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Bisexuality is the sexual orientation which refers to the sexual desire for individuals of either gender or of either sex. Bisexual people fall between the two extremes of homosexuality and heterosexuality. Bisexuals are not necessarily attracted equally to both genders. Our bisexual stories will appeal to people who are curious about exploring this side of their sexuality.



Jerry knew it would eventually happen...

Watching Ann on top of me was always a beautiful sight. Her slow grind still turned into a frenzy of pleasure. Her breasts started with just a jiggle, and then into an up and down motion that gave me such a thrill. I loved when she fucked me, thinking of all the men in her life that pleased her since she started this new adventure with Sam in the laundry room. Her thrust, when full...Read On


Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Our First MMF Experience...

My wife-to-be finds out I'm bi, and it gets wild...

My wife became aware of my bisexuality by accident. Her laptop had died, and she needed to complete an online task, so she logged on to my laptop while I was at work. Her curiosity got the better of her, and she decided to peruse my saved files and photos, eventually coming across a portfolio of very personal pics, including some of me having sex with another man. I had fantasized about...Read On


First Taste Of Cock

Fantasized for years, finally tried bi.

When I was younger I would have never been curious about another man’s cock, but the older I got the more curious I became. I sometimes wonder if that was because by the time that I was in my late forties, I had done everything that a man and a woman can do together or with others, except crossing over to the other side. Now that I think back, perhaps, in fact, I was curious earlier in...Read On



Jerry discovers his mother-in-law is not all what people think...

After Kathy left, it was very lonely around this over-sized bungalow. I was getting action from my boss, but the remarks by the crew were cutting. A few came up to me privately and apologized, but I  figured they just might be horny for the same thing. There was that fantastic day Kathy’s parents paid a visit. Rev Adam and his lovely wife, Ann. No doubt that Kathy got her looks from her...Read On


Priscilla And I School Thomas

Our narrator and his wife Priscilla sex a young boy

My forty-year-old wife, Priscilla, can’t keep her hands off of young boys. Her latest target is the sixteen-year-old lad, Thomas, who cuts our grass. He usually works shirtless, dressed in denim cutoffs, sneakers and no socks. He’s about five-ten, slim, slightly muscular, blond hair and rather handsome. When he shows up to do our yard my wife will call him in to the kitchen so that she...Read On


Southern Hospitality, Part 6

Chloe invites Sarah over for dinner

It was finally Friday, the end of another week. Chloe was proud of how much she and Sarah had accomplished over the course of the week. The last couple of days had been stressful, but they'd made it. Chloe felt like celebrating. And since Alex was out of town, she decided it was time for a girls' night out. She went next door to Sarah's office and peeked her head in. "Hey," Chloe said. ...Read On


Slutty #2

Sluttiness extended by unmitigated need.

So, I'm still seeing her.  Two weeks now.  Her name is Emily.  We've actually been going out lately before we go back to the apartment, instead of just staying in (bed).  It started with a walk to go get some coffee, but then we started exploring the neighborhood.  Now we stop on our way to work to get a pastry and coffee at a tiny bakery on an awkwardly shaped intersection.  It's...Read On


Brisbane, Bi and Frustrated

Versatile and black in Brisbane.

I am a fifty-four-year-old bi black American living in Brisbane.  I had always considered myself straight, but while looking at porn I came across this site called Nifty Archives and my attention became aroused.  I was particularly drawn to Encounters, about one night stands.  Suddenly my staid hetero world had changed. I found myself on Craiglist seeking casual encounters and it didn't...Read On


Susan's Lust

Susan and Steve explore some forbidden lust

It was the moment of truth for Susan as her face was inches from a throbbing hard cock.  Behind her was her lover, Steve, and he had his hard-swollen cock fully buried in Susan’s hot hairy pussy.  His mouth was at her ear and he gently coaxed his wanton lover into kissing the other man’s pre-cum leaking cock head.   The flood gates had opened as the first taste of that man’s cock filled...Read On


Kathy, Eve, Harold and Me

Kathy manipulates Jerry to get what she wants.

