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You Had Your Eyes Wide Open…Why Were They Open?

So since Sam and I split, which is interesting considering how we were never together in the first place, I’ve been noticeably kind of upset. People keep asking me if I have lost a family member, I reply in the negative but can never tell them why I’m as sad as I am. Well, as sad as I was. The next time I had to see Sam was the day of our assessments. I was completely dreading it after...Read On


Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 31

Getting serious.

March brought a lot of wind and rain, and Ryan felt like she'd walked through it all on her way home from work. She went into her apartment, hoping the quiet would alleviate her headache. It had been a hell of a day, but it was Friday and it was over. She tried to concentrate on that as she went to her room to change. Things were moving along for the band. They'd found a lawyer through...Read On


Christine's Valuable Lesson part deux

In our first encounter with Christine, we learned that she was just a little promiscuous and was caught in the act. Her two gentlemen friends plotted against her, but she got wise to their game. Using her feminine wiles, she appealed to their most basic animal need … sex. She became their little naughty sex slave. And so we continue our erotic tale. “Mmm … please.” Christine moaned. ...Read On


Her Need to Serve

Has Sarah found her Master?

Sarah logged in and smiled seeing James online, they’d exchanged the occasional message but had never managed to be online at the same time and really talk. She was excited to speak to him, they’d established a few days earlier that she had a submissive side she wanted to explore and he was a Master. The messages had become suggestive and she was eager to see how a chat would go. They...Read On


Hollywood and First Time Exposure

in 1953, chubby 22 year old offered modeling job and gets aroused and masturbates for first time

She never considered something like this. Never in her life had she considered it at all. Shelly, an adorably attractive although a bit chubby in her opinion, was approached by Cam Nelson one late afternoon just after she’d heard an inside office joke. He loved her eyes and smile once he saw it. He adored how her face lit up after seeing her many a time never smiling, whatsoever, but...Read On


Monnie's secret 2

The next step before meeting.

The dream continued for Monnie, as each day passed, she thought more and more of him. She wondered what it would be like to touch him, to feel him and to taste him. He occupied her mind and her soul, she ached for him and yet she couldn't understand why. Monnie left work and sat in her car, her hand reached for her handbag and opening it she took out the crumpled piece of paper. She held it...Read On


Diversion -- Part 5

Jayna and Gavin start their adventure...

He turns around and we both laugh! "Perhaps we should get some clothes on and maybe pack a bag and take a little boat trip. What do you think?" "I think that sounds amazing. I'd have to stop at my hotel and grab a few things. If that's okay?" "Of course. In fact why not check out and when we get back you can stay with me. Sorry if that's to forward of me..." "Are you mocking me...Read On


Erin and her boss

Erin is asked to go on a conference by her boss

Erin was excited. For the first time since she had been working at the agency she had been chosen by her boss to go on one of the company's regular conferences. It meant she was being taken seriously, and this stage was seen at the firm as an important rite of passage. But there was another reason for her excitement. She was strongly attracted to her boss, Jack, an alpha male in his mid 40s....Read On


Excitement Part 2

Long awaited continuation of first part

As soon as I closed your front door, I felt the force of your rugby body push me against the hard wood frame. You wasted no time and I felt your fingers tugging at my t shirt and bra straps. I was topless before I could even ask what you were doing. The combination of the pain that was making its way down my spine and the feel of your tongue sliding along my neck down to my already erect...Read On


Hidden From Society 5

It has come down to this, the final confrontation that holds Nate's and Jen's relationship in check

My sincerest apologies to those who have waited so long for this final instalment. My thanks go out to you for waiting for so long, and for not sending me hate-mail, lol. But without further ado, let's begin... "I want to sleep with you, is that okay, with mom and dad and all?" She asked. "What if they come and see is like this?" I asked, surprised that she was suggest something like...Read On


A Chance Encounter

A chance encounter saves two lonely souls and leads to adventure.

