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Bisexuality is the sexual orientation which refers to the sexual desire for individuals of either gender or of either sex. Bisexual people fall between the two extremes of homosexuality and heterosexuality. Bisexuals are not necessarily attracted equally to both genders. Our bisexual stories will appeal to people who are curious about exploring this side of their sexuality.

Recommended Read

Wanderlust - A Greek Odyssey

Pillow talk can get you into so much trouble...

I paid the price she demanded.  When the extrovert gave way to the introvert, I became her slave, and as my mistress, I knew her intimately.  Rising as a faint pang, excitement laced with anxiety, its urgency grew quickly.  Crumbling by the hour, I could not endure the trajectory of this sepia-tinted relationship.  The unremarkable tale of vanilla boy meets vanilla girl and they will not...Read On


Dark Desires

I have found that I would like one black male lover for occasional, casual, sex and lovemaking.

I have always loved girls, women, females and I still do.  But, in 2011, I had an experience that showed me that along with girls, women, females, I just plain love sex.   On the road for a few days, crisscrossing South Florida, I was staying in motels. In one, where I had planned to stay from Friday afternoon until a Monday morning meeting, I met someone new.  I had gone to a grocery...Read On


Closet Guys Caught Mid-Bondage

A bondage session turns into a threesome when we are caught by Emily, my neighbour

Okay, guys, the infamous Dave 'Speedo' Evans has asked me to write about this experience we had last week.  Dave isn't the best person to write about it because he was tied up, gagged and blindfolded so it is better if I tell you what happened. Dave and I had been fucking (mostly sucking) pretty regularly for six months or so. My first-ever guy/guy experience was with Dave. I recently broke...Read On


Porn Author Becomes a Cock Sucker for His Brazilian Neighbor

Porn author discovers that his Brazilian neighbor reads porn and ends up becoming his cock sucker.

I have been posting stories on the Lush Stories website since February 2010. I was trying to help relieve the stress of a sexless marriage, and I have found it to be very arousing to write about my sexual fantasies, and to explore the psychological and physiological motivations that we have as humans. Some of my stories are based at least in part on real events, but most are figments of...Read On


Bisexual Cuckold

Chapter 1 - First Time

The year was 1979, I just turned seventeen and school was coming to a close.  I would spend my time hanging around with my best friend, Stacey. We had no internet, PCs, cell phones or console games. What we had was the arcade (Space Invaders) and Stacey’s dad's stack of Penthouse magazines. When we weren’t at the arcade, we were in his room reading the Penthouse Forum letters and drooling...Read On


An Unexpected Encounter

He gets more than he is expecting from his chance meeting in a bar

I wasn't looking for someone.  I was just stopping in at a bar near my house for a drink to take the edge off my stressful job.  I didn't live in Hollywood because I was an aspiring actor.  I was here because the rent was reasonable and it was close to my job as a chef in a swanky Beverly Hills restaurant.  When I walked in, there she was, sitting all by herself at the bar. It reminded me...Read On


Bi Asian Guys Discover Their Deep Desires

College Asian guys discover their bi side

In my freshman year, I was assigned a mentor by the Korean Students Association. The KSA paired up incoming freshmen with upperclassmen or graduate students to serve as mentors. Mine was a guy named Tim who was a second-year graduate student at the business school. He was very smart and had a great job lined up in Korea with a large company upon graduation. Like me, he was into sports so...Read On


Brian, Mark & Kelly Part Two

Brian's weekend with Mark and Kelly continues

Part Two   Mark finally broke the kiss, having fully tasted his cum and even swallowing some. He sat on the bed adjusting his bra and panties while Kelly moved in even closer to Beth. Beth had not removed any of her outfit, and Kelly rubbed herself into the bulge where Beth's clitty was caged. Beth moaned from the strain. “Mmm...I bet you're horny now, aren't you Beth?” “Oooooh,” was all...Read On


Brian, Mark and Kelly

Brian makes a promise in order to satisfy his lust for Mark and Kelly.

