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First Time

First time sex stories relate to virgins losing their cherry. They are typically stories of teenagers making love for the first time, and the excitement and buzz that comes from that initial experimentation. Another favorite theme in this section are young men or women, losing their virginity to an older woman (the 'milf' syndrome) or older man - the more experienced partner educating their younger partner in the art of sex.


Tricking A Straight Boy

A couple of horny young Aussie guys hang out in a Canadian ski town and decide to hot tub

I’m living with two hot young Aussie guys and for three days there has been a sexual tension building. Last night, it boiled over... No, it wasn’t Will (Will is my new roommate; Will is eighteen, fucking hot and so far it seems as if he is totally straight although I might get him). It was Dean (my mate who is staying with me for a couple of days before he moves to a ski resort just south...Read On


The God Son

Helping out a naive young man.

I’m a woman in my early thirties and, in my teenage years, I was honoured with being asked to be the god mother to the forthcoming child of a good friend. My godson Matt, now sixteen, was born and then my friends moved away to take over a farm on a remote island off the west coast of Scotland. Over the years I tried to fulfil my commitment to Matt and had many holidays on the farm but also...Read On


Coming of Age

My next door neighbor teaches me the finer points of lovemaking.

I was terribly shy at sixteen. Tall, ultra-thin, and totally lacking in experience. I grew up in an upper middle class neighborhood less than an hour's commute to New York City. Our next door neighbors were Joseph 'Joey Goodyear' Buonanno and his wife Angelina.  Mr Buonanno, when asked about his career, would dodge the question, waving  his ever-present Cuban cigar, while he steered...Read On


The Birthday Gift

I give my husband a special gift

It is agreed that the most important part of the body needed for sex is the brain. If a person doesn’t have the brain engaged before, during and after sex the result will be less than satisfactory. The greatest aspect of this brain power is the use of fantasy. The little story you keep going in your head leads to a depth of intensity and allows a person to shed inhibitions and just go with it!...Read On


Dress With An Effect - Chapter 3 - A Family Affair

The dress that led to Jack and Jenn’s affair sparks a new relationship

“Hi, Allie,” Jenn said, answering the phone. “What’s up? “Jenn, can I come over? We need to talk,” Allie said nervously. “Of course, Allie. I always have time for you,” Jenn replied. “You sound upset. Is something wrong?” Jenn inquired. After a pause, Allie said, “No I’m not upset. I’ll explain when I get there. See you in a bit.” Opening the door, Jenn saw that Allie was not her...Read On


The Paperboy

I take the paperboy’s virginity

It was the Friday after Thanksgiving and my husband had to work and my son had gone for the weekend to stay with some friends, so I took the time to start putting up the Christmas decorations in our home. It was quite warm that day since we live in the South so all I had on was a white, button blouse and a pair of loose white gym shorts (the nylon silky kind) with no bra or panties. I...Read On


Natalie: My First Time

My first time and a sex filled weekend with Natalie.

My encounter with Natalie was an amazing one, the girl I would finally lose my virginity to on a wonderful sex filled weekend. It was August, and I'd been on the prowl for like crazy. after trying to date several girls, having minor hookups but nothing major. In retrospect, my problem was I was trying to date these girls, trying to fall in love, instead of fucking them silly. Annie had...Read On



Three friends have their first sexual experience together

It was mid-September. The blinding heat of summer days was gone, leaving the soft warmth of fall in the air. The three friends walked slowly along the river shore. They had been a threesome since Ninth Grade, when all three showed up at their new school. She was no cheerleader type. They were not athletic. That left them out of the social life of the school. Common interests in art,...Read On


Masters Program

Swimmer gets therapy and more

I had been swimming again for the past few months, trying to get fit for a summer triathlon, I had a swimming background in my youth but it had been many years since I'd swum competitively. The local masters' swim program had me back in shape but, unfortunately, had my shoulder out of sorts as well.  The coach of the masters' program, Eric, was nearly twenty years removed from his...Read On


My Very First Time

The surprising night I lost my virginity to a close friend.

It was Amy’s big occasion, the day she was to be recognised for her photography and she’d chosen me as her date. At only sixteen, I wasn’t really prepared for a fancy gala at the Royal Photographic Society in Bristol, but it meant the world to her.  She’d worked hard and today she was going to accept the Young Photographer of the Year  Award - the first step on a glittering career. I’d...Read On


Beefcake is my Speedo Bitch

Casual hookup with a body builder who loves speedos and being dominated. I fucked him hard.

