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A lighthearted story.

  “What do you want right now?” I ask myself out loud as I’m searching for a new story idea. “Coffee” I answer myself like a crazy person, and then I say “Everything, I want everything!” So then I start to wonder, should the story be called “Coffee” of should it be called “Everything”? Then I made myself a coffee and just started typing. I hope you enjoy.   ...Read On


Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee

Sunday morning. She loved Sundays. It was her favorite day of the week. Time for coffee she thought, puttering about the house in her comfy but almost tattered pink robe that had a small hole in one pocket, and the terrycloth looked worn out and matted, much like a teddy bear that had seen one too many days in a child’s life. She opened the front door and picked up the Sunday paper that...Read On

Editor's Pick

The Picnic

Jane had never witnessed anything so erotic...

Jane stepped out onto the back deck of the cabin and sighed. The sun was shining and the air was warm, but an occasional breeze kept it from being too ungodly hot. Still, Jane thought, with skin as fair as hers it would be best to put up the umbrella. No sense getting a sunburn and giving Tom one more reason to ridicule her. She quickly tried to push thoughts of Tom out of her head....Read On


A trip to remember(part two)

I could not help but to place my hands on her silky skin and caress her:

Please read "A TRIP TO REMEMBER" chapter one first ; We lay there staring at one another, I could not help but to place my hands on her silky skin and caress her: ........................... We lay in bed together after the previous evening adventures and Jennie and I fell fast asleep. I awoke quite early but Jennie was still fast asleep and I could feel the warmth of her body against me...Read On


Cindy in a bar

"Darn it!" Cindy exclaimed. "I just remembered I don't really need my purse. Would you please take this back to the room for me?" "Sure!" I answered, smiling at the ruse. I took the purse and walked back along the walkway. It was the second floor walkway along the doors to the hotel rooms. We were staying in a hotel, one of those built around a courtyard in the center. The courtyard...Read On



A sensuous forced consent story with a fairly nasty surprise at the end.

OVERTIME by   Dulaney Browne                       She had no choice. The demands were ridiculous and the pressure intense. She was up against deadlines and there were still discrepancies in the balances. It was her job to find and correct them. The audit would be the end of this week and her boss had been an asshole about the whole mess.   There were so many...Read On


Co Worker sex

Co-works finally stop teasing and have a date and night of sex.

Co-Worker When I first started at my new job things where just like any other job. You do your job talk with your co-workers and every so often you all get together have a few drinks and that’s all. And that’s how it all started we did our job when we had our breaks at the same time we would hang and talk. I was single and so was she at the time there really nothing special between us....Read On


Health Class

I used to hate doing group projects

Gosh, another class on a boring Monday morning. I was getting so sick of these stupid college courses I had to take just to get my degree. I thought after you graduated high school, you finally got to study the subjects you were interested in. I mean here I am, studying to be a journalist but now I have to take a boring health class just to fulfill credits for my degree. What a waste of money...Read On


Shopping Trip Part III

He was half-hard and I was craving to suck and fuck him, to be his whore. My naked body and my dirty mind felt ravenous and starving for cock, his cock. “Do you think my new whore is getting excited watching you suck my cock?” he asked his pretty blonde girl with a face full of his seed. “Don’t answer. Go clean up and use the whore’s dress on the floor. Then get me hard so I can fuck one...Read On


Pool table fun

Jasmine always thought she was better then me at pool, even though she always lost to me. She was finding a good angle to shoot the ball at then she leaned over the table .She was wearing a black skirt with a white tank top "Jazz your holding the stick wrong." She looked at me and raised up "Then come show me how to hold it." I smiled as I went up behind her I leaned her over the table...Read On


Teen Lust: Lori and Lexie's First Sexual Encounter

This is the story of Lexie and Lori's first sexual encounter.

Alexandria and Lorianna were like summer sisters. Every year Alexandria's family would ship her down to Florida to stay with her aunt on the beach, right next door to Lorianna's house. As little girls, they had forged a bond of friendship that would keep them close regardless of time or distance. As budding teens, they shared stories of boys and their hopes and dreams. The girls were close...Read On


losing my marbles

Just some fun..

  I melt all over again as soon as you smile at me and those sparky eyes of yours tell me that tonight I’m going to enjoy you in ways I haven’t thought of yet. You grab my hand and pull me close to you, we don’t kiss but I lose my face in the warmth of your neck as you breathe in the scent if my perfume. Instantly I want to be naked with you, want the rest of the world...Read On


the best birthday present

Kayla wants to give her husband a very sexy birthday present

Me and my husband have been together for over ten years now, his birthday was coming up and i was trying to think about what to get him so i invited my girl friends round to help me think of ideas. We were all sitting down on the sofa drinking wine and thinking of ideas for Garry (my husband) one of my friends admitted that for her husbands birthday they decided to have a threesome,...Read On


Meeting her at her office

Caught stealing from boss's account

I honestly didn't think anyone would notice. It was only $300. I was out on a business trip and it was Saturday, and a tire blew, strapped for cash and out in the middle of Texas, I used money from a business account hoping to put it back in on payday. Like any guy I forgot, it just slipped my mind. My cell phone rang, it was Miss Allison, my boss. She said I needed to meet her immediately...Read On


The Dream

Is it a dream or reality?

This is my first story, let me know what you think She restlessly turns in her sleep. A soft moan escapes her lips, her fingers tracing up her stomach to curve around her breast. A sigh breaks from her lips and she moves again... lost in her dream. "You know you want me." Her eyes widen at his voice.  She turns, her eyes drawn to him, standing in the doorway to her room. "A.. a.....Read On



It was her first taste of adulty, and the young nurse loved every illicit, erotic moment.