The package arrived too late for Brian to open it before he left for the airport. Without even thinking, he tossed it into his bag and headed out the door. Wanting to get through airports as fast as possible, he didn't even think about what was in the box until he'd dropped his bag on the x-ray conveyor in the security line.   Then it dawned on him what the screener would see. 'Too late...Read On


Tiny Maryann

A woman of needs finds it everywhere

One year ago, I got married to Maryann who I met in college. It was a hot first six months with all we could think about was sex. We plotted and planned all kinds of wild adventures to keep us at a level of want that could never be sustained. I will give her credit she was up for anything, and her good looks got her in places that I would never accomplish. But like all good things, the...Read On


Bi Thai Threesome 3

Alone with the sexy Thai boy

Some of the many things our Australian friend loves about his and his wife's live-in lover, is that he is very gentle, soft and effeminate. At times, his wife is away with her business, so the boys tend to have the kind of fun that only they know how to share. It's different when the three of them are in bed and there is a blur of skin, pussy and cocks. When the boys are alone together,...Read On


Sucking my friend's dick

Giving my mate a blowjob whilst my wife sleeps in the room

I had a mate who was in the army with me. We actually went to school together but never had any "boy on boy" interaction with each other at that point in time. After school we were both working at the same place and used to hang out together on weekends, dating girls and sometimes even sharing the same girl, although not at the same time. He would sleep with her and I would have sloppy...Read On


Bi Thai Threesome 2

More bedroom adventures in Thailand

Our lucky man wakes in the morning with a hard on that is so hard, it's almost painful. He wraps his arms around his wife, who is just waking and nestling her soft round bottom onto his hard cock. Behind him, the lovely Thai boy, the boy whose cock he and his wife both sucked until he came on both their faces, is stirring too. He reaches over to the masculine body next to him, his...Read On


Dressing up part 3

Matt is now Nat and having her first taste of cock.

It has been nearly two years since my sisters caught me dressing up. Since then my mother had put me on a strict diet and gave me pills to make me into a girl. I have been transitioning slowly and now have a girly figure. I love my round ass and small soft breasts. I now have my own wardrobe with many sexy clothes that I just love wearing. Mom has also made sure that my sisters look after...Read On


A Bisexual Summer

Mature man enjoys a bisexual encounter one hot summer.

I am a mature widower having lost my bride of fifty-four years, ten months and fourteen days days due to complications from pancreatic cancer. Since becoming a widower I have been dabbling in my bisexual side more and more. I had some minor experience during my youth but have been much more active recently. My uptick in activity can be traced to me joining a swinger’s web site called...Read On


Bi Thai Threesome

Lucky man loves Thai sex.

He's a very lucky man. Australian, tall, about six foot, muscular, built like a swimmer, handsome face. It's no wonder his Thai wife is drop-dead gorgeous. They live in Thailand, he works there for a large company, and they live well. It was when he remarked to his wife that some Thai boys look so feminine that he could sometimes mistake them for girls. This turned his wife on so much,...Read On


Bahamas Wedding Party

Wedding in the Bahamas turns out to be more than expected

Kate boarded the plane heading to The Bahamas for her cousin Mara and Brad’s wedding. She had not seen either of them since her last visit to them in Miami. She was excited to see the family and celebrate their wedding. “Hi! Is anyone sitting here?” Kate looked up from her phone to see an incredibly erotic looking woman pointing at the seat next to her. She shook her head no and went back...Read On


Pure Effing Passion!

She makes love and lust by emancipating herself.

My bags were packed and waiting by the front door of my former McMansion.  I was more than ready to go. Thinking back over these past ten years, I concluded that I should never have married in the first place.  However, my conservative religious culture of origin, a shitload of societally coercive brainwashing, and a fair amount of young adult lust pushed me straight into Sipir's arms. Now...Read On

Recommended Read

Kindred Desires

Tale about sex, surprises, and getting what you really want.

KAYE I love people, but I don’t enjoy being treated like some naïve teen who doesn’t know what’s best for her. I’m a card-carrying adult, fully allowed by law and motivated by disposition to engage in any ethical activity of my choosing.  Yeah, my short stature, girlish face, and medium-small breasts might freak you out at first sight.  However, if you were ever lucky enough to sample...Read On


An Evening Out With Trish

Wife and husband fucked by several men.

As a confirmed cuckold, I am blessed with a wife who understands my needs and enjoys fulfilling them. What began as an accommodation on her part to my tastes gradually became something she enjoys as much as I do. We both are excited to be with a man who lusts for her sex, the kind of man who enjoys using a woman, dominating her, even punishing her. And when this man, or men, finish with her...Read On


Alice's Halloween

Alice gets high at a Halloween party and meets a vampire and a bumblebee.

