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Big Cock For My Girlfriend

A virgin when we met and a drunken suggestion leads to my girlfriend getting laid while I watch!!

Seeing as my girlfriend, Jennifer, was a virgin when we met. I drunkenly suggested one night that she should maybe experience what sex with someone else would be like. She surprised me when she told me that her favourite masturbation fantasy involved fucking a man with a massive dick, while I watched. It didn’t take me log to come round to the idea She has amazing tits and a spankable...Read On


Where the magic happens Part 1

Lacey --

My stomach growled as I slipped my red skinny jeans over my black lace panties. I sighed and checked the fridge, which was practically empty. "Damn," I muttered, slipping on my black two inch heels and I walked out of the house. Since I just turned sixteen, I don't exactly have my license, so I began walking to the nearest Taco Bell. I was about to pull out my iPod and listen to techno when...Read On


Just before she left

It was 4 weeks before she left i had to ask her to do this for me.

 Me I'm just a little curious as to same sex intercourse. I mean its like this thing that makes me wonder about what another girl can make me feel. When i got the job and became friends with her I had no intentions of having sex with her. Even when she would touch my ass, I would tell her she was out of bond, I still then didn't think she was coming on to me. It took me a while to...Read On


I Was Wrong

When I found out more about him, damn I felt bad.

I was just walking alone in the park at night when I just so happened to walk into an old friend of mine. His name is Dale. Dale has short cropped brown hair and sexy brown eyes. He is roughly 6 feet tall, taller than me. Dale was one of those guys in high school who would make friends with a girl and toy with their emotions. Trust me I was one of them. But he was a very passionate guy. I...Read On


My student.

Teacher and schoolgirl.

I’m 24 years old, have just graduated from an university for a year, haven’t been married.   Now, I’m a teacher at   a polytechnic in Hanoi. I don’t like my current job much, but, because of having not found another proper job, so still having to do a thing I’ don’t like any more. In the class I’m teaching, there are a lot of beautiful young girls. They are very funny. Each...Read On


Alicia's Sin

"Who the hell draws these little devil chics anyway?" I asked Sil. "I don't know, but I have been thinking about getting one tattooed on my ass!" Sil said. "Ohhhh…my…god! That would be sooo fucking cool! If you do it, I'm gonna get a tattoo too!" I said. "Yeah! Fucking-A-stylely! Let's do it!" Sil said laughing and we gave each other this little high five! Alicia walked in and she was in...Read On


An Explicit First Time (Written by a male)

First Time

I sat down on my usual bench in the park. The headphones connected to my small pink mp3 were in place, my legs were spread and my arms were extended to each side. It was the usual position I had whenever I sat down here in the park, and I wasn't planning on changing it any time soon. As usual my mind wondered to the subject that my “defense mechanisms” always suppressed: sex. It was a...Read On


She's chained for pleasure

I walk into the dimly lit room and see you standing there with your hands handcuffed over your head.   A chain is attached to the cuffs and running up to the ceiling over to a wall nearby. Looking down there are shackles around your ankles anchored to the floor that pull your legs about shoulder with apart.   You look so beautiful standing there totally naked and not able to do anything,...Read On


Slutty Jennifer Gets A Pounding

Jennifer tames three cocks in a hotel room and gets a massive facial for her troubles.....

My girlfriend, Jen and I often discuss our fantasies. They usually involve inviting another person to join us. Whenever we watch porn together she really gets off at watching some naughty young girl getting fucked every which way by at least two studs with huge cocks. While watching the dirty girl on the telly, she’s often sucking my dick while I fuck her pussy with one of her many...Read On


My second day at work

My Second Day At Work (recommended pre reading my first day at work) I still couldn't believe that I had done it going back to work after yesterday. The shame and humiliation of being done like a cheap whore over the boss' s desk and liking it. Regardless I went back this morning and managed to make it through my shift with out any incidents. No spills, no messes, and not a single...Read On


A Tempered Love

Imagine a one night stand tunring into something truly magical.

