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Picnic In The Park

A picnic in the park with a some unexpected treats

During the summer my lovely curvy wife and I decided to have a picnic at our local city gardens. We packed a light lunch and drove into the city, parked our car and walked through the gardens until we found a nice secluded spot by the lake. We laid out our picnic rug on the grass and enjoyed a nice lunch and a bottle of champagne. It was a warm day and she was wearing a light floral...Read On



...cabbage rolls and James Brown.

I have never confessed to being gay or engaging in buggering. It's just understood. I was never a 'real' male, after the initial soundings in my urethra. They making me swoon down to my socks in my effeminate canter. Now four weeks after being castrated and having my scrotum cauterized. The vibes of the wands were making me smile as I started up the mobile. I was working as an apprentice...Read On



She was a beautiful woman I wanted, from the moment I saw her.

My name is Steve, and I have always been straight. It was a Saturday night and I wanted to head into San Francisco to listen to some jazz. It was about 7:30 when I arrived, and there were not many people yet or woman to watch. The band had set up and had been playing for approximately half an hour. I was sitting on a couch and had some room for others to sit next to me. I saw the door open and...Read On


My Initiation-Part 18

My last room I stole panties from turned out to be a challange.

I only had one more room to steal a pair of panties from to fulfill my initiation challenge into my sorority. The hardest I left for last... the den mother's room. She was well known to be a light sleeper, but I knew from watching the room that she and the assistant dean had a regular date on this night. I was hoping she would sleep through my invading her space to steal her underwear. As I...Read On


Adventures of Sindycane: Stalkings and Lace

Lust comes looking for her and despite herself she doesn't want to run away.

The trade show was over. Long Beach had been a blast. Who knew there was so much fun to be had once I lost the shy, quiet me? Oh my, oh my...the sexy stories I can tell. I cannot wait to see what possibilities await in the land of surf and sea. So, San Diego, here I cum! Well, fingers crossed at least. The lovely young man at the rental desk was gracious enough to upgrade me after we...Read On


The Boss's Wife Part 2

It had been a while since my encounter with Louise. Lee’s trip to the states had been called off and so Louise had been in the office every day. Each day she had popped down to my office and told me that she really wanted to get together again. She would walk in to my office, lean back against the door, and open her top. The first time she did it, Lee had been on his way down, so it all...Read On


She Surprised Me

I never knew she was watching...

The relationship that my wife and I had at the time wasn't bad. We got along well, were friendly enough to each other, and made it work. Sadly though, because of our lack of sex life, I had lost interest quite awhile ago, and was getting frustrated. I put up with it, however, because we had kids, a stable financial life, and it made things easy. I just was looking at "other" options outside...Read On


Stranger Sex

Finally she was back and I was hard for her again.

It had been eighteen months since that mysterious lady in red at Victoria’s Secret had given me a quick, fantastic blowjob. She had disappeared after that. I returned every weekend in the hope that she would be there, but she never was, so eventually I stopped looking and hoping for a repeat performance. Then last Saturday I happened to past Victoria’s Secret and there she was! She was...Read On


Confessions Of A Hussy Housewife

Sammy's first encounter

PROLOGUE: The first time I was physically unfaithful to my husband wasn't until we moved into our house from the college apartment we shared. Sex after marriage was not what I expected. It wasn't as frequent as I felt I needed. This frustrated me and led me to seek other outlets. We were married for less than a year when I began to talk with other men, mostly about sex. This was done via...Read On



An all-girl rock group that regularly perform sex on stage

Long before she let herself through the front door it was obvious to Tabitha that Sunbeam was home. From several doors down the suburban street she could hear the sound of seventies heavy metal and, accompanying the record, Sunbeam’s own guitar playing that was roughly, but not exactly, in tune. It was a wonder the neighbours didn’t complain more than they did. As always, Tabitha...Read On


An Afternoon Blowjob

Max craves a thick cock in his mouth… and gets it.