Maybe the molly was a mistake but, at the time, it had felt like a good idea and it probably would have been if I had limited it to one pill. Or hadn’t followed that up with a tab of acid adorned with a big yellow smiley face.  There was a moment, several moments in fact, of doubt but then that indescribable feeling of liquid love started rolling through my veins like honey and all was...Read On


Who would have ever thunk it?

Married man sucks cock, gets fucked and loves it.

Who would have ever thunk it? Me a cocksucker. How in the world did it happen? Well, it is a long story. I was not one of the big studs or superstar athletes in high school, but I manage to have a very pretty and sexy girlfriend who was much sought after by the so-called big studs and superstar athletes. Peggy Sue Albertson was not only beautiful outside but inside as well. Later in life, as...Read On

Recommended Read


Living a lie is never easy...

It fell in slow motion, the last drop of salty sweat onto her writhing torso.  Announcing my climax, I withdrew.  Her fingers replaced my girth, a distraction as I felt his strong grip.  Staring into my eyes, my desperate need for relief amused her.  His firm grasp stroked my shaft and provoked the savage need from my loins.  Softly squeezing my balls, I buckled in orgasm.  Amidst the sounds...Read On


Enraptured By Her

Laurel hooks up with the exotic dancer that has enamored her husband.

            My expectations of The Gentlemen's Lounge are quite low: sleazy, cheap and disposable entertainment that only appeals to simple-minded, red-blooded males fueled by testosterone. Instead, The Gentlemen's Lounge turns out to be sophisticated, elegant, and classy.             The dark, calm, and subdued atmosphere of the club immediately appeals to me, despite the dark reason as to...Read On

Audio version available

Love Yourself First

A man gains the confidence needed to begin exploring his limits and accept his bi-sexuality...

My Dearest Friend, Over the years, you have indeed proven to be my best friend. My dearest friend. My soul mate and sole confidant. I’ve told you things I could never, ever dare to share with a breathing soul. I wish I could. I want to. I truly do, but I fear embarrassment, mocking, and ostrification. Wait. No. LOL. I don’t fear becoming an ostrich. Ostracism. I fear being ostracized. I...Read On


The Thaw

Fate brings two men, who never knew what they had wanted before, together.

The life of a fisherman on Newfoundland would be considered by almost everyone to be rough and dangerous. Both the lobster and crab fishing seasons are controlled by a combination of the weather, the temperature of the water and restrictions laid down by the national government. On some years the short seasons overlap and become one even shorter season. To the fishermen, such as Ezequiel...Read On


His Sweet Slave Pt. 5

Ruby finds a submissive woman for Laurence.

I don’t get to see much of Laurence for the next few days. He’s working on a big case against a pharmaceutical company and he’s practically living in the office, only returning to his apartment to shower and change clothes. In the office, he looks haggard and anxious; dark circles form under his eyes and it takes everything in me to not sneak into his office to distract him. That doesn’t...Read On


Hunger for My Italian Neighbor's Uncut Cock

I accidentally see my uncut neighbor masturbating, and become obsessed with his thick, juicy cock.

My wife Lindsay and I met in college and spent most of our married life together in Minneapolis.  We were still in our mid-forties when our kids had grown up and were away at college.  With the kids out of the house, I accepted a long-overdue job promotion and transfer with my company to the Philadelphia area.  My name is Dan, and I had previously resisted moving so as not to disrupt...Read On


Getting Slammed by the Married Guy

After our session in the locker rooms at the pool, the Married Guy told me to go home and get ready.

Where I left off was me walking out of the changing rooms at the local pool after the Married Guy ruined my ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos.  He ruined them by jerking me off on the inside of those speedos and him cumming on the backside of those speedos.  As promised, he gave me an AussieBum jockstrap which I put on in the change rooms.  I got dressed before the Married Guy (he had come from...Read On


Cuckold or Twink? Part 2

Frank can't get enough of Ruth and Paul, but Carol remains on the subs bench.

Frank's next visit was unexpected.    Mid-week. Ruth had come home from work pissed-off with herself for dropping her phone earlier in the day. The screen had cracked, and she'd taken it to the repair guy, the one with the kiosk in the market hall, but it was too late for him to fix it and so she'd had to leave it overnight. He promised to have it ready for when she finished work the next day....Read On