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Incest Fantasies

Incest stories are concerned with relationships among siblings, other family members or closely related persons. Incest is defined as sexual relations between persons who are so closely related that their marriage is illegal or forbidden by custom. Incestuous relationships are illegal in many places around the world - the following stories are purely fictional, written by people who are turned on by such an idea.


Little Big Man - Saturday shopping

Mom takes Derek on a shopping experience

The pressure on my balls woke me up. I opened my eyes to see Mom's foot, wrapped in a white high heel, pressing into my sack. "Time to get up, baby," she said, "we have things to do." I had dozed off in the living room chair. "What time is it?" I asked. "Time to go shopping," she called from the hallway, "go shower and put on the clothes I put out for you." I showered and put on...Read On


Sara's Resolve - The Revelation (Part Four)

Bliss, passion, and deception bring forth an eye-opening revelation for Chris.

Sara’s eyes move downward, and it hits me. I'm naked. As I pull the cover across our exposed bodies, I ask, “Did you just look at my dick?” A smile appears on her face as she replies, “Maybe.” “Maybe is not an answer, Sara.” “Yes, I looked at it,” she answers with a sharp tone. “Why would you do that?” “Seriously, Dad?” “Yes, seriously.” Gathering the covers beneath her chin, Kim...Read On


Daddy's Breeder

Daddy lets the neighbour breed his daughter after trying her out himself.

Mara dropped her school bag by the front door and slid out of her uniform black shoes. It had been a long week of final exams and Mara was tired of everything she had to deal with at school. She was eighteen years old and about to graduate from high school. Depending on her grades on the exams she had just taken, she hoped that they were good enough to get her into the biochemistry course...Read On


A Bride chapter 21

She was still spurting when I dropped to my knees and clamped my mouth on her cunt. I was as hard as a rock, all thoughts of mum or Belinda were forgotten as she squirmed beneath me and fastened her legs around my neck like a living vice. She climaxed with a scream and threatened to toss me back down the stairs as she arched her back in a convulsion of Ecstasy induced passion, "Fuck...Read On


Daddy and the Office

Mara is punished by Daddy in his office.

Mara looked up from her book and glanced over the top of her glasses at the ticking clock in the distance. She sighed, realizing that she still had half an hour left to her detention. Carl, the boy sitting behind her, rammed his feet into the back of her chair repeatedly, causing her whole body to shake every couple of seconds. She clenched her fists tightly, holding back the urge to thrust...Read On


A Bride, chapter 20

Let's fuck on the floor

She was wearing a sheer white baby doll, with matching panties and she looked absolutely delicious in the gloomy light of her lounge. She smelled nice too and tasted even better, her breath smelled slightly of alcohol as she snaked her tongue between my teeth and sucked on my own tongue. "Take me to bed Tommy." I ran my hands down onto the swellings of her pert little bottom and pulled her...Read On


Sweet Peach

A graduation gift leads to a new experience

The graduation party was in full swing as I watched her dancing with her friends. Already eighteen and now finished high school she had a whole life of adventure waiting. Watching her and her friends was becoming titillating, almost erotic, their young bodies flashing legs and cleavage. Tight little asses in mini skirts, curve-hugging low-cut dresses, high heels, and stockings...Read On


A Bride chapter 19

Mum was still drunk and wearing just a very short wrap around robe

I wondered about mum and what she'd got up to with the black girl. I hoped my little display of concern for her hadn't put the two of them off enjoying each other. From my experience with Belinda, I'd discovered that people act differently in different situations and even in different clothes. I'd gone back to Belinda's flat with her wanting and getting dirty sex, but after we'd got the...Read On


Afternoon Delight

First came the phone call. It was followed by the gentle tapping on the door of my mobile home, a second later, Wendy is in my arms with her mouth glued to mine. Her strong and slender legs wrap themselves around my waist and I slowly move us toward the bedroom. Once inside, she releases me and commences to slowly shed her outer garments. The rust-coloured blouse falls away to reveal a...Read On


Pushing My Luck

Quick one before dad gets home...

