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Incest Fantasies

Incest stories are concerned with relationships among siblings, other family members or closely related persons. Incest is defined as sexual relations between persons who are so closely related that their marriage is illegal or forbidden by custom. Incestuous relationships are illegal in many places around the world - the following stories are purely fictional, written by people who are turned on by such an idea.



Katherine and her father are snowed in for the night...

July passes and then it's bare-knuckled November. Up close to the Canadian border, winter comes in fast and sudden and burns out my crop with frost and snow. That's when the tourists come flooding in. Most of my nearest neighbors have given up farming to turn their historic ranch homes into B&Bs. I'm one of the last. November is about the time my Katherine stopped riding along the road....Read On


Little Big Man - Sister Surprise

Karen returns home earlier than expected

I rolled over and put my arm across Mom's waist and tucked myself up tight to her ass. I smelled her hair as I slid my hand up and cupped her bra-covered tit, enjoying the silk, and squeezed gently. She moaned and pushed her ass into me. My cock responded to the pressure by growing as it rested between her cheeks. "Mmm... good morning, baby," she moaned. I started pushing my cock against...Read On


Daddy's Lessons IX

“Do you want to try being on top?” Mat asks as he holds himself above Abby, weight on his elbows as he pushes and pulls inside her. She smiles, teeth like a string of pearls, nodding her head. Mat slips a hand under her and carefully rolls onto his back, Abby clinging to him. Knees on each side of his chest, she lays her naked torso right on top of his, breathing into him as he carefully...Read On


Am I Lesbian Or Desprerate For Sex - Part Two

I’d known Gemma, my doppelganger, for a little over twelve months. We were in our second year of college and it’s fair to admit, she’d turned me from a shy girl, scared to talk to anyone who I didn’t know, into a flirtatious, bubbly, outgoing girl. We both had boyfriends but despite my best efforts to seduce Paul to take my virginity, he resisted every time. Gemma and Gary, by comparison,...Read On


Jenny and Marie: The Morning After

After spending the night, Marie's young guest decides the fun is not over yet

I woke with that wonderful warm tingle you get after a night of intense love-making, where you go to sleep completely sated, with your partner in your arms. My partner last night was a young girl that I worked with, Jenny, only seventeen but quiet, shy and very devious. She had acted drunk and made me feel all protective and maternal towards her, although she had managed to get me to...Read On


Mom Becomes My Lover (Chapter Three)

Mom expands her boys' horizons

In the days after Rick, Bruce and I gangbanged Mom, sex between Mom and I got even wilder. She confessed that she had never experienced fucking with anyone else that was as intense or debauched as the sex we engaged in. I would wake up in the morning with her lips and tongue wrapped around my cock. She would sit on my face and grind her cunt into my mouth. Other times she would assume a meek...Read On


A Great Start To A New Year. The Conclusion.

Luke sat there wide-eyed as his sister moved behind Jessica's and unfastened her bra. The moment the bra fell away, Jessica crossed her arms over her breasts as if to hide them from Luke's stare. Julie moved in closer and pressed her bra covered breasts into Jessica's back as she gently took hold of her wrists. "You don't want to really hide your girls from us?" she purred into the blond's...Read On


Christmas Surprise 2

I can't resist making love to my cousin Emma.

The sun had just begun to peek through the window when I awoke. I looked to my right and saw Emma still sleeping. I closed my eyes. Did what I thought happen last night really happen? I smiled. Oh yes, it really happened and it was incredible. I never imagined I would be attracted to another woman. And yet here I was lying in my bed staring at my naked ‘cousin’ Emma lying next to me. I...Read On


Daddy's Lessons VIII

Mateo lies with his daughter in his arms, her proclamation jarring his thought process - Abby wants to have sex. To give her father her virginity, the most coveted part of her being. He is reeling. Part of Mat is ready to take her, right here, right now, his cock already hard and pulsing. The rational part of him, however, knows he shouldn’t. He has loved teaching her about sexual...Read On


Dirty Grandpa

When granddaughter and her best friend stay over, a massage turns into hot teen sex.

