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First Time

First time sex stories relate to virgins losing their cherry. They are typically stories of teenagers making love for the first time, and the excitement and buzz that comes from that initial experimentation. Another favorite theme in this section are young men or women, losing their virginity to an older woman (the 'milf' syndrome) or older man - the more experienced partner educating their younger partner in the art of sex.


Off The Mountain - Chpt 1

Virgin goddess and her first time with her dark and dominant lover.

Persephone could hear his thunderous roaring traveling from far down the dark stone abyss into which she had fled. The small goddess excitedly flung herself onto the floor, laden with plush pillows and silk blankets. Her heart protruding into her throat in such a way that made it difficult to swallow. As the aura of evil drew closer, she clutched the blankets and held her breath. What would...Read On


The First Time a Second Time

After I left for college in the fall of 1987. Jeff, Steve and I stayed in touch as best we could. But as is the case, especially when you're of different ages, it can get tough to do so sometimes. The following summer of 1988, I was working a lot to save money for school and also started to date my future wife. Because of these two situations, my social circle narrowed a bit and Steve and...Read On


First Time I Jerked Off Another Guy

He just laid there motionless

It was the summer of 1987, I was eighteen. It was  just after my senior year in high school. Even though I was getting ready to go away for school, I hung around the block in the neighborhood with the kids I grew up with. The two boys that I hung around the most were both a year younger at seventeen. I was stronger and bigger physically than either of them and sort of the leader of our...Read On


Discovering Chelsea

A friend becomes a lover

Chelsea sat at the table sipping her drink and quietly watching the activity in the bar. As the music blared and the other girls were up dancing and mingling, she sat alone as usual and kept an eye on her friends. She was too shy to try and mix with the guys in the bar. They never approached her or even seem to notice her, especially when her friends were around. While they were all slim...Read On


Abbey And The Library Lover

“Hardcore humping?” “More like tender intercourse.”

“You're not a fool. You can sit down, if you'd like.” “I'm not keeping you from working on your story?” At a wooden table in the otherwise empty Mystery section of the campus library, Abbey pulled out a chair next to her. “Are you a writer, too?” “Aspiring.” He sat and faced her, keeping his voice low. “I have started a bunch of them, but I haven't finished any.” “What are they about?” ...Read On


Tales From The Loft: The Hunters

Our couple goes hunting but ends up with a different prey

“And so, I decided not to wear a bra to Brooke’s birthday party. I didn’t know she was going to have a water balloon fight. I was just hoping to get Tommy Marston’s attention.” Mel rubbed her breasts as the night air breezed past us. I kept sneaking looks at her while trying not to crash the car, being that it was a beautifully restored 1967 Mercury Cougar (351 Windsor, naturally), and...Read On


First time exploring my bi side

Author explores his homoerotic fantasies for the first time

It was about to happen. My mind raced, my pulse quickened, and my hand trembled slightly as I reached to ring the doorbell of the two-story townhouse. The years of fantasizing and imagined encounters were about to end… Since college, I had fantasized about sex with another man. Although I dated (and had sex with) women exclusively through my 30’s, I always had that lingering desire to...Read On


Home Improvement

She didn't have a lot of experience screwing things in

“Excuse me, sir, do you work here?” I was in my local big-box hardware store; more specifically the door lock section. I was thinking about changing to a keypad lock for one of my rental properties when a sweet, feminine voice asked me that question. I turned to see a thin, cute little red-head holding several different locks. She was probably no more than five-two, with soft blue eyes, a...Read On


First MFF threesome, Ibiza Nude Beach

First MFF threesome, Ibiza Nude Beach

 Our first adventure took us to Ibiza and honestly, what would be a better place to fulfill our fantasies than not far away from home. Adventures actually started already back at home, where me and my wife Birgit tried out Tinder. Who hasn’t heard about Tinder before? It is a dating app where you can decide based on the other user’s photos and description whether you would like to meet with...Read On


Young Desire Chapter 01

Sue's parents surprise her and her boyfriend with a week at a swinger resort...

