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Sexual Awakenings (Chapter Eleven)

A 21 year old female house sitter awakens a virgin 16 year old boy's sexual pleasure!

Chapter Eleven: The Blindfold Test After I had showered, got dressed and returned back downstairs, both Julia and Amanda stopped me to inform me that the two of them were heading into town to do a little shopping together and be back soon. They went off, and returned a few hours later with bags in their hands of clothes. We sat down to eat our lunch and then settled down upon the sofa with...Read On


The Sculptor and his Muse Part One

I want to see her entire body bare in it's magnificence and recreate it in clay.

Friday December 9th 1910 A little after 6am. Somewhere in Paris... Don't know why I waited until last night to go down to the clay mill. I've known for days that I was low on clay and would need it by today. It's not like I dread digging it and hauling it to my studio or even preparing it. I enjoy it. Just haven’t felt like getting out after hours the past few weeks. I probably made it...Read On


A Timely Introduction Ch 3: Little Willie and the Exhibitionist

He would never know it, but we would henceforward refer to him fondly as Little Willie

About a week after our evening with Mark, Alicia got a call from her sister in St Louis. I was watching the baseball game when the call came and knew something was wrong by the sound of my wife’s replies. After a few moments she retreated to the bedroom with the phone and left me to watch the game. It was almost two hours later when she emerged from the bedroom and came to sit by me. “Jim...Read On


My First Time

I had a bad day at school and just wanted to get home to bealone. I was 16, 5'6" 110-120lbs, and have always been told I have a nice rack. I was a virgin still and had wanted John, one of the schools star football players, to pop my cherry. Unfortunately, he was sleeping with my friend Toni. I got into an argument with some girls in my class because Toni accused me of trying to steal John...Read On


A satisfying Afternoon - Part 2.

A backyard get together leads to sexual satisfaction.

  Terry and Robin helped Wendy up from the floor and back into her bikini.  Not only had it been six months since she'd had sex but, she'd never climaxed in the way she'd just done.  Still a bit unsteady, she followed the others and wobbled out of the room with a wide, silly grin on her face.  Waiting a few minutes, Brandon returned to the backyard and found Brittany soaking her feet by the...Read On


A Day in the Park I

In some ways, the foreplay had gone on for ages: flirty glances, dirty text messages, suggestive photos. And then today... an "innocent" drink. Touching at every available opportunity, kissing, hand's sliding up my legs and the moan as you realize I've removed my panties... It's getting late and we should be going our separate ways but the kissing and the flirting has got us both hot and...Read On


Bucket List: Exhibitionism

Sarah and Mark exhibit themselves

Sex Bucket List Rules. A list of sexual fantasies to complete before we kick the bucket! We each have our own list. We take turns to choose from our lists Fantasies can be as simple or as complicated as you like. If a fantasy needs props then it’s the owner of the fantasies' job to provide them. If you have a fantasy you’re not allowed to introduce it in bed before bucket night! ...Read On


My first time with Holly

My fantasy about my first time with Holly :) for Holly

Because I get too nervous on the phone, I decided to write this story for you to enjoy at your leisure while I'm at work :) After a long journey down, city to city, train to train, I finally reach your house. I nervously knock on the door, and am greeted with a hug and a gentle kiss. Not too long but not too short, the perfect introduction. I grab my bags and head inside, and we grab...Read On


Hunger Part IV

Her weekend continues...

I feel the sharp pang of disappointment as I realize that my own psyche has left me stranded on the floor, bereft of the means and energy to scale the soaring walls of delight that I was so close to conquering moments ago. I weaken as the rush of passion ebbs and the soft focus of arousal fades, replaced by the harsh glare of the fluorescent bulb above me and the coarse rub of the nylon...Read On


Half Term Week with Auntie Beryl

I'd been spanked by Auntie her friends a year before but I never expected it to happen again.

