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A Night to Remember

A memorable one night stand.

It was a nice fall day and I had just finished a job assignment out of town. I was scheduled to fly out the next morning so I had time to look around a little. I thought I would stop for a drink in the hotel bar before going to my room to freshin up. When I got there the bar was pritty full so I sat at a table with my back to the wall. I had a rust colored skirt that buttoned up the front...Read On


Office Masturbation - part one

- you'll be surprised at what she's doing behind the locked office door!

  Sitting in an office all day was driving her crazy. But getting to see Zach walk around in those snug fitting sweaters he always wore with the pants that hugged his ass just right made the day pass a little bit faster. Pretty soon, watching turned into flirting. Flirting turned into some serious innuendo that would likely have gotten her fired if the higher ups knew how close she was...Read On


oral masturbation

I have a 7in cock. Also am am flexible enough to suck my own cock. It is an amazing experiece. I start by rubing my cock up and down with one hand . Then when it is fully erect I start sucking it in an up and down motion. Then when I cum I swallow it, and sometimes I spit it out, it is a fantastic experience. I recommend this style to anyone who wants to...Read On


Balance Of Power

A short glimpse into the nature of power

The ruddy light in the cold stone room is dim, but it is enough to make out every detail of the cowering figure. He is nude save for a studded leather collar around his neck; slender and fragile, he is on his knees, enduring the wrath of his Mistress. Standing over him in a tight, black and blood-red corset, a tiny black skirt and high leather boots, her eyes snapping and crackling...Read On



He comes home to a suprise

Tom returned home from his second semester at Lyling Military University to find out that his mother and father would be gone for the next year to France leaving him home for his 2 week semester break alone with Deana; the Woman left in charge of the care of the house and to manage the servants until their return.   This was not the news Tom had hoped for, Deana was a very strict by the...Read On


Checkout Girl Part 2

Jenny's mum was beautiful ...

The next morning when I tried to call Jenny there was no answer. I must have missed her, I thought, she's gone off to work early. I bought her a super bunch of flowers and went into the supermarket to see her. God I loved her so much if I'd had the money I would have bought her diamonds. I couldn't stop thinking about how we'd fucked and I could still feel her nails digging into my ass when...Read On


Satisfying Jane, Chapter 2

The party was on, all four of us were about to have a great time with each other.

They came in and sat down, one on each side of Jane on the sofa; I took up my place in the facing chair.   I offered a cocktail to them, they each opted for a glass of hearty red wine, which I delivered post haste, bringing one for each of us as well.   As I again seated myself in the arm chair Sally bounded off of the couch and came to join me, turned and straddled my lap as she eagerly...Read On


Satisfying Jane, Chapter 1

Jane and I had a passion for giving oral to each other, and others as well

It was a bright sunny morning, a brand new year, and my girlfriend and I had decided that some fun needed to be a part of our routine.   We had lived together for sixteen months, but because we were both older and economics demanded it, we had not gotten married.   Living in sin, so to speak, was just how it needed to be.   All of our friends understood that, so it was fine, even though we...Read On


The Inquiry

SFC Helen Walters explains something to the Colonel

Sergeant First Class Helen Walters stood in front of the colonel’s desk, rigidly at attention and holding her perfect salute until the older man finally acknowledged her presence with a quick snap of his elbow. “Stand easy, Sergeant,” he barked.  “If you’ve got questions, hold them until after this inquiry.  I think these things go best when they go fast.  Wouldn’t you agree, Sergeant?” ...Read On


The best sleepover ever

it was a saturday night and i decided to invite my best friend over for a sleepover so we got to bed but all of a sudden he asked me if i wanted to do dares ,so i said alright and he dared me to feel his balls for 5 seconds, i felt them and they felt so warm, he didnt have an erection and his penis was just hanging. I asked him to lick my balls and by now i had a boner so he did and he got...Read On


Angent X - Part 1

The best agent of a secret organization is asked to make a few changes for his... her next mission

