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Incest Fantasies

Incest stories are concerned with relationships among siblings, other family members or closely related persons. Incest is defined as sexual relations between persons who are so closely related that their marriage is illegal or forbidden by custom. Incestuous relationships are illegal in many places around the world - the following stories are purely fictional, written by people who are turned on by such an idea.


Tell Laura – Chapter 7

Some fun and games, some frustration.

Tommy After the chat, we watched The Martian. It did cross my mind what the law would be on Mars. I had read the book before the film was made, after picking it up cheap in a supermarket. It had a fascinating journey. Publishers not wanting it at first, so the author self-published and ended up working with specialists in NASA to get the details right for the film. The book is amazing,...Read On


Anna's Birthday Part 2

All for me - all on me!

I rode with my best friend, Sarah Goodlow to Sarah’s house after the varsity basketball game, for my big eighteenth birthday party, it's my cumming of age bash. Sarah turned onto her lane. She lived out in the country and her driveway is a little over a mile long. I noted all the cars on it. "Holy shit," I gasped, ”are all these people at your house?" Sarah smiled at me and said, ”Anna,...Read On


Ten Day Cruise, Chapter 5

Day 5 – Expanding Relationships

The sound of the telephone's shrill ringer jolted me out of my peaceful slumber.  I rolled away from Glen and picked up the handset. "Hello," I said in a groggy voice. "Good morning, Megan.  Are you okay?" Mom said. "Mmmm, yeah, I'm fine.  What's up? What time is it?" "It's nine o'clock.  We missed you at breakfast," Mom said. "We stayed up late last night." "It sounds like it.  Are...Read On


Sharing Lori's Stories With Kelly, Part 1 of 2.

Lori's stories she shared the night of the reunion had me so hard I was ready to blow a nut.

It was August of 1998 and I was at my twentieth high school reunion. I had been dancing with my wife, Kelly, and her group of friends when Lori tapped me on the shoulder. I hadn’t seen her since high school and we started dancing. Lori was my second pussy. In between the time we had decided to go on a date and the day of the date, I met Kelly and that changed my life forever. But all...Read On


Hot Midwest Summer - Stepping Into Another Life - Part 5

Terrana and Trista explain their relationship to Killian's son.

The last few weeks had been grueling for Trista as she finished squaring all the details for her move. With her sister's help, her nephew Silas and his friends, the hard work had paid off. In two short days and one day before her sister flew back east, Trista would set out on her journey to move her small family. Thankfully Silas had agreed to help his aunt drive so long they kept an...Read On


Ten Day Cruise, Chapter 4

Day 4 – Shattering the Taboo

When I woke up, I was on my side facing away from Glen.  He spooned against my back with his arm over my body.  I smiled when I realized he was gently holding my breast.  Placing my hand on his, I pressed him to my boob.  He stirred and then kissed the back of my neck. "Are you mad at me?" Glen whispered. "No, are you mad at me?" I whispered back to him. Glen rolled me onto my back.  He...Read On


The Beginning of the Domination of Randi, Ch 3

Randi tells Jill about her submission

When Jill got home from her grandparents, she found me at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee. She put down her bag and got herself a cup of coffee, sitting down to chat with Randi. “Mom are you ok? You look like something bad has happened.” “No, sweetheart, I just have a lot on my mind. We need to have a serious talk and then I need to have the same talk with your dad when he...Read On


On The Farm (Part Two)

We heard that my Aunt and Uncle and their daughter (Joyce) were coming from Iowa for my High School graduation. My family lived in a small three-bedroom house. My Aunt and Uncle will sleep in the guest bedroom, and Joyce will sleep in my bedroom. I'll sleep in our camp trailer.  My friends and I always sleep in the trailer during sleepovers. We can have more privacy out there and can...Read On


Ten Day Cruise, Chapter 3

Day 3 – Crossing the line

The next morning Glen and I met our parents for breakfast.  When Mom asked about our night, Glen and I laughed. "We went to the dance, got buzzed, and played strip poker with Jenny and Brad," I said with as straight a face as I could muster. "Who won the card game?" Mom said. "I did, Mom.  I beat all three of them, but not by much," I said. "The dance was a blast," Glen said. "Yeah, it...Read On


Ryan, I'm Pregnant

Pregnant and horny.