The cool air rushed over him as he plunged into the darkness. This was Jake’s favorite time to run. The darkness heightened all of his senses and he felt like he was floating. As he glided through the side streets on his way to the waterfront, he could hear the traffic and people on the main street. To his surprise, he also heard a woman’s voice call out from one of the dark side alleys....Read On


My Skout Lover

My online lover and neighbor terrorize my pussy

As my head was hanging out the window I was taking in the fresh winter air to keep from screaming. As he continued to pound into my wet pussy, I was trying to hold on to the window frame for leverage while my 46DD breasts were dangling on the window ledge. “Oh, shitt! Fuck me baby!” He begins to stroke faster while holding on to my hips. I feel his balls bouncing back and forth on my clit...Read On


Gym Class

The thing about Megan was that she was taboo...I never expected to have her...until now...

A few years back in high school, there was this girl. Her name was Megan Retner, and--to be blunt--she was the polar opposite of me. I don’t mean to float my own boat, but I did my best to be respectful, determined, and educated throughout my High School career. Megan, on the other hand, did not. She was a rebel; she was ignorant, disrespectful, and didn't give a shit about school. At the...Read On



An evening of baking

Adura blushed as she finally found her way in the door after work, cupping her chest gently with a slight wince, then gasping as she unbuttoned her blouse. Her breasts swelled against the soft pink bra holding them almost painfully, pushing the bottom of its cups away from her chest. She unsnapped it from behind her with a sigh, letting them free in the cool air of the house. She walked to...Read On


Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 30

Brody thinks it over.

Brody was quiet as he sat on the team bus the next day for the ride up to New York, still mulling over seeing Ryan the night before. This was one relationship area he had no experience with—the post-breakup phase. In the past, when he'd broken up with someone, they had stayed broken up. There'd been no apologies. Bax dropped into the seat next to him. "Well, you look like a barrel of...Read On



To be reborn, you must first die.

 Death. It happens to everyone eventually. However not everyone gets a chance for rebirth. My first death was suicide. When I 'woke up' from that I decided to burn down my former life, rather than relive it, and start anew. My story starts at 3 in the morning on a bridge.    My life sucked. As a cop I see it all, pedophiles selling child porn out in the open, homeless people killing each...Read On


Drilled at the Dentist's

Who knew the dentist could be so much fun......

I pulled my shirt over my head and stood in front of the mirror. I patted the wrinkles out of my tight shirt and short denim skirt and I looked myself over. I knew this outfit was a little much for a dentist appointment but, Dr. Mark was anything but the lame old dentist. He was about 6 ft. tall, silky dark hair and had blue eyes that I could stare into forever; my panties moistened at...Read On



First time with a hot and horny, sex starved married bbw

Christmas party at the company. I looked around, briefly gazing at the women in the surrounding area. Stella caught my eye. She was a really BBW in her mid 40's. She had a beautiful face, with such a beautiful smile and perfect pearly white teeth. She had full kissable lips, lips created to suck dicks, rounded chin, wide hips and a nice, plump fuckable ass. She was magnificently shapely. She...Read On


Woman In The Next Window, (pt. 1)

A woman in the office building right next to me give me a night to remember

This is my first story here, hope you like it. PS! English is not my first language :) I rise my eyes from the computer screen to rest them. It's getting dark, the offices are closing down. Our eyes have met before, when we both look outside of our windows. Guess she's working late as well. I smile politely and she answers me with a smile of her own. I don't want to stare too long, so...Read On


Lost Trail Cabin (chap. 6)

Romantic Getaway

Lost Trail Cabin (chapter 6) Since they are dressed up tonight, they drive to the Saloon. After parking Jake moves to Nancy’s side of the car to open the door. As Nancy moves to get out of the car, she gives Jake a little tease by pausing with her legs apart. Just long enough for him to notice her panties, and then she moves her legs back together as he helps her out of the car. Jake was...Read On


Afternoon Delight

It's mid afternoon and I have barely done any work. I can't seem to focus today. I'm in my office and I have so much to do, but I'm just not focusing, I'm aroused, horny. I close my eyes and all I can think of is you. Having you. I text you, telling you to come to my office. Knowing that you will come as soon as you see my message, I prepare myself. I apply a fresh coat of lipstick, ruffle...Read On