“Hola mis amigos. Mucho gusto,” the small Mexican bus driver said to us as we approached him from the airport entrance.  The heat was the first thing you noticed as soon as you walk out the door, feeling like you had walked into an open oven.  He was short and slightly overweight but quick with a well-practiced smile.  His ball cap matched the logo on the bus we were walking toward.  I...Read On


First Handjob

Nick has his first sexual experience when he goes off to college

I’d gone through high school as an awkward teen who really wasn’t all that confident in himself.  I never really had the ability to go up to girls and even talk to them let alone ask them out.  On the rare occasion that I did have a date, it would rarely lead to more than one.  Sometimes it would end with a kiss, but I didn’t end up in the long make-out sessions that so many teens brag...Read On


Miriam's Grandma

An unusual date

Odd things sometimes go on behind closed doors in families. Way back in my college years, when I was not quite twenty, I was dating a girl from the year below me. Her family seemed protective of her, I thought. They did not like her out late, although they were okay with me bringing her home and then hanging out with her in the house. There was a back room which was relatively private, but...Read On


Caught in the act of cross dressing!

An unexpected surprise...

I'd been fantasizing about my day off for weeks, planning what I would wear and what naughty things I would get up to, home alone for the whole day. I hadn't jerked off in days as I wanted everything to feel that much more sensitive when I finally did touch myself. I woke up early and jumped straight into the shower, shaving my legs and arms, then rinsing myself off with soapy shower gel...Read On



When I met John I was a virgin, but we soon put paid to that.

I’d been working in the pub since I was just seventeen, collecting glasses at first. I was now eighteen and at Uni, but had taken a job there again for the summer. I had got to know some of the customers quite well, by name and of course what they drank. One, in particular, had caught my eye. John was maybe thirty-something, tall and a bit distinguished, with a ready smile and...Read On


His Lucky Day

A young man's dream comes true

As experienced with sex as I am, and with all the lovers I manage to fit into my busy life, there’s something special about helping a young, good-looking lad to become a man.  At eighteen, Lee is almost an aging virgin these days, but at twenty-nine, I'm definitely 'the older woman.' Knowing what the day held, I had intended to be up early, to be bathed and looking sexy before Lee’s arrival...Read On


Bathhouse Transformation

A fantasy detour during a long trip home

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon in early spring. I was on a long drive home from an out-of-state extended visit and had many hours for my mind to wander. Add that I hadn't had sex of any kind during the prior two weeks; my mind wandered in erotic directions. Funny how the intensity of my fantasies grow inversely proportional to the length of time I go without relief.    It wasn't too...Read On



Every wave that smacks into the side of the boat reminds me how grateful I am to be here. I breathe in the salt-infused air, relish the soothing sound of restless water, the way the breeze stings after making contact with the seaspray. I love it all. My eyes squint as they scan the thin line that separates the ocean from the sky; two shades of blue existing side-by-side. I would wear...Read On


Fifty Shades Of Silver: Ch 9 - Starlight Pool Party

Silver finds herself laying prone on the bar as the two hard body men slurp the cherry jello shots.

Silver is looking super cute, wearing a short, lacy, black skirt and a spaghetti strap, cold shoulder crop top along with her sexy Roman sandals. She also decided to keep the glittery treatment adorning her skin. Yay! Walking around to the other side of the bar, we see a small group of couples assembling under a beautiful lamp lit pergola. “Hey there!” comes the greeting from Chris,...Read On


A Really Good Day

Young man helps lady motorist and she helps him.

Ryan Folsom was happy in his new car. It was a present from his father for his eighteenth birthday, and he had just collected it. Ryan had the feeling that this could be a good day. That morning he had learned that he had obtained the high grades he required to follow the journalism course he wanted at university. He wasn’t surprised at the new sense of freedom that filled his mind. Just...Read On


Victoria's Secret

Victoria asks a favour of Ryan...