Life has been spectacular since that first night I felt my son's cock inside me. We have been together ever since and he has even moved back home so that we could be together more. Since he moved back into the house, our relationship had been perfect. We spend time together often and have formal dates out. We even stopped hiding we were mother and son on holidays. God, I wish we could...Read On


Bound For Trouble, Chapter 2

He spoiled his stepdaughter for any man but him!

Mark was just as anxious to get inside the bound girl as she was to have him there. He moved down to her feet and untied her ankles, rubbing the marks where the rope had been for a moment.  "I'm going to keep those hands tied for now," he said.  Kelly moaned her response. Part of her wished he would untie her so she could hold him, while another part of her was turned on by the idea of...Read On


Ten Day Cruise, Chapter 2

Day 2 – New Friends

The next morning I woke up and looked over at my brother.  He was up, leaning against the headboard and reading one of my novels.  When he saw me watching him, he blushed and put the book down.  I was going to say something, but I didn't.  I got out of bed to go to the head. Glen and I met our parents for breakfast.  We talked about our plans for the day while we ate.  I enjoyed the fresh...Read On


Epilogue - Me and My Sister - Part Nine

The lustful sex story between Andrew and his sister comes to an unexpected end.

The story contains a nude image. I woke up in my room with a huge boner. It was just another Saturday morning without anything to do. I pressed my cock against my mattress and felt a burning sensation. I really needed to fuck someone.  I thought of jerking off, but I wanted to put my dick inside a pussy, feel some flesh, feel the wetness of a female body. My most proximate option, my sister....Read On


My Brother’s Window (Part 3)

”Fuck, Bro,” I laughed as I continued to stroke his cock, ”I didn't know anyone could cum that much.” ”I never have, Sis,” he said as he recovered from his orgasm, ”That was incredible.” ” I know,” I giggled, ”It tasted good too. Better than what you left in the cup.” He looked at me in surprised confusion, ”You took it?” he asked, ”Fuck, I thought Mom found it.” We laughed and I started...Read On


Two Moms, Two Sons 17: London Would Love To Have A Daughter

Keisha feels weird to intrude, but London is all too happy to invite her in with them.

POV London   We all walked into Keisha's room, and she sat down with Joe first. I couldn't turn down the chance to look at Keisha again. I couldn't be sure just how this was going to go, but I still had high hopes.   I sat down in between them and glanced at Keisha. "Do you love my son, Keisha?"   "I don't know, maybe. I certainly know you love Joe, only an extra loving mother would blow...Read On


Summer With My Sisters

Sharing an apartment with my sisters leads to a new level of bonding

My sisters and I were always close growing up. I was the middle child and only boy; my sister Marie was two years older, and my younger sister Annie was born a mere eleven months after me. Despite moving away and going to colleges in separate areas of the country, we became even closer as young adults. The summer between my junior and senior years in college provided the greatest...Read On


Tell Laura – Chapter 6

Laura and Tommy process the events of the morning.

Tommy As I came to, I could feel Laura moving. It took a moment to understand what was happening. I could feel my morning glory, but there was pressure around it and movement on it. Laura’s arse was moving back and forth, slow to start, but the pace was increasing. I had to stifle a laugh, being used as a sex toy was a first.   She must have been in much the same condition as me; a...Read On


Ten Day Cruise, Chapter 1

Day 1 – Surprise, surprise

Preface It all began on a typical summer day.  As I did most days, I spent much of it lying in the sun in the backyard and reading one of my romance novels.  My brother left earlier to play ball with his friends in a park near our suburban home.  Mom and Dad both worked. I turned eighteen a week before.  My brother would be nineteen in a month.  Glen and I graduated from high school a...Read On

Natasha and Cory

Natasha Red was a mother and a homemaker.  She cared for her family and did a great job being a mother.  Her child was older and didn’t need as much attention as he once did. She missed when he was little but enjoyed getting to know him while he was a teenager.  He was popular and had many friends.  Her house was the flophouse where they all gathered.  Her son liked having parties. ...Read On


My Brother’s Window (Part Two)

I couldn't get the image of my masturbating brother out of my head. His cock seemed so big on his body, too big. But what the hell did I know? It was the first real one I've ever seen. And his cum, oh man. I've never tasted anything so different.   I felt like such a pervert. I mean sneaking out my window at night and peeping into my brother's. What kind of girl would peep at her own...Read On


Not Your Usual Vacation. Part 3

Erica comes to visit her daughter and her now teen-aged grandchildren

Dan sat at a table with four chairs, under a large parasol. His back stuck to the chair due to sweat and he wiped his brow. It was the warmest summer in history and the entire town was suffering. His sister Nina didn’t seem to be bothered at all. She lay on a sun bed with sun glasses reading a book and had been at it for a while now. “Hey, you will be well done soon?” he asked. “Don’t...Read On


Hot Midwest Summer - After All These Years - Part 4

Terrana agrees to bed her stepfather, she was unprepared for the full evening.

