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Wife Tales - Afternoon Delight

My afternoon massage becomes quite erotic

My husband suggested we spend the morning on the beach. We both had made arrangements for the afternoon. He would be golfing and I would be spending the afternoon getting pampered at the spa. We sat for a while as Michael admired all the sexy young women in bikinis. He admired, even more, the ones who had forgotten the top part of them. I didn’t mind. It would get him even hornier than...Read On

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War Of The Worlds II - Part 2

The Contessa has a procedure for her hysteria.

Part 2 - Procedure   After my second pot of tea and my sandwiches I had the commissionaire flag down a Hansom Cab. The journey to my practice was uneventful, but quicker and drier than had I waited for a bus or walked.   I arrived with a good half hour to spare, and due to the fact it was the weekend and my assistants were not here I had to set about lighting the fire to heat the large...Read On


A Real Scorcher

A story about a scorching day that led me into having sex with my best friend’s husband.

This was not the day for my car’s air conditioner to give out. Ninety-five degrees in the shade, this hot southern heat had the inside of my car cooking like an oven. I had just showered and already the tendrils of my hair were sticking to my neck and rivulets of sweat trickled down between my breasts. I wouldn’t have been out here if it weren’t for this stupid errand I had to run.   A...Read On


In My Dreams

Guy dreams of fucking his daughter

In my dreams, I fucked my sexy gorgeous daughter almost every night. Perverted some might think, but to me, it was only natural. When fucking my wife, I often pretended it was Clarice I was fucking. Sometimes I got carried away and gave Molly a super fuck, which she truly loved. She had no idea that it was Clarice that was driving my lust. However, Molly was the beneficiary. I had knocked...Read On

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The Most Erogenous Zone; Part 2

Slowly recovering, Jon begins to explore his special new abilities.

Over the next few weeks, I gradually healed. The bruises and minor cuts and scrapes healed first, fortunately without incurring any infections or setbacks, and they were soon able to take the staples out of the massive wound across my abdomen, leaving me with an impressive red, jagged scar that would slowly fade to white. My own lightning bolt imprinted forever on my body to remind me of...Read On

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Kindred Desires

Tale about sex, surprises, and getting what you really want.

KAYE I love people, but I don’t enjoy being treated like some naïve teen who doesn’t know what’s best for her. I’m a card-carrying adult, fully allowed by law and motivated by disposition to engage in any ethical activity of my choosing.  Yeah, my short stature, girlish face, and medium-small breasts might freak you out at first sight.  However, if you were ever lucky enough to sample...Read On


Getting What I Want (Part 1)

He never saw her coming.

Hello Mr. Davis, The school year is already wrapping up and I hope it has treated you well. It feels like I was presenting my final senior project to you just yesterday! I'm now almost finished with my first year of college English and a requirement is the completion of a final essay.  I understand you are highly busy but was wondering if I could come by and you could edit what I have...Read On


A New Life For My Mother, Chapter Two

"You're Wearing Stockings."

We were still locked in each other's arms when we woke up in the morning, the first thing I saw was her eyes, big, blue and wide, smiling at me. “Morning,” I said and kissed her cheek. “Morning handsome,” she smiled. “You’re hard again.” “I’m in bed, naked with a beautiful, sexy woman,” I laughed. “Of course I’m hard.” “Go and have a shower while I see to that little monster downstairs,”...Read On


How I Love Them

Slipping between her big, beautiful breasts.

Missed my window. After yet another week of late nights at work had kept us from doing anything but sleeping in bed, I’d finally managed to escape at a reasonable hour.  I knew it was almost that time, but I had hoped I’d beat the clock.  No such luck. She was only wearing her bra and panties, getting ready for a shower when I walked into the bedroom.  Her panties let me know I had come up...Read On


Strict Schooling 5: Alma Mater

Lady Vernon submits to rigorous discipline at her old school

“Well, Verity, it has been a while.” “Indeed, Headmistress.” The small stab of annoyance made Lady Vernon shift in her chair. Her name was the one thing she had been glad to leave behind with her school days. But no matter. She was back on a visit and it went with the place. “May I speculate that your life has been more settled of late? Young lover, perhaps?” It was useless to resist...Read On