The Farmer's Daughter: Chapter Two

A farm apprenctice meets sexy but forbidden farmer's daughter and wild things happen

The Farmer’s Daughter: Chapter 2 Sisyphus At breakfast the next morning, John and I were finishing our scrambled eggs and toast when he put down his cup of coffee, took a deep breath, looked over at Mary in the kitchen skimming the cream off of yesterday’s milk and turned to me. “Listen, Pete, I have to talk to you about Sherry,” he said, leaning forward, clearing his throat. “We have a...Read On


Ass Fucking My Wife's Best Friend: Part 2

My wife gets a turn.

"Oh, I am sorry." Fortunately it was my wife Eve, who burst in on us and not Lena's husband the firearms enthusiast. Whatever your personal opinion on gun control, I much prefer a husband to be unarmed should we meet while I am in the act of cuckolding him. A wife is better than an armed husband. A wife that begins by actually apologising when discovering her man buried in the ass of her...Read On


It Hurts

Who would have thought my best friend would respond so well...then perplex me quite so much?

So here the story starts in fact, becomes fiction, and then returns to fact..I wish that the fiction was fact and the fact was fiction. You can't win them all. I'll let you guess where fact and fiction swap over. I hadn't been at university long, but the course I was on only had around 35 people. Getting to know people hadn't been a problem. My friends and family had all expected that when...Read On


A New Meaning to Go Take a Hike!

Jane and Benjamin start out for a hike, but it leads to much more than a casual outing.

It was a beautifulhot summer day in sunny California and Jane and her boyfriend Benjamin were leaving for a long day of hiking along the coast in Big Sur. When they get to their favorite trail head they notice there is not a single car, odd for a summer weekend like this. They park, gather their stuff and Benjamin grabs a blanket and puts it in his backpack along with a few other things and...Read On


Brandon, If only...

My dreams couldn't compare to what was really going to happen...

I looked around nervously, I wasn't sure if he had seen me staring of not. I giggled slightly, yes. I was a loner and yes I liked the cute guy in school, well I thought he was cute. Although when I really thought about it, he was kind of a Nerdy loner like me. It didn't matter anyways I liked him and I stared all the time. One day when I was feeling rather brave I walked straight over...Read On


First Foursome

How our first night at a swingers club turned into a night of exhibitionism and group sex.

Jay and I have had a few experiences trying to live out our fantasies. But one night we discussed going to a swingers club and started sifting through the internet trying to find somewhere suitable. Eventually we found a club only 20 minutes drive from our home and called the owners to have a chat. It sounded a very nice and well run establishment and we arranged a visit then became members...Read On


The Beginning for me

how I came to meet a lesbian!

This first part is an introduction to how it came to be that I was to meet with a woman who was to turn my life around completely in a way I could never have imagined. Not only to to wake up the lesbian feelings dormant inside me, but to the turns of events that would take me on a journey into the taboo world of sexuality. So ladies please bear with me: I left my home town when I was 18...Read On


Morning Treat For My Girl

Waking up my girl with her favorite treat

Morning Treat For My Girl By MK4Luvr What can I say; I have become addicted to my new lady! Now, let me explain; not only is she a complete knock-out, dark hair, eyes that could launch a thousand ships, beautiful smile and seductive lips. Oh hell, who am I kidding?! Her ass is this perfect heart shape that sits atop these long legs with the sexiest feet manicured to perfection. To top off...Read On


Dark Desires

Neil and Sally help Jane begin to explore her dark desires

There is a dark side to us all, sexually I mean. I'm not sure I understand mine completely yet but I sense that it is there. It excites me, scares me a little. My fling with Neil and his flatmate Sally started me off on my adventures exploring my dark desires. I am a nurse and Neil a writer of sorts. We met at a conference I was attending for work; advances in stroke rehabilitation. I...Read On