I lived in a relatively small town. My parents ran a farm, so every Saturday I helped them out on the farm and in return, they paid me a few dollars. This helped me out quite a bit because the job that I had in those days didn’t pay well. Every Saturday night, my old school friend, Dave and I would drive the twenty-five miles to the adjoining town which was a good deal larger...Read On

Recommended Read

Dirty Girl

It was raining all the way to his place and they didn’t talk much in the car. She sat in the passenger seat with her legs crossed, listening to the rain as it slanted down against the dark windows. When he pulled up outside his building and they got out of the car, she wasn’t really in any hurry. Half of her wanted to stand outside until she was soaked through. But he took her hand and...Read On


Serendipity Sex

Fate brings Emma and Kate together for something rather special.

Does fate exist? Can something really happen by coincidence? Well, my name is Emma and I don’t think I’d ever given much thought to the issue until one wintry night in Edinburgh, when a potentially problematical mistake led to something rather special. These days, as a result, I do believe in fate and that everything happens for a reason.  Let me tell you what happened...  ~~~~~ It...Read On


Lunch with Ms. Reebek

The boss lady summons

The meeting was dull and routine. I glanced around the conference room table and my eyes were drawn to Olivia. The forty-five year old mother of two looked more like thirty. Her red-rimmed glasses and bright ruby lipstick contrasted nicely with her dark ebony skin. Her bush of curly black hair swayed each time she moved her head even slightly. Her slender fingers, adorned with expensive...Read On


Lucinda's New Life - Part 2 - Distortion

Heiress begins to feel differently about life, love and her future

Monday 14th July Cindy was still sprawled naked and motionless on the rumpled sheets when, very early that morning, Peter left the apartment to start the long drive to Southampton. He felt exhausted after a largely sleepless night during which his almost insatiable wife had made a relentless series of demands on his body. It was only the second such night in many, many months and had...Read On


Giving Sis A Helping Hand

Josh catches his sister with his journal.

  With my senior year of high school behind me, the summer was going to be one of fun and hard work. During the school year, college coaches were literally knocking at my door after the football season. Today, a letter arrived in the mail addressed to me. It was from the number one university in the Midwest. My parents and sister watched anxiously as I opened the envelope and read the letter....Read On


Mustang Sally

I had no idea what being with a true exhibitionist is like.

I was recently reading one of the stories on this site and it brought to mind some of the early adventures that I enjoyed with a woman named Sally. I had known her for about two years when the following story happened. We had flirted back and forth for most of that time. It was harmless, as we were both married. Then one week she told me that her husband had moved out the past weekend and...Read On


Truth Or Dare (The Family Reunion) Chapter Nine

We all fucked.

Stacey lay breathless as Jamie pulled his spent cock from her deflowered pussy. Jamie lay beside her admiring her taut body. Her nipples were erect and pointing at the ceiling. She smiled as he looked at her. Jamie relished in the experience. All the stroking and even the hand job his sister had given him were nothing compared to this. His cousin was so pretty and her body was perfect. His...Read On


Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Our First MMF Experience...

My wife-to-be finds out I'm bi, and it gets wild...

My wife became aware of my bisexuality by accident. Her laptop had died, and she needed to complete an online task, so she logged on to my laptop while I was at work. Her curiosity got the better of her, and she decided to peruse my saved files and photos, eventually coming across a portfolio of very personal pics, including some of me having sex with another man. I had fantasized about...Read On


My Journal Part Two

Best if you read the first part "My Journal" to get what is happening.

Journal Entry: January 21, 2015 Things seem to be getting a bit better in the sex department. I got home today and she was in the kitchen making dinner wearing a nice short sundress. I snuck up behind her and started kissing her neck. I then lifted the sundress up from behind and lowered her panties to the floor. Unzipping my pants, my hard-on sprung out. She didn't resist at all as I...Read On


Are You Sure?

A husband finally gets to see his fantasy come true with a surprise ending.

Introductions first; I’m Steve about 5’10” try to keep myself in good shape and have a dick size just under 8” long. My wife Cindy is about 5’8”, C cup breasts and although a bit rounded after two kids still pretty good looking. We got married young so now one kid is on his own while his sister is almost through college in another state. This means we have a lot of time on our hands. My...Read On


Yearning for Urination Ch. 02

Gigi gets herself in deep with her stranger...

Gigi began to salivate as she watched the girl pull down the zipper of her shorts. She looked on intently as the girl slid them down her slim legs and struggled to pull her boots through the holes. When she managed to free herself, she tossed the shorts behind her at the base of her tree.   "Get down," she commanded, pointing a finger to the ground. Gigi complied and crouched down, leaning...Read On


Car Salesman

Shopping for a car...

Lately, I’ve been shopping for a new vehicle. One of my favorite salesmen is a forty-year-old stud, I’ll call him Cam. He is five-feet-nine-inches tall, two-hundred pounds, muscular, heavily tattooed and a real cutie. I’ve seen him half a dozen times and he’s never questioned my impatience. Some sales people would get tired of me returning time after time. We were getting down to the...Read On


If You Can't Join 'Em, Watch 'Em Pt2

Peeping Toms aren't always a bad thing.

When we heard about the party it actually sounded like a good time: good food, free drinks, and a nice room to for some great sex afterwards. Nick and I decided to bring it up a notch and even reserved one of the suites with a hot tub to get all hot and slippery in. No one except Char knew about our relationship, or whatever you want to call it, and we figured we could just say that we...Read On


How I Lost My Cute Little Girlfriend (Part 3)

Tim finds out more about Sarah the day after the party.

  Chapter 6: I never really knew her.   I lay awake almost the whole night. Thoughts on how to approach Sarah about what had happened last night at the party were racing through my head. She slept like an angel right next to me, not bothered by her actions at all. It was difficult for me to catch a clear thought that night and even more difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep. ...Read On


Real (Horny) Housewives Tales - Sorry, Wrong Number.

Another in a series of short stories about housewives.

Evelyn was at a crossroad in her life. At forty-five, with her two kids away at university and her husband working long hours and travelling, she was struggling with how to fill the hours of the day she was alone with meaningful events. The recent months had proven to be especially challenging for Evelyn. Her sexual appetite had spiked and she often found herself daydreaming of a myriad...Read On