I had never sucked a cock before. But I ached to have one in my mouth, to feel the heat pulsating from the head of a hot thick cock as I took it into my mouth. Like many afternoons on the weekend, I sat in my living room with the window closed and my laptop hooked up to the computer. I surfed through an endless stream of material on the internet while masturbating furiously. Tumblr blogs...Read On


Fuck, Yeah!

The sexual awakening of a sheltered girl has an unanticipated climax…

“I can’t,” Sally told me. “I promised Fred.” I was confused. Two weeks ago we’d fucked our brains out. “I thought you already auditioned every guy on campus, and found them all wanting.” The campus in question was an obscure New England college that catered to poor students from rich families. Before I could duck, she slugged me. Hard. “Owww… that hurts!” “I sure hope so,” she smirked....Read On


Dirty Little Secrets 3: Inviting Him In

The wife invites her secret admirer in to watch her enjoying a present from her husband

It’s Sunday, six o’clock in the evening, and my husband John has just left for the airport. This week he’ll be working in Lucknow, India. As always, I’m feeling that illicit thrill that I always feel the moment he’s gone. I feel guilty too, because I’m already thinking of this evening, and how my secret admirer, Mark, will be here to watch me record the first of the week’s videos for John. ...Read On

Recommended Read

The Fallon Hotel

A young widow begins a new life as a prostitute.

The stagecoach came to a bumpy stop in front of the Wells Fargo and Co. Express building in Columbia, California. Winnifred, or Winnie as she was known to her friends, looked out at the brickwork building and sighed. For the last seven months she had been tossed around on a ship, as well as fucked by the ship’s captain, until she landed in San Francisco. The faded green dress she was...Read On


The Cuckolding of Neil Dodds - Part 17

More is revealed about both Neil's and Karl's introduction to cuckolding and Jerome returns

A few hours later, Claire awoke in bed lying between Karl and Neil. All three of them had slid under the duvet after Neil had swallowed the last drop of Karl’s cum. They lay there huddled together and as Karl cuddled Claire, Neil elaborated more about his excursions into the world of cuckolding. It had all been mentally, of course, books, movies and websites but it had hooked him; drawn him in...Read On


Meeting The Neighbor While Shoveling Snow

I can't believe my husband didn't shovel

The weather report said that we were expected to get four inches of snow last night. We got the dreaded phone call that school had a delayed opening. The kids slept in and their bus picked them up at ten o'clock. I looked out the window and saw that my husband hadn't shovelled the driveway. I really hated him for just leaving without bothering to help me out. I guess since I was a stay at...Read On


Cucumber Hall

Meanwhile, back in the early 1800s...

One fine Yorkshire afternoon, the 'eligible' Mr William Postlethwaite and I took a gentle walk across the moor towards the notorious Merripath House. The views were as exceptional as ever and the landscape's bleak, rolling hills inspired my imagination far more than the character of my escort. I had considered him a fine enough gentleman on first acquaintance, yet on subsequent occasions,...Read On


Emily and I

Emily Smith raps on my back sliding glass door. Emily is a freshman in college. She is modestly dressed in a green long sleeve sweater, a white blouse, skinny fit straight leg pants and sneakers. She is five feet tall and maybe ninety-five pounds soaking wet. She has a great hourglass figure with a perfect hip to waist ratio. Her bright red hair is tied back in a ponytail. She has...Read On


Spies of Manasses

Spies use their attributes to assure victory.

The summer of 1861 was typical of most summers in Washington, but things around the U.S. Capital were far less typical. The south had seceded from the Union and the streets were full of rumors of war and for Mrs. Rose Greenhow, times were even tougher. Rose, a widow, had used her status with the Washington Society to gain favor of one Henry Wilson of Massachusetts, the chairman of the...Read On


The Butt Slutt Chronicles

Serena's friends discover there's more to her than they thought

This started off somewhere and went somewhere else entirely. As always feedback as well as input on things you'd like to see in this story are welcome! The intervention Serena pulled into her allotted slot at the college community housing and turned off her car with a sigh. It wasn't a sigh of frustration or one of futility. Serena felt something was missing. It was still on her mind...Read On


Swiss seduction

For "S"

It was well past five in the afternoon by the time we arrived at our destination. We drove through Switzerland to get to Italy for our vacation last summer. We were amazed by the beauty of the country, taking in the view as we began to unpack after the long journey. After dinner at the hotel restaurant, we put the kids to bed. My wife and I were going to have some quality time together at...Read On


I Wanted It So Bad (Part 4)

I Couldn't Believe It...