Ted was a good grandpa, or at least he tried to be. His grandaughter Shelli and grandson Nick were fun to be with when they were kids, and made him feel younger when he could play with them. As they got older, they really didn't come around as much, but he still enjoyed the time when they did. Nick was now eighteen, and on his way to college, and so he stopped coming to see Ted. So when...Read On


The Single Pringle

Jessy goes on a vacation to clear her mind and has a strange experience.

“What’s life like as a Single Pringle?” asked my friend Laura over a cup of coffee. It was a miserable day in January. Outside the cafe’s window, the snow was whirling and people walked doubled over against the wind. My cheeks were still burning from the cold and I was pretty sure Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer could have called me his sister. “I’m rattling around alone at the bottom of...Read On


A Great Start To A New Year. Part 2

Once inside the shower stall, the two girls couldn't keep their hands off of each other. As they lathered each other up they marvelled at the way that their hands slid across their naked bodies. They somehow managed to keep their hands to themselves and finished showering. Then clad in bath towels they beat a hasty retreat across the hall to Julie's room. As they finished drying they...Read On


My new stepsister finale.

Mark continues his sexual education this time with his whole family.

I walked home from school and for some reason, my stomach was full of butterflies. I had a feeling that something weird and maybe special was going to happen. My mom and stepdad had been away for the weekend, leaving Tatiana and me to fuck like rabbits all weekend long. That was not before my mom walked in on us. It was Monday and mom and stepdad had returned. I know something weird...Read On


A Great Start To A New Year

The last day of the year had started out so normal. Jessica's parents were heading out to a New Year's Eve party with their best friends the Carsons. They would leave from the Carsons' in one car and return there early in the morning and crash there. That meant that Jessica could spend the entire evening with her best buddy, Julie. At sixteen, both Jessica and Julie and were both...Read On


Ravaged By Him

Sophie succumbs to her dominant stepbrother.

Sophie knew what she was doing was wrong and even immoral but she couldn’t look away. She was so enraptured by the sinful sight of Connor sitting on his chair, naked, furiously jerking himself off as he watched a hardcore porno on the computer. He had no idea that she was there since she had been let out of class early. Surely, Connor had kept his bedroom door ajar to hear if someone had...Read On


Pushing my luck more

I push my luck while Dad pushes the mower

I heard the sputter and drone of the lawnmower. I listened to the sound carefully. If he did the front yard first it would take him almost forty-five minutes to finish the front and the back. It was a nice day, not too hot, so he would take his time. I left my room wearing only my shorts. I cocked my head and listened for her. She was coming up the stairs from the basement. I went to the top...Read On


The Horny Niece

A naughty niece has fun with Aunt Marie.

My sister and her husband had been having problems with their daughter. Josie was sixteen at that time, (I was forty-five). She was already about my height and with gorgeously formed boobs, not too big. I would guess around 32B, and from what I had been told by Sis, rebellious in the extreme. My sister's husband was having to go away on a business trip and wanted Sis to go with him. The...Read On


Cheer me up Daddy

Dad helps her feel better

"I just can't believe this happened to me," she sighed as I opened the door for her.  My daughter carefully made her way through the front door, balancing herself on her crutches.  My daughter is a college cheerleader and had hurt her left leg while stunting at practice.  She was wearing a brace around her knee that went from her thigh to her ankle. "Well, you can rest up and heal here,"...Read On


She Came Home

You could take my panties off with your teeth

  I felt my lips first, it was as if they were caked in mud or a scab or something. I tried to move them and felt them crack, there was no moisture in my mouth. I heard a slow drip nearby and tried to move to see what it was but I couldn't move, then I remembered. I remembered the big ugly guy bursting out of the bank's twin ddoors. I remembered shouting and in that millisecond of time...Read On


Daddy's Lessons VII

Abby sits on the tile seat in Mat’s shower, hot water running over her. He’s standing naked in front of her, his masculine fingers tenderly gliding through her wet hair. Both of her hands are resting on each of his thighs as he gently moves back and forth. His dick is in her mouth and she is sucking it as he leisurely humps her face. Her pool blue eyes look up at him when he hisses through...Read On


Leg Massage

I was sitting on the couch flipping channels when mom emerged from the shower, her old comfy robe and a towel around her hair as she sat next to me and kissed me on the cheek. She said, “How about one of your famous leg massages sweetie.” As she lay back putting her legs on my lap as I reached down and began rubbing her feet. I said, “Anything for my favorite girl” She smiled, laughed...Read On


Times are Changing [Part Seven]

While preparing for Christmas, Nicole reveals she has a surprise early present for her father.