DIS-ORDERLY NURSE by Rumple Foreskin * Donna Faircloth, newly minted nurse and young wife, was getting gloriously fucked. Waves of ecstasy surged through her writhing body as the powerfully built man lying between her widespread legs hammered his demanding cock in and out of her very willing cunt. She'd enjoyed this sort of erotic bliss many times since her wedding, but tonight...Read On

Audio version available

Panty Slut

Caught wearing my panties, he soon gets a taste of his own medicine

You little bitch! I can’t believe you're wearing my panties again. Do you want to be a girl? Do you? Well that bulge in your panties tells me you're lying. Come on in here Jennifer. That’s right, I told Jennifer all about you jerking off in my lingerie. I don’t think she believed me. Stay right there so Jenn can see what a little sissy you are. Isn’t he...Read On


Geena And Me

Two people find each other

Geena Kackmarinski was the classic example of the girl who was born into the lap of luxury. Her unintentional conception had been the result of a careless moment after a night of revelry, during a moment of passion and had come as some inconvenience to her busy parents but they compensated to give Geena everything. Her mother and Father were well known in the highest levels of society and...Read On


Just another afternoon for me and my man

One afternoon with me and my man Quicker than the speed of light my sexy boyfriend had lifted me off my feet and onto the bed. His kisses rough and passionate, his tongue teasing my lips apart to fight with my tongue. I couldn't take much of this, i wanted him so much. My hands wandered down to unzip his jeans but he batted me away and forced my hands above my head, restricting my...Read On


Shopping Trip Part II

Before I could even react, my hair was being yanked practically out of my scalp and I was dragged into their room. His black boot rested on the side of my neck right where my jugular was so no way was I going to move or yell for fear of him cutting off my air. He motioned to the girl who undid the belt on the dress I was wearing, and handed it to him. He cinched it around my wrists binding...Read On


Predators: The Taming

She seemed a little nervous. Time to make a few things clear to her, I figured.

“Mmm… relax baby. You’re gonna remember this night for the rest of your life.”   We made our way into the downtown loft. Max liked to go to extremes and his apartment was no exception. Our new friend was impressed, her mouth and eyes wide as she stared out the wall length windows.   “This place is beautiful!”   Max smiled quietly, a little mysteriously. The girl was about to...Read On


Lust on the Beach Part 3

The steamy story of Lexie and Lori continues...

The sun was shining as Lori held out her hand, extending the invitation again for Tracie to join her and Lexie. Tracie blushed and shook her head no, but Lori smiled invitingly and somehow managed to coax the timid brunette into the hot tub. "Tracie, this is my dearest childhood friend Lexie," Lori said, almost purring as the words rolled off her tongue as smoothly as silk. “Lex, this...Read On


The road less traveled

Being a traveling salesman canbe lonely......sometimes.

I drive a lot for my job sometimes in the city, more often in out of the way places.   It’s not a bad job, I get to meet lots of interesting people and go places that I never knew existed, but it can get pretty boring sitting behind the wheel for hours on end.   Sometimes I get sleepy and have to crank up the radio, open a window and slap myself a couple times to stay awake.   Other...Read On


The College Retreat

"Shhhh!" I said hushing my best friend beside me. "What?" she retorted, "That wasn't my fault!" She looked at me honestly, though we both knew she was just clumsy, and we started silently laughing. "Honey, you are just something else!" I whispered to her, smiling. But secretly the aching between my legs was just too much. No matter how much I tried, I couldn't control it. It happened whenever...Read On


Shopping Trip Part I

Shopping Trip

I was looking in the mirrors in the dressing room and thinking the dress looked pretty good on me. I was so thrilled when I saw it hanging on one of those mannequins and made a beeline to the rack where they were hanging. Shuffling through all the dresses glancing at the tags attached, the largest size I could find was a 16 and I thought, no way in hell are these hips of mine going to be able...Read On


First Submission

Sophie gets an invite she can't refuse

The Note Sophie was intrigued by the note that must have been slipped into her pocket while she was on the tube. She hadn’t noticed anyone put it in, but she was sure it wasn’t there when she left the office just 30 minutes earlier. It must have been someone she knew, the details were too accurate, her name was on the outside of the small envelope, and the accuracy of what the note...Read On


Missy becomes a Mistress

This makes more sense if you read the final Paula story of the party - says your little fetishdoll

Missy couldn’t believe she was masturbating in confessional but fuck if it wasn’t about to make her spray her juices all over the padded vinyl seat. She had walked in wanting absolution but she knew as she rubbed her swollen little clit that life was forever changed. Inside her mind she could still see Paula's lips quivering as the whip slapped across her body and see her tiny breasts heaving...Read On


Coffee Shop Madness

My name is Selena, a 40 year old, professional who is married with children.   My children are grown and my husband has his own career and is gone most of the time.   My husband and I had decided how important a healthy sexual activity was in our marriage.   So I placed an ad on a friend finder and meet Abigail.   Abigail was also in a similar situation and began to write back and forth....Read On


Our New Sub

My sub gets to meet my new toy - a female sub

I know how I want to introduce you to our new sub.  I'll know her of course, but when you meet her for the first time I want it to be in public.  She'll already know what I expect of her.   We'll go down to the local pub, you dressed in jeans and boots to cover the shiny satin and sheer stockings you're wearing underneath. I'm sure you'll be nervous, but hopefully you'll be excited. ...Read On


My Best Friend Mom Ch.2

Tommy's affair with Alex's Mom continues with a risky get together.

  My name is Tommy and I have a confession. I had sex with my best friend Alex's Mom and I liked it. I am sure she did too because we did it 4 times the night I stayed over there when Alex and his Dad were camping. It's Friday night and we are getting ready for our football game. It's been a week since Laura and I had sex and she is all I can think about. I still can't believe how tight...Read On