When I woke up in the morning, extremely turned on and horny, I laid there for a second thinking wow, what an amazing dream. Then I realized one thing - it wasn't a dream. It really happened. My wife, step-daughter and I, along with my step-daughter's friend Katie, had gone down south on vacation. A long drive, followed by a tired evening, had not led to what I thought it would. I was...Read On


Amber in Church

A priest succumbs to his and a young female parishioner's desires

Amber had been coming to the parish with her parents for several years. I had witnessed her growing from a child into a beautiful young adult. I had consoled her and her mother after the tragic death of her father in a farming accident seven years previously, and most recently I had the unfortunate duty of presiding over her mother’s burial after a long fight against cancer. In many ways, I...Read On


Obedience Personified – Returning Home

On the way home, Jill was hoping for a loving husband. That was not to be.

Please read the first part of this story to understand why Jill was returning home. Outside the hotel I got into ataxi and flopped on the back seat. In a sense I was glad to be hidden from all the people that watched me, but I was also sad to leave. I felt there was so much more of myself to give in that hotel room, so much more to experience. I zoned out in the taxi, I was...Read On


The Hinky Hygienist

A scheduled teeth cleaning yields an adventure with a new hygienist

Time had flown so fast that I was surprised when Teresa phoned me yesterday to remind me of my appointment today for a cleaning. She also advised that she had scheduled a morning appointment, just in case I needed “additional services.” My cock stirred in my pants just recalling the “additional services” I had encountered during my last visit. Clients who wished to donate to...Read On


A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure

A fantasy comes true when a horny cheerleader stops by.

I loved Saturdays. They were easily my favorite day of the week. There was something so great about them. Yeah, having no classes was nice. Yeah, the beer was great. Yeah, the football was pretty awesome. But my favorite thing about Saturdays was the cheerleaders. College cheerleaders. While I had a hardon for most cheerleaders from most of the nation's schools, the cheerleaders from my...Read On


Sweltering Heat

When the AC goes out, it's not just the house that is hot.

While it was a particularly hot summer morning in Florida, it seemed even hotter inside. Renee finally realized that the air conditioner was out and, on a scorcher like that day was going to be, something had to be done. The air conditioner was running full blast, but it was only pushing hot air. With her husband out of town on work, she decided to call for a repair man. This made her...Read On


Another Bad Date

Will I ever have another boyfriend?

I never knew when I broke up with my boyfriend, that I wouldn’t be able to meet anybody after that. I go on blind dates all the time and I just can’t seem to meet anybody. I’m starting to lose interest with dating completely. I can’t find anybody who I get along with, or any that are remotely good looking. Every week, I go on a few blind dates and they never turn out good. My friends...Read On


Adventures Of A Chauffeur

Stuart's new job as a chauffeur brought with it a rich seam of ready-to-fuck cunt

When you are out of work you will take any job and put up with most things just to keep it. I do not like snobs and people who think they are a cut above everyone else, look down their noses at people believing they are of a lesser order than themselves. These people are usually shits, first class shits, and the Chief Executive of the bank was typical of this kind of animal; but he wanted...Read On

Recommended Read

Free Falling

But for the red and blue of crisp neon that spilled from the city through the window of his apartment, Parker was immersed in the tenebrosity of night. Though this harsh candescence tinted the dust that floated in the air, it couldn’t alleviate the blackness that permeated his core. The hour was late, the building quiet, and the only sound to be heard was a soft footfall in the hallway. He...Read On