We met at school, through a friend.  A good friend of mine, Matthew, a ladies man was pursuing yet another "hot piece of ass" and, once again, I didn't care.  He was so confident, it was disgusting.  I had just got over a terrible break up, but I was still happy for him.  Then, on that fateful day, he decided he had it in the bag and wanted to introduce me.  I never thought anything of it;...Read On


Sil, my roommate

Sil, my old hippy roommate, came in without me hearing her and before I knew what was what, she was behind me with her hands over my eyes. I jumped and screamed and eggs went flying everywhere! We both laughed and I was like, "What did you do that for! You spazmo! Look what you did to my beautiful omelet!" I was only joking. Sil picked a bit of egg and cheese out of my hair and ate it. "You...Read On


A Lesson in Lust

Real sex and phone sex - double pleasure for the music teacher

I knocked softly, waited a respectful fifteen seconds before entering. The name plate said baldly: R B James, Head Teacher. The letters MSc to which R B James was entitled were absent. The term Head Teacher rather than Principal - the correct form for the appointment - was a small token of defiance. Behind the desk R B James completed filling in a form and transferred it to a...Read On


New Experience with my French Friend

Things get a little more than friendly with my best friend from France

Not again - how could this be happening to me again?! Not that I didn't enjoy it; I mean how could I not enjoy having an intimate night with a sexy foreign boy? It had been one year since my host brother from Spain had left to go back home. At first, I was devastated and was in a constant state of "mourning". Eventually, though, I moved on and began enjoying time with my family and...Read On


What a rush!!!

First time for everything.

We were in the back seat of the car. The windows were fogging up, and the smell of her perfume was very strong. It drove me wild. We were parked off in a secluded area so no one would know what we were up to. I started to remove her shirt. She slapped my hand away. I asked her what was wrong. "I'm scared" she said. "It's ok, baby. Trust me" She crawled on to my lap. She took off...Read On


Hotel Hearts

Chapter 1     At last winter was over and spring had begun, even though the air still had a small bite of the cold that had hung around longer than normal. I wasn’t here to see it but was told that in only two weeks all of the forest and bushes in Altoona Pennsylvania had turned a deep, healthy green. I had come to Altoona on a work crew working for a Wind Energy Company and...Read On


Massage with Rebecca

A special massage

    I had been to see Rebecca twice now for a Tantric massage lasting an hour. Rebecca always wore a white uniform she had shoulder length hair a very pretty face and a nice body. The massage started with me face down naked as she massaged each limb in turn with oil. She then asked me to turn over and repeated the process on my front, finishing with a lingam massage where she...Read On


Dirty Girl Takes 20 Inches Of Cock

Slutty Girlfriend Gets More Than She Asked For.....

My girlfriend and I were discussing fantasies the other night in bed and the subject of threesomes came up. I naturally assumed that when she said that she wanted one, that my luck would be in and that I was to be entertained by two lovely ladies, after a bit of a show. Imagine my surprise when she said that she would rather sample a second cock during our love making games and not...Read On


Watch me come again......

This story is for farmerswife and whr43 a follow on from my previous story Watch me come

I awoke on a sexual high knowing what kind of day awaited me, my pussy was already throbbing with excitement. I stepped out of bed still naked and stood in front of my french doors which led out onto my balcony, remembering two mornings ago when I had fist fucked my pussy in front of my stranger. A strong urge came over me to do it all again but I knew I didn't have time so I stepped away...Read On


The Dungeon

Another piece of total fiction, just testing my own imaginiation... enjoy.

I could feel myself slowly waking from a heavy, dream filled sleep, my limbs felt heavy, my mouth dry.  I wanted to reach out for the glass of water that I always had on the bedside table, however I could not seem to lift my arm. Ah well, I would just lay and enjoy the memories of my evening with my lover.  We had spent a lovely day in York, followed by dinner in a romantic Italian Restaurant...Read On


Three Way of Love??