Since the evening that I first set eyes on Victoria, and the explosive night that followed, we had seen each other quite a few times. My work still took me away quite a bit but, like most people, I prefer to come home rather than live out of a suitcase, so I came back to my house whenever possible. After the conference at which we had first met, Vicky and I had made no actual plans to...Read On


I Always Considered Myself Straight

Roger lives out a dream

I always considered myself straight. I only ever had sex with girls. I loved girls of all shapes and sizes and never ever fantasised about guys. That was until the day I had a very erotic dream, a dream that I simply couldn't get out of my mind. A dream that I simply had to act out.  Let me explain how it unfolded. One July weekend I decided to ignore the calls and texts from my friends...Read On

Amber Finally Loses Her Virginity

Amber May was a good girl.  Good because she was a virgin.  She had slutty thoughts though.  She was twenty years old and yet to have sex.  She dreamed of all the ways she’d have it but never tried it out. She was far too introverted to meet people.  She wanted a boyfriend but never had the opportunity to meet somebody yet.  She masturbated frequently and fantasized a lot. She lived alone...Read On


A photographed memory

As my best friend is about to move away, one thing leads to another, and we end up in bed together.

It was that time in life. That time that you have to get ready for the adult life, one where you have to perhaps say goodbye to a few of your friends as you head on over to college for a couple of years. This is exactly what happened to my closest friend and myself. This happened two years back, very close to when high school was finishing up. My best friend, Paul, was the best guy friend...Read On


One Way Conversation

Jenny takes in a shy and inexperienced young man.

Brian stood outside Jenny’s front door for what seemed like ages. He didn’t know what to expect, but hoped that she would be clairvoyant. Would she just know he was there? His eyes bounced around the four corners of the doorway looking for a way in that didn’t need him to press the doorbell. His thick-rimmed glasses started to cloud over as a result of his rising breath in the cold night air....Read On

Recommended Read

Dusting And Deflowering

Schoolgirl Connie thinks she would be a good slave - is the young virgin up to the job?

Connie looked up at me with the widest, most curious pair of eyes I had ever seen. They were like a bear back from a failed salmon hunt: hungry and brown. Her lips burst with youthful fullness. My cock hardened.   I ushered her inside my apartment, closing the door as soon as she was through it. Neighbours like to judge.   I gave her the classic European greeting. A brush on each of...Read On


Trevor's First Time

Straight boy seduced by older guy.

I’d had a hard-on for the straight boy at the tobacco store for a while. His name tag told me he was Trevor. My guess was he was about twenty-one or two, average height, blond and well built. He only wore t-shirts and low waisted skinny jeans. There was no evidence of any extra poundage around his waist and his nipples were nice and hard under the tight fitting t-shirts. It was obvious the...Read On


Amusement Park

Not all the rides are on the midway.

“I hope the neighbors aren’t watching,” Brenda said. We stood there, on her porch, watching the car back out of the driveway and onto the street. My wife was driving; her husband was sitting beside her. “Why?” I asked as I waved to the two of them. KC flashed the headlights. “They’ll think we’re swingers, swapping partners.” I looked at her. In the shadows of the porch light, I couldn’t...Read On


Graceful Escort

Her vanilla cream scent wafted into my temporal senses...

"Relax. It'll be okay," Grace said with a smile. "It's just that I've never before hired an escort. You're so beautiful. You look like you could break,” I said as I sat on the edge of the hotel bed. "I usually get that once a guy fully sees me. You do want to see all of me, right?" "You mean you'll let me?" "Sweetie, you didn't hire me to keep my clothes on, did you?" "Well, I wasn't...Read On

Silvana and Pedro

Silvana and Pedro find love through their sexuality.

Silvana had spent all day with her Moma in preparation for this evenings gala celebration in the Plaza. Her hair had been washed, conditioned, dried, and brushed until it shone. Moma braided it down the sides of her head, down her back and curled it around the top of her head. When Moma finished all of that, she wove tiny roses and ribbons throughout her top braid! It was the most...Read On


The Farmer's Widow - Willow

She seduced her cousin

I woke up in a crummy mood. My dream about Willow walking down the aisle didn't help. Why I would dream about my cousin was beyond my comprehension. Maybe it had something to do with her always being on my case about me fucking the widow Cece. Being called another man's name just as I unloaded in Cece's pussy didn't help either. What Cece does is Cece's business. Just don't call me...Read On