Harold stopped me and asked, “You interested in another drink tonight, Jerry?” Of course, I was. I had been waiting for an invitation for two weeks. The last being one week after the picnic. I was hoping we could be alone again. My discovery of that desire in me, made me wonder how I really felt about Kathy. I parked again on the roof of the parking garage. I saw Harold’s car, and a...Read On


I Am the Exhibit, Chapter 3

Hottie neighbor and I trade first time stories and a whole lot more...

“I wonder if his girlfriend knows,” Liz said as I came back to the living room.  She was on the couch, splayed on her back, legs spread, knees bent, eyes half-closed in misty wonder.   I wonder if she’d join us , I thought to myself.  I walked over to the couch and gazed on Liz’s wet snatch.  I eased myself down between her legs and inhaled her scent as I placed my mouth on her womanhood. ...Read On


A Festival of Sex For Wife and Me

Finding real men to fuck my wife and me

Preface: There exists a “race” of men who are sexual gods. They have super libidos, are strong and well put together with larger than average cocks, and usually quite handsome as well. Women, and even some men, whether married or partnered, find them irresistible. Aware of their power, they may strike at any moment. They know how to satisfy a woman by dominating her and forcing...Read On



The ladies finally meet...

Even with the driving rain in my eyes, I saw Harold take her into the vending shack. He had just seen too much of her watching that volleyball game. I will admit she held my attention, but I did not like she was getting more attention from others than me. She did look fabulous in that top, watching her tits be almost totally exposed every time she jumped to block a shot. Picking up the ball...Read On


The Girl In The Rain, Part 2

Jenny and Julia continue their adventure and a second teen arrives.

The day the strap-on arrived, I invited Julia for dinner. Being a Spaniard, she usually ate late, but since she had to work the following morning, we decided on seven in the evening. Before she arrived, I took a long shower and shaved my pussy. For some reason, it was important to me to look nice for her. I dressed in a short summer dress with flowers and sandals on my feet. I skipped the...Read On


I Am the Exhibit, Chapter 2

Hottie neighbor watches and joins in

As I said before, I had been mulling over her idea for some time.  As I stood at her door, I finally came to a decision.  I knocked.  I heard her call something out, but couldn’t make out the words.  I waited a few minutes and knocked again.  This time I heard her come to the door.  I saw the light in the peep hole disappear for a second then the outdoor light turned on.  The door opened. ...Read On



Kathy wins the prize but discovers more than she ever knew.

I pulled the box down from the shelf in my closet. Opening the box, I lifted out my new yellow cut-off tee shirt. I thought, “No, sir, Eve Hood is not going to be the belle of the ball at Jerry’s company picnic this year. I am!” I took off my blouse, slipped out of my bra, and let that soft fabric of the tee glide down my breasts. I had to admit to myself it was shorter than I thought it...Read On


I Am the Exhibit, Chapter 1

Hottie neighbor wants to watch

I had been mulling over her idea for some time.  My neighbor was younger than me and rather adventurous.  We’d had our differences due to her dog’s barking at crazy hours and my penchant for having loud sex at crazy hours.  We lived in a duplex and our bedrooms shared a wall, because that is the most intelligent design for a house.  Right?  Anyway, at thirty-five and recently divorced, my...Read On


The Girl In The Rain

Jenny is hiding from the world after her boyfriend cheated on her.

I held the tea mug with both hands and looked at the rain pouring down from the heavens. It started vertical but as the wind kicked in it began to tilt and become more horizontal. I was safe on the balcony, only a few drops splashed onto my bare feet. Beyond the rain,I could make out the mountains of Sierra Nevada in Southern Spain. The building I stayed in only had six apartments and I was...Read On



Older man wants to play...