At the end of my last stay with Auntie Beryl I had started to think that her daughter Kate and I might get on a bit better. We had never seen eye to eye but being punished together I thought had maybe changed things between us. When my parents suggested I spend a week with Auntie again I agreed. Although being punished in front of others was embarrassing I had started to enjoy the...Read On


Collaring My Slut

A proper Master should do his research.

Since meeting online last year we had been chatting and emailing, getting to know each other, eventually coming to know each others secret desires. The anonymous nature of the Internet allowed us to disclose things we might never had revealed otherwise. In doing so we had discovered things about each other our closest friends would never know, and in turn we had discovered inner desires we...Read On


Talk to you after class

18 year old student has his teacher fantasy fufilled.

Jake briefly allowed his eyes to wander away from the front of the classroom to the clock mounted on the wall above the door, in order to check the time before bringing them back to rest upon the teacher for his twelfth grade English course. Ms. McPhillips, who at the time was involved in an animated discussion about Edgar Allen Poe's "El Dorado" with one of the other students in the class,...Read On


Fitting In At My New Job

Camryn submits to a coworker's advances.

I don’t know how I got myself into this but yet I don’t know if I want to get out of it. My name is Camryn. I’m 28 years old originally from the Northwest but I recently moved to Atlanta to take a job with a company that specializes in green solutions. You know, like solar panels, battery charging stations, and a bunch of other shit I know nothing about. The market was so bad I had to move to...Read On


Lust for Marie's Daughter, Part 5

Daddy is taken by both his wife and step daughter

Chapter 5   We all awoke in mid afternoon, my bride and her daughter sitting on the side of Sandra’s bed talking in low voices to not awaken their sleeping man whore.   They giggled like school girls as they discussed a few very naughty ideas they had in store for me.   I laid quietly listening without moving, I really wanted to know just what they had in mind, curiosity may...Read On


The Trip Home - Finally Home

Now that we're home, the real fun can continue.

It’s been exactly 29 hours since we had our first encounter together, thousands of feet above the ground during mid-flight. I can’t stop thinking about you or what happened between us, it was so exciting; I get an erection every time I slow down enough to think about it. I look down at the napkin you gave me as I took my seat again on the plane, re-reading the numbers silently in my...Read On

Shannon, Part 1

The story of my first experience with another woman...

We met through an online ad, which, by today’s standards, is neither surprising nor uncommon. But this was some years ago, and I was as hesitant about answering her ad as she was about placing it. The fact that I DID was, as it turned out, nothing short of serendipity--for once I met her, I knew I had to have her. What I didn’t (and couldn’t) know, however, was how much she would risk in order...Read On


Swim Team Bus Rides

on the school bus after dark.

I was on the swim team my senior year in high school. I know what your thinking "speedo's eeewww" but that also means 3-4 hour long swim meets, with maybe 15 min tops in the water. That is a lot of time to view the scenery around you.... Any way in my Catholic high school we had a lot of away meets in places that were a one to two hour bus rides away. After being surrounded by bathing suit...Read On


Nurse Practitioner Makes House Calls - The Finale

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional

So there we were, the three of us, myself and two ladies who had the bodies of Greek goddesses, all naked, on my bed. My Nurse Practitioner, Sherry, and her trainee, Marilyn, had come to my home, on a house call, to give a treatment to me, but at the moment, they, lying on my left side, were fervently kissing, caressing, and fondling each other while occasionally moaning with delight. I...Read On


The Hayloft

This is a first person perspective story about making love in a barn after invigorating horse ride.

Let’s see, it is a nice sunny day, like today, maybe a little warmer. I take you up to my relative’s farmette to go out horseback riding. I am wearing jeans and my boots, a t-shirt and a flannel shirt, not buttoned or tucked in, and my hat. You are wearing the same, except no hat. I take you into the barn to grab the saddle, saddle blankets and reins and introduce you to the horses. I show...Read On


How to please your girlfriend

When she gives me the puppy dog eyes, I can't resist....