I heard the shower stop running and looked at the clock. He wouldn't be home for a little while, maybe a half-hour, so I had time. I stripped down and made my way to their bedroom, my seventeen-year-old cock growing hard in anticipation, and quietly entered the room. She was still in the bathroom.  Walking in I stopped and gazed at her. She was standing at the vanity, brushing her wet...Read On


A Bride chapter 18

uck off, this cunt's mine

I danced or at least did what passed in my mind as danced, but she writhed, squirmed and gyrated. She held her arms up in that air at one time and just wiggled, then she moaned softly as I kissed beneath her arm, "I'm very sweaty," "I know." I closed my lips over the hairs in her armpit and sucked them into my mouth, while she ground herself wantonly into my cock. "You're beautiful,"...Read On


Tutoring Tanya

Tanya needs to learn how to please her boyfriend. Her father is only too happy to help.

"What's up, darling?" Debbie could see that her usually happy and vivacious daughter was upset about something. Tanya was still wearing her shoes and coat when she appeared in the lounge doorway looking forlorn. "Did something happen at school today?" "No." "Is it your boyfriend? Have you fallen out with Jack?" "No, not fallen out. Just a small problem, is all." "What is it then?"...Read On


A Bride, chapter 17

It's my cunt, I enjoy being hairy

I'd finally managed to pull myself together enough to take the girls for a spin round the block. Well actually we went about twenty miles up the M1 motorway, it was a beautiful car and I loved it immediately. Mum got shouted at by Jill for telling me that it was actually Jill who'd bought it for me and that it had cost two thousand pounds. "No Jill," she said seriously, "Let's be right...Read On


Mom, Me and Our Adventures with Spunk: Part 6 (End)

A Mom. Her Son. And a whole lot of spunk.

A short while later. There was a knock on my bedroom door. "Come in," I called as I sat there at my computer desk fiddling with my tie. It was going on late morning and the blinds were closed with my overhead light on. I was suited and booted to go. White shirt. Black pants. Black shoes. I looked good enough for church. The bedroom door opened and in walked my first and only patient....Read On


A Bride chapter 16

They'd each bought a rubber dress, rubber stockings

Mr. Patel junior was every bit as nice as his father, born in this country he was every bit as western as me, but with the sort of inbuilt charm that you can't learn, you have to be born with it and he had been. "Welcome Jill," he beamed, "Dad never told me I was getting a beauty queen for a tenant." He winked at me and I liked him immediately. "Call me Joe," he said and handed her a bunch...Read On


Daddy's Lessons II

Mat wakes up to the smell of Abigail’s pussy. He slept on the pillow she fucked last night, and her faint scent still on it gives him an insane case of morning wood. He goes to his master bathroom and has to rub one out before he can even take a piss. He knows it's wrong, but he can't help but think about his daughter humping that pillow, her delicate hand between her thighs, the noises...Read On


A Bride Chapter 15

I'm cumming Tommy

Well, it's fair to say that the burgers were done! When we'd finished laughing, we gave up the idea of eating and concentrated all our energies on rather more hedonistic pleasures. Jill started it by announcing that she was hot and needed to take something off, but couldn't decide what. After a quick, whispered consultation with my mother, she decided that it had to be the panties. ...Read On


Halloween Personalities

"I should have followed my instinct and not attend that party," I said to myself as I entered my room and removed my Halloween costume. As I undressed I had to concentrate to clear the image of the full red lips and tiny pink tongue of the Corpse Bride licking and kissing the head of my cock. Just thinking about it caused my groin to stir. "How did this happen?" I asked myself. It had...Read On


What Am I Going To Do Without You?

Juan is going to the Navy soon, but he has a fantasy to fulfill before then.

Juan Escobedo was going to the Naval Academy soon. He had just graduated high school last summer. He had good grades. He was an athlete, playing offensive tackle for the football team. He had even planned to walk on Navy’s football’s team. However, there was something bigger than football that he cared about and loved. “Good morning, Juan,” Juan’s aunt (or “ Titi ” as him and others liked...Read On


Shut The Fuck Up

Emily’s constant chatter gets her into trouble.