Harold sauntered into my cubicle and dropped a file on my desk and said, “Here you go, Jerry, this one is yours. It was mixed with my pile.” I thanked him sarcastically. He just winked at me in return. Harold is Mr. Personality on our floor. An older guy married to a much younger woman than himself, who flirts with every woman who works here. His wife made every guy’s and a few...Read On


Bridging The Gap, Part III

Bridgett boarded. It had been a long two weeks and she was eager to finish this training and return home. Fortunately, it would be a short hop, just an hour or so. She grinned as she caught sight of Eunjeong, who grinned wildly back for a split second, and remembered sadly it would be a short hop, only an hour or so, though, thank the divine spirits, Eunjeong had a layover at the end of...Read On


Bridging The Gap, Part II

Over the next year, Bridgett had a dozen or so nocturnal seat affairs with men and four with women, three of the former and all of the latter ending in the toilet, all thrilling and physically satisfying but interesting the rest of her mind less and less. Before boarding, she swore to herself she would sleep a few hours and wake up fresh and dainty the next morning; as she neared her seat,...Read On


Bridging The Gap, Part I

Bridgett felt the warmth of his thigh against hers, and her blood pounded and heated in response. The bus hit a bump and he slid more heavily against her. His light snores and whiskey-soaked breath irritated her, but the nearness of his body tantalized her. The tingling in her loins was painful by then; the trip had been a long flush of lust punctuated by less than stellar athleticism...Read On


Deep Cum Swallowing

Man learns to overcome gag reflex and deep throat like the girl porno stars...

I was slowly jacking while watching videos of deep cum compilations and marveling at the skills of the girls swallowing huge cocks and taking loads of cum deep. I had been a cocksucker for some time and in no way had the skills of these girls.   I had never been able to swallow huge cocks down my throat due to a bad gag reflex. When I first started sucking cock, I would gag on cum, but...Read On


Male Bonding

A chance encounter, one his wife will never know about.

Jake stirred his coffee, the spoon going around and around, no longer diluting the two sugars he had put in it several minutes ago. He sat at the kitchen table, alone and lost in his thoughts, his head cradled in his right hand, elbow supporting him from the table. He was thinking, remembering the events of the past weekend, what a weekend it had been. Every so often, the company...Read On


The First Last Time

My girlfriend, Marta, had forced me to swear that I’d never see Scott again.  She knew of the relationship Scott and I had shared and was okay with it being the past.  We had talked during sex one night about her maybe even watching him and I together.  The fantasy had turned her on to no end.  I couldn’t remember her fucking me so hard, before or since.  A week later, after she met Scott,...Read On


The Tales of Jezebel, Ch. 5

Fancy is on a confusing sexual odyssey, and she calls one person...

It was the wee morning hours on campus. Fancy was contemplating what just happened. She kissed her friend and liked it. She wasn’t drunk by a longshot. The question creeped up on her mind very quickly… “Am I… Am I bi?” All her life she only had boyfriends. The only times she had kissed girls were drunkenly. While she thought of that question more and more, she thought of a special someone...Read On


Bi-interludes - Part 3

Finding relief during the dry spells.

The following is a true story that took place about fourteen years ago while I was not in any serious relationships. I had just recently divorced my second wife and I was lonely and perpetually horny. My second marriage was very short (six months) and Mark and I had met before when I was in a similar place after my first wife left. Mark and I first met on a local personals Usenet Newsgroup....Read On


One Crazy Night

Fun with a guy leads to amazing fun with a gal.

Man, was I hung over.  And horny.  The night before was my birthday party, and we had all stayed up far too early and drank the whole night away.  I finally crashed in the RV around sunrise... Jay was a good friend.  He'd set the whole thing up.  We were at his mom's.  A bunch of friends and coworkers were there.  We spent the whole evening playing games (drinking games, of course,) and I...Read On


Wife Away...Time To Play 2

More adventures with Cam and Matt. This time with a surprise!

I have a routine in the morning. I'm up at seven, make coffee, toast a bagel, let the cat out, turn on the TV, have a brief look at the news to see if the world is still in one piece, then head down the hall to my office and begin my workday. First off, I check my business email and prioritize: what do I have to deal with today, what can wait a while and what spam can I dump immediately?...Read On


My Lover's Husband

I get to know my lover's husband better

While I worked on her portrait, I traveled frequently to Michelle’s home in Las Vegas to work on her artwork, and to fuck her whenever possible.  It was a great arrangement for a while, but due to conflicting schedules, I couldn’t make the trip out west for a couple of months.  Finally, we settled on a few days for me to visit to finish the job, and I flew out to meet her.  Needless to say,...Read On