(Some of this story may be slightly fabricated, but don't worry about what is and what isn't, just enjoy the story.) It was back in February when me and my girlfriend plus a few friends decided to go to a con. We hung out together and thought it would be fun. A friend bought my ticket and the closer it got to the con, the more we were excited. Not only did we get more excited, the closer...Read On


Not Myself Tonight

I'm not usually the type of girl that goes out to bars or clubs a lot. Last Friday was an exception to that rule. I had a bad week last week. I got fired from my job, I was fighting with my best friend, and to top it all off, right after storming out of the job I was fired from, I broke my favorite pair of heels on the way to my car in the parking lot. Not a good week at all. On Friday, after...Read On


The greatest night of my life Part 1

a night of partying leads to more than just a kiss.....

Late one afternoon, I began reflecting on my recent history with guys. Things have not worked out the way I had hoped so I think I’m just going to swear off guys for a while. I often wondered about being with a girl and the thought keep resurfacing. Tori, my best friend, especially came to mind and all of this was about to change. Almost drifting off in my own dream, when my phone rang with...Read On


Amy's First Time

It was early January and Amy had just turned twenty-one. She was a dainty little brunette with big blue eyes. She was beautiful and perfect in every way except one. She was still a virgin. Since she was young, she had always promised herself she would not have sex until marriage but she could no longer control the urge, the desire to be penetrated. One night, she decided this would be...Read On


The Italian Sugar Daddy

Could he be the one?

I had been on the hunt for the perfect sugar daddy since my birthday back in January. I've dated a couple of men but no one I found intriguing enough to want to keep going with. I wanted what I had at one time, a daddy who was everything to me. A lover, a best friend, someone confident in me and himself. But with the changing of times and of course ageing twelve years, I was having a hard...Read On


To Be Rich .... Part 2

“So did you call him,” Carli asked as she answered the phone, not even gracing me with a hello of any sort. “Yes,” I answered, trying to hide any emotion in my voice that might lead her to believe that something had happened between the two of us. “And,” he coaxed at me, trying to get more detail than I was ready to really give her at this moment. I knew she was my best friend and I...Read On


For the Weekend pt3 - A Final Fuck

John gives Kenny a great last day.

Kenny is the first to wake the following morning. She turns on the TV while she waits for John and Lacy to wake up. As she flips though the channels, the bedroom door opens and John walks out, closing the door behind him. "Good morning," he says to her as he passes on his way to the kitchen, "You ready for a good day?" He says with a wink and a smile as Lacy exits the bedroom to join...Read On


The Surrogate Mother Pt 1

Peter and Jan got more than they bargained for when they used a surrogate mum

They met at a motel just off the A14 north of Cambridge. Peter and Jan had opted for natural insemination. It was no problem for Jan. She knew her husband would have to insert his penis into the body of another woman but she knew her man. To him it would be no more significant than planting seeds in his neighbour's garden. She also knew he was doing it for her. It was she who yearned, at 56,...Read On


A Night in the life of a Call Girl

Find out about Belle's naughty life..

Belle was as usual in a luxury hotel suite paid for a client and sipping the champagne. This is the life she thought to herself. Simple sex, no confusion. Just two people looking for pleasure. The client that was meeting her, was a regular. Regular as clockwork, every second Wednesday for two years. Ben was a executive businessman and worked all around the world. He didn't have time for...Read On


T/Th Class will never be the same

Getting caught masturbating during class while chatting on Lush

“I saw what you were doing.” The words came from behind me as I walked out of my last class of the day. I turned and said, “excuse me?” He said, “I saw you…just now, in class. Your hand down the front of your sweats. It feel good?” So first—a little background. My name is Jesse and I’m a sophomore at UGA in a little town called Athens, Ga. During school, I work as a personal trainer at a...Read On


College Happenings

A daughter and her daddy do some unusual stuff together via a video email

She’d had a horrific experience in her very first year at college. Away from home for her very first time, Kathi had experienced a most frightening occurrence she will scarcely overlook. But once he found out he was there. Her daddy jumped out of bed and threw on some clothes and her daddy was there to comfort her and “take” her into his arms. “Oh honey…ohhh baby…are you alright?” he asked...Read On