Mum's Naughty Knicker Party

Mum uses me to model men's underwear

By my early twenties, I had been delivering my mother’s Ann Summers parcels for well over a year over a fairly large area. During that time, I had lots of offers of sex and was the subject of many sexual advances from women of all ages, most of whom were my mother’s close friends or their family members. I was though still seeing Carol, my mother’s best friend, and having amazing sex on...Read On


Seven Days In Charge Of The Slut In Apartment D3, Chapter 1

When Elisa loses her orgasm, her flatmate Mateo decides to take control

Mateo’s flatmate, Elisa, is a total slut. Nearly every night of the week, Elisa brings someone back to their shared flat and fucks their brains out. Sometimes, she meets them at a club and they slip their hands up into her dress and finger her on the dance floor. Other times, she picks them up at the bar and she sucks their cock in the back of the taxi as they travel back to her bed. She...Read On



Losing her voice leads to losing her virginity

Another uncomfortable college party. Camilla nursed her drink, bobbing her head to the music, feigning enjoyment. She felt like a fool in her skirt and best blouse. Everyone else wore jeans or yoga pants, t-shirts or tight spaghetti-strap tops. She swirled her drink. This is my third, she thought. Better slow down or I’ll find myself in trouble. Camilla didn’t even know whose house they...Read On


The Swimming Pool

A day at the pool heats up more than it cools them off

It was a sunny day and Tara and Nicole decided to go to the community pool. It was late morning and the sun was almost to its highest point of the day. The beams were bright and the air was hot. They got to the gate and let themselves in with the pass card. There were only a few people there; a few playing in the wade pool to the side, and a few other scattered groups around the large pool....Read On


Foster Mother: The Wooden Spoon

The rebellious Abigail faces the wrath of her foster mother and her wooden spoon.

She wasn’t our real mother, or stepmother, but as a foster mother, she made us call her that. Any deviation, for example calling her mom, mommy, miss, or ma’am, was met with a swift reprisal. She was a strict disciplinarian, but never crossed the line and for a majority of the time, she treated us with love and respect. We were clothed, fed, taken to school, and enjoyed occasional vacations. ...Read On


The Yellow Book Fantasies, Ch. 6: Tale of The Sweetheart

Chad Dupree tells the story of a certain Sweetheart...

Let’s go back to my sophomore year, shall we? This next one is an enigma of sorts because I had kind of a love/hate relationship with her. I first saw her on my college field trip sophomore year with her best friend. Now, I only knew about five people on the trip. These two stuck out. They were the epitome of the word “BFFs”. They were inseparable. One was very pretty, curvaceous, got the...Read On


Mother's Touch is Best

A mother tries an innovative method of persuasion

Sometimes a girl just needs to blow off some steam. Go out with her bestie and have a good dance. And that’s exactly what I was doing, in a club on a Friday night. After we left the club, we walked back to Linda’s house, where I confided in her about my teenage son’s erratic behaviour. Her response was not what I was expecting, and rather shocking. As Linda uncorked a bottle of wine, I...Read On


The Perfect Day- Part Two

Anastasia wants the perfect day, she didn't realise just how far she would go to get it.

She raised her head and looked up into her father’s eyes looking back at her. The confidence and manipulation she’d been exuding wavered for a moment even as she stepped forward, her left hand almost unconsciously slipping into her soaking underwear as the other raised up and cupped her breast. “Show me,” she whispered nervously,” Daddy… please… show me.” Her finger just crested the upper...Read On


Box That Dirty Talk!

They make the mouth/brain/body connection and savor it.

“Get your cute little ass out of that business meeting now!” I directed him through the phone. “Do you know I’m blowing off work right now because I’m just so horny for your body?” I begged.  “I’m so fucking horny for you that I’m dressed for work but sticking my hand down my panties.  Do you know how wrong this looks?  A professional woman frigging herself to exhaustion in her best...Read On


Getting A Workout Bonus

Thank you JWren for your awesome editing, and art work.

Thank goodness, the last of the guests finally departed. I mean, do you think I really wanted to celebrate yet another birthday? I thought it was enough to hit fifty-five without celebrating the fact. Okay, I agree it’s better than the alternative and, being honest, I think I look damn good for my age. Head of blonde hair, beautiful nails on fingers and toes… ha-ha, yes I know, you’re...Read On

Recommended Read

The Most Erogenous Zone; Part One

A serious injury leads to strange abilities.