Six months had passed since their early summer move to the new state and home, and each month seemed to improve Nathan and his daughter’s lives. Ever since the day of their arrival Nicole and her father’s relationship had gone from strength to strength. Unofficially they were now romantically attached. A couple. To everyone else they were just a dad and his little girl enjoying life...Read On


Bathroom Lockdown

A brother and sister are locked in a bathroom, naked with nothing but each others imagination.

David wakes up and heads into the shower as usual, lugging a hard on along with him. He closes the door behind him, ignoring the sound of water and pulled back the curtain of the shower to find his sister in his personal shower. "What are you doing here!?" "What do you mean. I live here too !" Fiona yells. She slowly drops her eyes to look at the 9 inches in front of her. "This is...Read On


Rite of Passage

Kelly continues the family tradition as she turns 18

All families have their traditions. Kristin's family was no different. Well, at least not in your common traditions, such as having relatives over at Thanksgiving and Christmas. But there was one time-honored tradition that had been handed down from mother to daughter for generations. That was for the father to take the daughter’s virginity on her 18th birthday. And in that tradition,...Read On


Bill's Bedroom Bondage-The Revenge

Bill takes his revenge on his wife and young daughter

After being ravished for hours by his wife and his daughter, Bill decided to plot some appropriate revenge involving both his wife, Joyce and his darling daughter, Carol. Now that Carol had been included in their bedroom games, she had the rules recited to her. Nothing that would injure, mark, or cause any harm was permitted. Apart from those limits, anything that happened was with the...Read On


Sweet Peach and Cream

Tia brings a friend home for the weekend

I spotted the sandals as I entered the house. Tia's were there next to a pair of white strap-style sandals with little butterflies on them. Those belong to Vicky. I had seen her wearing them before, adorning her slender petite feet with the painted toes. I walked through the house and looked out back. They were in the pool. I slid the glass door open and stepped out into the sunshine. ...Read On


Fox Body Spray

What if body sprays actually worked like in the commercials?

It was almost time for seventeen-year-old Jason Clipper to head out for school. Summer vacation was one week away, and the last thing he wanted to do was get detention, especially if it fell on the last day of classes, when the sickest of all parties would be happening. He stepped out of the shower, dried himself off, and wrapped the towel he was using around his waist. As he was about to...Read On

Mary's New Experience

On New Year’s Eve, Mary begged her mother to let her stay at her friend Linda’s house.  Linda’s parents were going to a party and Linda invited Mary over for the night.  Mary convinced her mother to let her stay at Linda's house. Mary was so excited that her mother agreed.  Mary took a bath and shaved her legs and picked out a fun outfit for the night.  She packed her nightgown, panties...Read On


Mom Becomes My Lover (Chapter Two)

Mom fucks my buddies and me

One Saturday, after a vigorous afternoon session of fucking, mom rested her head on my chest and recalled an earlier time. “You know, sometimes your dad enjoyed bringing a friend or two over for a little party. He got a real kick out of sharing me.” I was mildly shocked. “How did that suit you?” I asked. “Oh, the first time I was very reluctant,” she answered, “but they were all so eager...Read On


Daddy's Lessons VI

“I want to suck on you,” Abby says into Mat’s mouth. His hand is down her shorts as they lay on the couch. He pauses the motion on his daughter’s clit, warm fingertips playing in her wetness. He shakes his head. “Not tonight, baby.” “Why?” “Because.” “When, then?” she says softly. She knows he enjoyed what she did to him a few days ago. She also knows he has always been reluctant to let...Read On