He walked down the street of the busy metropolitan city… a man in a suit like so many others in a city that seemed to resemble any other of its magnitude.   At first appearance he was nothing special, a simple man on a simple walk heading to a simple job like so many others around him.   He turned towards the entrance of a large sky-rise where the doorman simply smiled and opened the...Read On


Bending the Straight barman

I had not been at university more than three months when I started to get into trouble. Not trouble with my studies, which were going well. Not trouble with relationships; I had made friends of both sexes. No, my trouble was financial; I just couldn't survive on my student grant. In the summer before going to Uni I had worked in a bar, and was hoping to get evening bar work to help...Read On


British Brothers Buggeed in Bolivia

backpacking with a difference

My brother Peter was a year older than me. He had taken a gap year before starting at university, and had been working on an urban support project in Chile. I intended to go straight to uni from school, so we would both start together. That summer I flew out to Santiago as we had made plans to tour Chile, Peru and Bolivia. We kept well off the tourist route, traveling by local trains...Read On


How I Saved My Best Mate From The Priesthood

I couldn't allow Simon to spend his life celibate

I ad this mate Simon at school. He was a good soul, always cheerful and a bit of a clown. But he had no confidence with the ladies. I never saw him even talk to a girl. We went our separate ways when we left school. I went into bricklayin. I saw him in a park years after we left school and we clocked each other just like that. "Aye-aye" I said, "ow you doin Simon? Long time no see" He...Read On


Attorney Cum Laude

Kinky Futuristic Sci-Fi

Larissa laughed boisterously, egging me on to "show my stuff." But I have never been an exhibitionist and always considered my body sanctified. Larissa however was clad only in her matching white bra and panties. Her plump, pink, puffy areolas were now clearly visible through the material. It had become transparent from the water sprayed on her by the staff of Cancun's hottest...Read On


A Hot Night on Lanzerote

For a few years after my wife had got gangbanged on a Greek ferry we took our holidays at home, in order to avoid Susan getting out of hand whilst under the influence of cheap booze. Eventually we decided to go to Lanzerote in the Canary Islands.  On our first three days there, the weather was glorious and we spent our days on the beach and our evenings in the hotel bar. The fourth day...Read On


An Evening With Rikki

It is evening and I am getting ready for a date with Rikki.  Rikki is my beautiful blond girl friend, and I am already fantasizing about what the evening will bring.  I hop into the shower and lather myself with shower gel.  My fingers linger on my breasts and quim.  As I think about what will follow, I shiver slightly. I dry off and put on my makeup and dab a touch of perfume behind my ears...Read On


Good Morning

As I wake from a sweet slumber, I smile-you didn't let me go at all, and I'd been sleeping in your arms all night. Sighing happily, I snuggle against you, the warmth of our bodies together creating a cozy feeling in contrast to the air-conditioned room. You begin to stir, and I look up at you; as you open your eyes, I see a smile tugging at the corners of your mouth. I lift my head and...Read On


The Night Ferry from Kefalonia

Wife takes on Greek soccer players

The ferry was due to sail just before midnight. While we were waiting to drive our hire car onto the ship, my wife and I had sat in a taverna knocking back Metaxa Greek brandy. By the time that we had stowed the car and found the lounge I was shattered. Susan, my beautiful but wanton wife, had consumed enough Greek brandy to feel horny, so she told me to get another round of drinks and then...Read On


A Real Lover

My first time with a man.