Be Careful what you wish for!!!

"C U Later!!" says the text message as Shane carefully walks to his Blue line train. Shane realizes that he has a lot to do before coming home that night. But, first he must catch that blue line train to his car at the Franconia-Springfield station. "Shit," he says as the train seems to be pulling off without him. He is not in the mood to let time pass him by. He has an...Read On


Age Doesn't Matter

18 year old Tessa dominates and spanks an older woman

18 year old Tessa snapped at 52 year old Rita “I said now. Go to the spare room and take your skirt and knickers off because I am going to thrash you.”   The time had come for Tessa to give the older woman an Authority spanking, to show which of the two was in charge. The 18 year old or the 52 year old.   Tessa stood with her hands on her hips, tapping one foot, waiting for...Read On


Cruise to the stars

(Most of the ship in this story's statistics are based on the Royal Caribbean cruise lines' Enchantment of the Seas) (I'm dedicating this to a friend at work who is always asking for something with a lesbian sex scene, although it will be very watered down to keep the rating under M) Cruise ship: Caribbean Getaway Decks: 10 Activities: 3 Aerobics, Bars (3), Casino, Cinema/Theater...Read On


Is It Worth The Fight...

Enjoy the true story of me and my friend's tale.

It was a Monday and just past ten o’clock, I was in a very happy mood and was very excited for the two men whom I was going to share a sexual experience with to arrive. I was just about to turn 17, it was the day before my birthday and at this point in my life I was coming to an end of trying some new things. This was a last bit of fun and I was really looking forward to it. My name is...Read On


Girl In Uniform

My Little Hood Ornament

I was on my way home from work one night. It was rather chilly. Nevertheless, the windows were rolled down on my 2007 BMW. I was in a hurry to get home, and was doing about 80 in a 55. There was relatively no traffic, and like I said, I was in a hurry. I go around the bend and I see the blue lights in my rear view mirror. Pissed, I slam my hands down on the steering wheel. Head hung, I...Read On


My fiance's brother

The most sensual thing happened to me

My fiancé had been pestering me for a while to have kids. We were both from large families and planned on getting married one day to start our own big family. It was hard for me though. I’ve been modeling for a while and my body was my craft. I worked really hard to stay in shape and believe me when I say my fiancé really appreciated it. The thought of having to let myself go kind of scared...Read On


I've Waited 9 Years For This.


Since fifth grade I loved this boy named Aron. He was only 12 and I was 11. He had this amazing light, tan skin and dark brown eyes that held you. His spiky brown hair made him look just as more anglican. We went out a lot through elementary, middle, and high school. It was the night of graduation out of High School. Aron walked up to me and took my hand. "Would you like to go out to eat...Read On


Jacuzzi Fun

Slutty Girlfriend Gets Busy With Two Cocks In A Hotel Jacuzzi

My girlfriend and I had arranged to spend the night in a posh hotel to get a relaxing night away from it all. We had decided that we would make full use of the spa facilities while we were there. Booking into the spa we were informed that there was a steam room, sauna and a Jacuzzi. As we got changed, I hatched a plan to get busy with my girl while lounging in the bubble pool. After a...Read On



The setting is important and there is excitement in sound and thunder.

Flight I have been fascinated with flight all my life. Watching an albatross sail in lazy circles around my boat while offshore fishing has never failed to make my pulse quicken. If I could fly like that I would eat raw fish. Gladly. I find the end of an airport runway to be a gateway to another world. The sound, vibration, and the rush of air as a huge plane blasts its way in to the...Read On


My first day at work

A short story about a rough first day day. My first posting please be gentle.

I had never done this kind of work before but all the shows made it look so easy just whisk around the cafe and serve beverages with flair. All my friends told me with my figure it would be so easy to make up for the minimum wage with tips. Even though I am a size 12 with 40 d cup breasts by frequent visits to the gym I stay in excellent shape with a nice firm hiney, with long black hair...Read On