Everything changed after I died. Three times. Tough day, that. The first two times they worked furiously to resuscitate me, restore a heartbeat, respiration, CPR, the basics… it was sausage factory emergency medicine at its finest, with unsung heroes stubbornly refusing to let death win. The third time, however, I was truly dead. Or so they say – all the best medical minds with all...Read On

Recommended Read

Jenna and Celeste in the Movies

Two college girls on a mission, a surf-shack full of horny dudes. Let the games commence...

A hot June sun glittered on the water’s surface, but the Pacific breeze cooled Jenna and Celeste, as they settled with their drinks at Armando’s Venice Beach cafe. “You might need something stronger than a Frappuchino to get through this afternoon,” Jenna said, and she chugged on the neck of her beer as if to reinforce the point. Celeste eyed her, sipping nervously through her straw....Read On


Fantasy Gets Real In Real Estate Part 3

After too long away, Stan and Kristen make up for lost time--after all, "Make up sex is best"

As often happens, life interferes with love, and it does so when you would least desire for it to interfere. I had met and loved Kristen, and we had loved together, and so many things had been said and promised and alluded to. Then, business called me away for several months of travel. Up and down the east coast. Through the southern states. There lived a conspiracy against my ever returning...Read On


Every Night?

Learning who is control

For as long as I can recall I have had fantasies of submission and of being dominated, degraded and humiliated. In most of my relationships, I had tried to encourage my partner to spank or tease me and had adopted a submissive role. Most of the times it was fairly tame and playful although I had come across a few more...interesting types from time to time. More than one who was a bit scary. ...Read On


Mona Loses Her Anal Virginity On Christmas

Inspired by the true and raunchy story of the first time I had anal sex

It was Christmas Eve and Mona looked smoking hot. To appease her parents, she went to church with them around 6:00 pm-- but she was sure to dress to the nines in an outfit that made the entire congregation pray for her soul. To top it all off, her long dark hair was styled in soft curls and her lips were covered in dark red lipstick When the service was over and dinner consumed, she headed...Read On



No Regrets

The first time I went to Tennessee, I was a kid. It was a great experience. I had the fortune of seeing Graceland, where Elvis lived. The next time I went, I had the opportunity to see Nashville. This was years before it exploded into a busy metropolitan area. The country world was slowly but surely moving to Nashville, taking it over, and when I saw it with my family, the craziness hadn't...Read On


A New Life for my Mother

"You're inside me, You're Actually Fucking Me"

I was expecting the big gates of the prison to swing open, but they didn’t. Instead on the dot of eight, the little Judas door opened, and she walked out carrying a little parcel under her arm. “Mrs. Greene?” she looked at me briefly but carried on walking, so I tried again. “Mum?” She stopped and slowly turned round. “I’m no one's mother,” she looked at me defiantly, daring me to...Read On


Sarah - Part 2

My virgin sister-in-law seduces me

I lay in bed unable to sleep, thinking about the incredible hand job I had received from Sarah earlier that evening. I couldn't believe she was a virgin like everyone in her family had said. No way could she have the skills she used on me if she had never done that before. But the thought of me being her first, plus her doing it under the blanket with members of her family sitting nearby on...Read On


Secrets of Liberty Mountain: No Man's Land (Chapter 4)

Life abruptly changes when a homeless veteran stumbles upon a group of female survivalists

Chapter 4 The dining area was located just off a large commercial kitchen at the far end of the great room. A supersized picnic table lined with benches provided more than enough seating capacity for the thirty-seven females who made the Colony their home. The table itself was a stunning thing of beauty. The tabletop surface consisted of wide pine planking sanded to a silky smooth sheen...Read On


The Perfect Day - Part One

Anastasia wants the perfect day, she didn't realise just how far she would go to get it.

Jay stood there; drink in hand smiling broadly at all the faces turned towards him. “Just between us and not a word to anyone else but I am so glad that Anastasia is our only child!” He felt his left hand grasped by his daughter’s and her cheek pressed to his knuckles as a polite ripple of laughter ran through the assembled wedding guests. “So am I, Daddy, so am I” whispered Anastasia. ...Read On