I mentioned it briefly the other day that a friend of mine got in a bit of trouble with the law.  It isn’t too bad, he just drank a little too much and made some bad choices.  Nobody got hurt and I don’t think it is a ‘habit’ of his. I’m not going to defend his actions or decisions, he fucked up and he is more than paying for it. Perhaps because I am so discrete with my business...Read On


Losing it to Linda

The tale of how I lost my virginity

It was the week before we were all heading off to university so a group of us decided to go camping for the weekend. The plan was to spend most of the time drinking and that's more at less what we achieved. We'd returned from the pub and were sitting around a small campfire enjoying some cans when I started to talk to Linda. We were both a bit tipsy and the conversation soon got touchy-feely....Read On


Summer Vacation of a Lifetime

Let two mature women teach you about making love.

My name is Adam Rockwood and I am twenty-one years old, a country boy at heart. My dad was a hard-working logger and I inherited his rugged looks. I wear my dirty blond hair down to my shoulders, which has just a bit of a curl to it. I’m six-foot, two-inches tall, with a muscular build but I have a ruddy complexion that is a turn off to most girls. I did inherit my mom's icy blue eyes, which...Read On


Out in the Sticks

Dared by her husband, Emma seduces the young man in the caravan.

“He’s just a tortured writer!” That tone of sarcasm demanded a response.  Looking up, he silently mouthed the words to his younger sister. ‘Fuck off.’ The shock on her face amused him. “Mum!” The floor bounced as her elephant feet left the caravan.  He stared vacantly at the feint-lined page of his foolscap book.  Vanilla, luxurious, expensive, his cheap thoughts would sully it. ...Read On


Amy's First Time

Amy's mission to lose her virginity to an experienced lover is realized.

I was a high school sophomore of sixteen when I met the guy who would take my virginity.  I knew he would be older because I wanted an experienced lover to teach me the ropes and no ordinary high school boy would be the one to fill that role.  I knew sixteen was problematic, but I looked every bit of eighteen and was confident that I could navigate the issue.   Tall and dark-haired with...Read On


First blowjob, courtesy of Annie

an account of my first blowjob

You can call me Matt, and this is my story It was January and I was getting close to twenty three years old; I was incredibly frustrated and had been down on my luck dating wise for the longest time. It had been almost three years since I had a serious relationship, or really even just fooled around with anyone beyond some clothed dry humping. In fact, I hadn't had an orgasm from someone...Read On


Weekend at the Cottage

Two teens get introduced to sex

That was an absolutely fantastic weekend, I thought as I drove back to the city on Sunday after spending the last weekend in June with my folks at their cottage. While both days had been hot and sunny with temperatures in the mid to high thirties, it was what I’d experienced on Saturday that made the weekend most memorable. I don’t normally visit my parents this early in the summer but...Read On

Recommended Read

A Different Kind of Summer

Going home for summer break turns out to better than he thought

"Stop it!" Karl said as he slapped my phone out of my hand. "She's not going to text you back anytime soon."  I stared back at his cold brown eyes. "Fine," I said sitting back in my chair. I looked back over my right shoulder. Kristin was sitting with her friends all of them laughing and conversating with each other.  "Give it a break," Karl said shaking his head. Karl was my best...Read On


Meagan's First Step into Womanhood

Meagan takes advantage of summer vacation to learn about being a woman

The last day of school had finally arrived.  The last day of my junior year in high school was over.  When I arrived home, there was more than the usual hustle and bustle.  With the end of school, came the traditional two-week family vacation.  Dad was already loading up the car, and mom was frantically scurrying around the house looking for last-minute odds and ends, marking off each item...Read On


Dear John

Erotic Madness

Dear John Round, pink bubble gum: hard and then going soft in your mouth. Can of Coke: like a stout and short cock, yet fizzing inside with delight. A rhubarb stick: a cock curved and angry, ready to make my face grimace with pain. Avocado: a pussy that has been pounded and the inside has hardened to stop entry. Cherries: describing the loss of virginity. These are the things that I...Read On