John was enjoying a quiet pint in his local pub, out of the way from the hustle and bustle of his wife and visiting niece. The pint was going down rather well and he was happy with just his mobile phone for company. It was around half past ten, just as he was finishing the dregs of his last pint when his eyes met Emily, his niece, from across the bar. Emily made a beeline for her Uncle John...Read On


A Bride chapter 14

She kissed the inside of her thigh

I'd like to tell you that we all got naked immediately and I fucked our brains out, but it didn't happen like that. I was genuinely pleased to meet mum's friend (lover) and even more pleased to see that her two years inside hadn't left as much of a mark on her as it had on my mother. She was bright and vivacious, a good conversationalist as well as being a very pretty young woman and I...Read On


Little Big Man - Saturday chores

Derek learns the rewards of doing chores

I opened my eyes and looked around. It took a moment to realize I was in Mom and Dad's room. I looked at my right hand. It was crusty with dried, flaking cum. Holy shit - I had really fucked my mom! She came into the room and stood beside the bed. She was wearing black yoga pants and a white sports bra. Her big tits were spilling out of it. Her hair was in a long pony-tail. How does...Read On


The New King Ch. 4 - New King

A young king is forced to marry his mother, aunt or sister.

The recent sexual escapade with Aunt Irene was the only thing I could think about for the next few days. If I knew she would never want to see me again, I would have never had sex with her in the first place. But a bigger and more immediate situation demanded my attention, actually the whole kingdom. “You are certain... Father is dead?” I asked in a quiet tone. Myself, Mother, my...Read On


Loving Alan And Greg Jr. Beyond Belief

Penny comes to the conclusion that incest just makes the love unstoppable and indestructible too.

I didn't know what to expect, but they sat with me down and kissed my cheeks. I wasn't even sure if Greg had any clue what Alan had in mind, but I just sat back and waited. Although, he didn't make me wait long, he got up and went back towards my dresser. "Mom, you are going to need to stock up on condoms, unless you want one of us to get you pregnant." "Okay, son," I replied before...Read On


Mom, Me and Our Adventures with Spunk: Part 5

A Mom. Her Son. And a whole lot of sperm.

Seriously, the problem with obsessions is you can easily become obsessed by them. One minute you think you're finally beginning to get a hang of things, then suddenly something comes along and you find yourself with your dick hanging out and fapping in the wind.  BAM. Just like that. The weird shit that you're not supposed to think about suddenly becomes the new normal which you find is...Read On


The New King Ch. 3 - Regret

A young king is forced to marry his mother, aunt or sister

Regret   A couple days went by after the breastfeeding incident with Mother, but nothing had changed between us. As a matter of fact, we were closer than ever. But I was starting to see her in a new light, my eyes often wandering to her supple arse when she was turned away, or to her juicy tits. At the moment, I was headed to the kitchen for a snack and heard quiet giggles coming...Read On


A Bride chapter 13

She felt mum's hand sliding under the back of her skirt

Mum wanted to stay in that night because, she said we'd been going through money like water over the last few days and although she was right, I insisted on taking her to the local pub just for a couple of drinks to celebrate her birthday. We ended up with a compromise by going early and staying just for about an hour, then it was back to the garden she'd fallen in love with and couldn't...Read On


Expected Turn Of Events With Son And Daughter

The final installment to my "Unexpected Turn of Events" series.

The week rushed by and, as much as I wanted to, I hadn’t plotted a damn thing. I realized that I’m not a plotter. Who was I kidding? I couldn’t pretend to be sinister to even save my life. So I figured that I should go about this the way I best knew how. My way! Kate arrived on Thursday. All three of us had a grand dinner and ended the night early on a silent and peaceful note. The next day,...Read On


Little Big Man - gone fishing

When Dad goes fishing Mom takes charge

It was Thursday night as I was playing Skyrim that I heard the noise. I lowered the volume and listened to the creaking of the bed overhead. Dad was fucking Mom. The creaking sped up and suddenly stopped. That was fast. I heard footsteps overhead, going into their bathroom, followed by a flush and running water. The steps then went towards the kitchen and stopped. Not heavy steps so I...Read On


In Between Ch. 7 - Monkey in the Middle

Bryce's aunt moves in next door. His mom isn't happy. Oh shit, cat-fight!

  Bryce didn’t wait long to reveal the recent sexual escapade with his mother to Valerie. “Hi, sweetie!” She rushed from the kitchen and gave him a big kiss as soon as he entered her home. “I missed you.” She stared lovingly at him, wrapping her arms around his neck. “I missed this too…” She reached down and rubbed over his pant's zipper. “I missed you too, but there’s something I have...Read On