Terrana lay in bed, thinking about the last several weeks. Never had she felt her life could feel so complete and full of so much love. Her sister Trista created new emotions in her; emotion she was familiar with but struggled to fully accept. Stroking gently, Terrana ran her fingers through her younger sisters hair. She leaned over and placed kisses on Trista's neck, tasting the dried sweat...Read On


Bound For Trouble, Chapter 1

Her boyfriend ran off leaving her at the mercy of her stepfather...

"Are you sure your folks are gone?" Ricky asked as Kelly unlocked the door to her house. "Of course, Mom is working at the hospital until midnight when her shift is over and my stepfather is off on a business trip. We have the house all to ourselves for hours yet!" Kelly assured him. Kelly pulled him into the house and shut the door behind him. "Go on into the living room and I'll bring us...Read On


Best Sweet Sixteen Party Ever

Young girl experiences a coming out party like no other.

My parents divorced when I was twelve leaving me devastated. I lived with my mother in an apartment on the upper West side of NYC. I attended an exclusive private girl’s school in Manhattan. My daddy moved to the west coast and lived in an upper-class neighborhood in Malibu. I was denied nothing but a nuclear family. I loved my daddy and missed him terribly. But daddy had been unfaithful,...Read On


Tell Laura – Chapter 5

Did Laura prepare a bad meal or is it worse, what do the siblings do next?

Laura It was around five in the afternoon when there was a knock at the door, which I answered why would I not? The smiling face that was there, when I opened the door, was the reason why not. “Hello Laura,” he said, as he pushed the door wide and stepped in. “Get out! You’re not…” I stopped when he raised his hand ready to slap me. Two of his friends, who I had ‘entertained’...Read On


Two Moms, Two Sons 16: Gia Accepts Sandra And Pete's Mother/Son Love

How does everyone react when the MILFs discover that the boys got with Keisha and Gia?

POV Sandra "So, tell me what you think? You'd love to be a grandma, wouldn't you?" she asked, as we walked down the hallway.   "Yes, London, but are we ready for that now?"   "Maybe, maybe not, but we just have to get them on board, with getting with another woman first, remember? They didn't even want to ask out Keisha and Gia, even though we encouraged them to do it," she mentioned it...Read On


Not Your Usual Vacation Part 2

Erica takes her daughter Laura on a vacation after her husband fucks another woman.

Erica sat on her back porch reading the morning papers with a cup of coffee by her elbow. It was still early, and the morning mist hung around where the sun hadn’t reached it yet. The smell of freshly cut grass came from the neighbour’s yard, and the sound of his lawnmower was what had woken her up on that Sunday morning. She read about war and tragedies, corruption and mayhem around the...Read On


Accidents Happen, Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Grace and Raven help with Chaz

So, I had finally resolved to go through with being with a guy again.  I resolved to do it, but didn’t know how.  I knew Grace could help and would, but I was too nervous to ask her.  Hopefully after a few glasses of whisky I could muster up the courage to ask her when she came over. Last weekend, Grace had come over again and we spent our second two-day love making fest in different...Read On


The Prom

Brother & Sister get a little closer

Bret Don’t get me wrong.  Being a big brother has its advantages.  But, it is not as glamorous as it sounds. Yes, you do get to do a lot of things before your younger siblings but most of the time parents are stricter with you than they are the brother or sister.   That is just at home.  I haven’t mentioned anything when it comes to school.  That’s an entirely different subject.  Both...Read On


Tell Laura – Chapter 4

Oops, what's that?

Tommy For the third morning, I woke up and Laura was there with me. The first obvious thing was Laura sprawled across me again and as the fog cleared, a couple of other things became apparent. The morning glory feeling was there, but there was also downward pressure on my cock. As I was putting two and two together and hoping I was getting five, Laura started to move. It felt like she...Read On