It wasn't my first time.   Like most of us, I had a few of those experiences with teenage boys.  You know what I mean, a few hours with no one home, hot petting on the couch, a hand up my skirt, and a blast of his cum as soon as he is inside me, or maybe sooner.  This wasn't like that. Alonzo wasn't a boy.  Twenty something, I guess.   His long dark hair, and lithe, muscular body called to...Read On


my flatmate clare

The doorbell rang and i went to get it. my boyfriend was stood there, looking extremely happy to see me, but he was early and i wasnt ready. i kissed him full on the lips, knowing that all of the neighours could see, and quickly stuck my hands down his trousers and gave his cock a squeeze. i pulled it out and whispered 'go and wait in my room,' and he did as he was told. i ran upstairs...Read On


My Wife and the Black Cabby

A differant use for a security camera

I used to work as a night security guard in a factory on the edge of town. The factory was on a quiet country lane which was did not have any public lighting, and was in complete darkness at night. Because of this, the lane was a favourite amongst couples who wanted discrete sex in cars. Although the lane appeared to be pitch black, we could see things as clear as day through the...Read On

Recommended Read

Mother of the Bride

The Bridegroom and Bestman have their way with the Bride's Mother

The organ struck up "Here comes the Bride" and my daughter walked down the aisle on her father's arm, up to where the vicar, groom and best man were waiting. The best man smiled and winked at me as the vicar began to speak. I was sitting in the front pew, painfully aware that I was not wearing any knickers, that my vagina was very sore with the fucking that it had endured, that my nipples...Read On


A Long Voyage to Sydney

Two teenage brothers have a hard trip to Australia

In 1963 my family decided to emigrate to Australia. My father had an offer of a job so he, my mother and little sister sailed to Sydney in May. My twin brother and I stayed with our grandparents until June, after we had taken important school exams.      So on 14th of June our grandparents took us down to Tilbury docks to embark on the P & O liner "Orsova". We were allocated a two berth...Read On


The Interview - From 'Investigative Journalism'

Reporter Dawn interviews a female escort who makes fantasies come true for other women

The Interview: From 'Investigative Journalism' by Patricia51 (I hope the shifts in POV in this story won't be confusing. After the introduction, each of Denise's adventures are told in third person, as though they have been transcribed after the interview to that point of view.) The young red-haired woman looked dubiously at the tape-recorder resting on the coffee table in front of...Read On


A Strict English Education In Thailand Pt2

Thai schoolgirls disciplined English style

The caning of a Thai schoolgirl by an English headmistress had a profound effect upon me. I became aware of a dark side to my nature. The unprotected naked schoolgirl legs and bottom submissively exposed for harsh punishment had captured my imagination. I hardly dared admit it to myself. I went off to assembly and was introduced to the school. I received a round of applause from over 100...Read On


A Little Walk

A late night walk turns into a dream come true

I love autumn nights, the air is cool and the weather is still nice enough to allow for some late night strolls to the park and through near deserted streets.   Another bonus is that the nights are longer which means that I could escape the seclusion of my home earlier to enjoy the freedom of the outside while dressed as I so enjoy doing. For this particular outing I had decided to go with...Read On


A Trip To The Colonies, Chapter 4

A romantic tale inspired by a fellow lush author, to whom I dedicate this work of passionate love.

They gazed into each others’ eyes for a moment before leaning together for their first tentative kiss.   The sparks of romance filled the small car’s interior; it was a kiss of passion.   Their lips met softly, closed at first and then as the heat of the moment overtook them opened to allow each other’s tongues to explore the excitement of discovery together, their mouths entwined in...Read On


Lustful in London

  I was just twenty when I met Marcus.   A two hour train journey to London, we sat opposite each other with just  the customary  formica covered  table separating us.   I caught his eye a few times but disregarded the visual union as he was just an old man - older than my Father - yet like my dad smart, well groomed and stylishly dressed - for his age. My attention was for the first...Read On


A Trip To The Colonies, Chapter 3

A romantic tale inspired by a fellow lush author, to whom I dedicate this work of passionate love.

Ace drove the SUV to the base and headed straight to the Officer’s Club parking area, fond a place not too distant from the entrance and parked.   He normally would have driven his classic Jaguar XKE, but with Mary joining the group, the ‘two seater’ just wouldn’t do tonight.   Besides, if the club wasn’t active enough, he and Nicole could slip out to the parking lot and fool...Read On