Recommended Read

A Failure to Communicate

Sometimes words don't matter

I could feel the hot baking sun reflecting off the white washed walls as I sat beneath the shade outside the little cantina. My mirrored sunglasses, scratched and tarnished lay on the table, angled so I could see the door to the interior in their reflection. My ex had always thought them very ‘passé’ but I had bought them with the first money I had earned from a paper round when I was...Read On



Losing her voice leads to losing her virginity

Another uncomfortable college party. Camilla nursed her drink, bobbing her head to the music, feigning enjoyment. She felt like a fool in her skirt and best blouse. Everyone else wore jeans or yoga pants, t-shirts or tight spaghetti-strap tops. She swirled her drink. This is my third, she thought. Better slow down or I’ll find myself in trouble. Camilla didn’t even know whose house they...Read On


Mona Loses Her Anal Virginity On Christmas

Inspired by the true and raunchy story of the first time I had anal sex

It was Christmas Eve and Mona looked smoking hot. To appease her parents, she went to church with them around 6:00 pm-- but she was sure to dress to the nines in an outfit that made the entire congregation pray for her soul. To top it all off, her long dark hair was styled in soft curls and her lips were covered in dark red lipstick When the service was over and dinner consumed, she headed...Read On


Joining The Mile-High Club

Horny girl sitting next to another person's boyfriend ends up in cubicle having wild sex

I was onboard flight United Air 678 from Sydney to Los Angeles. I was sitting in the economy class cabin. The flight was full; there was no room to breathe, let alone move. My seat was at the rear end of the plane at a window of a three-seat section. I felt claustrophobic and was not looking forward to the fourteen-hour nonstop flight. I always requested the aisle seat but this flight was...Read On


Wild Storm, Wild Tina

Young man seeking raw nature, meets young lady full of raw passion.

A blazing sun caressed ripe and ready cornfields. Rich yellow heated to a dusted tawny colour. Tall stalks flaunted their swelling seed to the sun's power. Silence enveloped the land. Nothing moved. Except for Peter Grover, and he loved it all. Loved the heat, the scorching fecund fields, the dry aroma of sun-toasted corn, the quiet, the solitude. No people. Ideal for a solitary young man....Read On


Mike the Gigolo Pt3 Last Stand

Regular client meets Mike with an extra life-changing surprisae

Four years into my time as a gigolo with Ron Vincent's business of providing escorts for the mature lady I had acquired quite a reputation. A good number of the clients asked for me on a regular basis. Having said that, I'd had a few occasions which had ensured I kept my feet on the ground. Like the buxom fifty-two-year-old lady, all blue rinse and chins who only wanted cunnilingus but...Read On


A Very Exclusive Auction

Something very special is for sale today

I finished my glass of champagne as the sleek, black Mercedes swept down the ramp and into the parking garage under the hotel. As agreed, this level was completely empty - no-one would see me arrive. The chauffeur pulled up next to a fire exit, and climbed out. I checked myself in the mirror one last time before he opened my door and I stepped out into the cold, echoing space. A...Read On

Recommended Read

The Chronicles of Theia - Part 2: Virginity's Loss

Theia’s Trials begin with the loss of her innocence

The morning after the Choosing was a swirling rush of excitement. With a golden smile, Laertes handed Theia over to the care of two handmaidens who led her to a lilac scented bath. The water was hot, something she barely thought possible. Soon, its scented steam swept the chill from her body. She felt happy and more relaxed than ever before. With a silent prayer, she promised a sacrifice...Read On


My Parents Neighbors Part Three: Spring Break and Beyond

Samantha asks Casey for a favor

Part Three: Spring Break and Beyond   The time between breaks crawled by. My parents called just before Spring break mentioning they had something important to discuss with me when I came home. It wasn't life-threatening, but we needed to make some time to talk. When I arrived home dad made a big speech. Apparently, the Carmichaels who had sold their house next door had an accident....Read On


My Slut Training

How I became the sweet loving slut girlfriend I am today

It takes a lot of practice to be good at anything. For example, I started very young in mastering playing the piano, and now at twenty-five I’m pretty good. Maybe not concert-hall good, but I play flawlessly executed pieces every time. Likewise, being a good, sweet, and loving girlfriend (which I am for my current man) takes practice. Unlike the piano, though, there really isn’t any place...Read On