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MMM … MMM … MMMiddle Aged Fun

Three guys in their fifties and sixties have some fun with old photos and videos

They say when the cat’s away, the mice will play. I guess, in my case, that is true. My wife has left town to visit her sister, leaving me alone to my own devices. Those devices are primarily a laptop and the pole in my lap. Being the horny bastard that I...

Spa Break II – We Buy Our Own Cane

After seeing cane marks on a girls bum in the hotel sauna, we decide to buy our own cane and give it a try.

After we got home from our weekend spa break, neither of us could put from our minds the marks that the cane had left on the girl in the room next door's bottom. I’d seen the welts in the sauna, but Ann, my girlfriend had seen them close up in the changin...

A Special Kind Of Wife - Part 3

After the outrageously wild and sex-filled weekend, Jordan wonders if it will continue.

Driving home from work on Monday evening, Jordan’s mind drifted back to his sex-filled weekend. He was still mystified by his wife’s behavior. A sweet woman that rarely used profanity suddenly became the potty-mouth of all time. He grinned as he recalled...

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Making Changes

That got me thinking. It sounded like an invitaton.

Hi, my name is James. My wife, Ann, and I are both in our mid-sixties. In the past four weeks, we have made a deliberate attempt to improve our sex life. Both of us realized over the previous few years; sex had gradually declined to what it is today. 'Spa...


Slowly Moving On: Chapter 5

A link to the past leads widow to a voyer experience from an unlikely place.

I took one look at Jenn on the screen and all of a sudden I was trying not to cry. I could not have been more surprised at what I was looking at. It was a picture of Jenn bent over our kitchen island. What the hell? It was the picture that I had taken of...


Dedicated to Rachel

Been looking through our cardboard box Of photos old and new So many loving memories Of good times shared with you   All those captured moments A flashback through the years I studied each one carefully I even shed some tears   I wanted something differen...

The Sight Of Her Legs

A young cheerleader shows just what she's capable of.

He saw the brown-haired girl sitting at the front. She was the only girl in the room wearing shorts, and her legs were perfect. Her skin appeared so soft and smooth that he found himself unable to tear his eyes away from the long shining limbs of perfecti...